Manson's Night Of Horror: The Day We Murdered Sharon Tate | Real Crime

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Follows Charles Manson's 'Family' member Linda Kasabian, and her story to what when on at Spahn's Movie Ranch and the final days leading up to the grisly 1969 Tate/La Bianca murders.

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Laura Rowe
Laura Rowe:
I will never forget what they did, to Sharon Tate especially. Susan Atkins said “she begged for her life, and the life of her baby, and i felt nothing for her” Evil monsters who all made conscious choices to do what they did
Pierre Plays
Pierre Plays:
This documentary is portraying her to be innocent but none of them were, they were all vile monsters
What a horrific story. I feel zero sympathy for the blonde lady being interviewed. She is a horrific and equally culpable human.
Emma Bovary
Emma Bovary:
Linda never seems to acknowledge that the Family was insidiously disturbed. She focused on free love, dope and her need for God. Every time she recalls this memory, it sounds like a a drug addict recalling the good old days.
Even now, when she talks about Manson, there's a wry smile and a twinkle in her eye. Happy memories are still there, even after all that has happened. They should've all experienced the long drop decades ago.
"Her identity has been obscured to maintain anonymity." Proceeds to show her face in closeup with great lighting...
Probably one of the best Charles Manson documentaries I’ve seen in a while. I love the extra effort this channel goes through to hire look a likes of these sickened individuals and reenact every step of the way and the music for this was great, especially the gutair riffs.
Snow G
Snow G:
"Linda got in with the wrong group of people and was haunted by this the rest of her life"?!?!?!
Im sure the families that suffered decades of horrible grief for the murdered victims send their condolences 😡
David Krausell
David Krausell:
Linda had no real tears when describing the details of the crime especially when talking about Voytek Frykowski. She gave away her knife to Susan Atkins. She's now living as a free women in Pacific Northwest but how can she live with herself? What is she going to tell our maker when her time comes? Tragic for everyone involved. Rest in peace to all those poor victims.
Marilyn B
Marilyn B:
I remember when this happened. It was horrific. We loved in West Covina and woke up to the news reporting the murders. I think we were all in a state of shock. We knew Detective John St John who worked the murders. He never talked about this with us. But it affected him deeply.
Nicole Burrows
Nicole Burrows:
Poor Poor Linda. She laid down with dogs then cried about fleas. And then knowing what Manson was like, she abandoned her daughter. I don't feel the least bit sorry for her.
Smart Alix
Smart Alix:
I've seen this at least a half a dozen times or more, but this is the first time I've have this awful realization (aside from the horror of what they did), Linda took her baby to the ranch with her, yet her husband only came for the money - he didn't demand his child back! That's messed up! Why wasn't he man enough to come back with the police for his money and his child?
Arthur Watt
Arthur Watt:
Awful. Even after all these years you feel for the poor victims who suffered that night.
Michelle K
Michelle K:
This documentary was actually amazing! I’m a big fan of crime shows and am pretty versed on this case but this was extremely thorough
Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria :
I urge those who like Charles Manson OR those who say these girls aren’t guilty to a certain degree.. go look up the crime scene photos and see what they actually did to these people. Poor Sharon. She was covered in blood everywhere
Honestly? I don't care how much "remorse" Krenwinkle, Watson, and VanHouten have shown in prison. They ALL need to eat glass.
Jocelyna st heart
Jocelyna st heart:
Disgusting the way they murdered Poor Sharon Tate pregnant and the Labianca, no one deserved to die like that Rip.
John Haughey
John Haughey:
Very well done documentary. The fact that Linda Kasabian is recalling the events of that night is especially unsettling as it should be. Glad that she agreed to participate in this and give insight into what her mindset was at the time.
Jacqueline McGarvie
Jacqueline McGarvie:
After all these years when it’s so clear that Linda is still enamoured with Charlie and his way of life it’s amazing that she was believed on the stand. She is NOT an innocent party to these murders whatsoever. She took a get out of jail card and ran with it
Heather June
Heather June:
The fact that Linda went the 2nd night tells you all you need to know about her.
Anna Vasadze
Anna Vasadze:
Honestly, although she was being tested against Manson and his women she could have saved the victims that night. It's even bizarre to think how perfectly she could've left those murderers at Cielo drive and driven to the nearest police station. It is so so sad 😭
Allie R
Allie R:
I definitely believe these people already had the evil in them, Charlie simply knew and took full advantage of it, I don’t fully believe they were so brainwashed as they claim. What they did to those innocent people is horrible and Charlie knew exactly who of his family would be capable of doing the horrible things done to those innocent people. How Susan Atkins birthed a child 10 months prior and stood over a pregnant woman feeling nothing and stabbing her to the point where the first responder to that scene thought they had tried the cut the baby out of her is terrifying!!!
Dodged a Bullet
Dodged a Bullet:
I was a kid during the time of those murders growing up in the Valley. I used to ride at the Spahn Ranch and ride motorcycles around the lake…we saw Charlie up on the rocks barking and howling like a coyote! Frightening how close we came to those people.
I was17 and living in LA when this happened.
EVERYONE was scared AF about the killings because they made NO sense.
We knew who Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate were --- harmless Hollywood people living the life.
They had no ties to criminals.
That someone could be chosen at random and slaughtered was terrifying.
We started locking doors, keeping our dog inside at night, etc.
Sales of firearms skyrocketed. Up 500%.
When Charlie and his Family were caught and their photographs appeared in the LA Times, I remember how disgusted I was, thinking how Manson, a little shrimp of a guy bullied people to kill for him, act out his petty revenge for not getting his shitty music recognized. I thought he was an asshole & still do.
In his little brain he believed his absence at the house on Cielo Drive meant he could get away with organizing and directing people to commit murder.
He didn't realize how dedicated Vincent Bugliosi was to prosecute and convict him and his creepy Family to the fullest extent of the law.
Manson completely underestimated Mr. Bugliosi. Big mistake.

Read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. He takes you step by step through each murder and what he and his team did to achieve a conviction and Death Penalty. It's not easy reading ---- scary and graphic. NOT for young people (under 18).
Never forget --- they killed:
Steven Parent, a 17 year old man who was visiting a friend at the caretaker's house on Cielo Drive. Shot him in the face.
Sharon Tate, 23, 8 months pregnant with her unborn baby boy.
They stabbed to death:
Voytek Frekowsky, I think in his 20s, the boyfriend of
Abigail Folger, also stabbed to death.
and Jay Sebring, a friend of Sharon and Roman.
All of them stabbed and in Voytec's case, clubbed to death with a pistol after being stabbed over 40X.
Sharon begged for her life, and the life of her baby before they killed her.
The following night they killed Leno and Rosemary La Bianca by stabbing them.
They left a fork sticking in Leno's belly.
Rosemary heard them killing Leno and started to fight the killers, who had told them they were not going to be hurt, just tied up and robbed.
The killers went into the La Bianca kitchen and ate a snack before leaving.
Read the book & don't believe convicts who say they have remorse. Bullshit.

The La Biancas, Leno and Rosemary, were butchered like cattle without remorse by the Family members --- they celebrated the Tate and La Bianca murders as if it was the coolest thing. They are messed up people for sure.
I don't buy the regret act Gypsy or any of the others put on here. They don't deserve to be free like other citizens -- they are still dangerous. Capable of anything.
Our communities should be safe, healthy places to raise a family.
Killers don't belong among civilized people.
Ayo hi
Ayo hi:
she might not have participated by killing anyone, but she is just as guilty for driving them and letting them continue with the murders. she knew exactly what she was getting into
Tiffany Elliott-Foster
Tiffany Elliott-Foster:
All the victims deserve to be equally remembered. However as a mother my mind often shifts to Sharon. She begged for her life,and that of her baby. It has been reported that she asked could she have her baby then they could come back,and kill her. She begged Susan to please just cut baby Paul out. She was literally trying everything to give her unborn son a chance at life. I cannot imagine the sheer terror she must have felt. May all the victim rest in peace.
Mk M
Mk M:
I've read every book I could find on Manson and the Manson family. This documentary is incredibly well done.
Was she ever charged with anything! And how can she live with herself! This is sickening
Dupee's fashion consultant
Dupee's fashion consultant:
That's awesome how she remembers her time there so fondly and laughs and smiles while thinking about savagely butchering a smart, kind, beautiful and talented innocent woman and her baby....oh and every other person at the house and another two people the next day. I'm glad she had a good time. Funny how when begging for parole she suddenly would cry and beg
Christy Teaster
Christy Teaster:
I admire the Tate family tremendously. But Debra must be in denial to say Roman and Sharon had such a good marriage. Everyone knows he was not doing right by her and probably never had. She was fed up. And no doubt, she would have left him.
Roman was even with another woman the night Sharon and Baby Paul were slaughtered. And he had even been with a friend of hers (Michelle Phillips). It was Jay who was there trying to protect her.
From all I have heard and read, Sharon really was a very sweet person. But she was not in a good and/or healthy marriage.
What gets me is these former Manson chicks all seem to regard their time with Charlie fondly.

They don’t seem to acknowledge all the hypocrisy. Those awesome feelings they had were based on lies, drugs and youthful naiveté. He was nothing but a manipulative, punk, grifter who managed to convince a few troubled individuals to commit the most heinous acts imaginable.

When Linda cracks that wry smile while describing Charlie all my empathy for her simply evaporates.
Way to go Linda. You had every opportunity to run down the road scream yell and alert the neighbors and you did nothing.
I remember reading they would do “creepy crawlies” or crawling meaning they would sneak into peoples homes while they were sleeping and rearrange their furniture and steal things and then sneak out before the people woke up. That is so incredibly terrifying to think that they could’ve been in your house at that time and you had no clue.
Al C
Al C:
Amazing how this documentary tries to portray some of these women as innocent bystanders that did nothing wrong. Give it a few more decades and the whole family will be portrayed as holy monks!
Jennifer Griggs
Jennifer Griggs:
Can’t feel sympathy for this woman… she was cold blooded and got away with it. Any normal person would of fled and rang the police but NO she stood and listened to the blood curdling screams only thinking about herself….. disgusting 🤢
Moll Flanders
Moll Flanders:
I just can't imagine the horror of that horrible godless night in that beautiful house on Cielo Drive. I understand that Sharon Tate cried out for her mother, too. I can't even.
Linda did the right thing in the end. She exposed those dangerous people, thus preventing more innocent victims from being on the receiving end of their murderous 'Helter Skelter' plans. Thank goodness she managed to get her little girl back, safely. ..... This has been a very well presented and informative documentary. Thank you.
Crystal Melvin
Crystal Melvin:
She fled known murderers and LEFT HER DAUGHTER THERE! How the hell did she get custody back?! Wow. She should have went to jail too. Young and scared or not.
Missy Cabic
Missy Cabic:
Man…if one could only go back in time and warn these people. 😞
Xara Rogers
Xara Rogers:
I wasn’t alive yet when the Manson stuff went on, but I always imagine there are more victims of Manson’s that weren’t accounted for.
These people who murdered Sharon Tate and others as well….I’ve read articles of the murder but when you kill an innocent life in which she’s pregnant…I cannot even express that I feel in my heart. My heart goes out to her family and the other murdered victims families as well. It’s jus they didn’t do anything to deserve this. Why?
Wandering Free
Wandering Free:
I think she was in on the whole thing. She was just willing to talk and turn evidence on the family, so they gave her immunity.
Amanda 🐼
Amanda 🐼:
Bruh this story was wild just reading and hearing about it but actually hearing the person who was there talk about it is a whole nother level of creepiness ! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Trish McCarthy- Davis
Trish McCarthy- Davis:
I live in Australia and remember when this happened. The newspaper headlines were salacious more or less blaming these people for their murders. My mother was disgusted by the stories written, about drug parties etc, none of which were true. It was horrendous. When I am reminded of the murders, I think to myself this is why the perpetrators should never be released, whether or not they've been of good behaviour in prison. It's too late, and it's very self serving.
Cal 420
Cal 420:
Crying with no tears Linda I think she had a larger role than she likes to tell
Jordan Barlow
Jordan Barlow:
People saying Linda is just as guilty are batshit insane.

She literally left her daughter knowing she could be murdered in order to avoid being forced to commit murders herself.
When you drive the getaway car you’re an accessory to the crime(s)
committed by the persons you are involved with. Linda may not have sliced n’ diced but she did “attend” the mass murder, like the driver of the getaway car but justice isn’t fair. She was granted immunity for testimony.
Rob Harter
Rob Harter:
Who could leave their daughter with a bunch of sadistic murders?
miz Lia Lia
miz Lia Lia:
They killed many lives and their lives were spared in prison? There is no justice .
Erin Sings
Erin Sings:
Rest in peace Sharon Tate. And all of the other Manson victims
Merry-lynn Allison
Merry-lynn Allison:
Making murders famous just shows how low our society has gone. We have made 'STARS' out of insane people who have done horrible things and it continues.
Something doesn’t seem to quite add up with how the police raided the ranch, she goes into hiding, gets her kid, goes back into “hiding”, then testifies with immunity. Makes me question a lot of other things she said now, especially with how she STILL talks about Charlie after all this time
Ringera Juster
Ringera Juster:
This is a terror event and inhuman,,, Watched this documentary without blinking after coming across sharon tate on twitter. May her soul, her unborn baby and other innocent of the murder perpetuators continue resting in eternal Peace.
Ecuador Expat
Ecuador Expat:
She sounds like she misses those days with these mad killers..why is she not in prison ??? She was just as much involved as the others..
Crystal Poole
Crystal Poole:
The very first adult book I ever read was Helter Skelter, and I've been hooked on true crime ever since. But the thing that has always bugged me, is that they always focus on the girls, and yet Tex is the one that killed EVERYONE! Since his incarceration, he has got married, fathered kids and became some kind of minister. Charlie, on the other hand, was kept in solitary for months at a time, beat by the guards and the other inmates. One was a killer and one wasn't. The punishment doesn't fit the crime. Great documentary though, and I've watched many many of them.
Some people say that Linda Kasabian was not punished for her involvement in these heinous crimes but I believe if she feels genuine guilt over her involvement and has had to carry that guilt round with her for over fifty years, then that is a very large cross to bear.
Rather than waiting in the car for them to come back from their murdering, DRIVE THE CAR TO A POLICE STATION GOD DAMN IT!
Aussiesteveification G
Aussiesteveification G:
Great story… And I love the re-enactment , one of the best Manson documentaries I have seen .
Eye Gotcha
Eye Gotcha:
IMO, the Cielo Drive house and grounds were exquisite. They blended in so wonderfully with their location on the hillside. Unfortunately, it was all destroyed and replaced with a monstrosity of epic proportions.
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing:
She left her child!!!!! Did she alert the authorities of what had happened. If no then how on earth did she get her child back. Bet the child wasn’t happy about being left there. It’d be lucky if he didn’t assault the child. Awful, just an awful event Shows what crazy people can do to - what should be - normal peoole. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Red Sev
Red Sev:
They're telling the story like they are not the disgusting pigs that they are! They deserve to be locked up even without the murders.
John Ishikawa
John Ishikawa:
This was probably as accurate an account of the events of that night of madness as will ever be told.Linda Kasabian was there and remembered it all-she was crystal clear testifying under oath, and recounting what she saw, and what she was part of here.
I think she was expressing how things were and how she felt in the beginning before all the murders. In the beginning all she saw was love and affection among the Manson family. I believe she thought she had found what she was looking for , A group of people who were all about love and sharing etc etc. Don't forget she saw first hand what these people would and could do. I think she was terrified to go to the police when she fled. She knew they would kill her. She was different than the others. She did not kill anyone and she was horrified about what they did. If you put yourself in her place you would probably be too afraid for your life to go straight to the police. She saw them kill all those people in cold blood and show no remorse. She is not completely innocent but she was not like the others who committed the murders. From what I've read she has spent her life in poverty and hiding for fear of what faithful Manson followers might do to her in revenge.
Kasabian was a member for 5 minutes before the crimes and fled a couple days after the crimes. She was only involved because she had a drivers licence. Anyone interested in this period of time should also read memoirs of some of the other family members. (Susan, Tex, Dianne, Lynette)
At 10:36 when she says : "I finally got to meet him" and then smiles, she still feels excited and happy thinking back at this moment....smh
Linda had to know the right thing to do was go to the police and report them right after the Tate murder. Why stick along for the ride, even if you're not partaking in the killing. The Lobianca's would have been saved.
Micky Mc
Micky Mc:
I’ve watched many documentaries on the Manson family but this one really got to me 😓
Mr Self destruct
Mr Self destruct:
Linda still crazy, you can see the genuine excitement she gets from taking about this.
Laura D
Laura D:
Before the murders and psychotic behavior, the community and lifestyle at Spahnn Ranch sounded beautiful. I wish it hadn't been ruined by the later evil and violence because it could have been a new, peaceful and loving way to live - sharing, taking care of each other, no ego, no selfishness. But, like many things in life, it was too good to be true.
Dana Nicole
Dana Nicole:
I think Linda was considered than lesser of the 2 evils,and the prosecution needed her to get the rest of them convictions. I agree she was a seriously messed up person and a criminal too,I'm just happy these nut jobs will never ever get out of prison.
Aoife and Ginny
Aoife and Ginny:
In all the times I've seen documentaries about these murders they never mentioned there was little children there, that makes a huge difference.
Barnhouse Designs PA
Barnhouse Designs PA:
Such an amazing story. Those women are still infatuated with him, it seems.
Liz Hjelmeseth
Liz Hjelmeseth:
I'm glad Linda stepped up and gave Testimony against the Family. I'm glad Linda refused to kill that actor or meet some one in prison. She left and did not murder others.
Erin Sings
Erin Sings:
How could Linda just's absolutely horrific
Deborah Tate said it best Linda was an accessory to murder and she should have been tried in court like the rest of them! No plea bargain.After the first Sharon Tate murder she could have told someone to prevent the Labianca murder. However she chose to go along a second time!Also I don’t believe for one second that she was present at both murder scenes yet did not participate.
Cris Case
Cris Case:
Seeing Sharon Tate sister talk is heartbreaking
Joya Free
Joya Free:
I just started watching it and I’m sickened & disgusted already the fact that she stole that guys money that’s awful especially her reasons for doing so! The fact that those people would want her to do that, Charlie feeling her legs when he met her, I would want to get the hell out of there right from the start.
It felt good and right cuz you were being programmed and ironically you thought the exact opposite was true.
Tombo Vitale
Tombo Vitale:
I believe Linda went the second night cuz she didn't want to get murdered herself but after that she got in the car and ran away and came back to testify in court I definitely believe and see that is the truth. If she was guilty she never would have left after the 2nd day
Charlie was doing everything possible to make this woman kill someone because she had witnessed so much. He felt she was going to spill the truth to someone. He wanted her Guilty or Dead. Yikes 😳
Richard Bullis
Richard Bullis:
Linda Kasbaian should have gotten time for being there if it was time served. Linda Kasbaian was not a murderer but she was an accessory to the crimes committed. I feel for her children but not her.
Dr.Shakib Khan
Dr.Shakib Khan:
Very well made documentary which explains a lot of background stuff that lead to the horrific night
Bridgette Bentley
Bridgette Bentley:
I know prosecution wanted her testimony but they still should’ve thrown the book at her. She knew what was going on and recounting the events even now she sounds happy and proud. Not one bit regretful that people died such awful violent deaths
I thought I pretty much knew everything about this case, I was 11 when this happened but I learned things I didn't know before. Thank you for filling in some of the holes. But the film never touched on the owner of the ranch. Wasn't he killed also? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅
Wiiam Barnarx
Wiiam Barnarx:
I have a question: When Susan went down the hall to get the others she said that Tex lunged at Jay. When they found the bodies, Sharon and Jay were tied together which means there had to be some time between his demise and being tied up. So this means that when Sharon and Jay entered the living room, they were tied up first before Tex shot Jay Sebring. So when did Jay attack Tex and tell him Sharon was pregnant and could she sit down??
O'frabjous Day
O'frabjous Day:
PLEASE. For all of you commenters blaming Linda for leaving her child there, please bear in mind that had she NOT done that, these people might never have been caught, and certainly not as quickly as they were. I remember this case well. It couldn't have possibly been as easy as you are describing for Linda to have done the right thing under those circumstances. They can't possibly give you all the facts in 90 minutes, and you weren't there with her. Two reasons to knock it off with the Jerry Springer, and start using some intellect and sympathy. You know, like humans are supposed to do.
cindy brockman
cindy brockman:
Susan Adkins told inmates while in jail about the murders, Linda is telling the truth she did make a deal to tell what happened, her life was never the same, she has lived with grief over & over, thank goodness she came forward
Aisle of View
Aisle of View:
Manson was 5' 2", how could anyone be intimidated by this guy? Bless Sharon's sister, she shows up at all of the parole hearings to fight for the rights of the victims. Trent Reznor thought it would be cool to rent out the Tate home to record an album, and Deborah Tate confronted him with her first hand account of how this event destroyed her family.
This is what happens when you have no sense of who you are some follow psychopaths to find themselves and wind up dead, or in jail. Then drugs further the brains deterioration and what's left is an empty shell of a person committing horrible crimes. All because they didn't know who they were. A person's identity is something all human beings need.
Barbara Fogle
Barbara Fogle:
There are many killers and many psychos but only one Charlie Manson. Doesn't matter if you believe wether he did or didn't write the story. No one else could have played his part.
Leanna Hostetler
Leanna Hostetler:
You can see and hear how she still loves everything about that whole experience
PK Gum
PK Gum:
Well, if we learn anything from this, one things for sure. Don't let ANYONE have that much control over you and your life.
John Haaland
John Haaland:
Manson's true motives come out in this movie. I've always heard about the record contract but never seen it portrayed like this.
In the end, Manson is nothing special. Just another evildoer on the way down with motives as old as the hills.
for all the people saying Linda is just as guilty for not stopping them, i can only assume that means you would. even after the violent beating of another woman within "the family" for something they didn't even understand. you would stand up proud, knowing that you'd most definently end up killed as violently as the other victims, yes?
good for you! you are willing to die for nothing!
E Ramos
E Ramos:
I seen Charles Manson once... I was in Corcoran prison in 1996.. When I was being released(with 2 other people) they put us in a holding area outside and we all heard someone yell "escort".. The officer that was with us said "look it's Charles Manson". So when we looked, we seen Manson with 8 officers surrounding him- 4 on each side... We just watched him walk down the walkway and into a bldg.. I turned to the officer and said "he's a lil mfer!"
Warrior Saint
Warrior Saint:
Wow!😳..thank goodness she escaped. Im sorry she had to live her life in sorrow and guilt and as she aged and matured, she realized the magnitude of her involvement and the horrific murders they did. Unfortunately they all will go back to court on Judgment Day before our Creator and be Judged again, as we all will stand before our Creator to be Judged when our lives on this earth is over.
Sam J
Sam J:
I think y'all should read the book by Vincent Bugliosi the prosecuting attorney in this case named "Helter Skelter, The True Story of the Manson Murders" its a really good read and it goes more in depth of things and also how Linda helped bring justice and everything, I don't really think Linda is innocent but she really helped bring Manson to jail and everything
Jackie Baker
Jackie Baker:
There were no tears coming out of her eyes as she was "crying".
Jen Dart
Jen Dart:
How funny is it that we’ve had so many more crimes that are just so much more devastating, and yet this just trumps everything. I’ve always been so fascinated with his.
Liam Ó Driscoll
Liam Ó Driscoll:
Funny how most of these movies make it look like they just pulled up outside of the house and went in. They parked at the bottom of a long and dark private road and Watson had to climb another embankment to cut the phone lines. But what I find interesting is that NONE of Sharon's dogs barked (because she had a few of them) and no one heard Parent being shot. They lived out in the middle of nowhere so I don't know how they wouldn't have heard gunshots. After all, Kasabian said she could hear the screams inside the house.