Manuel Locatelli is an INSANE TALENT! 🇮🇹 BEST Tackles, Goals & Skills

Manuel Locatelli Juventus, Manuel Locatelli Arsenal 2021, Manuel Locatelli 2021, Manuel Locatelli 2021 Juventus/Arsenal 2020/2021

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64 komentarze:

Fennecs Dz
Fennecs Dz:
He's going to juve it's just a matter of time 😉
G Waller
G Waller:
Clearly very skillful, good passing, classy player... one issue tho... Aresenal won't sign him.
this guy got awesome ball snatching skills! just wow! <3
Hate Mich
Hate Mich:
Promised to Juve.
Would love him at Arsenal but I don't see it happening. Italian players generally stay in Italy.
C2de G
C2de G:
He looks class. Has Arsenal ever had an Italian player?
LEON Aeronautical communication
LEON Aeronautical communication:
so sad milan released that multi talent player....
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra:
If Xhaka leaves, Arsenal will need a left-footed DM instead of Locatelli, Bissouma or Sanches. For instance, Fabian Ruiz Pena, Eduardo Camavinga, Carles Alena, Ivan Ilic, Matteo Pessina, Maximilian Arnold, Kerem Demirbay and Teun Koopmeiners
si kambing
si kambing:
Great player 🔥
Julian P. Cross
Julian P. Cross:
2:05 The way he picked him out with that pass 😍
Fei 4life
Fei 4life:
He reminds me ray parlour 🤜🏾🤛🏾
Taz Ali
Taz Ali:
Yep Arsenal would be a step up for him in Arsenal fans deluded minds.
Didnt know Post Malone plays football
0:55 after such a goal against prime Juventus by teenager...AC Milan are insane to let him go saying they don't trust him... what a loss 🤷 the goal at 1:52 as well..
If Arsenal only get two signings done, it’s this guy and Ben White. They would transform the team
Oo Oo
Oo Oo:
راح يكون جميل في الستي او الليفر او اليونايتد .
Who is here after locatelli transfer to Juventus 🤩
gui br
gui br:
Great for Barça busquest idade avanced
godfrey kk
godfrey kk:
He wont make it in England...
Daniel Garang Ayuen Mabior
Daniel Garang Ayuen Mabior:
Aour and bissouma are better options.
Farhan Ishak
Farhan Ishak:
Dont remember when last time arsenal have italian player.
Evil Armadyl
Evil Armadyl:
Welcome to rejecting arsenal
Gascoigne 6
Gascoigne 6:
He is about to join Juve according with Gianluca di Marzio (Sky )
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
Juve fans on the ropes, plz pray for them
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans
Cristiano Ronaldo Fans:
Welcome to juventus locatelli
Daniel Garang Ayuen Mabior
Daniel Garang Ayuen Mabior:
I prefer Bissouma imao.
পাপী বান্দা
পাপী বান্দা:
Welcome to juve
Great skills but too good for a team that can't offer European football tbh.
Peter Ngamau Gatumbu
Peter Ngamau Gatumbu:
Housem Aouar or give Joe Willock a chance.
@ Arsenal
Please arsenal please
Adil D
Adil D:
Looks like a gooner to me
hope he ends up with juve
Haaland Exterminador
Haaland Exterminador:
Cadê o Nome das musicas poh?
Welcome to Juventus ⚪⚫🦓🦓
Best midfielder
Where do you honestly think Manuel Locatelli will end up: ARSENAL or JUVENTUS? Comment below 👇
Stioll waiting..
Aslan Heart
Aslan Heart:
Juventus can't afford him.
Joel Benny
Joel Benny:
Who's here after locateli joined juventus
Mategeko Jean Bertrand
Mategeko Jean Bertrand:
it will end
Welcome to Brianza Olginatese
Kerron Broadbelt
Kerron Broadbelt:
He has great physical presence and possibly an upgrade on Xhaka but I’m still not all that impressed by him. Just being honest
Jay Marcus ZA
Jay Marcus ZA:
Partey and Locatelli would be unreal 🤩
mario de maria
mario de maria:
Se ti presenti in champions con locatelli la gente inizia a ridere prima che inizi la partita!
Taufik Efendi
Taufik Efendi:
At the end of the day, Loctelli sign for PSG. Just like Donnarumma.
Oyinemi Endeley
Oyinemi Endeley:
Gather here if you are from Arsenal..........
saadak abdi
saadak abdi:
Loca Welcome to Arsenal
Mohamed Yassin
Mohamed Yassin:
I wish you in Arsenal
Samuel B
Samuel B:
Partey Locatelli & James Maddison .
Marco Andriani
Marco Andriani:
Locatelli>>>declan rice
amezing WeedeR
amezing WeedeR:
He is slow ,very slow wrt premier league, i rather fancy Madison
mukhammad abdillah
mukhammad abdillah:
but this player like as adrien rabiot...actually more better than rodrigo bentancur ,,,, juve needs jorginho, veratti, or modric for hold and supply ball to forward
Abhigyan Bhadra
Abhigyan Bhadra:
Manipoli al bivacco
Manipoli al bivacco:
insane what?? buahaha
Kasper Klibansky
Kasper Klibansky:
italian de jong
Sam Soria
Sam Soria:
lloyd schatz
lloyd schatz:
I'll take Sanchez over Locatelli all day long. I don't see him doing that in the Premier league.
He wants only Juve, you should not get your hopes up Arsenal fans. He wants to play for a team that competes in the UCL, not for a middle table PL team.
Rovi Andika
Rovi Andika:
Locatelli the next Ricardo Montolivo
Ahmed Abdirahma Ahmed Abraham
Ahmed Abdirahma Ahmed Abraham:
Number one
Taiye Shittu
Taiye Shittu:
I think arsenal need locatelli more than overrated Ben White.
Locatelli should be the priority
Seud Jelal
Seud Jelal:
He’s coming to Arsenal they said
Doggystyle Woof Woof
Doggystyle Woof Woof:
Locatelli is trash....& cocky for rejecting Arsenal...typical potential flop anyways