Marcelo Bielsa press conference | Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds United | Premier League

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100+ komentarze:

David José
David José:
Bielsa you are the reason i am Leeds. Good Luck from Portugal.
Bielsa is footballing genius. He is a very special and distinct manager. He knows how to get the best out of his players... unmatched in the modern game. Saludos de un Chileno en Los Angeles, California. Eternamente agradecido. Grande Profesor!
Windu Three
Windu Three:
Low profile manager with a big strategy in his head. 👍👍👍

Who's wanna see Leeds play in Champions league for the next season?? Please like..👍
Kiên Phùng
Kiên Phùng:
Leeds Utd really make audience feeling good! Many fan in Vietnam right now, sorry because bad English 😞
Izik Konfino
Izik Konfino:
Bielsa is the god of football. He took players that finished 13th in 2nd leauge and made each of the players 10000% better.what a team. What a football yesterday. Leeds could score 4-6 more
Richard Rouse
Richard Rouse:
Supported this team all my life I’ve watched a lot of dross but since Bielsa has come to my club he has transformed some very average players in to a brilliant organised team who no only one way to play and that’s attack which is a pleasure to watch for that I thank you mr Bielsa 👌
Desde Bilbao siguiendo desde siempre al leeds de Marcelo. Que recuerdos! Que envidia!
Anton Mahmudi
Anton Mahmudi:
Vamos Bielsa form Indonesia
Rune Davidsen
Rune Davidsen:
Marcelo checking his pockets all the time to check where he put Dean Smith and his entire squad.
Senkigtully 1
Senkigtully 1:
What a guy - out of all the ego's I've seen in football over 50 years this guy is the most humble yet the most brilliant.
Everton Torres
Everton Torres:
Gem S
Gem S:
KING! lots of respect to you from istanbul Turkey. you are the god of football.
Singapore Football Fans
Singapore Football Fans:
Vamos Bielsa from Singapore!
Cuando mis días se tornaron muy obscuros me tope un día con el discurso de bielsa en el vestuario del Olympique de Marsella, es una arenga tan intensa, emotiva y reconfortante en tantos niveles que si lo aplicas en tu día a día te hace levantarte y darlo todo, intentar con mucha más fuerza, no perder el optimismo y esperar con una hambre tremenda que todo "se equilibre". Loco motivas a muchas personas con tu integridad, tu humildad y pasión por lo que haces. Gracias maestro
Guisela Puente
Guisela Puente:
Maestro de maestro el único que hace un modo carrera en la vida Real . Ídolo de técnico
Trine Larson
Trine Larson:
Bielsa is Napoleon,tactical
Leeds extremely lucky to have him as theirs manager
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia:
In the "image era", where every public person has a "public image´s manager" who controls every single gesture, word, clothes, etc and everything that those people said is rehersal in order to produce an impact on TV, Bielsa is the opposite. So far of those phonie attitudes. He has a lack of "media skills", he knows it, and he doesn´t care at all. He is not worried about his clothes (always wearing his training gear!) his hair, and nothing relate to his image. I think this honest approach, totally focus in his job and nothing else is part of his succes. I am from Argentina and I´ve been always interested in Bielsa and his methods as a LEADERSHIP phenomenon and his ability to transform regular teams into successful teams.
Brilliant tactical mind, honest, hard worker. Always giving credit to his players for the achievements and taking responsibility for loses. For me, is all that a leader should be. I hope something he gives a TED Talk about his ideas and principles. Amazing Bloke
Grande bielsa te queremos desde argentina!
Federico Balboa
Federico Balboa:
Go Leeds, greetings from Uruguay, vamos Marcelo!
Jack-Finley McLaughlin
Jack-Finley McLaughlin:
No one:

Bielsa:Rubs coat into microphone
The Blue
The Blue:

Solo vos haces gritar goles a hinchas de otro club. Soy de san lorenzo pero mi admiracion por vos hace seguir tus equipos y desear q siempre ganes!
Brown Gamer
Brown Gamer:
Kuteesa Emmanuel
Kuteesa Emmanuel:
When I look at Marcelo I see a football genius, he reminds me of my childhood coach training with such people they help you improve alot and they give you a lifetime experience...
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales:
Grande Bielsa y grande Bamford
Jesus Gustavo Russo
Jesus Gustavo Russo:
Vamooos Leeds carajooo!!!
Nicolas Mc Loughlin
Nicolas Mc Loughlin:
Go Leeds, go! Good luck from Spain (Argentina, Chile, España...todos queremos lo mejor para Leeds) El Loco dejó huella por donde pasó.
Neil Worroll
Neil Worroll:
I’d love to know what he’s looking for in his jacket. 😀
Shinil Thayyil
Shinil Thayyil:
Bcoz of Bielsa now am following and supporting LEEDS.....
Pablo Pres
Pablo Pres:
Grande Bielsa
Juan Henríquez Garrido
Juan Henríquez Garrido:
Grande don Marcelo Bielsa desde Chile como nunca espero los partidos del Leeds ❤️
Iku Firman
Iku Firman:
bielsa is one of the best football tactic phillosopher...
Roy Rolong
Roy Rolong:
The interpreter is Colombian. After working as Bielsa interpreter he probably knows more about soccer than most coaches. He should be the Colombia’s next manager 🤣😂🤣
Dany mum
Dany mum:
Soy seguidor de Bielsa desde q está en Chile así q estoy feliz y deseo q le vaya bien al leed por el bien del fútbol

Desde Honduras país 5 estrellas
Sergio Jose Torres
Sergio Jose Torres:
Que bueno un equipo que juega de visitante y ataca con 6, gana 2 a 0 y sigue atacando con 6, un equipo rápido y un Bamford tremendo
garcel sayah
garcel sayah:
I sincerely think no other manager could hv transformed this group of players to what they are now in just over 2 years. Its just amazing what he has done. We are very lucky to have him and may he stay with us in years to come. Thank you Marcelo! MOT!
Juan Raúl Pérez
Juan Raúl Pérez:
Qué gran partido! Felicitaciones loco desde Chile! Aguante el leeds!
عالم الرياضة
عالم الرياضة:
Am just so impressed how calm he is .when I picture the game its fire
Vamoss Bielsa! Vamos Leeds!!!!!!
Mudu Hilowle
Mudu Hilowle:
From United States 🇺🇸 i love leeds football club
emerson lima de sousa
emerson lima de sousa:
The second half was incredible . Leeds controlled the match and deserved the result.
El segundo tiempo fue increible. Jugo un gran partido y merecio el triunfo.
Pablo Bahamonde
Pablo Bahamonde:
vamos bielsa! somos todos leeds! saludos desde argentina!
Mike Wilkins
Mike Wilkins:
Marcelo was trying really hard to get Dean Smith out of his pocket there 😁😁
United Stand Comments
United Stand Comments:
I have never been so interested in another clubs football than Manchester United. Now Leeds is my second favourite team
Annie John
Annie John:
Marcelo you are the reason I'm a Leeds fan. Thank you for everything, Leeds for life
The Pizza Gamer
The Pizza Gamer:
I thought Bamford didn’t have what it takes to play in the PL, I was so wrong and Marcelo was right once again.
Quick Simple Effective Tech
Quick Simple Effective Tech:
Am a United fan but trust me am possesses about everything about Leed united
Give credit where its Due
jose luis minardo
jose luis minardo:
Excelente juego Marcelo, desde Mendoza-Argentina, felicitaciones !!!!
Leo Horcajo
Leo Horcajo:
Genio te admiro por q con trabajo y esfuerzo uno tiene lo q merece gracias Marcelo Bielsa por ser inspirador.
I started following Leeds after Bielsa joined as coach. Such a Mastermind!
Daniel Eduardo
Daniel Eduardo:
- Thank You, Marcelo. We Love You. Leeds fan for 40 years.
Gonzalo Pineda
Gonzalo Pineda:
Siempre tuve una debilidad por el Liverpool pero en la jornada 1 fuí por el Leeds. Bielsa es especial. Es un tipo sencillo en lo material, trabajador, transformador y apasionado. Sabe una tonelada y sigue recolectando información. Te extrañamos en Chile. All the best, mate!
Oscar Alfredo Elvira
Oscar Alfredo Elvira:
From Buenos Aires. Thank Marcelo and Leeds. Now is my team, better that my team San Lorenzo de Almagro
Marcos Sneider
Marcos Sneider:
Que busca en el bolsillo por favor !!!!! ...que Capo que es por Dios...jajaja
Come on Bielsa carajo.
Raul Benavides Leon
Raul Benavides Leon:
What a wonderful game and attitude of everyone in the pitch. Really enjoyable game...hopefully Manchester United lads can watch and learn how to play with passion for the team lol
Jecr 1965
Jecr 1965:
From Chile we see with admiration how Leeds is transformed into a total soccer machine, we see the evolution of its players, collective football with pass-by-pass output until the goal is scored. Enjoy what you are living because it does not happen again, Bielsa is unique. Chile lived and enjoyed this total football, the great figures did not matter, anyone who entered the field caused the same result, collective football, fast, beautiful goals and the total madness of the spectators.
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
Leeds are playing attractive football, I will not be surprised if they finish in the top 4.
Luciano Gullo
Luciano Gullo:
Supporting Leeds from Argentina. Marcelo is the best player of the team.
Mavis Coils
Mavis Coils:
Sound system very poor can hardly hear what press are saying.
Di Lucas
Di Lucas:
El Loco Bielsa, um gênio incompreendido.
Tvoya Burnaya Fantaziya
Tvoya Burnaya Fantaziya:
El Bualter Diaz
El Bualter Diaz:
Bielsa Agarra a la selección de Japón y lo saca Campeón
Kee ching Chew
Kee ching Chew:
A intelligent manager fatherly figure respected by many... Players also very professional and discipline.. Allthe way to top 5...good luck👍🙏🙏
Rene D Olate
Rene D Olate:
Nadie como tu! Sos un maestro que admiro por tu integridad y coherencia. Gracias por todo lo que le regalas al fútbol!
Robin Parker
Robin Parker:
Brilliant tactical awareness from Bielsa to bring Shackleton on. Made the difference. Costa and Harrison fantastic on the wings. Good defence and Meslier relies as ever. Nice touches from Rodrigo. Bamford answers the critics yet again. Magnificent performance lads. More of the same please. "We are Leeds ". "Marching On Together".
Kit-shing Tse
Kit-shing Tse:
Hi All! I'm not a Leeds fan, but I would like to recognize the game-changer contribution of an unsung hero...Ayling!! If he couldn't block Grealish's shot at 25-ish minutes, the bubble (psychological pressure) dragged over from the last game (lost 0 - 1 vs Wolves), might burst right away!! Also, it seems like Ayling was injured before against the Villians! It's something worth to be worried for the next few games because just look at how many times he sacrificed himself by throwing his body to take the bullets from Wolves!!?! Therefore no doubt Ayling would be my pick for "the Man of the Match"!!
roberto carletti
roberto carletti:
Un gran equipo, todos son muy buenos jugadores, sumandole a Bielsa, tenés un Equipazo....Vamos Leeds Carajooo...
You can’t tell me there’s nobody in England who can ask Bielsa a question in Spanish
¡Grande Marcelo! ¡Tienes el talento único para saber llegar al espíritu de un equipo!
Pablo E.
Pablo E.:
what the hell is he looking in his pocket? My god jajaja
Hang Jebat
Hang Jebat:
Keep improving, focus on leeds united next game, good luck wishes from Malaysian fan
dinky doodarrr
dinky doodarrr:
All i can say is i watched the game and Leeds were absolutely brilliant..havent seen that kind of football for sometime, well done Leeds!! 😁
Rasu Logesh
Rasu Logesh:
I love leeds bcoz of one man that is Marcelo. He organizes the team in a meticulous way Right from word go attack attack...He plays the team without any fear...
Tomislav Šekerija
Tomislav Šekerija:
what a gentleman Marcelo is! the last question was a tricky one but class is class.
Neil Laycock
Neil Laycock:
He's turned Leeds United into a machine. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😁
dave annetts
dave annetts:
I have followed my beloved Leeds for over 50 years thru the brilliant times and the not so brilliant. This team has given me my mojo back thanks to Marcelo and the team.Last nights game one word wow MOT.
David Turver
David Turver:
His interviews are hard work to listen to even when you understand a bit of Spanish. I like him because he does not make any concessions to, or play up to, the media.
Dino Macak
Dino Macak:
Great victory for Leeds biesla well done lads
Ferna Fer
Ferna Fer:
Leeds.... 💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏
Daniel Schroeder
Daniel Schroeder:
No paro de asombrarme campeónlllllllllll sos único que placer es ver jugar tus equipos .Muero por ver en vivo algún partido del Leeds y estrecharte la mano simplemente me alegras cada ves que dirijáis ese equipo .saludos Marcelo
Martu Alvarez
Martu Alvarez:
Leeds 😊😊😀😀,make me happy.I want Europa!!!
I love the way our King just stares at the ground throughout the entire interview
Meslier did an amazing job today, but the only looks where on the goals. The team is improving, I hope they continue like this!!
reynaldo maldonado
reynaldo maldonado:
Take us to Champions League, loco genio...
Viking Rollo
Viking Rollo:
Imagine if he had Guardiola or lampard’s budget? Go Leeds.. I am a Xeneize for life but rooting for you all the way..
Stain Less
Stain Less:
Bielsa’s statue at Elland road will be amazing
Samson Ihemekwele
Samson Ihemekwele:
Eccentric but brilliant!
WIltson LIM
WIltson LIM:
Greeting from Singapore since 1974...didn't regret , finally we have a Manager that put his Heart & Soul into Leeds. A bunch of Wonderful players too that played for Everyone. Awesome, Bravo & Champions on the Way...
Bielsa is a brilliant coach who makes his teams playing brilliantly... He's also very strange. I remember a photo when he worked in France : after a victory, alone, in a fast food, eating a burger. He is the reincarnation of Droopy : "you know what ? I am the heroe". And for all the fans, he is the heroe.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
Sir Marcelo Bielsa for the Knighthood! Leeds United New Generation are 🔥 All Leeds Fans soak up every second of this Beautiful Era
Qué busca en esa camperaaaaa! Jajaja. Sos un genio. Todo lo bueno!
The Milfennial
The Milfennial:
Que carajjo esta buscando en la campera?
Tantos bolsillos tiene que no encuentra nada?
Esta mas loco que nunca.
Hugo Paz
Hugo Paz:
Una lastima los puntos perdidos el partido anterior x q era accesible
Simon Leon
Simon Leon:
always happy to see crazy bielsa!
German Castagnasso
German Castagnasso:
Que bien jugó el Leeds por favor!! Cuántos toques antes del 3er gol?? Hermoso. Pero lo que más me gustó fue la última jugada del partido. Contragolpe, min 90+5 y 6! Jugadores del Leeds llegaron al área rival! con e partido definido 3 0...gran espíritu ganador transmitido por el entrenador!! 💪💪
Ila Modi
Ila Modi:
My team I have supported since I was 4 it has become a dream team with Marcelo again
Soham Banerjee
Soham Banerjee:
What a lovely team to watch play football
Bielsa, con sus aciertos y sus errores, siempre un maestro excepcional.