Marcelo Bielsa reaction | Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United | Premier League

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I'm so annoyed about Bielsa's translators. They always simplify what he says. He has a very intelectual way to speak in spanish, he doesn't use just simple adjectives or phrases, but the translators always cut all of that off.
Marcus Cloudy
Marcus Cloudy:
I'm a Man United fan, but anyone who cares about football can see Leeds played a brilliant game . Well done lads, glad to see Leeds back in the Prem 😎😊
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
A true Gentleman and a fantastic manager. And he's with us, LEEDS UNITED 🙏. Today we shall be PROUD, and we're gonna show PL that "theres a new man in town" the Bielsa ball.
FV Noel
FV Noel:
Bielsa is proof you don’t need 300 million pounds players to succeed.
Karim Jomeen
Karim Jomeen:
‘Confidence means you shouldn't be afraid’ - Marcelo Bielsa
60hz kaiden
60hz kaiden:
I'm a boro fan but brilliant performance from Leeds tonight
ogantino 2004
ogantino 2004:
Leeds were really challenging and almost beat the current champions this will scare every other team in England
Jake's No
Jake's No:
Captain and main CB missing, leaving us to play a U23 and a new signing who's been here for 2 days - all set up against a Champions League-winnig front line? I'll take that performance any day.

We'll only get better as the season progresses.
Bielsa gives eye contact so rarely that it’s kind of thrilling when he does. Interesting guy.
Charlie Rendle
Charlie Rendle:
Very promising start. Bielsa, what a man.
Vector Training Systems Bike
Vector Training Systems Bike:
Im a Chelsea fan but i now have another team to admire and enjoy watching. Hoping Leeds create some chaos amongst the top 6 clubs of PL.
Isaac Lyne
Isaac Lyne:
No direct relationship between Rodrigo's foul and the result: Bielsa sees everything cohesively through the whole 90 minutes, every minor detail is interconnected. Unlike second rate managers who blame a penalty decision, an offside decision, anything but their own strategy and tactics. We are so, so, so lucky to have Marcelo Bielsa.
James Needham
James Needham:
I love the difference between Bielsa and Scott Parker. Parker basically says its the first of many losses to come, Bielsa is genuinely disappointed to lose to the champions.
Vervito United
Vervito United:
I'm a United fan, but i'm not gonna lie, i fear this Manager, i love listening to him, and he's strict and serious. One of the best football i've ever seen, since Norwich at the start of the Season, where they lost unfortunately to Liverpool. This was beautiful, i warned people that they'll challenge Liverpool, even to win, but they didnt believe me. If they kept their defense intact and didnt make those Mistakes, which lead to penalties, they'd win with flying colours. Bielsa is now one of the best Managers in the Prem. remember i told you this, they'll overtake Sheffield and Wolves, maybe even Arsenal.
Leeds unfortunate loss today a point would have been good
The Blue
The Blue:
Francisco Mendoza
Francisco Mendoza:
Bielsa we still love you in Chile, we are with leeds now, you can do it!!
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
Marcelo's words:
Answer 1) We could've avoid the defeat but evidently Liverpool was a fair winner.
Answer 2) Well, ehhhhh...We've played according to our style but we struggled to impose it in a lot of periods in the game.
Answer 3) Well...ehhh....There were moments at which Liverpool dominated us. Then we achieved several moments at wich the game was equal. And some moments at wich we managed to be superior. But the overall balance is on Liverpool's favour.
Answer 4) It's a question that includes the answer. *-my comment: That's a recurrent answer by Marcelo. He repited that same frase thousends of times in the past-.* The conclusion is that at this level mistakes are goals.
Answer 5) I belive Klich is quite alright. I think he's ok *-my comment: he doesn't sure.* . And Cooper came back from his match with Scotland with a muscle issue. But we believe this isn't going to prevent him of playing our next match.
Answer 6) Well...It's too soon to state we deserve to be here.
Answer 7) Marcelo asking: "Who said that? He said that?" - Well....Thank you very much.
Answer 8) No no. It was a team who played confident, composed, and without being overweight by the importance of the match.
Answer 9) Well...Confidence demands not to be afraid. And mutual and collective help avoids fear. Confidence increases and insecurity disappears when you have the confidence that you can make a mistake all the way the remaining players of the team are going to solve the consequences of that mistake.
Answer 10) Well, he's a very important player for the team's performance. He has to defend in a similar way to Phillips. And attack in a similar way to Pablo Hernandez. There are very few players with these characteristics. Especially when you have to defend against Keita or Wijnaldum. Or when you have to attack against the number 4....ehhhh Henderson or Fabinho.
Answer 11) Cooper is our captain and the absence of the captain can never go unnoticed. But Pascal was clearly one of the most outstanding players of our team and Koch had a satisfactory performance.
Answer 12) Having been able to convert three goals is positive. We should've created more danger on the attack. We were very conclusive but we didn't create goal situations in quantity. And we also cannot ignore that we conceded 4 goals and that many of them were produced by avoidable situations. Football is not predictable but there are situations that one knows will happen. Knowing that they will happen doesn't mean having the security of solving them but always when imbalances occur by actions foreseen increases the feeling of disappointment.
Answer 13) Well...Never a defeat can generate joy.
Answer 14) Marcelo asking twice: "It was Rodrigo or Tyler Roberts? It was Rodrigo?" - It's a contingency of the game. There's no direct relationship between Rodrigo's action and this defeat. There're always specific actions that generate imbalance but normally one does not attribute to an error of a particular player the responsibility of not being able to have tied the game. At the end of the game there were occasions prior to the penalty that could've generated that goal difference before this action by Rodrigo Moreno.
Jugó increíble el leeds.. lastima el último penal😓
nikesh shrestha
nikesh shrestha:
As a liverpool fan, I was really scared for this game.
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre:
So proud of our boys
vico 10x
vico 10x:
Viva Bielsa Viva Leeds!!!
*"El profesor!"*
What a genius and icon of a man, the more I learn about Mr. Bielsa the more I fall in love with him!
Considering that 3 of the 4 Liverpool goals were from a stopped play or ball, Leeds had a fantastic game, but we clearly need a solid center back, creative midfielder and another center forward. The fair final result would be a draw.
Football 2020
Football 2020:
Fantastic performance by Leeds. Deserved a point. Exciting football. And I’m not a Leeds supporter.
Leeds Fan Man
Leeds Fan Man:
A world-class coach!
as a liverpool fan, credit to Leeds today. they played brilliant we were lucky to scrape those points.
Football 2020
Football 2020:
I can see Leeds ending in the top 8. Maybe even 6.
Gary Fryer
Gary Fryer:
How can anybody slag off a team that has just been promoted but says it doesnt care if you are the best team in the world we are going to put it to you? Which the did!!
Verónica Gazquez
Verónica Gazquez:
Siempre voy a ESTAR contigo,que dejes la vida es lo único que pido 🔇🔇
Marcelo Bielsa 🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫
espectro sda
espectro sda:
Los 4 goles del Liverpool nacieron de pelota parada,los del Leeds,fueron de jugadas.
Ciaran Cox
Ciaran Cox:
Liverpool fan here Leeds where class great game experience won it for us tonight but leads are back so glad we have to only play ye once more great manager first team I have seen to attack us like that the rest of the teams will be shitting them selfs
pi didi
pi didi:
This guys is one to watch, he aint done yet, love him or hate him, I don't think any Premier League Manager can match this guy, would love to see him manage a top 4 team.
Àlex Baños
Àlex Baños:
Marcelo didn't say Van Dijk, he said "the number 4".
hahahahaha my coach
Adewuyi Ayodeji
Adewuyi Ayodeji:
Marcelo Bielsa is way too honest and genuinely good! He’s probably going to scoop the award for the best manager this season. Coming from a Liverpool fan!
What is the audio in the background about? Sounds like WW3 ffs.
Leeds United fever here in Houston thanks to "El Loco" Bielsa. GO LEEDS UNITED!!!!!
fabian heras
fabian heras:
Beautifull play, congratulations!!!
relevant rick
relevant rick:
Liverpool fan here. So impressed with Leeds! They are going to do some serious damage in the premier league this year!! We better get training because I feel Leeds will want revenge next time we meet! Well done Leeds! My 2nd team to watch this year!!
Milagros Franco
Milagros Franco:
Marcelo seguís siendo el mejor
Liverpool fan but I think Leeds should've got at least a point today, they played exceptionally well.
Ali- A
Ali- A:
Come on Leeds great game
Andy Lovell
Andy Lovell:
I'm actually excited to see Leeds United Demolish big teams this season.
They look scary and under the guidance of Bielsa i think they'll finish in the top 6.
ashwin raj
ashwin raj:
Just recently started watching leeds after the take us home documentary. What a fantastic manager he is. Absolute respect for him. His mentality , passion and character is of top level. The players reflect that on the pitch.I hope leeds have a fantastic premier league season. "MARCHING ON TOGETHER"
Bobby Stoker
Bobby Stoker:
So proud of the lads💙💛
Adam ST205
Adam ST205:
This guy is something else. The way he responded to Rodrigo's error was pure class and insightfulness. Leeds are lucky to have a manager like him.
manuel ruiz
manuel ruiz:
Es posible que el Leeds pierda los 38 partidos, pero lo que es seguro que van a salir a ganar los 38 sin mirar contra quien y donde juegan y eso los van a hacer admirables. Grande Marcelo.
Really encouraging signs from leeds today. Good times ahead I expect. 💙💛
Chris Garside
Chris Garside:
Marcelo Biels we love you you are a god leeds leeds
Entertain Me
Entertain Me:
Keep playing like that and leeds is gna give big teams hell this year.
Paul John James
Paul John James:
Liverpool fan love Kloop but have to admit.....

Leeds were a formidable opponent.... Bielsa is a legend, great to have him in the Premier League...Leeds will hold their own and cause problems for many
Hans Khiladi
Hans Khiladi:
He is a beast, leeds utd was a mid table team in the championship and he turned that same team with the same players into a promotion fighting team. What was more challenging and perhaps an impossible mission is to fight again for next season with more conviction and determination!!! Bielsa you are a genius. Even the best manager in the world won't be able to do what this guy has done at leeds.
Abdi A
Abdi A:
United fan omg that was crazy I HAVE NEVER SEEN A TEAM PLAY LIKE THAt wow
Ice • 69 years ago
Ice • 69 years ago:
Leeds should be proud, challenging the current champions, probably will be top half of the table
Such a respected coach and an honest man. Best wishes for the rest of the season.
Mark Clash And Brawl
Mark Clash And Brawl:
I watched the Match, Leeds were literally INCREDIBLE LIKE MORE THAN MAN CITY THREAT
Manqoba Mkhwanazi
Manqoba Mkhwanazi:
Tears in my eyes after alk this time to see a Leeds team play like that. Come on whites!!
darshak pathivada
darshak pathivada:
One of the best matches of the year, their running off the ball completely bypassing the midfield is a delight to watch. They made a fan out of me.
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison:
He makes me proud to support leeds
Respect, _El Loco,_ for a brave and positive approach and even shading the possession at _Anfield!_ With the exception of our own gaffer, there is no manager I respect more in world football than _Bielsa._
We won on a bad day with only 2 of our players attaining their normal standards. 2 uncharacteristic errors gifted you goals, but you showed enough for anyone in doubt to recognise that you belong in this division and will trouble all teams. All the best except when you play us! ;-)
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins:
That is the best performance I have seen at Anfield by an opposition since Chelsea spanked us 4-1 in 2006. Yes teams have won there since but in terms of performance over 90 mins Leeds were bloody fantastic. I wish you the best for the season ahead
Bielsa Ball
Bielsa Ball:
Adam Pope Radio Leeds left his TV on in background… first Bielsa interview back in
Prem… well done prick 😣
Sergio Tiesqui
Sergio Tiesqui:
Enorme partido!!! Una lástima el penal del final, el Leeds mereció llevarse un empate
Liam Al-Mashoor
Liam Al-Mashoor:
As a LFC supporter, I wouldn’t of been surprised of a draw today. Thought that Leeds would of given us a game. Big bloody lads they have. And a lot of fight. As always.
Remind me of Wolves. you can’t underestimate them.
Fraz J
Fraz J:
A very encouraging start for the season MOT
new born
new born:
What a man with all the straight and honest answers to all the questions. No drama like some special coaches. I wish Leeds best of luck , cuz it's also needed in these kinda game.
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
Brilliant game absolutely super proud of my team keeeeeemon Leeds United MOT
Very good manager, perceptive, thoughtful and excellent insight. No wonder Leeds are doing so well. I think even I could play well under him !!!
Sam Glover
Sam Glover:
Leeds have got everyone in most leagues around the world talking about their football, hopefully we can be a massive problem for teams in europa league/ champions league soon
I liked Klopp's reaction at the end of the game.
Prajjwal khati
Prajjwal khati:
I'm a Liverpool fan..I can say Leeds will be better than most of the London teams...
Wandile Nkayitshana
Wandile Nkayitshana:
He exudes humility.
Mina Hanna
Mina Hanna:
I think leeds united will make a great season. Great team. Best wishes and luck 👌🙏
Dani Gmail
Dani Gmail:
Both penalties came thru Leeds new expensive players. All Leeds scores came from Leeds Old Timers, if you know what I mean. I believe these are coincidental.
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo:
Que extraño ver un colombiano hablamdo con perfect cockney accent.
Honestly, I can see Leeds finishing in the top half of the PL
Mr Pluto
Mr Pluto:
Heads up lads, you were unlucky, coming from an Arsenal fan here 💪🏻
Gaspar Anaya
Gaspar Anaya:
Que grande que es la premier league puro espectáculo para no parpadear exelente y pensar que van a mejorar es apenas la jornada 1
Enzo M.Massan
Enzo M.Massan:
Jugaron muy bien, pero era el Liverpool, en la última fecha ya no va a ser ese el resultado vamos a ganar y van a poder demostrar de lo que son capaces en toda la temporada
Now here is a club and a manager that deserve to be invested in
Adam Abouelseoud
Adam Abouelseoud:
Wow, what a game I’m sure Leeds are gonna take off this season in the prem
Juan Iadanza
Juan Iadanza:
Bielsa dixit: Confianza es no tener miedo y la ayuda mutua conjunta colectiva evita tener miedo
"It's far too early to say we deserve to be here (premiere league)." When's the last time you heard that from a head coach.
I just hope Leeds can keep it up against the Burnley, Brighton’s and Everton’s of the league
Juan Iadanza
Juan Iadanza:
Me declaro desde hace 2 años incha del Leeds!
Arvind Lohia
Arvind Lohia:
What a Performance from Leeds, I literally clapped on each goal from Leeds... and I'm a die hard Liverpool Fan. We won because of Leeds lack of experience otherwise they were bang on
Kevin Il Romanista
Kevin Il Romanista:
On of the best manager in Prem’ , he will do great results with leeds, and don’t be impressed if leed’s will beat team’s like Arsenal,Chelsea, United, and also City, but I know that bielsa even he know he can do much better ,he will always fight during the season for not be relegated, and season afther season improve
Parody Bamford
Parody Bamford:
My manager😰
Juan Pablo Montero
Juan Pablo Montero:
The most accurate English/Spanish translator he has had over the past two seasons.
Vladimir Nišić
Vladimir Nišić:
Very,very unlucky...Great game though even with probably the worst cb duo in the league...
Siddhartha Moravekar
Siddhartha Moravekar:
I can never be happy in defeat :- Marcelo Bielsa.

This after Leeds putting 3 past the champions at anfield. Fantastic for a team which just got promoted from the championship.
Well played Leeds
Joscel Gaerlan
Joscel Gaerlan:
Leeds United > Manchester United 💯
Aeron Peets
Aeron Peets:
How does he communicate to his players on the team that speaks mostly English if can’t speak even a word of the language
David Edwards
David Edwards:
Well played LEEDS proud of you today xx
the best thing is Leeds really gave Liverpool a run for their money.
Amat Doucoure
Amat Doucoure:
I really respect Leeds , they saw Liverpool as a normal team, they went out there with confidence, that’s a difference between other teams who get promoted to the prem and Leeds, they don’t choke on anxiety.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
"El profesor!" What a genius and icon of a man, the more I learn about Mr. Bielsa the more I fall in love with him!
Jerico Paler
Jerico Paler:
May this result serve as a message to all the Prem teams that Leeds is a real threat.