Marcus Rashford AND Jadon Sancho: Was the decision a mistake?! | ESPN FC

Sami Khedira, Efan Ekoku and Tim Howard join Sebastian Salazar on ESPN’s Euro Tonight to delve deeper into the Euro 2020 final.

0:00 Gareth Southgate’s decision to bring on Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho for the penalty shootout.
0:53 Assessing penalty routines.
1:48 Bukayo Saka taking the final penalty for England.
Marcus Rashford AND Jadon Sancho: Was the decision a mistake?! | ESPN FC

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He literally ghosted them the entire tournament and then brings them on just so if could throw them under the bus...
Bradolf Shitler
Bradolf Shitler:
He put so much pressure on them. He should have at least given them the chance to change the game. From a psychological point of view they were in a terrible position
25 years ago, Southgate was one of the youngest players in the England squad who voluntarily took the responsibility to shoot a penalty but he missed and England lost. 25 years later, Southgate as a manager, repeats the same mistake and picks a teenager to shoot a decisive penalty.
Southgate didn’t learn from his mistake and tonight he paid the ultimate price!
Was it a mistake to bring on two guys specifically for penalties, only to see both of them miss? Nah it was a great decision, absolute genius
Lorenzo de Luca
Lorenzo de Luca:
Luis Enrique took out an 18 yo pedri, who was having a terrific game btw, just before the shootout so that he doesn't have to bear all the burden. Gareth Southgate decides to hand out the most important and decisive penalty to a 19 yo Shaka. That right there is the difference between a treble winning manager and a championship level manager
Francis Rodrick
Francis Rodrick:
Italy just saved me from noise pollution
It was a mistake not taking a few risks chasing the second goal, taking Rice off, leaving Mount on, not bringing Grealish much earlier, subbing way too late, putting a child on the spot, this was a managerial train wreck of biblical proportions.
Myco Lorgeat
Myco Lorgeat:
Once it went to a shootout I knew it was over for England 😂😂
Siii R
Siii R:
Rashford and Sancho are ghosted the whole tournament by southgate

Also Southgate: can you guys shoot penalties in the final pls help me
It’s too harsh to blame the lads that took the penalties, Mancini won the game on subs and tactics that Southgate simply didn’t get right - well and truly deserved by the Italians 🇮🇹
Arsenal FC 1886
Arsenal FC 1886:
Southgate needs to be held accountable, Grealish/Sterling or even Pickford should’ve taken a penalty before Saka.
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia:
Sancho = 20 assists a season
Southagate: mmmmm nah, I ain't playing you boy....
Southgate was criminal, who puts a 19 year boy to take the 5th penalty, who puts 2 young guys on the last minute just to take penalties. This defeat was self inflicted.
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Rashford made sense taking a penalty! I’m not quite sure why the more experienced players didn’t take any instead of making sancho and Saka take them! 🤯🤯🤯
No Shot
No Shot:
Bringing them on wasnt a mistake , the mistake was NEVER/BARELY giving them gametime and expecting them to be at their best when they've been warming the bench most of the tournament
Docter Khumalo
Docter Khumalo:
Considering they hardly played the entire tournament, I'm gonna say yes . Utterly perplexed at how after not picking them for games, you now have this enormous faith in them to take the most high pressure penalty in the history of English football, aye dead on, that was poor.
Did Southgate seriously bench Jadon Sancho for the whole tournament and when he DOES bring him on, it's to take a penalty?
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta:
Mistake was not going for a 2nd goal when you had early lead... Sit back, defend and play on counters was mistake
D Lenon
D Lenon:
Pickford was phenomenal! Love him ❤️
aj 1000
aj 1000:
Bringing 2 young lads on who hadn't touched the ball just to take penalties was a recipe for disaster. When you have experienced players like Henderson, Sterling why not let them take it???? Southgate set the team up for failure.
England was abysmal from the second half. After seeing Italy slowing getting back into the game, I was expecting Southgate to bring on Sancho, Grealish and Foden to change the tempo and get aggressive, since sitting back was not helping. But I was infuriated when they were brought in solely for the penalties. Anyone can score or miss a penalty. It has nothing do with a player's skill. Players like Rashford and Sancho are players with skill and pace, who should've been brought on earlier and made to stretch the defense and get behind the Italians. In the penalties, I would've expected Sterling, Grealish and Shaw along with Maguire and Kane for the first five. In short, England deserved to lose. We wasted the talent we had on the bench our ability to control the game. We had the players to beat the Italians but squandered everything. We simply refused to play football. The Italians deserved it.
didnt play sancho and rashford for the entire tournament and subbed them on the 120th minute to take the most important pens in england's history..sounds about right
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout:
I don't understand why he would put them on to take crucial penalties when he hasn't trusted them at all throughout the tournament. And Saka was pretty much set up for failure. It's disappointing but that's football
Watching England lose isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. It’s art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one, it’s everything you ever wanted, it’s everything you need.
Vilhelm Thomsen
Vilhelm Thomsen:
Dont blame the penalty shooters, 71 percent ball possession for Italy says it all!
Southgate is to blame for this final. He has had the deepest quality squad this Euro but he has utilized the same guys and always leave subs for the very end when guys ain’t got time to do anything. Like Sancho and Rashford on at 119th min, fine you want them for pens but give them like 10 mins. Those guys have been sitting cold on the bench for the entire match and need to warm up , feel the ball and get a sense of the intensity of the game. Also why is Southgate letting a 19 year old take the most important penalty for England since 1966? Terrible management. Southgate has gotten 2 “easy” runs in the World Cup and this Euro but when facing a team of the same level, his management or lack of has been exposed. The types of players of England has and Southgate’s style does not bring the best out of this team. The attacking talent is criminally under utilized.
No joke pickford actually played very
Expectations - It's coming home 😂

Reality - only English fans and players came home from stadiums and pubs 😂
Mancini out coached southgate the whole game. This was a manager who can manage vs a man who has one plan and doesnt chnage regardless of the situation. Even when young saka came on he looked nerved, experienced coach would of noticed. Best manager won the tournament and his team backed him up
arviin 6
arviin 6:
I feel for saka. The pressure was too much for kid. More experience player should have taken it. The big mistake was to take hendo out. When the team need leadership.
Erik Lold
Erik Lold:
Pretty sure Southgate wanted them to miss so he’d feel better about his lol. Why else would he bring them on SO late?
Gaurav Moon
Gaurav Moon:
Hardly any game time and now these two have to take penalties in the final. I can't get my head over how that Saka takes a penalty over Grealish, Shaw.
Ash Bash Sneakers
Ash Bash Sneakers:
Awful manager.. the fact he didnt trust 2 established pros to come on erlier even if it was 10-15 mins to get a feel for the ball and get a win he got what he deserved. Ole did the same bullshit
Partha Sur
Partha Sur:
Sterling, Shaw and Grealish should have taken the penalties instead of Rashford, Sancho and Saka.
Dandee Sotto
Dandee Sotto:
Southgate put them in to win the penalty. These are children, he had so many good players on the bench who had far more experience to take on the pressure!
Imagine bringing those two on only for penalties. He could have brought them on 20 minutes earlier to actually win the game, especially if Sterling wasn't taking penalties anyway
Prince Whitely
Prince Whitely:
I think I now appreciate ronaldo for being so good at taking on the pressure of scoring a penalties each time is something to not overlook because that moment can be the deciding factor of a match and some of the greatest names do miss vital penalties
He showed them he had no faith in them by not playing them the entire tournament, if Sterling was not gonna take a penalty why was he still on the pitch…..Then to have Saka go last, what a Joke
Booing during anthems, disrespectful, tearing off silver medals. Shame on you England. Well deserved Italy, whole continental Europe is rooting for you.
I L:
It was a terrible decision in some many levels: 1. When you send to the pitch a player just to kick a penalty kick, the player while is warming up on the sideline is constantly thinking about the penalty kick he is going to kick in a few minutes, that creates an insane amount of psychological pressure, even more if you are an 18 year old player. 2. When you send these two players to the the field in the last minute, you are already telling your opponent coach the name of two of the kickers, that made easier for Donnaruma to prepare for the penalty kicks. 3 If someone is going to kick a penalty kick, let them play for a few minutes at least so they can have that feeling and motion of kicking the ball. In American Football when a kicker needs to kick a field goal, he warms up on the sideline kicking the football multiple times, because they need to have that sense of the motion of kicking the football. In Football you can't have the players warming up on the side kicking the football but the next best thing is that you send them to the pitch for a few minutes and let them have that contact with the football. Sending an 18 yr old to the pitch in the last minute to kick a penalty is as insane as in American Football sending an 18 yr old kicker without warming up to kick the winning field goal in the super bowl. No coach ever will do that.
Afolabi Toye
Afolabi Toye:
Southgate embrace diversity in his selection for the penalty instead of experience
Football Investors Club
Football Investors Club:
Everybody is going to pick apart how and why the penalties were missed but spare a thought for both goalkeepers, who did a fantastic job & made it super difficult for the penalty takers.
Pickford with his tiny hands saved two penalty shots. 😄
anthony mm
anthony mm:
Well done Italy!!!😁🏆🇮🇹 All Croatia was with you tonight!
Love the way Tim breaks stuff down.
Dick Riggles
Dick Riggles:
England took a dive. Rashford aiming for the post was crazy. Even watching again, it's damning.
Italy saved us all from noise pollution!🤪
Gary Randall
Gary Randall:
Solutions for England:
a) Select Jack Grealish for every game
b) Employ SPANISH coaches at
academy level - ball possession is key
c) Permit no more than 3 or 4 overseas
footballers per squad into the EPL
d) Employ a far less conservative manager
This is the difference between mancini and southgate, Mancini give chances for every 21 players in squad within the group matches itself👏💯
Brennan Furlan
Brennan Furlan:
England fans are so reactive. They hate South Gate, then they love him, then they hate him. Saka shouldn’t start, then he should start
Edwin Quevedo
Edwin Quevedo:
Great to see that justice was made and Italy stopped the divers from winning a tournament clearly rigged to favor England. Beautiful day in football history ❤️❤️❤️
Imagine making subs just to take pens and both miss 💀
Southgate tried his best to destroy the confidence of our youngest players. I'm surprised he didn't bring in Foden as well.
Congrats England for winning the European Cup 2020!
wow sami khedira speaking english so good , i remember when he was having time speaking one sentence
The mistake was playing conservatively the entire game and not bringing on Grealish early enough to actually inpact the game. It was like Southgate was playing for penalties
Parth Jasani
Parth Jasani:
Ying Yang
Ying Yang:
Hey, I need to select someone to take the most important penalty kick in England's history

Hmmm, who should I pick......

Hey, let's go for that 19 year-old kid who has never taken a penalty before - yeah that's a sound idea
Southgate ! A lame woke manager ! A disgrace!
2 players , last minute, to take penalty! What a genius!
The panel is absolutely right this time 👏👏👏
Sub if you hate influencers
Sub if you hate influencers:
I remember when Italy first Dispatched of Turkey And people like 4th Genna were calling them overrated 😂🤣 His comments sure aged well. Now that clown has been put in his place
M N:
We so proud of you guys ❤❤
Jimmy Malone
Jimmy Malone:
You could have put Superman in too, Italy has 23 best players. Period
John Wayne94
John Wayne94:
Yes of course, they have no feeling for the ball at all at this point. A player who wants to step forward for a penalty shootout needs at least 10 minutes of game time before the penalties.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
No, they missed. It happens. Don was so good in goal.
matthew aiken
matthew aiken:
That was shocking fr fr. 19? Imagine. 55 years of expectation. Sigh. The 3 pens were poor TBF. Tuff. Here comes the racism🤦🏾‍♂️
Sledge Dog
Sledge Dog:
Imagine playing the whole tournament on the hope of dive, penalty and inshallah and bricking straight tree penalties when it mattered the most🤣 when you just think you've seen enough, this clown nation never fails to entertain us.
Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster:
Southgate - you two aren't important enough for me to select you in the starting XI. But you are important enough for me to ask you win the game in the most high-pressure environment you're ever likely to face.
Darryl Taylor
Darryl Taylor:
Rashford had been practicing his run up all week 😂
Jo Black
Jo Black:
Thanks so much for choosing two teenagers 🇮🇹 🤣
England's favourite movie after final: Home Alone. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
G B L:
A bit off topic but Southgate and Ole think it's logical to make the first sub in extra time(In a Final! ) . These are the types of things that separate them from elite managers
I wanted to see more Sancho and Rashford during the tournament, even starting a match or two. Instead their talents were wasted on the bench in the name of being "conservative" and "pragmatic." Solid defense. Toothless offense.
Reiana Radmanesh
Reiana Radmanesh:
GREALISH OFFERED TO TAKE A PENALTY 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This is Southgates fault he has the final word and he decided who takes the penalty.
To begin with it was a mistake not to bring Sancho earlier, they needed a playmaker and should’ve brought him in instead of Saka
aaron steed
aaron steed:
Southgate found out, totally outclassed, well done Italy
ervin chua
ervin chua:
He could’ve brought them in midst ET. At least to have them get a kick of ball or get their blood flowing.

Subbing them in and just to have their first kick to be the biggest kick of their entire life is crazy.

Same goes to Saka. He’s not even the penalty taker for Arsenal. He was tasked to take the final and most important kick for England’s 55 year international trophy drought, in the final of the Euro cup.
Khedira such a level headed person
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Congratulations Italy. You have been brilliant from the first game. Too much nous and experience and class for our young team tonight. I admire Italy but we will be back. They will learn from this and deserve all English to stick by them.
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
Bruh. For me the big moment was when he subbed Saka on. I was like 🤔
Simon Edgbaston
Simon Edgbaston:
🕊 The players are not to blame but Southgate. After our goal we sat back & handed them the game ⚽️
What baffles me more is that saka has never taken a penalty in a professional game before yesterday..Yet southgate thought it was ok for him to take the most important penalty of the entire tournament lol
Davy Jones-Locker
Davy Jones-Locker:
Excellent analysis, and one which I was concerned about. Essentially, Southgate, in a final, did not make any changes until extra time?! Grealish, Saka and Henderson, and Sancho somewhere, should have been brought on after 60 minutes. This was a terrible error in my view. Sterling and Kane were far too deep, and Shearer even mentioned that Kane did not get inside the 18 yard box today. England were soaking up a lot in the second half.

But I still back Southgate to by the manager for at least another 10 years as he has taken England to a major tournament final and exceeded my own expectations from the beginning to be honest. I am 45 and I have not seen this in all of my years, with the best England teams being in Italia '90 and Euro '96 - they did not reach a final. Southgate in 3 years has led England to a World Cup Semi final and also a Euro final - this is tremendousThey are playing as a team and establishing themselves after all of those years in the wilderness under Erikson, Capello, McClaren, Hodgson and Allardyce. Southgate has established a fresh, modern and pragmatic management style and this is amazing.
Azrael Z.
Azrael Z.:
Them English tears brought joy to my heart 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bernhard Rosenblum
Bernhard Rosenblum:
Good thing: Jason Sancho probably wants to stay another few years in Germany - with a real football club and real fans...
Lee Henry
Lee Henry:
Southgate clueless when it comes to penalties, having 3 players who have hardly played take the last 3 kicks, is it any wonder none of them scored.
Mike Daniele
Mike Daniele:
He was trying to be politically correct and even though it's not mentioned imagine if they would have scored what the reaction would of been.
It's the timing of their substitutions that saw Gareth Southgate made his major tournament boo-boo.
Grant Caulfield
Grant Caulfield:
If I was an england player I would spend every possible opportunity to practice a pen like Maguire just keep hitting that top corner just keep doing it. At the end of training just all the time. Yes you can still miss but make that spot kick feel as comfortable as possible it gives you a chance...
Shinobi 91
Shinobi 91:
Dude should've given them at least 15 minutes to try and win the game then penalties
Violin Star
Violin Star:
Italy dominated the ball 70% of the time. Italians were younger with more energy. Better Italian tactics and skills.
Jason Belfield
Jason Belfield:
Bad management yes 👏🏼.
England go 1-0 up and then sit back for 80 mins with no intent of bringing on attacking players sooner . He brings on players near the end of the game . Game management none 🤦🏻‍♂️
Should have chosen some older players, with long careers with lots of highlights. Players that could miss and still be remembered for other things than missing.
James Hill
James Hill:
Southgate plays the old catenaccio style. He then came up against a really good team and he let them play. The penalties were the cheery of the cake.
Amazing tactics by Southgate. Rests young,attacking players during 90min+ET, then rests experienced,mature players for the penalty shootout.
aum abu
aum abu:
from starting you guys never give any credit to Italy, it was always other teams mistake in Italy's win.
What do you expect from the 2 man Utd boys when they’re coach by ole. Ole means bad luck 😂
Aj sun
Aj sun:
Now I clearly understand why England is nicknamed "THREE LIONS", coz they missed THREE penalties...
Everyone could miss a penalty, Baggio missed the final penalty on USA '94 and he was one of the greatest of all time and in its prime, but from the other side, when I realized england was defending the 1-0 from the very beginning, while the whole Wembley went quieter and quieter, I started to believe that we could won.
We had an easy way to the finals. Played well in parts. But if we can't win against Italy who weren't brilliant, at home we don't deserve it. We always choke on penalties.
No pressure boys really never used you during the tournament, can't get you on to warm up, just go out there score your penalties and win us the Euro's.