Margot Robbie Retires from Tattooing Friends After Almost Ruining a Wedding

Margot Robbie chats about the release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Bombshell and why she left her tattoo gun at home instead of opening up shop on the Birds of Prey set.

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Margot Robbie Retires from Tattooing Friends After Almost Ruining a Wedding


100+ komentarze:

Stella DeVito
Stella DeVito:
she’s beautiful. But her personality adds to her beauty.
James Frost
James Frost:
Can we talk about that girl from Sex Education on Netflix that looks like the doppleganger of Margot? It freaked me out! I thought Margot was doing an amazing British accent, but it was another actor! 😂
Blonde and that blue go so well together.
Good lord isn’t she the definition of perfect
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart:
I feel like she has been on the show about 423 times
Margot Robbie makes a great Harley Quinn,
I couldn't imagine anyone else
Hugo Junior
Hugo Junior:
She’s so pretty that whatever Jimmy Fallon says, it just looks like he’s flirting
Moses Mirza
Moses Mirza:
Margot Robbie Is Every Man's Crush
When She smiles she kinda looks like a blonde fran drescher from the nanny
G2h RC
G2h RC:
Omg she’s not American! She did a flawless American accent on Birds of Prey! And btw for those who haven’t watched... The movie is indeed a lot of fun to watch!
Josh Murry
Josh Murry:
She is EPIC in Birds of Prey, she needs to be Harley Quinn forever.
Evanna Rebello
Evanna Rebello:
She's so prettyyyyyy omg🥰
Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan
Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan:
Margot Robbie had more chemistry with a breakfast sandwich in Birds of Prey than Henry Cavill did with Amy Adams in three DCEU movies.
She is so gorgeous... I am just obsessed with her beauty and she seems like a good woman
Mariana Bivol
Mariana Bivol:
Let's be honest.....her husband is the luckiest man alive I swear I mean luckier then winning the lottery
ed rage
ed rage:
Everybody in the comments are like they would eat a Margot Robbie fart
Fachri M
Fachri M:
She's hot af
Carlotta De Carlo
Carlotta De Carlo:
Of course people let you tattoo them! Who wouldn’t?
If Margot Robbie was to lay hands on my body I’d let her paint anything on me 🤤😀
Nunhlui Chhangte
Nunhlui Chhangte:
Can we talk about how come she still has no Oscar yet? Seriously.... I mean she's such a great actress
Vinck Nade
Vinck Nade:
Margot Robbie: It took me four years to get a Harley Quinn movie, so like a really long time

Ryan Reynolds: ... Am I a joke to you?
Nazlı Şahinkaya
Nazlı Şahinkaya:
honnestly she can ruin my wedding by tattooing everybody and I won't mind.
Compliment's jimmy haven't value anymore, cause he always says " you're amazing" to everyone and we no that's not the truth. It upset me, so just say that when it's really amazing.
I'd let her tattoo my whole body and I don't even like tattoos.
ChiTownMade David
ChiTownMade David:
I hope that DC gives her the classic Harley Quinn look wit the makeup all over her face and black and red outfit
Brad Howard
Brad Howard:
Lmao I thought she was doing a character.... I had no clue she was an Aussie. Even sexier with her accent 🥵
Jibril El-khatib
Jibril El-khatib:
Who else is from Australia
Aaaaand Jimmy takes the award for holding his eyes at a respectable level. Jaysus.
Rice Farmer
Rice Farmer:
Robbie is literally my dreams!😍
I'm so stressed about her top. On one hand, I'm worried about a wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, I'm hoping for one.
I still think she is the most beautiful actress in Hollywood, inside and out.
Adnan Mujtaba
Adnan Mujtaba:
5:03 she tattooed someone on Graham Norton’s show
Dhivya Duraisamy
Dhivya Duraisamy:
*No wonder she is nominated for Bombshell. She literally is!*
Craze Dhark
Craze Dhark:
what's really amusing for me is I don't really find her that attractive... however considering how she acts or talks just possibly can make any man, or a woman fall for her.
Celebrity Quarantine Videos
Celebrity Quarantine Videos:
she's the definition of "practically perfect in every way"
Had a little "omg I totally forgot she's Australian" brain fart when she just started talking.
Person in audience "DO IT!!"
Leo SRL300
Leo SRL300:
One of the most beautiful actresses we have today. She reminds me of the classic Hollywood beauties of the 50's/60's.
Adrian P
Adrian P:

My brain: "Meave?"
John Mainheimer
John Mainheimer:
Great actress, love her performances in I, Tonya, Bombshell, Z for Zachariah, Mary Queen of Scots etc. but I would love to see a horror movie starring Margot😍😍
Anw7r Anw7r
Anw7r Anw7r:
She's so pretty. Harley Quinn is the best 😘
YSG 2017
YSG 2017:
Margot has to be a clone of Jamie Pressly. Jamie 15 years ago at same age looks exactly identical to Margot. How is that possible? I’ve seen identical twins less similar.
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool:
She's so pretty to me almost to the point of it being sad.
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker:
C'mon Jimmy, it's Margot! I'd let her stab me if she smiled at me...
She’s so gorgeous it should be illegal to look at her 😂❤️
Brent Wiggins
Brent Wiggins:
Han Solo pierced your ear, Jimmy. The least you could do is have Harley Quinn tattoo you.
Forgive me if I'm late.
I just noticed that the microphone on the table is useless, because Margot has one attached on her dress
Grip Plus Ultra
Grip Plus Ultra:
I mean... I would let her tatoo me.
Alexis Terrance
Alexis Terrance:
if i was Jimmy Fallon I’d be blushing during the whole interview because she’s so damn gorgeous
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith:
Margot and Gal in a movie together 🥰
I thought she's 35 - 40 years old it she's only 29. Anyway, she looks so gorgeous.
Monica Vega
Monica Vega:
The movie was really good and im so happy I got to watch it 💗 plus it was a girl group movie which was Awesome!!
Looks good, sounds good. I need to go watch "Wolf of Wall Street".
Gerardo resendiz
Gerardo resendiz:
when I saw her in the gulf of wall Street I thought she was the girl from my name is Earl
Sara 2016
Sara 2016:
Margot: What kind of tattoo you want Jimmy?
Jimmy: Yes
I love how she's always talking about her mom
sharp axe
sharp axe:
She's a beautiful lady last night i watched focus movire iit was loveable acting 👍🌹
Dunder Mifflin
Dunder Mifflin:
2:29 lol look how awkward it got. Jimmy needs to stop talking when the guest is talking and open up his ears
I can't stop looking at her, don't try and STOP ME ❤❤❤
Logan Huxford
Logan Huxford:
She’s my one and only celebrity crush, I’d love to hang with her!❤️🥰
Joe Gun Games
Joe Gun Games:
I love it when jimmy doesnt know where to look
The Joker
The Joker:
I watch joker 2019 and birds of prey 1 million times is really have fun thank you Joaquin Phoenix and Margot robbie
Dylan Castillo
Dylan Castillo:
She Is she, perfect
Jeff Evans
Jeff Evans:
Where are the Johnny Carsons these guy's are bafooooooooon's.
She’s so perfect man.. damn bro
That 's Jimmy's real laugh
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
She is gorgeous 😍
Mrinal Singh
Mrinal Singh:
So, Margot Robbie....thinks that someone would say no to her drawing a tattoo on them if she says she's not good at that!

Nope girl!
Olivia Kurtis
Olivia Kurtis:
Wtf I wanna know what she put on her friends back 😂
ryan aries
ryan aries:
she just 28 y o, looking forward for her great movies and another Oscar nominee
Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed:
Shes too pretty (dont tell my wife)
In Peter Griffin's voice......
"Side boob"
Well, Meryl finally made it if Margot is letting Maryl hug her.
Siobhan Clark
Siobhan Clark:
Omg i did the same exact thing lmfao i tattooed some friends and I gave myself 16 tattoos over a weekend! I was a bit high at the time. I also can't draw and had no idea what i was doing but actually thry look amazing for being seriously amateur. I put it away as well, its in my closet. I thought that was ne feeling the story cuz its exactly what happened with me lmao
Random fact: The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. 🦄🦄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Vikki Damon
Vikki Damon:
Margot is just a universal, women, & everyone in between is in love with her 😂
Dhivya Duraisamy
Dhivya Duraisamy:
*Sometimes you gotta like your own comment to get things started*
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson:
The Aussie chicks are always the prettiest
she - is - gorgeous
Camrentooreal cam
Camrentooreal cam:
My favourite Aussie actress 💙 love her accent tho! Margot you can get me a tattoo whenever you want 😂
*tattoo machine 🤗❤️
Daniel Pangalilingan
Daniel Pangalilingan:
I would let her tattoo me anything she wants any given day.
Maeve looks so nice can’t wait for season 3 :)
"You asked nicely " got me into some vibezzz mmmmm !!!
Leonardo Cucchiara
Leonardo Cucchiara:
She tattooed a staff member on the Graham Norton Show! Hilarious! 😂😂😂
When I see her interviews, I wanna start doing face yoga right away
Ayudh Singh
Ayudh Singh:
The more I look at her the more liking I develop for her.exquisite Margot!!
Emmy Wong
Emmy Wong:
that outfit tho 😍
Jjcmj 99
Jjcmj 99:
5 minutes and 29 seconds of Jimmy Fallon flirting with Margo Robbie
Cesar Muñoz
Cesar Muñoz:
I’ve been waiting for this movie since suicide squad 😂 I love her ❤️❤️
gachi gloop
gachi gloop:
"you can't see her because you're strangling her"


That's a court case for another day
Alpha Red
Alpha Red:
He won't be attempting to stand up till everyone goes home
Guru RAj
Guru RAj:
When life feels dry, come to YouTube and look at Margot Robbie!!
Fallon finds everything fantastic.
Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar:
I think she was born for that role in Birds of prey.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
She is so sexy.
You know it's something special when you can't decide which is more beautiful, the looks or personality. Not to mention the delectable Aussie accent. This woman has it all!
Mocha Man
Mocha Man:
Jimmy fighting to keep eye contact 🤣🤣
Solo Uzi
Solo Uzi:
I'm so in love with this gorgeous woman ❤️
G 84
G 84:
Jesus. I’d ruin my whole life for one shot at her.