Maria Sakkari vs. Serena Williams | 2020 Cincinnati Third Round | WTA Highlights

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Nothing Unexpected, if you were following Sakkari after she destroyed gauff you would've seen this coming
Hidehiro Anto
Hidehiro Anto:
It’s been 16 years since Serena was beaten by a Maria S.
Pathfinder Alin
Pathfinder Alin:
Βravo Sakkari, bravo Ελλάδα, είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος για εσένα!!! Keep going 👍👏👏👏😉
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Let's go Maria!!!
Han_jan Macasam
Han_jan Macasam:
She was really tired congratulations Maria let's go for the champ 💪
Sakkari has improved so much! I hope she will be able to reach top 5 sometime
Santosh Patnaik
Santosh Patnaik:
Right now Sara errani's first serve can compete with serena's
Lincoln Baldonado
Lincoln Baldonado:
Sakkari played great after beating Gauff very easily as well. Top 5 in the future for sure
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
It’s impressive how sakkari was able to win with 5/19 break points against Serena Williams
she had all these months to get fit and play practice matches, but she said she didn't play ANYTHING until lexington...her and patrick are too comfortable...they aren't hungry...meanwhile, these other girls are starving and ready to devour serena any chance they get! She cant "play her way" into tournaments like she used to...those days are OVER
Bruce Tetsuya
Bruce Tetsuya:
PAME Maria!!!
Θεοφιλος Μουμτσιδης
Θεοφιλος Μουμτσιδης:
Μαρία μπράβο σου!!! Το τρίτο σετ δεν ξεχνιέται με τίποτα, ενάντια σε ένα τέρας του τέννις, ΜΠΡΆΒΟ σου και πάλι !!!
Yetwirani Lampe
Yetwirani Lampe:
Wow ... Maria Sakkari fabulous 👍👍👍
carl strydom
carl strydom:
Wow, wonderful win by Sakkari, what a stunning Greek lady! You made my day!
Bairam Azizov
Bairam Azizov:
So happy for Maria 😍💪🏻
James Bond IV
James Bond IV:
48 drop shots. Done. Finished.
Free Bird
Free Bird:
Like Federer in the fifth set, Serena met her senior moment of slowing down in a lengthy 3 sets. Sakkari proved herself to be a tough player!
serena looks tired as hell. she no longer has the speed and stamina for singles
again another match where serena is on serve to close out the match and can't do it. her serve is no longer invincible. if anything, it's as easy to break as anyone else on WTA now.
I cannot believe Serena blew it at 5-3 in the 2nd. WOW.
Sakkari is on fire! Really love her game and determination!
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
What the hell man. I know Serena getting beaten isn't that rare these days but this one with her losing like this is very bizarre to me 😳
Isidor Matkovic
Isidor Matkovic:
Briliant match for Maria Sakkari ! Such a plesure watching her on court ! good job Maria :)
Well done Maria Sakkari! 👏
Lurlene Max
Lurlene Max:
Serena needs some range on the court and stop sending the ball straight to her opponent. She needs to change up her game
Anto Galbraith
Anto Galbraith:
Serena didnt want to be in this tournament anymore. I knew she wasnt guna this whole week and then the two weeks for the us open
No Name
No Name:
Before get her 24th GS title, she will play until being a grandma.
danny yiu
danny yiu:
@WTA, at a minimum, you should show the break point taken by Sakkari at 3:5 second set. You are disrupting the rhythm of the match badly!
Kis Katalin
Kis Katalin:
Bravo Sakkari, go on.♥️🤔🤔🤔
You See Cars
You See Cars:
They say retire but every upcoming player wants to play her go figure
George Peleteos
George Peleteos:
Excelent performance and great stamina. Well done Maria 😊👍
Miguel Ortiz Parra
Miguel Ortiz Parra:
Nowadays, Serena is only hitting bombs... she hasn’t got legs rn
There you go Maraki 🇬🇷💙💪
It's going to be a tough ask for Serena to win another major - 7 matches over two weeks against young up and coming players with power to match hers, and better fitness and stamina.
Let's go Spartan girl! 🇬🇷 ❤
Finally someone exploited the hell out of Serena’s fitness. That’s how it should be.
WildLive 1
WildLive 1:
Sakkari has almost single-handedly ruined the week for American tennis media.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
What a match. Two of the best.
Suraj Parmekar
Suraj Parmekar:
Once she put the Business Bun up, thought it would be over soon... This was painful to watch🥺🥺
Knead Sensual
Knead Sensual:
"More questions than answers" LOL
Serena still has that accuracy and power, but too bad she no longer has the agility and speed.
Let me summarize the plot of the game
for 3 hours.
ahhh... I love the happy endings!
Tài Lê Đức
Tài Lê Đức:
The last time i saw her serve- standing like this was 16 years ago at LA wta championship 2004 final round against Maria S. :)))))
You guys rock with tennis highlights. Wish ATP was like this too.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst:
That was another sakkattack
Serena and Venus can avoid singles and they play only doubles..they can win number of garnd slam title..once they fit ..they can come back singles.. Williams sisters Stories coming to end...
nikki nikki
nikki nikki:
The greatest athlete that ever lived s Williams
In Joy
In Joy:
It's not all bad news. Coco and Serena can claim co-authorship to a new term: "Sakkaried." That's when the Greek freight train hits you on the tracks.
Long Gray Line
Long Gray Line:
I enjoyed listening to the whining, excuse-making Williams after the loss as well. It’s fun to hear her make a fool of herself.
Timeo danaos....well done Maria! Truly Spartan determination and focus....
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina:
Damn I went to bed during the second set when Serena broke back, boy I was wrong. Congrats to Sakkari, she can win this if she keeps on
olive s
olive s:
4:43 Match point!!
Serena is still good at tennis, just not top 20 good.
Владимир Иванов
Владимир Иванов:
Serena's defeats become commonplace; apparently, like the sister, she will have to apply for therapeutic exceptions otherwise she will not be able to compete with the young
Young Today
Young Today:
Serena losing this match might be a blessing in disguise! Why use up all your energy so close to the US Open and risk injury?
Нина Кудрявцева
Нина Кудрявцева:
Хороший матч, спасибо!
LHB Finess
LHB Finess:
Serena's first serves were averaging 63-86 mp. WHF!! Something was wrong. Hope she's ok in time for the open...
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Serena ran out of gas for sure. Great playing by Maria though.
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan:
Old age came for serena in the third round 🤣
lucas santana
lucas santana:
sakkari it's so freaking gorgeous. my goodness
That point basically changed the whole match 4:16 , she went for it but it was crucial.

That whole TB Maria came up clutch and basically that won her the match up
PK Ace
PK Ace:
Rematch! Revenge! Round 4 US OPEN 2020 let’s go Rena 🔥
Kenneth Chow
Kenneth Chow:
Serena is never getting to 24 slams with the attitude and fight she displayed today...
Kekenutikeke Nuti
Kekenutikeke Nuti:
Bravo Sakkari well done,happy you win.Keep up the good play.Congratulation .<3
danny yiu
danny yiu:
The best set was second set. What's the point to show the few match points when the score was 5:0 last set?
во и аиаоа
во и аиаоа:
Nice after covid 99% matches in all sport fixed)))
money tends to run out and we see what athletes play for and there is no sport for a long time)
Precious Ashimole
Precious Ashimole:
Well done Serena Williams so far so good whether losing or winning you're a GOAT
Serena´s footwork is shocking
Susan Cortel
Susan Cortel:
Maria can go deep at the us open without bianca she is my beat
George Karountzos
George Karountzos:
This is SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!
Sis Bev
Sis Bev:
How did Ser lose this match??
Still a shake mi head.
Alexander M
Alexander M:
Love it. Good work, Maria! It's a playbook how to play vs nowadays Serena - just make her move. Serena has a zero movement and can't be a top player with only serve and return of serve.
Self Made
Self Made:
Sakkari almost lost the match. Where are the drop shots that would be so effective?
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
Serena clearly looked in discomfort.
Serena legit gave this match away! why do Serena hit the ball directly to the opponent especially when she only needed two more points to win 🤷🏾‍♂️
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto:
Maria Sakkari is a cutie !
Rand U
Rand U:
Wow; didn't expect Serena to be so tired; congrats to Maria
Good win for Sakkari, but Serena looked exhausted in the third. Hope she's up to spec come USO.
Ian Lau
Ian Lau:
Hail Spartan
Richard Polachek
Richard Polachek:
Serena you need to retire!! You had a great run!! Please save yourself from disappointments !!
Γιώργος Καρανίκης
Γιώργος Καρανίκης:
Maria Sakkari destoyed her!!! The Greek Soul talked!!! Margaret Court will be forever the GREATEST OF ALL TIME !!!
Ali Alfetory
Ali Alfetory:
Don’t stop serena don’t stop 💪🏽💪🏽
They both look like bodybuilders lol. Before the match, there was a friendly competition to see who could bench more. Joking, love WTA :)
Chubi Del Rosario
Chubi Del Rosario:
Wow.. Almost a bagle by sakkari
serena failed to serve out the match, then lost the next set 6-1 :(
this happened is australian open 2019 also, against pliskpva
Serena was playing at half-speed in the third. She's still getting match ready - not sure if there's enough time to win the USO.
t z
t z:
Way to go MARIA!!
oscar cano
oscar cano:
Serena has at home a court with exactly the same surface of the tournament, even with that advantage she could not made it. Great Maria, you are starting to believe in yourself.
betungura william
betungura william:
Big shots like Serena are definitely going to find it hard to win without the help of fans.
A. Henri
A. Henri:
Well if your biggest weapon is your incredible strength and athletism, you know that it is going to desert you one day and at 38 that day is near.
Daniel Gourdine
Daniel Gourdine:
I love Serena, but that was awful tennis and effort from her in the end of that match! Well Done by Sakkari
Everybody in this comment section needs to apologize to Serena right now.

Do it. Say "I'm sorry Serena"
Adisa Akomolede
Adisa Akomolede:
They are facing again in the Us Open round of 16
I like how calm Sakkari is.
Petros Petros
Petros Petros:
Ελα κοριτσαρα μου ....και πως μπορει να χασεις??
Charmaine Charmaine
Charmaine Charmaine:
I honestly just commend Serena for even wanting to still play 20+ years later. The stress/anxiety of always being expected to win no matter what is a lot. Federer loses plenty, and it’s well done See ya next time.
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
I feel like these early losses are actually going to help Serena next week. Some of the pressure will be off her, but she'll feel so much more motivated to win.
Kong Terry
Kong Terry:
Not a fan of Serena, but still very painful to watch her struggling in the last set. She fought her best, she is the greatest of all time, but yeah, she may never be able to collect her 24th Major title. Her game is just not there anymore, her ground strokes are not penetrating as they used to be, plus lack of movements drags her down.