Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Best Moments in Strongman

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I take a look back at the career highlights of Mariusz Pudzianowski, 5X WSM winner, along with some of my favourite Mariusz performances.

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mike ramgopal
mike ramgopal:
I know physique is very much a secondary factor to strongmen Loz, but I still believe he brought many to the sport because he also looked so phenomenal.
It's so great to see Mariusz getting the praise he deserves.
So many Strongman outlets today acts like he didn't exist or try to downplay his feats, reasoning "it was a different time, he would've lost today".
Normal Strongman: how much can you lift?

Mariusz: But how far can you run wiht it?
Lucas Schildbach
Lucas Schildbach:
He was truly insane to watch on moving events, especially farmers and yokes. He'd win by a scary amount most times
A Sentimental Man
A Sentimental Man:
So glad you are giving some love to Marius. It seems alot of folks have forgotten, disregarded, or simply ignore him. Choosing to focus on Big Z, Brian, and Thor. So thank you for this.
Peter Sieradzki
Peter Sieradzki:
Definitely doesn’t get the credit he deserves in the modern era. You don’t win 5 WSM titles, 6 ESM’s if you are just “ok.”
When I think about “strongman” I think about him. Not only was he strong as an ox, but he was built like a Greek god. A true modern day Hercules
Marek Szepietowski
Marek Szepietowski:
Thank you for a video from Pudzian's fan. I would add 2004 Moscow SS performance. A day before Mariusz won Polish Cup, travelled through the night with something like two hours sleep. He was told that the show starts at (I think - as I watched it with polish commentary) 3pm as oppose to 2pm so he will have an extra hour. The show however went as scheduled meaning that Mariusz started tired taken straight from bed to competition grounds after winning Polish Cup with 2 hours sleep and no warm-up. 1 event - Log lift - he took 9th place. 2 event Truck pull (event he nearly always wins) 6th place, 3rd event (again his signature event) farmers walk - 3rd, he also won a tire flip on the day giving him overall 4th place. Colin Bryce asked him if will we see super Mariusz next day, Mariusz said he needs sleep and we will see. Next day he won nearly everything winning the show upsetting Mr. Vyrastiuk a lot;) and beating Big Z. Another one is 2008 WSM heats where he tore his calf, Kaz himself said that he probably won't finish the show and that it will be impossible to win the truck pull - which Mariusz did ;). Another interesting one - in 2004 during WSM heats Mariusz was pulling a truck against Mark Felix - Mark finished in 47 seconds and Mariusz only managed 7 metres nearly dying from exhaustion. After talking to organisers and judges it turned out that the brakes were blocked - he moved a truck a 7m distance with blocked brakes ;). Anyway as always - Loz brilliant video, thanks.
Christopher Hegarty
Christopher Hegarty:
He had such a will to win. So intense and always pushing himself. Great video Big Loz.
Not Darryl
Not Darryl:
He was so good, and most people that criticize his competition don’t know how much he competed outside of WSM. He was such a special athlete.
Maybe not the strongest, but certainly the most athletic strongman of all time. He was so passionate and was often disgusted with himself if he didn't perform to his best!
Steve Underwood
Steve Underwood:
Mariusz was always such an exciting athlete to watch. Even when you thought ‘this isn’t a great event for him’ he’d often pull something out of the bag and surprise us all. Another great video.
Jarryd Savage
Jarryd Savage:
Mariusz doesn’t seem to always get the credit he deserves and I’ll be abit bias cause he’s me favourite, it’s not just about the titles it’s more the way he won them. That intensity and will to win was just incredible. The nickname sums him up, Dominator
Lucas Schildbach
Lucas Schildbach:
Loz, a video on athletes who most dominated 1 event throughout their career or part of their career would be really cool. Thinking Stoltman with stones, Hall with deadlift, Big Z with Log
One of the most impressive things about Mariusz that I can think of is how much he improved on the Fingol's Fingers so that by 2007 WSM he almost won the event, ahead of big guys like Pfister and Hollands who used to outperform him on that event.
Corvus Ronin
Corvus Ronin:
You can have all the raw power you want, but what the Dominator had was an indomitable mindset.
Douglas Nisbet
Douglas Nisbet:
So unbelievably explosive. His power stairs performance was just insane.
I doubt anyone will get 6 wsm titles and break his record
Adam Raw Lifting
Adam Raw Lifting:
Thank you for making a video that celebrates mariusz’s achievements without going into the WSM split. He’s too good an athlete to have an asterix next to his name every time he’s mentioned.
Maurice McMulkin
Maurice McMulkin:
Most say big Z understandable is the best, but Mariusz brought the excitement level up for us fans.
gh mek
gh mek:
we would love to see an interview with him ... i know he doesn't speak english but maybe with a translator or something
Pawel Lifting
Pawel Lifting:
Absolutely legend! Most iconic world strongest man of all time.
He was like a machine, and each event you’d think to yourself “surely this has got to be an event that he’s not so good at”, then he comes out and wins it by a country mile. The guy was scary strong in all departments💪🏻👍🏻
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez:
Damn seeing some of the names takes me back. Virtanen, fister, big z, Samuelsson, The good ol days.
Spartan Performance
Spartan Performance:
For me he is the greatest. The most captivating strength athlete and will to win that was second to none.
Jamesy 1971
Jamesy 1971:
Amazing competitor !!!! The most explosive WSM ever
I would say Mariusz is possibly the BEST strongman, like in the WSM format. Where as Big Z is the strongest strongman, both WSM & Arnold format.
James Broughton
James Broughton:
Great video thanks Loz. This takes me back some years. The man was a machine and still is for his age.
Ігор Тимчук
Ігор Тимчук:
Lets go interview with Pudzian💪
Also imagine this... He is now competing in mma which means he is still rather healthy! Doesn't seem to be getting a hip transplant any time soon!)
Aries Prime
Aries Prime:
As amazing a strongman as he was, what makes Mariusz my favorite for me was his physique! Socrates once said that "It's a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength his body is capable of". Yes, strongman isn't about muscularity or definition, but you are all the more impressive if you have a physique to match your strength IMO. I have lots of respect for all strongman competitors, but I like Mariusz and Derek Poundstone the most due to their awesome physiques.
Jonathan Stuart
Jonathan Stuart:
He was or still is a muscle machine,if wining strongman 5 times was'nt enough he's now doing MMA awesome,c'mon loz you can do it💪
Ovidiu Kilingher
Ovidiu Kilingher:
For me that period was the “golden age” of Strong Man, not only because MP but also other competitors on that time. A kind of Michael Jordan & Co. for NBA. Or Diego Maradona time for football.
Титус Манович
Титус Манович:
He was the most badass looking wsm imo lol
I’ve watched every WSM since the Geoff Capes days and MP was the best all round strongman imo 💪🏻 exciting times.
Tom Webster
Tom Webster:
I'd have included his log medley from the 2003 (?) WSM, when he beat Zydrunas and co. It was so unexpected and the pressure was on after a few athletes posted crazy times for the 4 logs.
GuanJun 1
GuanJun 1:
Thank you Big Loz. Been waiting for this.
Watching Maruisz was what got me into strongman.
Jase Husk
Jase Husk:
Another great strongman history lesson 👍🏻
My favourite part about the 2008 power stairs was that he looked over and saw Pfister getting ahead with a different technique and immediately copied it and made up all the ground he has lost.

Quick thinking can be the difference between winning and losing in tight events like these. There have been plenty of occasions where someone has started an event with a less than favourable technique and just stuck with it even though it isn't working.
David B
David B:
An athletic phenomenon..
Robert Bell
Robert Bell:
I remember watching him compete when I was in high school. He made my jaw drop with how fast he could move, and still does today lol. Unreal
Joe Bot
Joe Bot:
Pudz was a rock star attracting many (of us) to sport.
FINN Contracting
FINN Contracting:
The fact that he did all of this whilst having one of the leanest physiques ever seen on a strongman makes this all the more impressive. 🇵🇱 💪🏻
Bill F
Bill F:
Great video... thanks Loz!

One of the most impressive things about the events Mariusz dominated in was that even after powering through so fast you rarely saw him huffing and puffing for breath. Most of the time he would complete the event and still be breathing through his nose. The ability to do that through an entire competition is amazing.
Brendon Schmidt
Brendon Schmidt:
Love these videos!
Thank you fof this video. Miss him in Strongman so much 🇵🇱❤️ remember watching Pudzian every weekend in Polish TV when I was a kid
James Ryan
James Ryan:
Love these best of videos. It's great to be able to look back on an athlete. Much appreciation for you doing the research and putting the videos together for us!
Ayush Kumar Singh
Ayush Kumar Singh:
Thanks for the amazing video Loz. I had no idea about how legendary Mariusz actually was!
mac ss
mac ss:
His mindset was on another level......pit bull of a man 💪
Dani Bethea
Dani Bethea:
I really really love these videos and your channel. As an athlete that loves to mix strength training, ‘strongman’ skills and you have any videos planned for the women athletes in the field? Love your interviews with the men and women too. They’re so insightful!
Mariusz captivated me as a child watching WSM with my father. Truly one of the GOATs.
Tony Mcnamara
Tony Mcnamara:
Brilliant video!
Marius was always one of my favourite strongman competitors, he had a great physique, and was exciting to watch too!
How do you think Marius in his prime, would stand up against today's strongman competitors and, contests?
Marcos Samir
Marcos Samir:
His Met-RX Competitions were the sole reason i became a fan of the sport many years ago
Old Guy
Old Guy:
8 flips in 25 seconds,....omg, probably take me 25 seconds just to lift the dam thing haha, Mariusz was just a truley amazing specimen.
strongmaninfo 1977
strongmaninfo 1977:
Mariusz and Jon-pall are the only two athletes i have seen after a wsm show to still be as fit as they were at the start at their best. Two of the greatest ever. Jon-pall better than anyone from the 1980's and 90's of course and Mariusz still the best since 2000
Greatest lifter of the 00's, with the shape of a bodybuilder, he changed to a career in MMA where hes fought 20+ times in the 2010's decade.
One of a kind.
Din Dobermann
Din Dobermann:
"I eat everything, my favorite is chocolate ice cream" Mariusz Pudzianowski
I think this is the key to power.
Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor:
Loved watching MP the guy was insane and also fucking scary !! Never said much ever. But didn’t need too.
Sad that he never really gets much of a mention anymore, the man was a total machine.
Addictive post Christmas viewing for sure.
Hawkeye Gough
Hawkeye Gough:
i absolutely love all the awkward carries and movement things that truly show how strong someone is to just manhandle these implements and then you have Mariusz coming in and demolishing everyone with strength and speed
6:30 the setting of this event looked amazing damn
I met Mariusz at the GNC Show of Strength in Atlanta. It was the year they had strongman along with bodybuilding. Maybe 2004?
It was super intimidating walking up and asking for a picture, but I did it anyway!
Definitely the best - for all the talk about how he'd lose today because they're at another level...he went head to head with them. He beat Big Z and Shaw year after year - their winning streaks began when he stopped competing. The top people today spent a decade losing to two guys who lost to Mariusz...
Ashley Kissane
Ashley Kissane:
I loved watching him do a plane pull too, he wasn’t the largest of athletes in terms of body weight but my god he could move some serious weight & his technique and grip strength!
matt tarasek
matt tarasek:
Awesome mini-documentary on Mariusz. I hope one day you get an interview with him.
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero:
He’s the only reason I watch strongman now. I’m glad I got to see him perform in 2007
Arry Dresden
Arry Dresden:
Sheena McConnachie
Sheena McConnachie:
So impressive, well named The Dominator
Adam Bořivoj
Adam Bořivoj:
I loves his Farmers in 2009 by your side Loz and also his Safe Lift in 2007. Absolutely a marvelous athlete!
Fantasy Strongman match-up we'd all love to see: Pudzianowski "The Dominator that was" vs. Kazmaier "The Dominator that could have been" (since he was banned for 5 years)
turbo burbo
turbo burbo:
I'm Polish
I remember when I was 10 years old, every child in the yard wanted to be like Mariusz, wear a scarf like him.
Now it is a motivator for me and a model of an athlete and dedication.
it wasn't # 1 for statics, but it was the best at running with weights.

Mariusz speaks English but arranging the interview will not be easy. However, Mr. Shahlaei and his reputation should be successful.

Greetings from Poland
Jim’ll Break It
Jim’ll Break It:
An unbelievable champion and athlete. I remember him saying he just eats whatever he wants and then would turn up to competitions lean, strong and fast. Crazy genetics.
Gym-knee crickets
Gym-knee crickets:
Mariusz was one of those guys you can’t help but watch in wonder. Every now and then you see someone that you can appreciate as one of the all time greatest while they are still in competition. Watch in real time and know you’re witnessing history. He was one of those competitors.
Daniel Gagne
Daniel Gagne:
Thank you for putting out this video, sometimes he doesn't get the credit he deserves...
Wild Bill
Wild Bill:
Mariusz was a beast and definitely underrated as a strongman.
Stuart Ogden
Stuart Ogden:
Let's be honest if he was around today, he'd probably still win if not top 3. Mainly because he wouldnt be a ripped 125kg. If he'd have gotten to 155kg he'd be a static animal too
Maxi Vara
Maxi Vara:
He also competed in MMA, and always had a very lean physique (which always intrigued me, given that most strongmen don't really seem to care about bf).
Clint Austin
Clint Austin:
That took me down memory lane lol. We forget just how much he would dominate his opponents. Incredible speed, strength and endurance, he made some of those events look easy.
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek:
Mariusz was a beast. He was my favorite strongman when he competed. Now Mateusz is my favorite and he reminds me of Mariusz a lot.
I think he deserves more respect. He dominated WSM in a way we have never seen. I know the criticisms around the split in feds and that he wasn’t as statically strong as some others but for the dynamic sport of strongman this guy was insane.
Lee Bell
Lee Bell:
Great stuff!! Any sign of an interview any time soon? Cheers brother, keep up the great work. Much appreciated 👍🏼
N D:
Absolute Legend of the sport!! Loved it Loz! Any chance of trying to get him on for an interview? Surely that would be very popular to hear from the great man.
Blaser long Range
Blaser long Range:
Mariuz, my favorit strongman of all time, big z Was Great over 20year but mariuz was so much better then the other in his time as strongman, a truly "dominator "
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller:
I remember watching as a young man and this dude would destroy people for those consecutive victories he achieved. It always amazed me how quick dude was
David Limardo
David Limardo:
I'm so glad I got to witness this unbelievable LEGENDARY competitor.
The BATMAN Says:
Will there ever be another wsm with a 8 pack?
He's the one that got me interested in the sport and convinced me to incorporate more heavy lifts into my bodybuilding. I used to watch him competing just before going to the gym to psyche me up. He is my favourite strong man of all time. He didn't win every event but he dominated the ones he did.
" *The Man was an absolute Animal* "
(How calmly it was said) 😁😎
rob 2406
rob 2406:
rip marunde he was my favourite as a kid
Lawrence Grott
Lawrence Grott:
Mariusz and Kaz are my 2 all time favorites.
Marko Uremovic
Marko Uremovic:
Pudge was probably the only Strongmen that got pop culture recognition in the USA during that 2000-2010 ERA. Cementing himself as a household name as UFC has just gone mainstream with YouTube. In a way Pudge was the 1st Strongmen youtube sensation, even tho it was more for his MMA than the strongmen lol
Cameron Redfern
Cameron Redfern:
I have an idea for a video. Why not do a ranking of the best strongman nations of all time? And spanning across all major contests so not just Arnold and wsm. Be interesting to see what you can dig up.
Joe Eightys
Joe Eightys:
Absolute legend
StealthAssasin 1Day
StealthAssasin 1Day:
I heard he wasn't the friendliest athlete and one of the reasons he wasn't well known. I loved his performances though and when he was overly excited on a win and jumped, he looked he flew for a brief moment. His athleticism in Strongman in my eyes has no parallel.
DeAndre Robinson
DeAndre Robinson:
He’s one of my favorites. I wonder why he doesn’t get much love today? Great video!
Jon Olsen
Jon Olsen:
I remember he struggled with the fingal fingers one year, it was his worst event.. the year after he came back and beat the world record.
Mariusz = LEGEND.
Greetings from Poland LoZ!
Liam Chuen
Liam Chuen:
This dude deserves everything he gets. Worked hard and got the results
Phil Sinex
Phil Sinex:
Will always be my favorite SM.
Zydrunas 123
Zydrunas 123:
Polska Górą💪