Mark Wahlberg on Crazy Schedule, 30 Pound Weight Gain & Time in Quarantine

Mark talks about his crazy schedule, time in quarantine, his new project about a real-life boxer-turned-priest, gaining 30 pounds in the next six weeks and hiring someone to help him pack on the pounds, his new HBO Max docuseries “Wahl Street,” owning a car dealership and an RV dealership, his kids selling sports cards, Soleil Moon Fry having a crush on him, and whether or not he was ever competitive with Will Smith.

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100+ komentarze:

Sibel Sürücü
Sibel Sürücü:
one thing is for sure: Mark Wahlberg is not a lazy person 😂😂😂
Mark Wahlberg's work ethic would make anyone feel lazy.
George Arvanitidis
George Arvanitidis:
Sleepy Mark is still cooler than most awake people lol!!!
Marky Mark is ALWAYS a pleasure to watch. He never disappoints. Great interview Jimmy 👍🏼
John Park
John Park:
Respect this dude, his work ethic is spot on.
The dude gets up when we're all still sleep and hits the sack when we have dinner - thats why he looks tired at that time. He's on a different clock because he apparently needs to get personal stuff done before business hours begin and what better time is there than in the middle of the night when nobody is going to call him and there is no meetings? I admire that discipline, because I couldnt do it...
Star Wars Dude 2710
Star Wars Dude 2710:
Poor guy looks like he has not slept well at all, I mean Mark!
Irene Capatan
Irene Capatan:
I try to support his wahlburger restaurant whenever I can.their food is good, the staff are nice too.
Mariko True
Mariko True:
Having been pregnant, I can testify that a 30 pound weight gain is not a walk in the park filled with bakeries, confectionaries and fast food. Just to be succinct, my baby was not 30 pounds at birth.
Poor mark i kinda feel bad for him, he actually thinks a 20piece chicken nuggies, Popeyes, and a 6 pack of brews is a “bang” this is just a normal breakfast for me
Rex M
Rex M:
Jimmy's the man, and Mark is one of the greatest entertainers of all times. Having them on the show at the same time is best
Amanda Duhhh
Amanda Duhhh:
I love this jimmy was so excited about marks weight gain that is starting
David Austin Veal
David Austin Veal:
This was a fun interview.
This was a great show! Made me smile! Thanks guys.
Mark had a phat lip from boxing. haha
Cool interview
Mik ee
Mik ee:
Just waiting for Matt Damon to slip in through the back.
c e
c e:
Love that his kids have to work too.
I still can’t picture Mark as Victor Sullivan, yet. I need to see a trailer ASAP!
Stefan Schneider
Stefan Schneider:
Beautiful interview on both sides, being interested, funny and both succesful in your own lives - and obviously still being a caring parent at the same time 🥰!
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
He is awesome! Talents, goodlooks and inteligence!
susan howie
susan howie:
Mark is one of my favorites!!!
Stephany Alvarado
Stephany Alvarado:
He looks so sleepy, but he’s awesome ❤️
C. C.
C. C.:
there's Marge and Daisy wrap it up,put Martini in Luke Bones.
Murray Schultz
Murray Schultz:
Jimmy - thanks 4 the internet🙏🏼
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown:
Yul notice how he only uses his Boston accent in movies now lmao.
Maureen Thomas
Maureen Thomas:
Love me some Mark!!!
Good for prayer Mark
Jerry Swagerty
Jerry Swagerty:
*Crazy Weight gain for Mark? What he get. A couple more ripples on the 'ol iron board...*

*I wanna see Slap Happ'nin Jappy. It's a Character created for Mark Wahlberg specifically that all began out in front of the Roosevelt Hotel at the '83rd Oscars thinking back to a Movie about the 1st Oscars.*

*And I specially want a Wahlburger. Ok. A couple two or three of 'em if it's not a Tuesday.*

*Gotta see Mark sitting at a table with a cup and two wadded up napkins. Funniest thing I came up with just sitting at a table bored of all this Covid crap.*

I love hearing about how life long famous people are doing so great on so many levels while so many are utterly fuct.
Le Lurve
Le Lurve:
until this day i still feel a bit of regret that i was so intimidated to ask him for a pic - i was just outside of a church in shanghai (waiting for the vendor to deliver flowers for the mass) when he came with his team (he was in shanghai to promote transformers), to attend the mass T_T i wish i wasnt too shy! but yeah...i was amazed at this actor who is too busy but still has time to find and attend a mass in a church in a foreign country. it inspired me to look for churches when i travel too (pre-covid)
sam peckersoner
sam peckersoner:
if wallburg can make it, most people can too
leslie oconnor
leslie oconnor:
I’m Just Going To Take It Easy For The Next Year ❤️❤️
Its all people go on about is how his schedule is busy yet hes doing nothing haha
Darrin Rychlak
Darrin Rychlak:
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, Whoa whoa whoa whoa....the Right Stuff! First time was the last time, last time was the first. Whoa, whoa, whoa .....
Janet Little
Janet Little:
Jimmy K. is crazee. I be tryn to go to bed early, but i have to hear what he gonna be jokn bout. So funny.😂😂😂
George Ramos
George Ramos:
Jimmy Kimmel : has covid slowed you down ?

Mark : were still filming and making movies. Hollywood isn't close. Obviously Hollywood isn't on fully lockdown.
John Fick
John Fick:
this man will soon be 50 years old
Wahlberg looks so sleepy!
Bickley Jonas
Bickley Jonas:
He's gaining rolls to gain roles.
James Carter
James Carter:
I taught Mark Wahlberg and Matt Da.........
Back to you Jimmy
the Necromancer1987
the Necromancer1987:
Mark can totally play james hetfield life in a movie
Maureen Thomas
Maureen Thomas:
My favorite actor....❤️
leslie oconnor
leslie oconnor:
I Don’t Need To Buy New Bedding ❤️❤️
Renee Thornton
Renee Thornton:
Way to go for Columbus, OH!
Great interview. Great guy. 👍
George Ramos
George Ramos:
Mark don't eat too much bread. You gonna get leaky gut like last time. Instead burger wrapped in lettuce and have as many ad you want. To gain those 30lbs. But avoid that Bread. Otherwise that leaky gut (intestinal permeability) is gonna creep up.
Stephen O'Hehir
Stephen O'Hehir:
Wahlbergs blinking game is strong haha
Jay U
Jay U:
what a solid man
anndrea stembridge
anndrea stembridge:
Yes, balance! A burger then a push-up.... and pray for understanding that you may not lose that much weight! 😇🥰😋
Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY
Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY:
Payo Orozco (Payo)
Payo Orozco (Payo):
I love Mark is a good human being follow always since he show his beauty as
artist . My respect to a wonderful artist.
Ricardo Rome
Ricardo Rome:
Markey just got done crying lol
Renee Thornton
Renee Thornton:
Mark is such a good good actor it is nice hearing from him. Love you Mark.
Had a mini heart attack from the thumbnail thinking it was Matt Damon!! Phew..
leslie oconnor
leslie oconnor:
I’m Going To Take It Easy ❤️❤️
With Wahlberg playing Father Stewart Long this year, I’m excited that there will be a film about a Catholic priest especially since I am Catholic myself. Despite the scandals, I greatly respect the priesthood because the Mass is why the priesthood is so important.

Catholic filmmakers are also making a movie on the life of Venerable Augustus Tolton, the first black priest in the United States and are hoping to release it in theaters in 2022. I first learned about Father Tolton last year when I was looking for a way to respond to racism without compromising my Catholic beliefs. I came across Father Tolton’s life and I was amazed at his endurance and courage during a time of segregation and racism in the United States. His example influenced how I respond to racism while still pleasing God and I am among the many people promoting his cause for canonization.
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
I had gangsters from Philly shook.
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier:
the video is really good and great
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
In my prime I would of made you looked like a little school girl.
J. Gravett
J. Gravett:
He's 1 of those multi, mega-talented persons who consistently flies under the radar! Jimmy always finds the humorous twist! 😁👍🤣💚💙💜
Carlos Venegas
Carlos Venegas:
No one can cancel him
Osep Maulana
Osep Maulana:
Good dude, that marky mark. That's gotta be a helluva stack he's on if he's trying to jump 30 pounds in 6 weeks. Took me 2 years to gain 20 all natural
David Ogden
David Ogden:
AMC's Preacher was cool. Just saying.
Billy C
Billy C:
Father Karras from The Exorcist was a badass.
D wood
D wood:
Wahlberg broke an Vietnamese American's jaw which got him convicted. He also called two 9 year old girls, the N -Word and beat up African American, kids wherever he could find them.
The irony is that Wahlberg went on to have some minor musical success, imitating Black rappers....
Penny Lane
Penny Lane:
I love that Marky Marks interview was about the Fresh Prince.
Something is right in the world
Richard Mutch
Richard Mutch:
An alternative to the Covid epidemic courtesy of the great Spike Milligan....." Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw me grin when he smiled I realised I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile and then I realised it's worth. A SINGLE smile, just like mine could travel round the earth..... So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick and get the world infected"😉.... Hell we deserve it, it's been a hard couple of years for us all. Good luck and good fortune to all Human Beings 😇
MillionPetal Flower
MillionPetal Flower:
I wonder if he ever made amends to the Vietnamese guy whose eye he knocked out when he as a troubled teenager.
I. Browse
I. Browse:
Jimmy doesn't look too good and sounds drunk at first.
Chris S
Chris S:
Runs businesses.. works out at crazy times but never misses it.. films in different countries all over the world and still has a family... if I'm late from work by 10 minutes I think I'm in trouble 😅🤣 ... RESPECT!
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
Mark Wahlberg, who starred in awesome true story movies, PatriotsDay, Deepwater Horizon, and others, would be perfect to play the part of Paul Stamper who ruthlessly stalked and kidnapped his wife.... I have the movie Escape From Terror the Teresa Stamper Story, but Mark would be perfect.....
Laura Petermann
Laura Petermann:
Mark Wahlberg is the best!!!
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith:
Anyone else notice that this is loosely based on Mickey Rourke?
I stilllove his comedy the best
Angel Troncoso
Angel Troncoso:
I respect that Mark Wahlberg respect will Smith.
I like this guy !
Jason-doc- Holiday
Jason-doc- Holiday:
You did see how mark wasn't feeling when jimmy said"this is going to be a huge priest, father blotest" how many times can jimmy Nick how serious mark is with his religion and don't matter what religion I'm just saying RELIGION...
OMG. I've never get any video this earlier.✌️
Gerrit Ringling
Gerrit Ringling:
marks blinks per minute are unmeasurable
Margaret Peabody
Margaret Peabody:
I love that he starts the day with prayer.
Lakersfan Linda Ronnenberg
Lakersfan Linda Ronnenberg:
I think I saw an episode like that on Matlock ! LOL
Jhon Carrascal
Jhon Carrascal:
Sometimes i mix up matt dammon and mark whelberg.
Papua Online Indonesia
Papua Online Indonesia:
Cherie' Frank
Cherie' Frank:
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
I love Mark
Did whalberg Ever get his court stuff wiped out? Hope not.
Jameshia Sampson
Jameshia Sampson:
I joined F45 mostly bc he started it
7 Trumpets
7 Trumpets:
Kimmel is part of the RED SHOE CLUB.
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie:
My respect for Mark 📉📉📉
Fabled Creature
Fabled Creature:
Mark, what fast, clear speech you have for a guy who's obviously half asleep.
Mark's found a way to sleep while his body is up 'doing business.'
He has to. Everything he touches he turns into a money making machine, and he's got to be there...while I sit here in poverty and can't think of a way to make a damn dime.
I suddenly feel like he got some brain cells I didn't get.
Prayer time? One of the few actors I actually believe
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams:
Rip to his mama
I feel Mark Wahlberg is the only supper active film star in Hollywood. He has his hands into so many things.
Mark look like he just came home from 3 nights of coke n partying 😂🤣
Isaballa Serrano
Isaballa Serrano:
mr poizun
mr poizun:
He's nuts to play with his health that way. Matthew McConaughey crash-dieted down to 120lbs or something for a role as an AIDS victim and aged himself thirty years. He's never recovered his looks or his physique. DeNiro used to do stuff like that too, with similar aged results. No role is worth it.
Chris Hauke
Chris Hauke:
Mark -- it's not a banjo, it''s a mandolin