Mark Wahlberg Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

Mark Wahlberg opens up his home gym and fridge and talks diet and fitness, why he went vegan, the reason for his crazy early workouts, and how he's adapted his viral workout regimen for training at home.

Mark Wahlberg Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

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100+ komentarze:

Finally! been waiting for this exact episode forever
Jesse cheese Vu
Jesse cheese Vu:
Finally a gym and fridge with a guy who actually lifts and is about that life
Santo Rappai
Santo Rappai:
Next up THE ROCK..make it happen men's health please
Why not give this man a mic, he's barely audible over his gym's echo
MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in his answers, no bullshit no long winded stories, an actual answer
Erik Conover
Erik Conover:
very insightful and motivating
I love that his faith is an important part of his routine
To Be Human
To Be Human:
"I feel like I'm just getting started. I feel like all the dreams I want to achieve and accomplish are still in front of me." Great quote from a guy who has already done a ton with his life.
Props to him for the hard work put in, although I'm sure it helps having a gym like that one and your own personal chef and unlimited budget for food and supplements!!
Mark filmed this himself if you were wondering. The interviewer isn’t actually there.
Ryan Deffley
Ryan Deffley:
It's relatively easy to keep up fitness/proper eating with a relatively low key life. But MW probably has some of the best work ethic on the planet.

He keeps up fitness and regimented eating year round with acting/travel, being a husband/father, and running several businesses. Guy is a machine!
“With everything’s that’s been going on” is the new catchphrase and conversation starter.
You can see he literally never stops, not even for interviews.
Yashpal Singh
Yashpal Singh:
I appreciate his determination towards his fitness regime
Samantha Dee
Samantha Dee:
I just love him hey. The way he's been able to shape his career and still be such a hugely respected celebrity/human being is just amazing. He should be really proud of himself for everything he's achieved.
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice:
Adele was a surprising answer, but I love how he didn’t even hesitate.
Steven La
Steven La:
mark answered all of the questions so fast lmaoo like EVERY question was rapid fire
Lissette Rosado
Lissette Rosado:
I love his no nonsense advice. I would absolutely kill to have the chance to drain with him.
I really appreciate all of Mark’s insight, even if I can’t hear any of it...
He did it the right way, he started at a very young age and learned what works and what doesn't and just keeps learning.
Arjay Bertulfo
Arjay Bertulfo:
Specific person that inspires your journey?

Mark: Life💪🏻💯
Nothing can motivate you more than Life🥺💯❤️
"Stay in shape, so you dont have to start all over to get in shape" Felt that after the corona shit
just a thought
just a thought:
Mark always seems like he’s in a bad mood, probably needs more sleep
Nahshon Arvin
Nahshon Arvin:
Honestly this is such a respectable and amazing man! All his answers were so focused and has in-depth thoughts put to it. A man that is dedicated to his job and would do anything for it, just inspiring!
Dude looks amazing for 49 years of age!
Maria Lefeber
Maria Lefeber:
I enjoy watching these videos but I’d love to see a women’s health segment like this available on Snapchat as well since nutrition and exercise are important for everyone. Love to see more female representation on a similar level
Seems like a chill guy to have a workout with and have a big meal afterwards. Keep doing your thing mate.
Victosity Raw
Victosity Raw:
This guy is amazing! A true inspiration and so cool and so talented
Veronica L
Veronica L:
This actor motivated me like never before seeing his workout moves in the past. Now is time for another motivational boost, I really like him.
thatboy dre
thatboy dre:
I feel like mark showed us his backup fridge not the real one
Plant based says it all, this dude knows his stuff! Great man, great family too.
AJ Still
AJ Still:
Finally an actor not lying talking about how he wakes up at 4:30 to work out every morning
Best fitness goal I've ever heard.
As a guy who is literally lifting cinder blocks in his doorless garage I am more than a little jealous .
Roger Lenz
Roger Lenz:
Symphatic guy.He is natural,his body looks natural,thats the way of life.Keep pumping...greetings from Germany💪
I assume he's training for his next role which is Sully in the 'Uncharted' movie, surely that just involves drinking beer and eating fries
Jack Twomey
Jack Twomey:
I feel like he never stops acting, like he’s so method all the time
Archer Smith
Archer Smith:
From his interviews , u can just tell he is a great guy
You nice'd him with the Marky mark clip and the end footage there,bet he's well happy with the edit 🤣
Sugamelt Pastries & Coffee
Sugamelt Pastries & Coffee:
Always have been looking up to Mark since the early days the guy made himself Mark Wahlberg
Alva D.
Alva D.:
These videos are so inspiring 🙏🏻
David Gootyeriz
David Gootyeriz:
"Foundation is the most important. Arms are just for show"
Gotta respect this guy. I watched a few of these and they all work out 7AM - damn that is the tough one for me... plus a chef would be nice! :P
Eva Toorop
Eva Toorop:
MARK: 'Anything hiphop.'
Also Mark: 'Favorite song?' 'Anything Adele, 21.'
Cee Rich
Cee Rich:
I do F45 six days a week and it has changed my life. I have gotten stronger, more agile and I have done things I never thought I could.
Jay Thiagarajah
Jay Thiagarajah:
Mark is extraordinary, very motivating, positive and humble guy.
Who Is?
Who Is?:
Excellent insight. I like Pat Mac's ideas on longevity & purpose of working out.
Mastermarvel In your face
Mastermarvel In your face:
Just got in the door from the gym
I’ll be heading out again
This guy is a true inspiration
Eric zion
Eric zion:
"Stay in shape so I dont have to start over to get in shape" lmao I wish I would have followed this
Michael Kanobayita
Michael Kanobayita:
so he purposely got out of shape to play deepwater horizon, i remember when i first saw it i was surprised to see Mark out of shape like it's so unusual 😂😂😂
Benny Martinez
Benny Martinez:
Must be nice to have your own chef and advisors to know whats healthy for you
Draw BrightArt
Draw BrightArt:
I usually run outside however if I can afford a treadmill, I'll most defiantly run on it. Sometimes it is hard to push yourself to go out especially when it is super cold or heavy raining. I experienced all weather conditions and to be honest it is challenging...
maurizio sant
maurizio sant:
You should try training snatch and clean on jerk to improve in everything.
It's the optimal exercises mentally and physics👍👍🥁🏋️‍♂️
Love this guy. Very inspiring! Can we have Ryan Reynolds and Ed Skrein please?
Frank Berkemeier
Frank Berkemeier:
Mark Wahlberg: the people's actor. Love the guy.
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan:
His dedication to fitness is pretty fucking impressive.
Great realist interview and attitude during a workout
Pedram Saleh
Pedram Saleh:
That chef did not seem like he was too happy about him doing plant-based, LOL. Great video. Made me want to do work out again after watching it. Thanks.
Carlos Lamadrid
Carlos Lamadrid:
This is the video we all been waiting for! Marky mark!
Elodie Hafizou
Elodie Hafizou:
Il est exactement comme je l'imaginer❤️🤩 je l'adore
Wesley Hymers
Wesley Hymers:
Lol at the end young marky said, “word out”, haven’t heard that expression in ions!!!
*Maybe its just me...* but everyday Mark turns more and more into Bruce Willis.
I ain’t mad at it. That good ole dry sense of humor.
Hossak 2014
Hossak 2014:
People wonder why Mark has gotten so many movie roles. That question should be answered by this video. He turns up on turn fully prepared, doesn't complain or cause drama and just works hard to get the job done. If he has to get fat to get the role - he gets fat, if he has to be skinny - he gets skinny and everything in between - no complaints, he is ready for it, hungry and fully committed. You don't hear this a lot in movies/etc but if you work your butt off an appreciate the effort that everyone puts in to get a film/tv/net series done and put in a similar effort in whatever you have to bring to the work, you will go far. If you have ever wondered how some plain looking, seemingly low talent dudes (he isn't) get roles - this is a huge factor.
Mark is awesome. Love him after this
You think Mark watches this video and regrets taking questions while foam rolling his hip flexors? 😆
Mike Ford
Mike Ford:
Jack Lalanne was an old school bad ass. For me though, I would want to train with Steve Reeves. Imagine training with Hercules!
Love Yourself
Love Yourself:
Love to you and your familymark lots of love thank you so much for this educational video
Here's a guy that genuinely likes to stay in shape
Barney Lynch
Barney Lynch:
Easy to eat right when you have a live in chef.

Kudos to his dedication though. He is nearly 50 years old and could still pass for 30s
Rafael Navarro Mora
Rafael Navarro Mora:
My gosh !! A real man doing some real workout!! Look at his home gym!!
i see him always rocking the kd 7s
Noel Rodriguez
Noel Rodriguez:
Seeing Jason Statham would be dope!
Those KDs are classics.
Fisher Steven
Fisher Steven:
Just a kid from Boston. Now look at him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Keep killing it Mark Wahlberg 💪
This guy is truthful and up front. I can tell because he tells the whole world that his go to music is Adele.
Good man liking Hundred Acre. I only have 3 bottles left and it’s certainly one of my favorite cabs as well.
Crazy how the definition of being in shape these days is simply not being out of shape
Temmie Taft
Temmie Taft:
I really enjoyed watching this video!!
Meliton Rodriguez
Meliton Rodriguez:
I still listen to nkb puts me in 80 and it comes with dangerously ENERGY.😀
George Somner
George Somner:
Impossible meat is incredible! Glad Mark has switched to a plant based diet!
Always good to see & hear about Marks workouts
Joe _
Joe _:
First of all, don’t get injured 😂 classic, so true
the brink
the brink:
Plant based! Right on!
Bear bear cameron 124
Bear bear cameron 124:
He’s stronger than I thought
Søren Nielsen
Søren Nielsen:
Great stuff. I see Mark Wahlberg videos i automatically upvote, what a man...
D Suprise
D Suprise:
I have tried Mark waking up at 3 and 4 am (6hours of sleep) plus food of Chicken and Rice then Cardio some weights. I feel really good after.
Stelios Bessis
Stelios Bessis:
Those kd’s though 🔥
hell yeah mark, i keep my vege lifestyle switch real hush hush but you pretty much said it all
marc z
marc z:
Most awesomeness dude in entertainment...period! 🙌
Mitin Chand
Mitin Chand:
His gym is amazing.!!
Joel Kosinski
Joel Kosinski:
Must be nice to have a home gym, my home gym consists of a powerblock adjustable weight and a really old bench
After watching/hearing all this, people still think Michelle Wallace deserved equal pay? lol acting ability is irrelevant, he has wayyyyy more going on and his time is worth more
I'm a star. I am a big, bright, shining star. - Dirk Diggler
Alfred S. Sikula
Alfred S. Sikula:
Even, when he is posing, it looks so natural, and original!!! I'd call it Mark's Wahlberg signature body language. He doesn't have to use every second sentence "you know" or "I was(am) like".
Damn lookin good
I remember that street interview where the journalist confronted his steroid use and he outed himself by getting super defensive.
Glad he's off those body destroyin meds
Jack Stuart
Jack Stuart:
Oh man, gotta get Joe Rogan to do this!!
MojoMan Murph
MojoMan Murph:
Our pantry was similar to his for the kids. My wife and I never had candy, sugar cereals, soda or any junk food in the house when our kids were growing up. Now they are adults and don't like any of that except my daughter has a craving for sour candies and chocolate sometimes. They don't like sodas or fast food either.
Steve Fit
Steve Fit:
The man the myth the legend of YouTube fitness 2:30 am routine!
Michael Providence
Michael Providence:
The description of this video is incorrect. Mark Whalberg eats a Primarily plant based diet but he still eats fish occasionally so he's not a vegan.
Tabitha Sabella
Tabitha Sabella:
Mark I'm your biggest fan. I've been dealing with a five year injury. Any reparative motion causes my arm to be in agony. I HATE taking meds for it. Could you show me simple exercises that I can do to help me. I want to get back to doing archery and the things I love to do. I'm tired of doctors not being willing to help me just because a exray comes out clean. They won't do a MRI. I've done 9 sessions of pt it helped some but not all the wY