Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Dramatic 20 Pound Weight Gain: ‘Yes It’s For a Role’

Mark Wahlberg is showing off his new dad bod. The ‘Ted’ actor revealed his dramatic weight gain on Instagram, saying he gained 20 pounds in just three weeks. He shared a shocking before and after picture of himself that showed off the changes side by side. While the Wahlbergers co-owner is usually slim and trim – he says he has yet another 20 pounds to gain. Mark clarified that the extra weight is all for a new role.

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Dead Lights
Dead Lights:
After this movie watch in like 2 months he'll be insane buff again
Gaining and losing weight so rapidly and repeatedly isn't healthy. I don't understand why they didn't use a fat suit, that's what they're for.
J B:
I hope he’s getting paid a million dollars for that
Megan Andersson
Megan Andersson:
He still fine
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Yo my man keep up the good work you've been doing this for a long time.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez:
He still loooksss goooood .
One fine daddy 💙💙💙
NOSMO king
NOSMO king:
De niro did this years ago for raging bull. Stallone even put weight on for cop land but wasn't really huge.
Janabrandi Alibrandi
Janabrandi Alibrandi:
I know how you feel man, I've gained a few for my new role too. The movie is only being aired in the Philippines though. 🤣😅🤣👍
mehice unacuentanueva
mehice unacuentanueva:
yeah "it's for a new role"

Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Feel the reverberation.
Enrique Wattanachaiyot
Enrique Wattanachaiyot:
Hopefully this is for the role of Sully
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
I spent 10 years down state 3 times a day for 2 hours.
Hit the nail on the head. Come in prepared. Out work everyone else.
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
I like the mustach and love patch underneath. Ha
B. Arborio
B. Arborio:
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who got FAT during Covid. Good vibrations🤣🤣
He is still handsome😍
Claudio Gomes
Claudio Gomes:
Wait couldn't they just CGI his body shape like they did with THOR in endgame? And that wasn't even CGI was just a fake belly
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Omg cant believe people do that for a role 😂🤣 he still look good cant wait for the movies.
Melanie Ewing
Melanie Ewing:
Mr. Mark I hate you extreme for films, it does damage the body. But I love and Admire your work.
Surely they could’ve done that with the technology we have. People make themselves smaller, they could’ve added weight to him. Now he’s gotta lose 40lbs once the movies over?!
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Going crazy going crazy from the heat.
Moon Dog
Moon Dog:
Hey brother im going tell you something that's really going to piss you off brother. YOU NEED TOO PLAY MY FAVORITE WESLTER. ROWDY RODDY PIPPER. WITH LOVE BROTHER!
Calum O Brien
Calum O Brien:
0:06 He’s still ripped
Ramces Delgado
Ramces Delgado:
He gained weight for his 50 birthday in June
Algorithm Innovations By Amber Felt Enterprises
Algorithm Innovations By Amber Felt Enterprises:
Was on this set with him
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez:
Love this guys movies
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
It's the heart.
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Yo I'm 39. Put me on your cut up routine.
Kylie Pollert
Kylie Pollert:
Mark looks like David Spade in the "After" picture, with the mustache and haircut.
That's nothing. The late author of Confessions of a Flash Artist put on 60 pounds after he was arrested for practicing his art in San Francisco.
Would never ever do something like that. All that weight gain and loss (i guess he wants to lose that weight again after the role) in such a short time is not healthy. In the past other Actors already paid for it with their health, they have permanent health problems because of such gain and loss processes in a short time for a role/multiple roles.
Dat dad bod tho 😅
Tracy Bergstedt
Tracy Bergstedt:
He must mean a roll
Aamir Khan from Bollywood did this 4 or 5 years ago for his movie 'Dangal'
Me Me
Me Me:
what happened to realistic fat suits? this trend of weight gain and weight loss for movies has got to stop. it is hazardous to the health.
The Indigo Child
The Indigo Child:
Marky mark and the chunky bunch.
ethan h
ethan h:
Looks like someone has been eating a few too many Wahlburgers
Ethan Ellis
Ethan Ellis:
It's fat thor all over again 😪 you betrayed your physique just to me cast in some random movie shame on you Walberg !
ryan Amari
ryan Amari:
I want to know the role
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Ha ha it looks good on you
Chris Keppie
Chris Keppie:
How much wah could a Wahlberg wahl if a Wahlberg could wahl wah?
Jovi F.S Pemuda Indonesia
Jovi F.S Pemuda Indonesia:
Just using fat suit goddamn it
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Your still muscular even fat it's not in your genes to look sloppy.
Cian M
Cian M:
What movie is this
Iamsexy Andiknow
Iamsexy Andiknow:
I have no idea who he is?
Mandi M.
Mandi M.:
I would never get fat for a movie . I don't care how much money your paying me
Ianna Liburd
Ianna Liburd:
Marky Mark????😮😮. Fat???? Nah they do NOT go together😂😂😂. I may need some serious therapy for this. At least he still looks hot😏😏
Neftaly De La Psz
Neftaly De La Psz:
Ingrid assoo Assoon
Ingrid assoo Assoon:
Pls i hope he dont get sick his body is not accustom with all dat fat
Houssam Amouri5kk
Houssam Amouri5kk:
3:6 Win iPhone 12 PRO 🔽



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