Martin Scorsese on comic book heroes, "amusement park films" and The Irishman | *Strong Language*

This video contains **strong language and violence** throughout... look, it's Martin Scorsese, what did you expect?

This is an excerpt from Martin Scorsese's Movies That Made Me interview with Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb, which you can watch in full in the UK on BBC iPlayer:

Here the legendary director talks about some of his favourite scenes, including The Wolf Of Wall Street and Goodfellas before touching on his favourite new directors and the state of modern cinema.

Listen to Ali Plumb's podcast, Radio 1's Screen Time on the BBC Sounds app.

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Christian Alonte
Christian Alonte:
It really doesn’t seem like he’s dissing MCU films... just more worried about franchise films being the only thing shown in theaters as opposed to auteur films.
Jay Cartwright
Jay Cartwright:
When you actually get an interviewer that listens and cares
Stephen Ryan 20
Stephen Ryan 20:
My local theater isn't playing JoJo Rabbit, The Lighthouse, or Parasite. Only the big Hollywood movies, RIP film.
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper:
"I come from a time when movies were films"...What an absolutely brilliant response.
yoni the poni
yoni the poni:
No one should hate on Martin's honest opinion of the MCU films, even though I'm a HUGE fan of the universe.
Gavin Masterson
Gavin Masterson:
Love how Marty is not backing down from his comments about Marvel films...He has his opinion...and that's that!
Scorsese isn’t bashing Marvel movies at all. He’s just categorising them as they are, comic book movies. That’s what they are. Not sure why marvel fans are going nuts over his comments.
Martin Scorsese should never back down from his opinion. He’s one of Hollywood’s last great geniuses. He and his art towers over anything Marvel Studios puts out. He knows Cinema better than most.
John Thomas
John Thomas:
“You follow?”
Marty, i would follow you to the ends of the Earth, my good sir.
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen:
BBC, someone, please give this guy a show. He's clearly a movie nerd, and anyone interviewed by him seems so comfortable and engaging
Louw Burger
Louw Burger:
Martin Scorsese is a lot smarter than your average director.
Life is too short for hating such an accomplished (and charming) legend for having a different opinion. And he's not talking nonsense, and this is coming from a Marvel fan.
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai:
I liked the Marvel movies, but Scorsese is right. They're monopolizing the market.
Daniel Bautista
Daniel Bautista:
MCU: You’re funny Martin!!
Martin Scorsese: Funny How ?
Darko Cvetkovski
Darko Cvetkovski:
You don't understand the man, it seems, he is not attacking the MCU, just is saying that nowadays movies are made for the money more than for the quality. And in part the new star wars trilogy is an amusement park, it was brought up as trilogy to make way for the new amusement parks like galaxy edge and the new star wars hotel, the same is with marvel's avengers, Disney in particular.
I love that Scorsese elaborated on his comments and they make complete sense for me. Shame on those who slammed him for having his own opinion.
Jan Carlo Cozo
Jan Carlo Cozo:
I'm a Marvel fan. When I heard the news about Scorsese's comment I got angry, but after seeing this I agree with Scorsese. His comment wasn't too harsh after all. And he totally has a point.
Elijah Cassidy
Elijah Cassidy:
You can tell Ali doesn't 100% agree with the "theme park" argument, but the fact that he holds an intelligent conversation discussing it and doesn't criticize Scorsese's opinion shows how great Ali is as an interviewer.
Pedro Leão
Pedro Leão:
Ali is the best interviewer I've ever seen. Omg. What a gentleman.
J M:
He's right. And I like comic book movies. But he's right.
M Paulson
M Paulson:
I love the way he speaks like a professor. He’s so academic, in a way. Asking the interviewer, “You follow?” Shows that Scorsese is a man with humble opinions yet a powerful background of cinematic knowledge. His observations don’t come out of spite but from a film academic longing to see a change in the art form. Beautiful.
I found this interview to be rather engaging. Cheers.
In a world of capitalism the simple outweigh the bold.
Imagine thinking a man doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to cinema. That man also created the likes of taxi driver, raging bull, king of comedy, goodfellas, casino, gangs of New York, the departed and the wolf of Wall Street...
Xun Ma
Xun Ma:
great interview. but how could you not include Taxi Driver in the interview background pic.
I've never realized how old Scorsese is, until seeing him without the eyeglass.
Simon Hrivnacik
Simon Hrivnacik:
Why everyone hates Martin Scorsese for his opinion? Did y'all forget everything what he made? We all should celebrate him.
I mean, I liked or even loved 90% of the Marvel movies and they are an absolute blast to watch on the big screen but Scorsese still has a point; and tbh, no Marvel movie will probably ever stick with me as films like Goodfellas or Shutter Island, to name my Scorcese favorites, and I can't wait to see The Irishman.
Dan Cassidy
Dan Cassidy:
They hadn’t worked together since 95? Is mr Scorsese forgetting Shark Tale
Martin Scorsese's concerns are legitimate. If you've noticed, the movies in theaters for the last 10 years or so have been dominated big budget franchises and animated kids features. Things like Super Hero Movies, Disney and Dream works animated films as well as sequels to previous blockbusters, even decades later. Next Year Top Gun 2 and another Bill and Ted's adventure are coming out. Those original films are 30 years old or close to it. THE REASON for this is because people don't go to the movies for the same reason anymore. It used to be that Movies were for big deal actors, and television was considered the "small screen" for lesser actors, or for young actors coming up that would one day graduate to the movies (See George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, etc.). Then came the 21st century, and some of the best acting captured on camera began to happen on TV. Shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, 6 feet under, etc started gaining traction, and then streaming services hit which exponentially exploded TV. Now the best stories on film, either in theaters or on TV, weren't on TV or in movie theaters at all. They were on the web, via sites like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO GO, and now Disney + etc. etc.

Craig Ferguson said it best for me, when he was talking to Cillian Murphy about the success of "Peaky Blinders". He said "The people who used to go out to see thoughtful movies at the cinema are now staying home and watching thoughtful television" I couldn't put it better myself.

Scorsese is aware of this is well. It's the reason he was involved with "Boardwalk Empire". It's the reason he made the deal with Netlfix to allow the movie to stream free after a month of limited release in theaters. He's no idiot, he understands the industry very well, and I guarantee you his opinion about Marvel films is shared by every serious director working in film.

The good news is, it truly is the golden age of cinematic entertainment. Yes, it's probably true that great character driven story films will be few and far between at your local cinema. However, there will still be a place for that type, and that level of film in the form of full length feature films exclusive to a streaming service (much like The Irishman, or Roma) , or in the form of a mini series (see Chernobyl, Making a Murderer) or as a TV show with multiple seasons (Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, The Crown, Mindhunter, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, True Detective, Pretty Little Liars, etc)

The old world of cinema is changing rapidly, one could even argue collapsing completely. However, great stories, great cinematography, great writing, great acting and great directing are more prevalent and abundant now than ever.

I completely agree with what Martin Scorsese says, but also believe we are in a transition period. It's my firm belief that the time and art of making a movie, a picture, a singular 1.5-3 hour film is not over, but truly just beginning. The best is almost certainly yet to come.

And when the next great director does come around, the will look at Scorsese as a benchmark for greatness, and for what can truly be captured behind the camera. Scorsese will go down in history as one of, if not the greatest, director of all time.
Kris Adams
Kris Adams:
"Amusement park films" is a great name for the super hero stuff. I like a Marvel movie but Mean streets etc they are not.
How can anyone be mad at this adorable genius for having an absolutely correct opinion.
Mantorras Montquilla
Mantorras Montquilla:
A true master of cinema !!!!
Sam Haine
Sam Haine:
He didn't diss marvel in any way tho... He just said that comic book movies that are half special effects are saturating the film market and it's getting harder for more personal films to flourish... it's an honest opinion. 👏 I am a huge marvel nerd and I love Scorsese films, shutter island and the departed are my top 2. Sigh. This was blown out of proportion by the press.
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis:
When I saw “amusement park films” in the title I was worried you’d ask the same question he keeps getting. But by asking him to list films that inspire him, you flipped the usual question from a negative to a positive. A lovely inversion of the current cliche. A mindful interview, which is tough to do in such little time. Well done.
Nu Tauf
Nu Tauf:
Totally agree with him on Marvel. They're not everyone's cup of tea and the cinemas are full of them. There should be films around for everyone including those who don't enjoy marvel or franchises
Rohit Diesh
Rohit Diesh:
Martin is totally right about the whole investing your time into a film and taking your time with them
Booger Uppercut
Booger Uppercut:
Literally everyone supports Marty including Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman. The only person to make a big deal out of it was James Gunn, but obviously he has to overcompensate since he just got his job back at Disney.
Shree Nation
Shree Nation:
For anyone talking about crazy MCU fans bashing him: He doesn't care. His fans don't care. The Academy doesn't care. History will never care.
Luke Foord
Luke Foord:
I totally agree with everything Martin says.
I feel weirdly proud of Ali for this interview 👏
Jay Are
Jay Are:
This interviewer understood the gravitas of this situation; actually being able to pick Martin Scorsese’s brain about films.
Kudos to him for not asking dumb, irrelevant questions.
What a treat to be able to interview legends! Ali Plumb you lucky guy..
Osama Qudah
Osama Qudah:
I don’t agree with his comments but he is allowed his opinion and I respect him for not being scared to say what he thinks.
it's a bit frosty
it's a bit frosty:
He is a movie legend in every way,
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy:
Scorsese - a genius and a genuinely warm and likeable guy all in one.
Deuce SFOD
Deuce SFOD:
Can't believe he actually has the signed red shoes in his house
The Latest And The Greatest
The Latest And The Greatest:
Genius is a understatement when it comes to Mr. Scorsese
I have always thought the same about MCU movies and I'm a millennial. I thought I was alone , but knowing that Martin Scorsese and Francis ford Coppola share the same opinion it brought comfort to my soul.
I could listen to Scorsese talk all day, anyone else?
Tariq Ismail
Tariq Ismail:
He's definitely not bashing Marvel or comic book movies! He's just calling it like it is - it's evident with how Disney incorporates their theme parks with the films they make and there's nothing wrong with that :) he's just defending artistic vision, in a sense
What a legend
He’s right. Same thing with music. You can’t make an actual artistic statement and expect it to go anywhere. Idk, maybe you can. But you’re kinda shooting a gun at the sky and waiting to land a headshot on a specific someone.
Rowell Mason
Rowell Mason:
I don’t like the CGI nightmares that Hollywood dumps on the public these days
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich:
Man, that 'ludes scene kills me everytime. Leo nailed it.
Lord J
Lord J:
Someone ask him about Heath Ledger’s performance already. I wonder what he thinks about that film and character in the Dark knight.
Bedprakash Mallik
Bedprakash Mallik:
could we just take a moment to appreciate the way this radio's film critic listening to Scorsese and not interfering like Jimmy Fallon.
Yash Moharil
Yash Moharil:
The best interviewer there is, clearly he's into films that's why he is so good
This guy has the best interviews apart from Howard Stern.
F. Kusuma
F. Kusuma:
"You follow?" - Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese is just afraid for the beautiful films bcoz in countries like India the amusement park films are running in many theatres, not the very cinematic good ones.
Hopingover Leavesinfall
Hopingover Leavesinfall:
Replace comic book movies with the Disney Remakes and everyone would be 100% on his side.
ibrahim abdullah
ibrahim abdullah:
I would like to know his opinion on the dark knight trilogy
You know Scorsese exudes an aura of how a gentleman should be, so much so that even though there are millions of Marvel fans there are very few dislikes to the video.
A J:
I LOVE Martin Scorsese's movies and I grew up with comic books . I love the MCU movies as well . I respect Marty's view. He's one of the greatest directors of all time. He's from a different time .
Diurpaneus TV
Diurpaneus TV:
Martin Scorsese: Marvel isn’t classic cinema
Disney: Alright Marty, this year you won’t win any oscars. Your movie will be the only one nominated for that much and not win shit
Conclusion: Disney is very mature and can accept different opinions
Angami Accent
Angami Accent:
Wtfffff that scene was improvised in Wolf of wall street ??
Never knew that till today and it was one of the most memorable scenes for me all time..
Nick Rigdon
Nick Rigdon:
Literally nobody knows the industry inside and out like Marty. He’s absolutely 100% on the money about this stuff, pretty much always
Haut Strange
Haut Strange:
Talk about blowing things out of proportion 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don’t feel Scorsese was overly critical or even saying anything bad about MCU films. He just wants more artsy films to have the same kind of exposure and access to the same audiences. People are hating on him for no reason.
Rick Zavala
Rick Zavala:
Notice how when Leo’s character is falling down those stairs there’s way more stairs then when he was actually on the ground there was only about 6
140694 1994
140694 1994:
Audience: everyone love movie that funny, especially mcu

Martin scorsese: funny how?

Audience: it just...funny

Martin scorsese: like amusment park, is that it? Funny how? How is it funny? What the *uck is funny? Tell me someting? Funny how?

Young Dab-A-Roosa
Young Dab-A-Roosa:
Taika Waititi recently said it best and I quote:

"Well, having worked for Marvel, I know he was specifically talking about the Marvel films. I know how much work goes into breaking stories for those films and how much work goes into shooting and the post-production. Basically, it’s all based on story for that studio. At the end of the day, that rectangle (he gestures to the Marvel Studios logo with his hands) is affecting people emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s too colorful, I guess its too colorful for him. The costumes might not look Italian enough.”
Mark Abicht
Mark Abicht:
It's amazing after watching and listening to this how badly most people took his comments on the Marvel movies completely out of context.
Joachim Lothrik
Joachim Lothrik:
He sounds so sharp still!
Kaan Karaca
Kaan Karaca:
Anyone remember when Scorcese was in Shark Tale?
I thought Michael Bay's films were amusement park films, not stuff like Tim Burton's Batman (and similars).
Recently watched his new film 'The Irishman'. I guess his comments on the marvel films were more about the current film industry monopolised by few mega-companies.
Hey Y'all Scott Here
Hey Y'all Scott Here:
I really like how Scorsese smiles when he says, “you follow”
"... can also appreciate narrative film." I think that's a slightly shortsighted comment. Flashy and CGI heavy they may be, but they still have narrative value.
Albano Piacquadio
Albano Piacquadio:
I saw the ‘the red shoes’ recently and was blown away by it. Amazing movie. I still like mcu movies though, I mean what’s not to like.
Cucurucho Style
Cucurucho Style:
5:35 "just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in!"
Olle Selin
Olle Selin:
The Superhero genre has really overstayed it's welcome
I love that he keeps talking about the amusement park marvel movies with zero hesitation, real dude
"These films are more like theme rides."
On point.
The wonderful filmmakers Scorsese expressed admiration for on recent interviews:
Nuri Bilge Ceylan (1959, Turkey)
Joanna Hogg (1960, UK)
Noah Baumbach (1969, US)
Lynne Ramsay (1969, UK)
Ben Wheatley (1972, UK)
Ari Aster (1986, US)

Other filmmakers everybody should know about:
Michael Haneke (1942, Germany)
Lee Chang-dong (1954, South Korea)
Lars von Trier (1956, Denmark)
Hong Sang-soo (1961, South Korea)
Joon Ho Bong (1969, South Korea)
Asghar Farhadi (1972, Iran)
Yorgos Lanthimos (1973, Greece)
Harmony Korine (1973, US)
S. Craig Zahler (1973, US)
Gene Patrick Vi
Gene Patrick Vi:
iconic. when i think of the the word movie director, he is what i see...
ahmed ronaldokahn
ahmed ronaldokahn:
Interviewer: "Do you think this is the biggest film you've ever done?"

MS: "Ah...Not intentionally."
Rick Zavala
Rick Zavala:
Notice how when Leo’s character is falling down those stairs there’s way more stairs then when he was actually on the ground there was only about 6
Kevin Feiges going to wack Martin Scorsese now.
Random Channel
Random Channel:
Martin about MC : "it's what it is"
Interviewer : well, what is it..
M M:
I'm sure he's so sick of being asked about this nonsense.
Noah Redding
Noah Redding:
The sort of films Marty likes are being made less and less, in place of franchise films, and the ones that are being made are only seeing limited distribution. Marty has no problem with franchise films being made, he just doesn’t want to be made at the expense of the sort of films he likes. I agree with him completely on this, and no matter what your opinion on the MCU is I don’t see how you could disagree with him. He’s not bashing the MCU, he’s just stating his very real fears that he has (and I and many other people share). The ignorance and shallow thinking displayed by some people who seek to characterise Marty as a belligerent old man who hates the MCU is shocking. Actually listen to what he says.
Mankeerat Singh
Mankeerat Singh:
Martin is still an absolute master. He retains his filmmaking chops that he had in the 70s.
Nombre Apellido
Nombre Apellido:
stop being right about everything Marty
I've always found Scorsese films more exciting than amusement park rides.
"...narrative could be a film made by the... Turkish filmmaker Ceylan..."

This whole interview is like a trailer. This man is awesome. He could be an actor in his own movies.
Just relax. Everything ́s fine!
Just relax. Everything ́s fine!:
03:17 "I really liked that car. I forgot, what it was".
*Are you serious? It´s a Lambo Countach! A Supercar Icon! How can you forget that?!* It´s like saying: "Yeah, I did some movies with this little guy. He also appeared in "Home Alone" for some reason as a burgler. I forgot his name..."
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
Easily the most influential director of all time imo. Goodfellas, Casino, Taxi Driver, The Departed, etc...what a resume.
no Scorsese interview would be complete without a "you follow?"
"What filmmakers and films you watched recently that still inspire you and give you hope for the next wave of filmmakers??" 8:27 In my fantasies, this is the question I had been wanting to ask Martin Scorsesse. And aren't you glad Ali Plumb asked this question. And what a revealing response: Joanna Hogg, Ben Wheatley, and Lynn Ramsay..." I'm with Scorsese on this issue. What do you think?