Martin Scorsese on the making of 'The Irishman'

The director talks to Peter Travers about reconnecting with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci and working with Al Pacino for the first time.

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Wolfe 123
Wolfe 123:
After seeing The Irishman, Scorsese can say anything he wants about Marvel movies.
Three and a half hours long, but wished it was longer.
Keet Madu
Keet Madu:
Studios were worried about the names? Deniro and Pacino??? Are studios run by 19 year olds now?
Meshari M
Meshari M:
Joe Pesci was phenomenal, he deserves a best supporting Oscar for his performance in this film.
The Irishman is such a mournful eulogy to the gangster genre. What a moving portrayal of guilt, loneliness, regret, mortality, and the consequences of a crime-filled life on everyone in its periphery. The last hour is one of Scorsese's finest moments and that final shot will stay with me forever
Stay healthy Marty and keep pumping out those masterpieces. There's no one out there who's close to you.
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith:
The greatest living director.
Jose Luis
Jose Luis:
Great interview, felt like a couple of old friends just chatting.
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana:
Martin Scorsese has been consistent with his movies unlike his colleagues who lost it with time.
HS 0505
HS 0505:
I can watch Martin talking about movies for 5 hours
Caitlin Joy
Caitlin Joy:
The people that were mad at Scorsese for his Marvel movie comment have obviously never seen one of his films. Just watch Raging Bull and get back to me. It’s a masterpiece 👏🏻
I love how Scorsese is powerful enough to trigger the whole MCU fandom by one simple comment.

He didn't even insult those movies lol, just described them as what they truly are.
Jerry Schutte
Jerry Schutte:
The Studio actually said "Who wants to see a film like this" who wants to see Deniro, Pacino, Pesci, Kietel, Hmm...EVERYBODY!! The studios are only interested in Blockbuster's for kids & teens which is why many people rarely go to the Movies. I love Netflix. Streaming is the End of the Studio system
Anna Brewer
Anna Brewer:
I love this man. I highly recommend his 1995 documentary "A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies." The best film about film that I've ever seen.
Aashish Khakha
Aashish Khakha:
Marvel can go cry in the bathroom. The Irishman is a powerful piece of cinema that will resonate for decades to come.
Anna Elizabeth I
Anna Elizabeth I:
The dumb people will always miss the magic, don’t cater to them.
Patrick Cerra
Patrick Cerra:
When Joe Pesci finally said yes to The Irishman.
I just get the feeling it was like in The GF III when Michael says, "Just when I thought I was out... They pull me back in!"
Hairy Mo
Hairy Mo:
All the actors were great, but Joe Pesci again stole the show. He was absolutely magnificent.
I never felt like I was watching a movie when watching this man’s products. I felt like I just opened the window and looked outside. It’s real. It’s honest.
Connor Morley
Connor Morley:
It’s been two days since I saw The Irishman in theaters, and the more I think about it, the more I love it! Probably the best mob movie since Goodfellas and Casino!
Ernest Kinas
Ernest Kinas:
Greatest living American film director.
Bar none.
Not even close.
I just watched The Irishman yesterday, and it is totally what cinema needs now. What an amazing piece of art. His attention to detail in his movies is beyond, and this one doesn't disappoint. This will hopefully be up for many, many awards. I hope Pesci gets another nomination, at least, he was amazing. De Niro was like we haven't seen in years. These guys acting, producing and directing a movie like this into their late 70s - early 80s proves that age is just a number.
I tricked my cousin into seeing this film by telling him the Irishman was a superhero who was kinda like Ireland's Captain America.
Dinesh Rashid
Dinesh Rashid:
This isn’t the interview I deserve but the interview I needed, I saw The Irishman in theatres a couple of weeks ago. It may be my favourite movie of the decade, it’s only competition is Blade Runner 2049.
Lord Skeletor
Lord Skeletor:
Pesci really outshined everyone for me in this movie seeing him go from the usual hotheaded psychopathic mobster to a cool and collected boss it was truly the best movie I've seen this year besides Joker well fucking done Marty
John Rigs
John Rigs:
There are very few directors in the history of film who have remained at this elite level for almost 50 years the way Martin Scorsese has.
To make a movie like The Irishman-which is as good as any film he has ever made- at his age is just staggering.
He’s like some kind of supernatural force of the Cinema.
I watched The Irishman last night. I broke down and cried during the last few scenes. Anyone who has had to see their parents go into a nursing home and pass surely understands. My father is gone. My mother is still there. I see her everyday. Every time I leave her room she always reminds me to leave the door open a little, no more than halfway though. So you did it again to me, and for me Mr. Scorsese. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne:
The Irishman was the best film I've seen in years, absolutely loved it!
Andrew Kulubi
Andrew Kulubi:
do we have any theatres left for a movie? cracked me up
Imagine Scorsese having to beg people to sit still and watch his movies without touching their phones. What a world we live in now, where tiny gerbils have to have their dopamine hit every two minutes. I don't think I even blinked when I first saw Raging Bull or Goodfellas in the theatre. Attention spans be gone!
The way Martin Scorsese laugh : Hiak hak hak hak hak...
Servesh Singaravelan
Servesh Singaravelan:
I'd go for these kinds of interviews over Jimmy Kimmel or Fallon any day.
“.... if you wanna see one of my pictures.” Marty’s so old school in the most respectful way, that sounded like something from another era lol
They really said that "at this time who really wants to see deniro and pacino". That makes my blood boil
"It's here where you show all the Marvel films..."

That was pretty good.
I always thought Goodfellas was a flawless film, everything about it in terms of the film maker is just so perfect to me, must’ve seen it 30 times
Alucard J.B M.P
Alucard J.B M.P:
Peter and Martin are talking like really good friends in here.
A. Muuhn
A. Muuhn:
"who would want to see this?" , peter and i raising our hands at the exact same time......
I want scorsese to pull zero punches with killers of the flower moon
Ramon Segui
Ramon Segui:
I love the way he talks about his recent and past films. He sounds almost like he’s a fan watching from the outside. Awesome admiration for his own work that comes no where near being full of himself.
King of comedy and after hours are definitely the most underated films that marty has made.
RIP Arturo Gatti
RIP Arturo Gatti:
Finally an interview that is not like all the other interviews with Scorsese lately. Great interview !
He's done so well in all these interviews with being kind about his opinion of superhero movies. He clearly hates them and wants to trash them lol
Alex Ge.
Alex Ge.:
Fantastic movie . I was dying for a MOVIE an actual movie where people aren’t flying around blowing things up
Gal Shalev
Gal Shalev:
18:35 what is *cinema* according to Martin?
I agree with him 110% .
Films I've seen as a child, and again when I was older sometimes seem or feel different. But the film isn't different . I'm different, and my interpretation of the film is. What a beautiful, profound and precise answer.❤👏🤔
Chris Ohio
Chris Ohio:
I would have funded this movie immediately if I had hundreds of millions in the bank. If Marty pitches a film in which he is personally invested in, you don’t turn him down!
Mike W
Mike W:
Great interview! Thank you for mentioning "Bringing Out The Dead", it's an amazingly underrated Scorsese film!
Akshat Kapoor
Akshat Kapoor:
His existence, his every breath, every thought that comes out of his gorgeously creative mind is riveting. Cant articulate how transcendent the beauty of the great man's craft is in this second language of language of mine. Only he can create a tangibly physical urge in me to want to share everything he creates with the ones I love. Just fortunate to be alive to be able to do it.
jimmie bullitt
jimmie bullitt:
I loved the way pescis charachter just gave deniro a he has to go look!!!
Jacob Schall
Jacob Schall:
you could tell they weren't filming the Detroit scenes in Detroit when they drove past a hill
This man is so passionate about cinema, I feel like he can talk about it for hours. One of a kind. He's made some of the most timeless and iconic films of all time.
Geno Munari
Geno Munari:
The Irishman is a masterpiece. Bravo to Martin Scorsese.
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon:
I could listen to Marty talk about movie for hours and hours.
Priyabrata Saha
Priyabrata Saha:
The Irishman was so good it didn't felt that it was that long.
Marcus Silverbåge
Marcus Silverbåge:
"You better pay up, I know people"!
Scorsese is still badass! 💞
Masked Movie Man
Masked Movie Man:
Love how Mary is still so full of life...
Project Brickell
Project Brickell:
Martin, May you live many more years. The Irishman is a masterpiece.
Edwin Jimenez
Edwin Jimenez:
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown:
This Film was MASTERFUL.
Keet Madu
Keet Madu:
I will never stop going to the movie theater. I don't care how convenient they make watching movies on your phone or tablet. The experience of the movie theater is half of the draw for me.
Manu Delpech
Manu Delpech:
Brilliant and hilarious interview. I WISH Peter had asked whether a Blu Ray release or remastered version would come for Bringing Out The Dead.
Jared Scott
Jared Scott:
One can only hope they will be this quick in a conversation in their mid 70s. Wow.
spb 78
spb 78:
Sad that ALL of the attention is to DeNiro and Scorsese reuniting after 29 years, or Pacino and Scorsese making their first film together: Pesci and Pacino made their first film together with this film. Keitel and Pesci made their first film together with this film. Keitel and Scorsese made their first film together since 1989 with this film. Keitel AND Pacino made their first film together with this film. AND the kicker?!? It’s a GREAT film. It has all of these firsts, AND it’s a classic. This isn’t merely rare art, it’s great art.
Bringing Out the Dead's possibly my favorite Scorsese movie.
Christapher Miele
Christapher Miele:
3:29 tells everything you need to know about the truth of Cinema in 2019 and 18:19
Megan Figueroa
Megan Figueroa:
I’m glad the documentary he did on his parents are getting a platform. The stories they tell give you insight into a New York City that is sort of forgotten
Paddy Slattery
Paddy Slattery:
23:07 Are we FINALLY going to see Scorsese in the Criterion closet??
arav arav
arav arav:
Old marty still rockin it!!!
Kay Bee
Kay Bee:
I saw this movie about 4 days ago and I'm still thinking about it. It seems to have grown on me even more since then. I believe that's a good sign that it's a timeless classic. This one should sweep the Oscars. Well done all involved.
Y'all catch the Marvel joke lol that was a good one
Berk Ç.
Berk Ç.:
Marvel joke at the beginning it was great lol
Roger Kincaid
Roger Kincaid:
Love the film, Marty. My favorite of this year and this decade.
Andreas Ehrenreich
Andreas Ehrenreich:
Please see the Movie in cinema! Saw it two days ago and it‘s really an amazing film that one should experience on the big screen. Great interview! Thank you very much 🙏🏻
Van Dolmatzis
Van Dolmatzis:
Scorcese is a master,I am glad that there is a younger audience that appreciate his films.True artists will always endure.
Alyson Kroger
Alyson Kroger:
I want ginger ale Canada dry to be exact
and hot fudge sundaes after watching this film.
Mansoor Haque
Mansoor Haque:
Everyone has already given the praises so 5/5 from me also but the movie didn't seem long tbh.It was so engaging.
One person makes movies. The other person has opinions and ideas about the other persons movies
Revit UpNow
Revit UpNow:
These legends didn’t lose any of their edge and charisma even in their 70’s. Just as entertaining as any of their films in their prime
I agree with Marty, Marvel films are stupid that resemble more of a Saturday morning cartoon
jeffrey dahmere
jeffrey dahmere:
true master of his craft , Scorsese is one of the greatest
Tim Page
Tim Page:
I just hope I get it on Blu-ray at some point down the road. 😭
Manas Bansal
Manas Bansal:
I LOVED Joe Pecsi's character in the movie. So well measured, and thought out.
I hope Martin isn’t done with mob movies. We deserve it.
Victor Chaz
Victor Chaz:
I see Marty, I click play, it is that simple for me. I sit up straight and listen with my eyes and ears attentively when he speaks.
Peter is a FANTASTIC interviewer!
E Schur
E Schur:
I find it funny and sad how Martin clarifies his words on Marvel and completely makes sense - Whilst Coppola is left behind looking like a complete jerk.
awesome interview btw. I can watch 2 hours more of this
A.S. Photography
A.S. Photography:
This was such an awesome interview!
Joe Pesci is an acting god.
Liam Corbett
Liam Corbett:
Three and a half hours never felt so quick.
Sonny Chiba’s mole.
Sonny Chiba’s mole.:
I will never ever pay to see a Marvel or DC comic book movie again, the last one was ...actually I can’t recall, but that’s a good thing. And I was an avid comic book reader as a kid.
Omg !!! I cannot wait to see this film.
Also I would give anything if Joaquin Phoenix could do something special with Martin Scorsese !!!!! 👍🏼
made of reels 24
made of reels 24:
The IRISHMAN > 20 other movies which had the same kind of story
You know what i mean..even i fell guilty comparing them because God can't be compared
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz:
How can you be this talented after all these years? The Irishman is nothing short to masterpiece of real cinema.
BowKay Productions
BowKay Productions:
Lovely interview. Thank you.
Zack Mitchell
Zack Mitchell:
I wonder if this movie will get a blu-ray release??? I sincerely hope so!
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander:
Martin is awesome. Remember seeing Goodfellas at blockbuster when I was little and I had to wait till I was older to watch it. Felt like eternity. Hehe
Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons:
"There's more to life."
Siddharth Gautam
Siddharth Gautam:
I watch movies on my phone but before that I need complete darkness something to eat and pin drop silence and that's why I mostly watch them after 10pm to 12.
avery brooks
avery brooks:
loving how uncomfortable scorsese looks when travers is introducing him
EJK k:
I can't unseen my grandpa when I look at him! He looks exactly like him.. big thick black eyebrows, white hair and facial structure. Although, my grandpa was taller.. lol. Love you Scorsese!
Mr. Grumpy Grumpy
Mr. Grumpy Grumpy:
Gonna see it tonight at the theater. Hopefully there's an intermissison.