Martin Scorsese on Working with De Niro, Pacino & Pesci on The Irishman

Martin talks about finally working with Al Pacino for the first time, making The Irishman, and he reveals how he and Robert De Niro got Joe Pesci to do the film.

Marvel Meets The Irishman

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Martin Scorsese on Working with De Niro, Pacino & Pesci on The Irishman

100+ komentarze:

Henry Miranda
Henry Miranda:
The fact that the whole audience is silent and Jimmy was silent while listening to Martin talk about the picture. You know that he is one of the greats
jonny p
jonny p:
Scorsese: movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and Pesci

Netflix: Take my money
Mr. Manager
Mr. Manager:
I feel like Scorsese is too smart to be on this show
Damien O Callaghan
Damien O Callaghan:
TEN TIMES nominated for Best Director and only won it once for The Departed
The Oscars are a DISGRACE
Nobody wanted to finance a Martin Scorsese movie with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and Pesci? Is that a joke? That is a guaranteed winner.
Seeker of Light
Seeker of Light:
Scorcese is a milestone nobody can reach..
He's a genious.
Cleonze Nasro
Cleonze Nasro:
" I will apologize to you after you apologize for being late "
Scorsese, Pacino, DeNiro, Pesci...these Italians know a thing or two about making great movies
Deejay JeanP
Deejay JeanP:
That's a good boy Jimmy, when Scorsese talks, you shut up.
Anshuman Rai
Anshuman Rai:
feel like i gotta wear a suit to watch this movie
Great Drums
Great Drums:
Who the hell wouldn't finance a Martin Scorsese film? This guy is a living legend!
David A
David A:
he has an incredible mental lucidity at his age
you can hear just by the way Scorsese speaks, he's true old school. The last of the real men in Hollywood
Alex Felton
Alex Felton:
"If they can whack a President, they can whack the President of the union"
Anyone complaining about the length of this movie quite simply has a low attention-span. Fact
Justin Hopper
Justin Hopper:
1970s to 2010s...
Scorsese has made legendary films in all 5 decades. Just think about how epic that is.
Mateo Airaudo
Mateo Airaudo:
When he says that geting old is such an important theme of the movie you can see his talking about himself too and his eyes get teary. Such a heartfelt statement from one of the best film directors ever born.
Bob Jenkins
Bob Jenkins:
When most of the crowd didn't get the 'paint houses' quip
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos:
I hope i am as sharp as Scorsese when im 77 god bless
Prasannan Sathya
Prasannan Sathya:
Kimmel : what do you do on a 77th birthday

Everyone - Makes a masterpiece called "The Irishman"
Helena xoxoxo
Helena xoxoxo:
Movie was a masterpiece , Pacino as Hoffa was so good
"finally he started taking my calls" - "nobody would finance the picture" - its kind of amazing to me that studios AND actor's are turning down martin scorsese for ANYTHING. lol
Now people whining about “Avengers: Endgame” for the plot-holes and thinkin the movie is the “worst-overrated-MCU movie”

Martin Scorsese: You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me.
Elin Thorn
Elin Thorn:
When Scorsese speaks, everyone is quiet. You could drop a pin. He's so... mesmerising. So smart. Genius.
georges carlos Pierre
georges carlos Pierre:
Joe Pesci in this movie my goodness. Al Pacino killed it but Robert Deniro my goodness, might have been his best acting job in a long time!!
This is one of Kimmels betters interviews in a while.
Ryan Coyte
Ryan Coyte:
The ultimate respect is everyone is so quiet when Scorsese speaks.
Caleb Aditia Harjono
Caleb Aditia Harjono:
I would love to listen Mr. Martin Scorsese explaining the process of his movies all day. He is a smart man and I respect him in this interview.
Sachin Pathmajan
Sachin Pathmajan:
Just listening to guys like Scorsese and Spielberg is just such a delight
Don Ganger
Don Ganger:
Imagine if Gandolfini was still around and in the Irishman
Tonny Cocco
Tonny Cocco:
This man is a legend ! The attitude, the class , the integrity and the talent of this man are unique ! Watched the movie , a fuckin masterpiece . Greetings from Italy .
Doug Hanson
Doug Hanson:
He’s in his 70’s with a 30 year old brain.
andy pete
andy pete:
"And its only one shade red."
Audience: ...
Scorsese schooling everyone on his late 70s not only about film but about how to be a top notch interviewee. The Irishman 10/10
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow:
They're all in their 70's.. Martin.. Al.. Bob.. Joe..

Look at me naming them as if they're my close friends.
Mohamed Farouk
Mohamed Farouk:
This is one of the few interviews where Jimmy could not talk over the guest or even speak too much. Scorsese's way of speaking is so captivating.
The Irishman is another masterpiece, the tone of the film is so haunting with that music
yasmin adham
yasmin adham:
Absolutely correct that he says Joe Pesci showed authority in the one scene where Robert de Niro asks Joes name and Joe doesnt answer instead he asks Where u from... I felt it that Joe Pesci was a somebody in that scene
0:13 Those two guys bowing down in the audience know what's up.
Brandon Caridi
Brandon Caridi:
I can't get over how respectful and silent the audience was when Scorsese talked. They all just wanted to hear him speak about his passion and they all know he is a master of his craft.
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana:
I really admire Martin Scorsese for never losing his edge.
Now thats how a movie director talk about his picture
DaBeast Games
DaBeast Games:
Why does Kimmel always have to bring up Trump? He is so obsessed with the guy.
Aneesh Chandoke
Aneesh Chandoke:
i can feel how Bob must have said " You'll see its Al" haha
Michael Olson
Michael Olson:
I love how Scorsese instinctively moves his hands at the end for a handshake with Jimmy, and is kind of left hanging.
Definitely a man from a classier time
You know Mr. Scorsese is old-timey because he still calls it a "picture". Love that! : )
Bluescu M
Bluescu M:
It’s so quiet because I feel like everyone is so invested into what he’s saying cause I know I am
Alex Parijanlar
Alex Parijanlar:
I’d love to sit down and have a conversation with Scorsese.
Raheem Malik
Raheem Malik:
IRISHMAN and the JOKER are two off the best films I've seen within a year timespan
King Tyrone
King Tyrone:
This Martin guy seems cool, he should be a movie director
Steve X
Steve X:
Absolutely *_love_* how generous Martin is with his behind the scenes stories ... pure gold
Niki B
Niki B:
These guys were old, when I was a kid.. Now I am much older, but these guys look exactly the same
Rudolph Clausius
Rudolph Clausius:
Love how Scorsese never departed from his style. The Irishman was another Goodfella and Casino, and I’m not complaining.
Vijit Sharma
Vijit Sharma:
I love how they are talking about Don Rickles as if he's still with us. Both of them knew him so well.
RIP Don - The G.O.A.T
D Escobar
D Escobar:
1970s Taxi driver
1980s Raging Bull
1990s Goodfellas & Casino
2000s The Departed
2010s The Wolf of Wall Street & The Irishman
Scorsese is the only one who can openly trash marvel movies and call joker okayish and still get away with it
model citizen
model citizen:
Scorsese still has so much vitality; he's so alive. It's an inspiration to hear him talk about his craft.
Tom Martin
Tom Martin:
My god, what a journey this man has taken us on...
Dalle Smalhals
Dalle Smalhals:
Martin is still talking faster than action scenes in a standard MCU-production! :-D
marcel c
marcel c:
enjoy this movie because you won't see these giants working together ever again
Souvik Mondal
Souvik Mondal:
You know you have the greatest director on set when the entire audience and even jimmy pin drop silent listening to Scorsese describing a scene!! 13:00
The only thing is I fear that this movie IS IT! This is the last one we will get
I feel like scorcese could be a gangster in movie
Joe Vining
Joe Vining:
Jimmy HAS to throw a Trump jab into every conversation. So obsessed.
Freddy Wilson
Freddy Wilson:
I just want everyone to take a moment to realize this will probably be the last gangster-esque movie starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci, directed by Martin Scorsese we will get to see. What a time to be alive.
Nerdy Gamer Addicts
Nerdy Gamer Addicts:
looks like he's secretly the father of joe pesci & robert de niro he looks like both of them had a baby together.
Maliha Intikhab
Maliha Intikhab:
8:56 For a second there, his Pacino impression was uncanny!
I love Martin Scorsese! He had me at Marvel is a themepark! He's my hero!💖💖💖💖💖💖
Gino Moreno
Gino Moreno:
When he looked at the camera, my heart stopped for a bit.
Keith P
Keith P:
Joe was the best part of the whole movie. Him “Going to church” was the saddest thing I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.
Robbie Lee
Robbie Lee:
I like how in the movie Joe’s character casually says if they can wack the president, what make you think they can’t wack the president of the union
14:36 "it's on Netflix November 77th"
" It is what it is"
Ossama Harchi
Ossama Harchi:
Scoresese, Deniro, Pacino, & the great Pesci and no one wanted to finance the picture, bunch of stooooopids
Nestor Irias
Nestor Irias:
This interview ends talking about Don Rickles... That´s gold.
At least one feature of Marty’s face is constantly moving, his face is never still
Such a lively old man, I love him
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma:
I love how he said that Al Pacino was in Stratosphere and he wasn’t in his reach anymore. This guy is definition of humble
Ameerul Aqmal Malek
Ameerul Aqmal Malek:
Joe pesci looks like the angry oldman from the cartoon UP..
anyone who see this after bong joon ho quote?
Raj Pratha
Raj Pratha:
if there was a ever genuine, authentic from the gut "say it like it is" moment then it is here. you gotta feel it. Thank you Jimmy :) The finest ...
Carlos Garzia
Carlos Garzia:
The way Scorsese laughs when he tells that Al said "62!" fills me with joy.
Michael P. Shipley
Michael P. Shipley:
Pesci is pissed. He didnt read the fine print in his contract that stipulates he has to do one more movie for Netflix next year, its called Home Alone: The Incontinental Bandits.
I LoveMovies
I LoveMovies:
Watch The Irishman. It’s a masterpiece. Slow burn epic with an importan last act.
vijay surendran
vijay surendran:
This is a man who just likes to tell beautiful stories..
Is there a real friendship between the Italian American directors; Coppala, Scorsese and DePalma or more competition?
I could listen to this man talking about movies forever. What a treasure, he must be great to have as a grandfather
luffy blaze
luffy blaze:
he speaks too fast and its hard to catch on his jokes. no one believes him to be 77 if we only listen to Audio
S Mac
S Mac:
This might be the loudest applause I’ve ever heard from an audience. The amount of respect people have for Scorsese is awesome! ❤️
Absolute living legend, please preserve this man somehow.
M.a. Fahad
M.a. Fahad:
this interview looks like one of his movies! no trash just meaningful conversation
Nick D'Amico
Nick D'Amico:
The fact that no studio wanted to Finance a Martin Scorsese Picture really scares me
Stephen Sarai
Stephen Sarai:
What does MS mean when he says “I don’t know how to do a genre piece anymore”

Isn’t crime/mafia a genre, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the theme the genre so every film has one?
Scorsese: ‘No one would finance the movie’ (with him directing DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci and Keitel)..........
.......... and Kimmel asks an unrelated question 🤦‍♂️
Rayhan Ihsan Nasution
Rayhan Ihsan Nasution:
"You what happens when you make great movies? People love you"
Bruh, i know you trying to shoutout Marty but that's a degraded statement, he is a legend of cinema of course people love him and of course he made great movies, in fact A LOT OF THEM. It's like saying he was just make one great film and not noticing all the impact he made even since the 70s.
Anaklusmos Greek
Anaklusmos Greek:
I laughed because when Marty laughs at his oldie joke
his body laughs like he is 🤣
Now this man knows how to tell a story!
Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh:
The scene with Russell and Frank sharing wine and bread in prison alone is enough to get this man an oscar. And to Pesci. What a legend.
Probably the best movie I've ever seen. It was that good.
Lambert Starr
Lambert Starr:
8:13 this part of the interview started at exactly 1730 hrs pacific time and ended at 17-44-48......look at martin's watch!...what brand is that?....a HERMES?...a JLC?..a zenith elite?
anyone notice martin is not wearing a t shirt under his shirt?
The movie was Amazing! Pure cinematic brilliance.