Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+

Welcome to chaos 🌙 Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and start streaming the Original series March 30 on Disney+.

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100+ komentarze:

The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad:
Another great piece of casting! Not one actor seemed off! This…my goodness! I can already tell the whole worlds gonna be hooked once the show starts releasing weekly!
Jaivardhan Singh
Jaivardhan Singh:
This show is one of those where I crave to watch the trailer even after I am done with it's all episodes. Oscar Issac nailed it.
Ted Guanzon
Ted Guanzon:
The cinematography and music alone gives me chills. Episode 1 was impressive.
Best show ever created Marvel. I hope we get more seasons and a movie, too. Moon Knight is the hype now..
Bill the dorito guy
Bill the dorito guy:
After watching the last episode today, I can comfortably say that this show is a masterpiece and it will never be topped by any other marvel show. This show deserves an award
Thomas Casillo
Thomas Casillo:
I'm intrigued by the psychological horror aspect of this show. Hope it doesn't disappoint.
Roopnarine Deonarine
Roopnarine Deonarine:
We only got 4 episodes and I'm loving this series so far, it's gets me excited every time I watch a new episode
Edit: Episode 5 was a big one and probably my favorite so far can't wait for episode 6
Edit 2: episode 6 got me exited and blew my mind and I say it’s my favourite marvel Disney plus series so far just behind Loki hears to season 2
Mahdin Meraz
Mahdin Meraz:
What a way to go for marvel, delivering the side characters content with dark, horror and psychology. Impressive
Love everything about this show, the cast, the characters, the writing, the story, the cinematography. Best Marvel TV show!
Old Red Dragon
Old Red Dragon:
Probably the best thing from Marvel for years.
Raymond Dwipa
Raymond Dwipa:
Yes, exploration into the other characters in Marvel that aren't typical. Moon Knight is so freakin' interesting and completely mind blowing.
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman:
ONE OF THE FINEST SHOWS FROM MARVEL! Episode 4,5 and 6 really took the season to another level! And oh, Our Marc and Steven! Didn’t know we would love their brotherhood as the season gets closer to the end! Loved the season 1.
Can’t wait for season 2! 😉
Lators, Gaters! ✌🏻
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh:
People here look so disappointed with the series...did you really expect moonknight to be a cliche superhero show?? This series is getting better and better every episode...I am loving this show!!
Sugar High 1111
Sugar High 1111:
"Embrace the Chaos.." love it. Haven't started watching this yet, but seems like it has a theme of integrating our shadow self in order to overcome and discover our purpose. ❤❤❤
Tio Sam
Tio Sam:
A atuação deste homem é impecável, em segundos consegue mudar de personalidade, um ator com pouca midia mas muito talento.
This has me hyped up for a character that I've never even heard of... well done Marvel 👏👏👏
This is one of those shows you can rewatch several times like it’s the first time seeing it. That’s how good this one is!
Mary Hurst
Mary Hurst:
I watched this whole series and it’s absolute gold. When I started watching it it messed a whole lot with my brain, but once I kept watching it I started to understand better what’s happening. I love how MCU just keeps on going with their movies, more than 15 years. Their movies and series never fail me.
This actor and the character are so good and so fun to watch, honestly this show is amazing from every aspect.
Who's here after Ep 6 now that this masterpiece has ended, really wanna see more of Moon Knight now!
Perk Jai
Perk Jai:
I think Marvel just proved they are extremely unique in movie choices.
Will Flatcher
Will Flatcher:
This show was awesome, in beggining i thought that would be full of fights and crazy bulsh*t, never expected this AMAZING character development and marvelous soundtracks, Khonshu jumpscares in the begginig was great too and even the animation of the suits and the gods was so natural. The crew of this series deserves everything amazing that the comunity are saying. PS: The sky turning scene was my favorite by far in all marvel productions, awesome work guys, keep it up.
After watching the show, i can comfortably say its in my top 10 marvel movies/shows. Its a masterpeice that will probably never be topped by another show
Collin Cusick
Collin Cusick:
Back after the season ended. Serious kudos to Mr. Diab, Mr. Issac, Mr. Hawke, Mrs. Calamawy, and everyone involved with the show. What a season and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for these characters next. Amazing show!!
Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora:
Episode 5 was such a good episode really the best imo. I am obsessed with this show 🤯
Gorey Bits
Gorey Bits:
We get THE BATMAN and MOON KNIGHT in the same month? Duuuuude 🤩
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh:
This show was bloody awesome. Oscar Isaac was the perfect casting for Moon Knight and May Callaway as Layla turned out to be a surprise package. Ethan Hawke was really good too.
Show is brilliantly made specially screenplay is awesome.
For anyone wondering about how good it is, it's basically as good as the trailer 👍
Joe Blow
Joe Blow:
Although I'm not a fan of the superhero movies, I'm really enjoying this one, a lot deeper than the other Marvel stories. Oscar Isaac is terrific in the role.
As one of the 0.001% of humanity who has actually read Moon Knight comics in their life time... I really like this show. I love how they went completely nuts with it.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
This looks like it's going to be more of a mind trip than all of the other galactic chaos happening in the Marvel Multiverse
Senior Adrian
Senior Adrian:
I love this series. Feels so fresh and full of mystery.
Deadpool Reloaded
Deadpool Reloaded:
Moon knight series is awesome,
Loved every second of it.
Sofia's Art Studios
Sofia's Art Studios:
Loved looking back at the trailer after watching the series. It’s cool to see what was different eg: “unknown caller” with an alligator photo (laters gaters?) on the phone, instead of Layla and and a blank background. Also, this is such a well-made trailer, and it gets me excited for the series all over again even though I’ve seen the whole thing.
GamerMode Twenty-Three
GamerMode Twenty-Three:
Simply amazing just got done watching the show and I love it from start to finish simply the best marvel tv show by far it was so brilliant done the story was amazing and understandable ❤️🙏🏽🔥
One thing Marvel mostly never disappoints on - their casting choices
Finished all the episodes. This show is fantastic!
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj:
This was an amazing series overall!!! Great job Marvel!!
This trailer is so good, it feels like I’m about to watch it for the first time again. Like it hasn’t been released yet and I have yet to watch it regardless of the fact that I literally finished it yesterday.
Sarah Altieri
Sarah Altieri:
They did a great job with this show's marketing, I thought that I was getting something similar to Batman, but instead I am crying for 45 minutes 😢
Hyped. Loved the comics when I was younger.
honestly a very nice show, i love how it dwells in the psychology aspects because of marcs DID, very impressive acting by Oscar Issac, one thing id like to point out is that the cgi couldve been better but overall its a very good show

and stop saying its just a batman ripoff folks, just watch the series and youll know how wrong you are
I love how in the show they decided to start it with Steven's perspective insteaad of the hosts (like in the comics) It was a cool change in pace.
Shanti Mhatre
Shanti Mhatre:
Two episodes in and the dark and psychological aspects are fantastic. Oscar's british accent as Steven just tops it all of.
L A:
Here after the 5th episode.
I've never heard about Moon Knight before, but now he's one of my favorite characters.

Oscar Isaac deserves all the awards for his acting!
TheComedy Ketzer
TheComedy Ketzer:
I absolutely love that Disney is giving it's shows the budget they need. That's really refreshing and pays off quality-wise imo!
I watched the show it’s mind blowing and incredibly amazing
I can’t with these people who hate on this show because it “doesn’t have enough action” or “the main character is weak.”

If you came here for a typical superhero story, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s that simple.

The main character suffers from mental illness. That’s not a fault of the show, it’s a highlight.
feres ben yahmed
feres ben yahmed:
We demand a second season we can't get enough of Moon Knight 🔥🔥🔥
Does anyone else find it pretty cool that they released this trailer during a Full Moon and that the show premieres on a Crescent Moon
Capasso Angelo
Capasso Angelo:
Definitely the best MCU series. Well done, I love it🌕🌕🌕🌕
I have not seen the series yet. ( I plan too) But I just needed to say that this trailer deserves an award. That ending transition with the Disney logo was a cherry on top of the epic sundae.
Mid credit scene alone made the series even more amazing and worth bing watching
Im loving the new direction marvels going, i love mind trips and horror stuff.I watched all 3 episodes of moonknight and im addicted.
Conor Judge
Conor Judge:
Seeing as Dr Strange 2 will be the first MCU Horror, this looks incredible with the shows they have planned. Tense, Dark and Action. Really looking forward to MCU 2022. This will be a big show.
Ronny Day
Ronny Day:
Who would of thought this would end up being the best out of all 6 mcu Disney plus series’s
REC1 Productions
REC1 Productions:
5th Episode in and it's just getting more IN to It! Lovin this series! Oscar Issac is in his most EPIC performance yet! He is the Moon Knight!
The season finale was incredible.
Sophie Rivkah !
Sophie Rivkah !:
I really wish I could watch the whole thing again because it’s incredible and I’m obsessed
Please be another Daredevil
Please don't be another Iron Fist...
Savio David
Savio David:
Me rewatching the trailer after seeing every episode to look for what I've missed :D
Canthika Azdy
Canthika Azdy:
love this show, i got my cousin into watching this and she loves it lmao as she should
Ni Cole
Ni Cole:
I've watched the whole episodes last night and I love it 😍 the actor of marc/steven did an AMAZING job and I just gasp at how great his acting is! I'm really looking forward to season 2(if there is) especially after the 3rd persona's appearance 🙀
The most interesting web series I ever watched in my life.... how absolutely Portrayed the psychological inner side of a person
that I didn't saw in any of the web series..... MOON KNIGHT 🌙
Silver Lemonade
Silver Lemonade:
2022 is bringing some bangers in the MCU can't wait
Ronan Hansel
Ronan Hansel:
Moon knight is well over 4 episodes now an I still find my self back at this promo.
Kudos to Marvel and their production team.
charlize rianne ♡
charlize rianne ♡:
it only just feels like that the trailer was posted yesterday and now the finale is coming out in 2 days.. I DON’T WANT IT TO END :(
Watched episode 1 and 2 of the 1st season and it's really addictive. I'm forever a Marvel fan❤️
Sigma Male
Sigma Male:
Trailer: You could not live with just six episodes of this masterpiece. Where did that bring you? Back to me.
Its crazy how 90% of this trailer is just the first episode. Cant wait for more
Rap Shit
Rap Shit:
Episodes been flames can’t wait for the next episode 🔥🔥🔥

give us a moon knight movie now
One word to describe Moon Knight

i love how marvel's universe is expanding and how they all got plans for every hero there is. i'm grateful to be alive and to witness all this.
The killing spree🔥
The killing spree🔥:
Marvel it's was an masterpiece man i can't even sleep thinking of moonknight
Madelyn Morgan
Madelyn Morgan:
I remember first seeing this trailer. Little did I know this show would become my entire personality and I would be on my tenth rewatch right now.
Not Ren Banney
Not Ren Banney:
finished this show and it is easily my fav MCU TV show
Shashank Jamwal
Shashank Jamwal:
One of the Marvel’s greatest works. Really like it.
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX
Xx Epic_ gamer69 xX:
I’m happy Marvel is experimenting and adding more and more heroes in the MCU, it’s crazy seeing all these characters and stories co existing in the same cinematic universe
I saw the first episode and it's amazing. Oscar Isaac plays very well and the action as usual (Marvel) keeps you caught in the movie. I can't wait to see what happens next.
The best marvel season i have even watched
We need to watch moon knight season 2
Amit Divakar
Amit Divakar:
just watched it that was a roller coaster ride for my mind interesting and mind blowing loved it.
Abir Sikder
Abir Sikder:
I have become a big fan of this show.
A must watch show. 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙
Will Cathlina
Will Cathlina:
So excited to see this character brought to life, a deranged man who can’t tell his fantasies from reality, in the super hero world was always an interesting idea. Can’t wait to see it in live action
Aron Abrahamsson
Aron Abrahamsson:
Excellent trailer! The acting made me feel so much for the protagonist in mere minutes. Will definitely watch sometime in the future (when we finish our current series and switch subscriptions again lol).
i love how you can clearly tell which one is steven and which one is marc, even when they're not speaking
Absolutely love the series so far 🤩
Just finished watching episode 4 and I am so excited for episode 5!
Christian Romeo
Christian Romeo:
Marvel is killing it. So many different projects and so many different genres/themes with great actors!
Krazzzy Simp
Krazzzy Simp:
I really love that he has a dual thing that makes it more interesting....also I'm so hooked by the actor
Ashfaque Wahid Asif
Ashfaque Wahid Asif:
Moon Knight & Loki The Best marvel series ever for me....
Can't wait for season 2
M Mendoza
M Mendoza:
Disney, please don't cancel this show, I need the second season BAD
Siva Prakash
Siva Prakash:
They created this series just to play with my emotions...
This looks absolutely phenomenal so far can’t wait for it to come out!
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny:
Always love exploring new kinds of characters
Yay. I love love love how tv-shows have turned from Reset-Button shows where no matter what sort of tragic, romantic or mind-shattering things happen, one week later it's all forgotten, to these over-arching plot opportunities for complex story telling.
It's just so much better, it means there's a chance to do the source material justice and the tv-writers don't have to chop a story down to fit into 90 minutes like they'd have with a movie.
This series is brilliant!!
Loved the series worth these memories moon knight is now wanna of my favorites thanks marvel and Disney +