Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Trailer

Watch the brand new trailer for Marvel Studios’ "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and experience it only in theaters September 3.

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100+ komentarze:

Space Orbiter 2.0
Space Orbiter 2.0:
He is the most brave child. Fighting and yelling on his Asian father.
Local Aussie
Local Aussie:
After seeing this movie, I feel like EVERY scene had a purpose. There were no 'filler' scenes, every moment contributed to its own part of the film. Even if you don't know everything about the mcu I highly recommend you watch it!
The actual movie is even better than the trailers
Ephraim Belnap
Ephraim Belnap:
The fight choreographer for this brilliant movie - Brad Allan, a member of Jackie Chan's stunt team - just passed away on August 7 from an unspecified illness. The movie has a post-credits dedication to him. RIP Brad Allan.
Peter Ming
Peter Ming:
Imagine having Tony Leung as your father and Michelle Yeoh as your auntie.

Just watched it in cinema where it truly belong, and it was the best Marvel movie made to date, up there with Black Panther and the Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avengers: Endgame.
The fight sequences in this movie are going to be insane
Daisy Quinn
Daisy Quinn:
As a long time MCU fan, this movie added a whole new level, the same way doctor strange did. It might just be my favorite installment to date. The trailers don't do it justice!! The callbacks and cameos, the original cast, the story and the way it's all weaved together so intricately and naturally. 10/10 recommend and I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for Shang-Chi!
H Legend
H Legend:
This is literally the most coolest marvel movies I’ve ever seen. Please make the movie Shang Chi two!
i saw it friday and i’m still hyping over it. that’s how good it was. there was absolutely nothing that i disliked. everything about it was meaningful, and they executed the whole thing so incredibly. the characters. the fight scenes, the cinematography, all absolutely AMAZING. for those who haven’t watched it, GO WATCH IT!
I am not someone who usually enjoys action movies ... BUT MY GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!
Just watched it today, and it completely exceeded all the expectations that I had.
The casting, the story, the fight scenes, I LOVED EVERYTHING!! No stereotypes, Chinese and Chinese-American culture was portrayed so well and respectfully.
Abomination hit Wong so hard that it opened a MultiVerse.
josiah 04
josiah 04:
This trailer revealed NOTHING!🔥 This movie was insane!!!
Hans Jeong
Hans Jeong:
Drax is actually also in this movie, he's just so incredibly still
Zenyor Ragyor
Zenyor Ragyor:
This movie was one of the marvels finest
Bo H
Bo H:
Saw it last night.
Guys, this may be the best MCU origin story. No doubt. And that is coming from a huge First Avenger fan! That was previously my favorite.
But this is such a great movie! So much action, amazing visuals, and several moments where I just completely geeked out! Lots of heart and emotion.
Loved it!
See it in a theater on the biggest screen possible!
Steven He
Steven He:
the only time Asian parents are proud
Manas Paul
Manas Paul:
Every fkin minute of this movie from the word "go" was pure entertainment! All the characters.. backstory.. action sequences.. and they've given so much depth to the evil father.. this is gold in terms of character introduction! ❤️🤩🔥

*Absolutely worth watching in theatres!!*
Mysterious stranger who has all the answers
Mysterious stranger who has all the answers:
I'm saying, as someone who usually doesn't like action movies, this one was ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Even if it may not seem so, the acting, the fights, the effects, the culisse, the story - it's worth watching, for everyone!
Stanley Leong
Stanley Leong:
im here for Tony Leung. One of the most talented actor of all time.
As a 1st gen Asian American immigrant growing up in the South, who struggled with masculinity his entire life, this movie spoke to me down to the core. On opening night, for the first time, I finally felt at ease.
Me over here loving the trailer and then Marvel surprises me, a guy who's up to date on Marvel news and possible spoilers, and yet didn't know about Abomination! I can never underestimate them!
This is literally the MOST visually stunning movie Marvel have made! I was in awe throughout 🤩 What a masterpiece! 🔥 If this movie doesn't get an Oscar ima be pissed!
Ann Twin
Ann Twin:
Best marvel movie of all time. The action and everything about this movie was great! I love that they spoke Chinese in this movie too. Great fight scenes as well.
I hadn’t enjoyed a movie this much in such a long time. It’s so majestic!!! Loved it so much ❤️
Visar Hashani
Visar Hashani:
This is in the top 3 Marvel Movies that have been released so far, don’t care what anyone says. This movie is goated.
The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad:
I can't believe this might just be my favorite MCU film in a few months!
Ka Ge
Ka Ge:
So many ppl I know don’t even know this movie exists.... I’ve literally never seen an ad for it. Only heard about it because I’m a fan of Kim’s Convenience and I looked into its cancellation. The only other place I’ve seen it talked about weirdly was on a commentary yt channel that usually deals with black female issues. What’s with the lack of promotion.... usually most ppl know a new Marvin film is coming out even if they’re not the sort of person who would bother watching it.
Cindy Gettin
Cindy Gettin:
Just saw it yesterday. The fight choreo is incredible. The movie is fantastic, definately one of my favorites and I'm so excited to see where they go with his character
Lee Ramer
Lee Ramer:
Just saw it, phenomenal. So much better than I was hoping for. Story, acting, fight choreography just amazing. Even Awkwafina who I thought would be annoying was perfect.
this isn't a movie. this is a documentary of how every asian kid was raised...ever
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich:
"Is this what you wanted" giving mad black panther vibes and i love it
Eli Wilcox
Eli Wilcox:
The action
The visuals
The fight choreography
The cast was amazing especially the dude who played shang chi he did a really fantastic job
Bobby Gilmore
Bobby Gilmore:
This was the best Marvel movie since End Game. Fight sequences were GOD TIER! 🔥🔥🙌🔥🔥🙌🔥
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul:
Saw it in IMAX last night. Shang-Chi is one of the best movies I've seen this year! The story was great, the characters were all very likable, and the ACTION, oh my God! The final battle was so entertaining and visually stunning that it has tons of replay value!! 10/10
Mary Shi
Mary Shi:
Andhika Sarasono
Andhika Sarasono:
Is that Wong vs Abomination?
Millie Fung
Millie Fung:
Tony Leung steals every scene he is in.
A Spaceful Mind
A Spaceful Mind:
This movie was everything, succeeded every expectation. Excited for the future of the MCU!
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain:
This movie gave me goosebumps several times.
Kpop Cover
Kpop Cover:
The Mandarin isn’t a bad guy y’all, the poor guy just wanted his wife back 😭
Epic Asian
Epic Asian:
Producer: so how badass you want the first Asian marvel movie to be?
Director: yes
Marvel Studios : What do people love about asians movies?

Writer : They Like Jackie Chan parkour fighting, they also like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and they love Godzilla.

Marvel Studios : All In

Writer : Somehow we also must add Michelle Yeoh

Marvel Studios : If you said so
This was wonderful to see, though I have very mixed feelings about how much they clearly derived from Black Panther. Sure there are plenty of other elements that remind me of other stories, like Altered Carbon at the very least (like the scenes with his sister). But it's (at best) tacky to copy so much stuff from Black Panther (dragon scales like vibranium, Ta Lo like Wakanda) and then to try to drum up the exact same excitement about Black superheroes for an Asian one.

The second thing is that Chinese culture and Chinese diaspora experiences can't necessarily stand for all Asians. Sorry, but I gotta be the Chinese downer for all my other Chinese friends who are hyped about this. We make "Asian" content that's all cringey jokes about disappointing your middle/upper-middle-class Chinese parents, meanwhile our Viet and Cambodian and Pinay friends got whole genocide survivors in their families that we just never mention. I loved Shang-Chi, I'm going to see it multiple times, but I ain't going to lie about what it is.
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69:
What a wonderful movie it was. I enjoyed it so much
Minnie - Piano
Minnie - Piano:
I watched this yesterday, and it was worth every ounce of hype it got. The fight scenes were incredible, and the amount of sheer epicness was off the charts.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
I cannot wait to get some real martial arts fight scenes up in the MCU!
Espero que o Tony Leung fique ainda mais conhecido após esse filme. Sua parceria com o Wong Kar-Wai é do mesmo nível de De Niro/Scorsese.
This movie had me at the edge of my seat from start to finish. It's definitely my favorite Marvel installment to date! I'd go see it again in theaters in a heartbeat!
Omg this movie was insane! I'm glad the trailer didn't reveal too much!
Shang-Chi is a good movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone I know. Definitely go watch it in theaters to experience the epic battle. Dont just take my words for it or any other shills on here saying its bad. Search for the reviews on youtube and you'll see the same positive results.
Shang Chi is doing the impossible- he is challenging his asian father.
Julio's Videos
Julio's Videos:
i just finished watching this and oh man, there’s so much action i loved it
10/10 if you're planning on watching this YOU SHOULD! Me and my family watched it and we were all so pleased. Super funny and entertaining!
Kristine Ximeno
Kristine Ximeno:
Tony performance in this film is legendary!! He deserves an Oscar!!!
For some reason, I didn't think the "Ten Rings" were a weapon. THOSE LOOK AWESOME!!!
Ashutosh Rattan
Ashutosh Rattan:
Plot Summary :- Asian dad pissed off at son for not taking a career that he wanted.
Linda Sophapmysay
Linda Sophapmysay:
This movie is epic! It’s action packed, great story of if, what and why! It’s magical and mystic with flying dragons and cute fur creatures “Morris” Saw it twice in a row for my birthday this past weekend! I’m going to buy this movie once available!
Who will come back to watch this 5 years later for the nostalgia of the motivation to make u feel strong
This is easily the best Marvel movie of Phase 4 so far.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
I cannot wait for the fight scenes in this. They have such a good stunt group involved. It's going to be amazing!
kusma lau
kusma lau:
CGI is fantastic. Action is great. Tony Leung is just stunning!! Awkwafina is sooo cute.. Didn't expect this movie to be this epic. And Wong?? Suddenly Wong??? 😀LOVED IT.
Kinky Camilla
Kinky Camilla:
Best Mcu Solo movie and hands down has the best fight choreography in the MCU
charlize rianne ♡
charlize rianne ♡:
went into the cinemas so hyped to watch this movie and came out extremely happy, marvel never disappoints !!
Austin Chang
Austin Chang:
maaaaaaaan this trailer doesnt do justice on how amazing this movie was
Gorey Bits
Gorey Bits:
At this point I just want to consume anything MCU related.
This was a very well made movie. The pacing, writing, acting and effects all worked together brilliantly.
Friso Flor
Friso Flor:
This is one of the best Marvel movies ever!
luke johnston
luke johnston:
Definitely one of my top 3 favorite MCU films now. Everybody involved with this one deserves the praise that they're getting, and I'm ready to see where Shang-Chi's story heads next.
I went to see this movie with a lot of skepticism but I was pleasantly surprised how good the movie actually was. It has everything that should be in an origin story. Background, discovery of hero's self, family drama, great action sequences and of course marvel like CGI towards the end with some great action. What this movie got right for me though, regardless of its hero being a male, the portrayal of strong female leads, four of them to be exact. This is exactly how strong female characters should be depicted in movies. Their character story and development was woven into the overall story well and not just one "look at us female heroes" scene. Shang-Chi's mom, sister, aunt, and friend/girlfriend have all great stories and powerful characters. Well done!!!
Tony Stank
Tony Stank:
"be careful how you speak to me, boy"

every asian parents, yep
jayeeta choudhury
jayeeta choudhury:
SHANG Chi : Is this what you wanted ?
Me after watching the movie : Yes sir
Nancy B
Nancy B:
Watched this last week and it is one of my favourite MCU movies.
Londa Smith
Londa Smith:
The fighting scenes were incredible!
Guoliang Zhao
Guoliang Zhao:
Never though the best magic Chinese moive would be made by Marvel. Fantastic.
This movie looks sick af!
Saw this yesterday and it was a very fun movie, I know a lot of people don't care to watch the MCU movies anymore, but do yourself a favor and see Shang Chi, it was actually a lot better then I was expecting
chloe nguyen
chloe nguyen:
I absolutely loved this movie. Katy was so hilarious 😂. The siblings fighting skills is incredibly amazing 🤩
UFC 4 KO’s
UFC 4 KO’s:
This is one of the best movies i’ve seen, it’s just AMAZING
One of the very best MCU movies ever!
Appa would be proud ;)
Danielle Kat K
Danielle Kat K:
i just watched this movie and it was AMAZING!! i loved everything about it 😭❤️
shivansh sinha
shivansh sinha:
I just came after watching this movie in theatre. This movie is very different and one of the best movies I've ever seen. Whoever is reading this I guarantee you that this isn't even possible that you will not like this movie it's way too good.
This movie is fantastic! 👏 exceeded all my expectations 🙌 The cast, the plot, Mandarin, the fight scenes, everything was amazing!
Yes. I need to watch it again. The fight scenes, the effects and even the humor. Fun film and very well put together. Marvel got me back in their seat with a different style that blends in the universe.
Pradip Siwakoti
Pradip Siwakoti:
"Be careful how you speak to me, boy" - every Asian parent ever
Paul N Mimi
Paul N Mimi:
Just got back from watching Shang chi!! I was really impressed 👏🏾 👌🏾 top 10 of best marvel movies easy
This movie was dope!
John Control
John Control:
Best movie I've watched in a while!
Dwight Schrute explains why the joke is flawed
Dwight Schrute explains why the joke is flawed:
18M views. well deserved. Im so happy :) Asian Heroes in Marvel 😍😍
Andrew Crites
Andrew Crites:
Abomination versus Wong: A true WWE Matchup.
Zatanna K
Zatanna K:
I knew this movie was going to be good but I was not prepared for how amazing it was. It is so much more than an action movie, it had layers. I loved how the women were badasses.
I loved this film!! It's so beautiful, has amazing choreography in the fighting scenes, great characters. Can't wait for the sequel already! Love love love!
Thank you. This is a wonderful masterpiece.
Way K
Way K:
We just watched the movie... what an amazing Marvel one! It's been almost 2 years since we had gone to a movie due to COVID19. We were so glad to see this one in IMAX. The fight scenes were excellent. Comparing to other Marvel movies, this one has a lot more "physical fighting scenes" than just a bunch of animations. Shang-Chi and his sister really pull it off with great kongfu moves. The last fighting scene was epic! Not gonna spoil for those who haven't watched. Go watch it!
Full Fat Videos
Full Fat Videos:
Abomination. I've been waiting for this day since summer 2008.
Severus S.
Severus S.:
Marvel just nonchalantly gave us it's best villain.
Tony Leung, you remarkable man.
Caden Johnson
Caden Johnson:
I just watched and thought it was great. The music is phenomenal
Mohamed Dawood
Mohamed Dawood:
Solid 9/10. Loved everything about it.
Relaxation is Peace
Relaxation is Peace:
I loved every second of this movie. I am absolutely proud of this movie and I honestly suggest that everybody should watch this movie. AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!