Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks Gemini Man, Birds of Prey, Sky High & More - Collider Ladies Night

Check out this episode of Collider Ladies Night to hear all about Mary Elizabeth Winstead's experience working with Will Smith on Gemini Man, what it was like working on Birds of Prey with Margot Robbie, why she'd love to see a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World sequel and so much more!

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96 komentarze:

I usually get bored listening to these long-form interviews but this one was really great. She's a very well spoken and interesting person to listen to. The interviewer is very personable and good at conversing with them in a natural way too.
Alex Dom
Alex Dom:
great interview, I love how Perri can be herself with so many actors and you can tell they feel comfortable and open to all the questions, and having Mary Elizabeth is a gift she seems so down to earth and you can tell by the way she looks at Perri at the end that she had a blast!
ih8 Sin
ih8 Sin:
Wow she's aged well. She was my biggest crush in Sky High
Lindz Can
Lindz Can:
*"See Ramona Flowers in 10 years"*
*Let's make it happen! Imagine the cast back again for these movie it would be phenomenal.*
Ashkan Mathers
Ashkan Mathers:
She's a great actor and a great singer too, unfortunately due to some problems I didn't get to watch "Love, Death and Robots" and " All About Nina" but the last time I saw her acting was in season 3 of Fargo and I think she played that role perfectly. it seems that she is getting the recognition she deserves and that makes me really happy, she seems happy and healthy and it's great.
Good interview Perri! I too have loved Mary Elizabeth Winstead since FD:3! Her performances in Scott Pilgrim, Death Proof slash Grindhouse, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Faults, Smashed and Fargo the series are some of my faves. Looking forward to MEW in Gemini Man & Birds of Prey. Awesome actor and brown eyed brunette beauty :)
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
If you haven't seen All About Nina, you need to. MEW gives a tour de force performance. She's incredible.
A very good interview Perri, it was insightful and In depth. Although I do wish that you also mentioned Smashed in the interview. That was a brilliant indie film that was a raw look at alcoholism and recovery that Mary was fantastic in.
Roni Roo (iroodescent)
Roni Roo (iroodescent):
This is one of the best interviews I’ve watched in a long time; thanks to the interviewer and Mary E. W.!
From “Sky High” to “Final Destination 3”, as well as working with iconic directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, John Krasinski and Ang Lee, there’s no denying that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the best actresses of the 21st century.
Summertime Blooz
Summertime Blooz:
She was the best thing about Fargo Season 3. Seems very down-to-earth.
....She was the villain, "Royal Pain", in Sky High.
It took a while for me to remember, but's her, lol.
She's aged well too.
Dorin Busu
Dorin Busu:
You can tell that the interviewer really loves what she's doing. Very entertaining to watch and great interview!
I loved her in sky high that’s where I first discovered her and omg she is amazing also how has she not aged
C R:
I’ve been in love with her since I was 7! Loveddddd her in sky high, was one of the best Disney movies. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since
Cleverson Luis
Cleverson Luis:
Sempre linda e maravilhosa, cadê o fã clube Brasileiro aí, dá um joinha. Te amamos Wen. Bj💚🇧🇷 02/2020
Jhownee DJ
Jhownee DJ:
Perry should do a "SCREAM QUEEN'S" Circle with those amazing actresses from iconic modern horror movies. Mary should be in there, of course. I Love everything she is in. <3
You're a great interviewer. Mary is lovely, excellent work in 10 Cloverfield Lane
Her apprearance in Gemini Man is really impressive. Very intellectual. By the way, that is not a bad movie at all.
Colin VandenBerg
Colin VandenBerg:
I was on the fence about Birds of Prey until I heard she was cast. Great interview.
Thank you for mentioning FD3! That’s one of my fav films of her and my fav of the franchise.
What a nice interview! The journalist did a great job, and (I may be slightly biased here) MEW is awesome, as usual. Thanks for this!
Raphael Tavares
Raphael Tavares:
Awn I Stan the right queen since sky high! Lovely interview. Hope we see more of her
Jennifer H20
Jennifer H20:
I am obsessed with her performance in Smashed. It’s about how heroic it is to quit drinking.
Juan Vila
Juan Vila:
I knew this actress would become a star the first time a saw FD3
Luis Fernando Silva
Luis Fernando Silva:
I love actresses who are in a lot of action movies. She is one my favorites.
Ed Goldstein
Ed Goldstein:
Aww I'm so happy to hear she has a great relationship with her stunt double this is especially amusing given Scott Pilgrim, because reasons.
Chandan Hati
Chandan Hati:
Liking this video mainly for bringing Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I first saw her in Make it Happen but had always loved her roles.
Savita Kumari
Savita Kumari:
I hope DC makes huntress series and stream on HBO max❤
Edward DeBrae
Edward DeBrae:
This interviewer had asked some great questions 👍👍👍👍
The Man
The Man:
How the hell did I forget she was in Sky High?
Camus Altamirano
Camus Altamirano:
Mary Elizabeth Winstead? More like Marry Me Elizabeth Winstead
John Murray
John Murray:
I miss her old fringe bangs look. She was absolutely stunning with that style.
I’ve loved her since Sky High. That was the superhero movie I grew up with, along with The Powerpuff Girls I guess 😅

I think her role as Ramona Flowers was what really made her a favorite of mine. That is my favorite movie and I always love seeing her and Brie Larson (and all the women) in that film. I purposely check and seek out films/tv work they do. I’m so happy she has Gemini Man and Birds of Prey coming up. She always looked at home with being a bad ass character. It seems like perfect casting. Love her!

Thanks for this interview Perri and Collider ❤️
LOVED her in Fargo
Sean Mesler
Sean Mesler:
I love Sky High.
31 minutes of mary elizabeth winstead straight?! sign me up
Audrey Schockett
Audrey Schockett:
Derick Leal
Derick Leal:
her face has changed from sky high, but she is still gorgeous
Jace Woods
Jace Woods:
Gemini Man and Kate str8 up action hero❤❤❤
yoga renaldi
yoga renaldi:
My favourite actresss..
Christian Earl Sabijon
Christian Earl Sabijon:
SAME GURL! Team Final Destination!
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield:
Seeing her in that cheerleader outfit in death proof 😍😍
God I never realised who she was until
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Rob Sadler
Rob Sadler:
Wait, is the the beautiful woman that sings So It Goes?!?!
Piotr Marek
Piotr Marek:
Everyone will write „she is underrated”. Yes, sir Alfred Hitchcock never got an Oscar, but was the best for lot of people. Maybe this talented woman will share a temporary fate of that great filmmaker during her life, but maybe in a 200 years people will still remember Mary Elisabeth Winstead as the great artist, and will forget about Halle Berry, Charlize Theron or Gwyneth Paltrow. God will make it alright and great history will pay tribute to her.
jon-michael fink
jon-michael fink:
love her
Matthew Tuakolo
Matthew Tuakolo:
Didnt know she was the villain from sky high
Meta Bats
Meta Bats:
This interview gets 5 Deweys!!!
love her!
Chris N.
Chris N.:
I just watched scott pilgrim :)
Brandan Miller
Brandan Miller:
Sky High 2 or TV Series based on the 2005 Movie plot of Sky High!
I think boruto will finaly learn how to use karma against jigen or isshiki otsususki lets see what happens aftwerwards but it seems ishikki will eventually possess kawaki
Uriel Valle
Uriel Valle:
She was my biggest crush on Scott pilgrim vs the world
Ramona on my mind.
Joe Barlow
Joe Barlow:
When does she talk sky high?
TayIor Swift
TayIor Swift:
kudos to the interviewer mentioned FD3 YASSS
Brandan Miller
Brandan Miller:
What about the Movie she was in called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!!!!
당장 헌트리스 시리즈를 제작하세요
Fajar Bahari
Fajar Bahari:
I fucking love her in Fargo
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan:
the interviewer was operating at level 10 high and Mary was at level 10 chill, a bit of a mismatch.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
MEW is everything.
Naughty Pencil
Naughty Pencil:
Most beautiful women alive
juan carlos Gonzalez
juan carlos Gonzalez:
The best ❤️‍🔥😍
She's so beautiful
I'll forever be in lesbians with her, even as she's now married.
Andres Crisanto
Andres Crisanto:
Gemini man was shot in my town😀😀😀
Still my crush
Jim Hults
Jim Hults:
What have you done to Kelly Preston, you evil demon!
Jim Hults
Jim Hults:
You kill Jetstream!
Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez:
She is so cute
Esteban Franchina
Esteban Franchina:
Lucy McClane... <3
Ramona, always
Ceesar ort3Ga
Ceesar ort3Ga:
she's 5'8 that is tall for a beautiful girl?
savs aloha
savs aloha:
ramona flowers. ramona flowers. ramona flowers. that’s all i think about
Ercan Öner
Ercan Öner:
Mary 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Red Shirts
Red Shirts:
* Girl interviewing girl *

Femminists: **microwave noise**
Noé Orozco
Noé Orozco:
Here. 5 out of 5.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Darren Shan
Darren Shan:
Oh my my
Olrac Beber
Olrac Beber:
I love mary elesabeth winsted.
Matthew Juarez
Matthew Juarez:
Ramona 😍
Perry ! :)
Why does she look.... different.
Wtf why her voice sound completely different?
Vision the Dad who is now dead
Vision the Dad who is now dead:
Home wreckerrrr
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Kanga Janga
Kanga Janga:
Ramona Flowers 💕💗💖💕
Carlos neganizates his ser of presuncion fantoches he corvetizar his faces of neganizador mercenary of war
Jude MF
Jude MF:
Don’t get me wrong, I love Mary but I’m just at a loss with her sometimes. She always seemed great and I know she isn’t as famous as she should be but when I read she was pretty scandalous and cheated on her husband and leaving said husband for Ewan McGregor, breaking his family in the process-that kinda took my whole perception of her as a really good person bc she had this type of novelty to her that kinda dampened
clarence gibbonz
clarence gibbonz:
I saw the film, - predictable but great stuff.
Motorcycle scene was cool and a neat surprise.
But I can’t understand why there was no sexual chemistry between Henry and Danny?

Clearly there were fizzles of attraction between them but the writers kept them apart? Odd for film like this. - If Tom Cruise was the guest star he would demand that he gets to kiss the girl at the end. So why not Smith. Don’t you find Winstead attractive?

A script is a script, but Look Hollywood, if there is to be a sequel to this film (perhaps called triplets) make sure Winstead & Smith get it on!
They are not brother & sister trying to find a lost dog. They are two people with a lot in common, such clearly seen in this film... unspoken love.

A shame.
Hermanto Syafrudin
Hermanto Syafrudin:
Ramona Flowers..
Lost Chromatician
Lost Chromatician:
Wendy Christensen
samsa deniz
samsa deniz:
Mary the "Homewrecker" ;)
Edward Cee. Adam Adam
Edward Cee. Adam Adam:
Love Mary but this critic has a serious feminist agenda