Mary Kay Letourneau Dead at 58

Mary Kay Letourneau, the former Washington middle school teacher, who made headlines for her sexual relationship with Vili Fualaau, an underage student in 1997, has died after battling stage 4 colon cancer.

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Theresa Toomer
Theresa Toomer:
Vili is set free now. Hopefully emotionally and psychologically he can go on with his life and with his daughters.
People are defending her?? She raped and groomed a child who ended up brainwashed till her death...HE WAS 13
O.C. Bobbie
O.C. Bobbie:
ONE MISTAKE? The thing she did affected six children! Sad
F.C. Laney
F.C. Laney:
How low must you feel to have sex and fall in love with a 13 year old!? This was a person the public trusted with their kids🤦🏾‍♂️ unbelievable
If this was a man and had 2 children with his student before she was 15 would had been in prison for 15 years or more. Double standards.
Pamela Evans
Pamela Evans:
Part of her seems very childlike and she never really grew up mentally...
paige xoxo
paige xoxo:
Stop saying he "loved" her. HE WAS TRAUMA BONDED TO HER, he had Stockholm syndrome
Witch's Brew Views
Witch's Brew Views:
Poor guy didn't even have a youth. He went from a kid to bam a man, all because she "fell in love" with him 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Shandria Johnson
Shandria Johnson:
She groomed that poor child for years. Here’s to hoping that he seeks counseling and can finally live a somewhat normal life.
Anything everything
Anything everything:
She destroyed two man's life , her first Husband (the man must have suffered alot , self esteem, confidence and what not ) her 4 children only God knows what trauma they might have gone through ...
A 13 years old boy Villi , he lost his entire childhood .. ...
RIP to the woman but she never felt guilty..
People , everyone , she died but never be like her ..... That's gross , totally immoral and totally ridiculous and absolutely guilty ...!!!
Starless Grimm
Starless Grimm:
Why is everyone feeling bad for this child grooming predator? She was a danger to society and took advantage of him at an age where he couldn't consent! She made sure she got pregnant so he couldn't leave her! This is absolutely the most disgusting portrayal of a child predator I have ever seen. Whoever made this should be investigated.
Ariana D
Ariana D:
“One mistake she made.” Why do we insist on calling child rape a mistake when a female commits it...but as it should, ...remain forever called rape when committed by a male? That’s not a question, I’m simply making a point. All the media exposure, interviews and specials...gave this child rapist way to much positive attention. She’s dead, yes...but that doesn’t change who or what she was or did.
Tiger Steele
Tiger Steele:
Ravenesque One
Ravenesque One:
A child predator deserves no further recognition beyond conviction.
Well that was a pretty BIG mistake she made. It wasn’t like she got arrested for smoking pot or jaywalking. She abused a child.
man yall making it sound like she died a hero- if this was a man yall would be throwing your hands istg-
SMFH if this were a man the comments section would b totally different
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez:
If this was a man everyone would be saying the opposite.? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
All the sympathetic people in the comments feeling sorry for a rapist 💀 he was 12!!!!
The FA Nurse
The FA Nurse:
My sympathy goes out to ALL of her children. Vili seemed loyal to her until, the end.
Wendy Darling
Wendy Darling:
Had this been my thirteen year old son she would have died of lead poisoning.
somebody you know
somebody you know:
Vili, the student she married, is 37 years old now. They divorced in 2019. He can still find someone else better for him.
n l
n l:
Well she had her fun and thrill with a 12 yr old boy. Funny how the media refers to it as a "sexual relationship"..but if it was a man, it suddenly becomes "sexual assault" or "sexual abuse"? Weird huh? 🤔
Tonya Bomia
Tonya Bomia:
Her one mistake? If a man had made that same mistake he'd still be in prison.
suzy catipiller
suzy catipiller:
She was supposed to be the adult. A teacher. It was wrong even if she is a woman and is cute. Parents trusted her and she let them down.
KAM masseela
KAM masseela:
Nope, she will only b remembered for raping her pupil. That's what she's famous for though. And why do they say it was her mistake that she made? It wasn't a mistake, she defended it and nailed it in by marrying the child and having children with him. Can't believe she died. No remorse.
Karen Vincent
Karen Vincent:
She besmirched the teaching profession and I for one will never forgive that. So many teachers work so very hard for very little money and would never dream of doing something despicable like this.
Sebrina L. Payne-Biscardi
Sebrina L. Payne-Biscardi:
God will forever have to work on my heart with forgiving PEDOPHILES because my human heart cannot do it. She was sick in the mind and did multiple disgusting acts towards that young man and she will have to answer to God for that behavior.
J. J.
J. J.:
Notice the media keeps trying to put a sympathy spin on this predator? I understand this crap is the dominate society's favorite past time but damn..
J2 34
J2 34:
If she were a man their story wouldn't be so romanticized. She was mentally sick.
The Brattiness
The Brattiness:
No offense to their children but why are we promoting this women for her past behaviors? Why are we acknowledging her in the first place?
Y O:
So having a sexual relationship with a 13 year old is her idea of doing her best? Can't imagine what she would've done if she decided to live wrecklessly 😬.
Agnes Olsvik
Agnes Olsvik:
When you watch this, and later interviews, you can tell the lady was very manipulative.
Anne* 411
Anne* 411:
Oh damn colon cancer is usually detected when its too late. That was sweet of Vili even though they werent together anymore
Peach Tea
Peach Tea:
I remember watching this on the news as a kid. I think she was a predator. If she had been a man she would have been called a monster. As a woman the media made it out to be a star crossed love.
This poor and loyal man can get on with his life. Totally overpowered him.
Tammy Bettiga
Tammy Bettiga:
Sending prayers to the children she had... No matter what happened... The children loved their mother ❤️
Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein:
Your best would have been to tell him NO.
Wendell madfinger
Wendell madfinger:
If this was a man in this position he would still be in jail and forgotten about
Tina Davidson
Tina Davidson:
RIP my prayers go out to the family especially the kids....peace n love
M Soda
M Soda:
I feel sorry for her children losing their mother
Tracey Gray
Tracey Gray:
She,has four other children from her first husband,that divorce her,when he,found our about her,sex Acts.
He,had custody of his chest.
I,wonder how those children felt about her
Their father move to another state to protect them.
She,was sexual pervert,and,her being a woman don't change that
She,was his secretary grade teacher at one time.
How can you,look at a twelve year old boy or girl,and, do that.
There are male organizations that feels it okay to have sex with a two year old boy.
Those folks who ruin children lives should be put u nder the jail or prison cell.
The Catholsric Church wouldn't have to shut down schools if they didn't have to pay settlements for those nasty priests they would just send to different parishs to orey upon boys and,girls.
All these nasty folks always wanted to work around children in churches, schools,boy,and,girl scouts, recreation centers, daycare.
They deserve life in prison and, to stay in their cells twehty four hours a day.
God Bless those children and adults who suffers from these folks preyijg on them,please heal then physically and mentally.
Some of these children turn to drugs, and, alcohol and,still battling substance abuse as adults.
Money can't heal the pain!
Love 💝 and ☮️ Peace ❣️
Wow. This was THE scandal in my junior high years.
Mrs. B.
Mrs. B.:
As a woman I am pissed off royally for all of the men!! If this were a male teacher that had done this to a female student there would have been a whole nother level of hate, and that is so not fair!! 🙄 Go figure.
Amy Gonzales
Amy Gonzales:
He must have cared for her. I read he took care of her till the end. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Pinky Johns
Pinky Johns:
A true tragedy all the way around.
Jeoni Tao
Jeoni Tao:
Smh, fame for being a predator.
Smile Big
Smile Big:
He is finally free
Amilah Mohammed
Amilah Mohammed:
to their children also keep coping my condolences
Island ASMR
Island ASMR:
Prayers to her family.
Diane Dahy
Diane Dahy:
So very sad. Condolences to her family.
H C:
Its sad she defends what she did but atleast Villi loved her
It's all in the hands of the Divine now ...
brandi covey
brandi covey:
I feel bad for her kids
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas:
Wow so sad for her girls !
Didn't she have a whole family before her "one mistake"? Did she do the right thing for them? Even for her youngest kids, what kind of example did she set when it came to boundaries and loyalty? Praying for her family and her soul.
Heather Bledsoe
Heather Bledsoe:
Wow! Kinda Sad. 58 is still not old.I'm glad he was there for her in the end.🙏💞
Marcy Darcy
Marcy Darcy:
Let’s just say this was the other way around 😳
Rich Q
Rich Q:
One mistake she made? She made at least two offenses, not mistakes, as evidence by the two children she had by him! If this were a man, it would be totally different!
Kristen Almonte
Kristen Almonte:
Very sorry for her b/c of her children. She leaves them behind.
Margie Colon Sanchez
Margie Colon Sanchez:
My deepest condolences to family and friends sorry for y’all lost
fair is fair
fair is fair:
Naya reviera missing is more important to me
He came back to care for her because, she's the mother of his children and he does love her even though they were separated. That's what any person with a heart would do.
thepickledpear studioshoppe
thepickledpear studioshoppe:
She answers to her own Maker. I send love to her family and friends.
Renee Chen
Renee Chen:
They lasted longer than many other couples.
Pasta Tasha
Pasta Tasha:
DANG ! This Year is something else ...
Angie Jackson
Angie Jackson:
People should have compassion for her children, unfortunately they did not choose the person that was their mother.. she did her time for her crime, and it's the devine who will judge her.. it's not up to any human being we all have flawes, None of us are perfect and have committed some sort of sins in our life.. if not for her have respect and compassion for her children, she has to face God as far as judgement .. There a old saying when someone one passes away, if there's nothing good to say then don't say anything at all... Condolences to her daughter's and her family.🙏🙏🙏 Blood of Jesus.
Assad Muhammad
Assad Muhammad:
I was wondering why I was seeing so much content from her lately on you tube . She’s dead now so I won’t speak ill of her because she isn’t here to defend herself . My only hope is that her loved ones find peace in their time of bereavement and for Vily to move on with his life and experience full and complete love peace and happiness.
M F Q:
Absolute nonsense that ET portrays things this way. She violated the trust of a family and a child. She embedded herself in Villi’s psychology, before he had any way to understand the bigger picture. This is a disgusting situation, every bit as much as, for example, Elvis and pricilla was... It is complicated, but it was still resoundingly wrong. It’s also against the law, and for good reason. ET makes itself complicit with perpetrators to present things in this way. Utterly shameless.
Arman Buenaventura
Arman Buenaventura:
He came back at the end of her life to take care of her. Rest in Peace.
Lyne Mailloux
Lyne Mailloux:
I just feel sad for the girls. They lost there mother.
Anna Lam
Anna Lam:
I feel so sorry for her, she was still young. Any way he was there for her in her last days! Rest In Peace, Mary Kay!
Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart:
I didn't know She passed my condolences to the family
Tim Rubin Halcomb
Tim Rubin Halcomb:
What I am saying is that she should have waited until he became 18. I still do not wish cancer on anyone. People are so brave when they are not facing death, but most aren't when it happens to them. The world is a deception, and its wrong. It's easy to play judge and/or tough when it's not you.
so sad... tragic.
Ville cared about her to be there by her side at her death big heart that boy
Lady88 Bandida de San Luis
Lady88 Bandida de San Luis:
God is going to judge you Mary You cannot escape that.
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan:
Hopefully she made peace with God
Ann Williams
Ann Williams:
She did your time and she should be respected no one has right to judge her but god and he has decided to bring her home RIP Mary
I hear a lot of your guys saying O I feel soo bad for her bla bla bla . But would you feel bad for her if she was a man and did what she did to a underage teen ? Why does women get looked at as not aggressors when it comes to sexual exploitation but men never get the same energy ? A woman can be just as sick as a man and it’s sad she died but let’s not forget what she did and not undermine the crime because if she was a he we would not be as kind right now .
Cynthia Garnica
Cynthia Garnica:
Oh well obviously he likes her n had more kids by her by 18 yr old u know ur feeling n what's right n wrong he chose not to date nobody else he was n love
Gloria Bowie
Gloria Bowie:
She gave up custody of her four kids,just to be with him.
M Tarrats
M Tarrats:
My condolences to the family
The Natural
The Natural:
Satan's smiling, she one of his favorite pupils no doubt! 👹
Teresa Harvey
Teresa Harvey:
So sad. R I P. Mary. God bless your family.
Ellie May
Ellie May:
Entire story is sad!
I am sorry for her family. She was so young. RIP
Christina Skiles
Christina Skiles:
Idk anymore. I just know there are many ppl in pain over her loss. She was a daughter a mother a sister a lot of loss there when cancer attacks any family 😢
Loretta Smith
Loretta Smith:
God forgives her soul rest in peace
Hebrew Helena
Hebrew Helena:
She was so beautiful. Sad.
katy s.
katy s.:
I sorry
God bless Marys family!!
I pray for the repose of Marys soul
God bless you dear Mary, peace in heaven now!
Beautiful lady.
The “boy” is finally free
Danielle Sjerven
Danielle Sjerven:
Rest In Peace Mary Kay Letorneau.
Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez:
She was so beautiful. RIP
Super Sonic
Super Sonic:
She was an ODD duck
Just Me
Just Me:
2:45 Yes you did Mary . yes you did now you may Rest In Peace 🌸🌼🌻💐🌷🌹🌺
Trevor Torquato
Trevor Torquato:
Not one mistake. She did it over and over again.
Sarah walshaw
Sarah walshaw:
thankfully hes young enough to now try have a normal relationship, away from a paedophile!
Rosalia Kasolo
Rosalia Kasolo:
May we please leave all our judgement to God, now that she is gonna and free from us. May your soul rest in please.💝💝
Renee Lawson
Renee Lawson:
Rest In Peace .