Mary Kay Letourneau - the teacher jailed for raping a student she later married | Sunday Night

This story originally aired on September 23, 2018.

Mary Kay Letourneau was a Seattle-area teacher who gained infamy after her 1997 conviction for second-degree child rape of 12-year-old Vili Fualaau. She was a 34-year-old mother of four when the rape occurred. They married in 2005 and had two children. Matt Doran sat down with the couple in a world exclusive.

Following this story, the pair divorced, and Mary Kay Letourneau died in July 2020 from cancer.

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Glad the interviewer gives her a hard time about their illegal relationship. We need to stop the double standards on female sex predators.
Jerra's Kitchen
Jerra's Kitchen:
OMG. She doesnt even admit that what she did was wrong.
He does not look happy at all. She is a bully and she stole his childhood and life.
Heather Jeneau
Heather Jeneau:
This woman is disgusting. You can see her continuing to manipulate him even now.
"who's the boss"? The way she kept interrogating him clearly shows SHE was the boss. She took no responsibility for her actions. Completely gross and very predatory.
Letecia Sherrie
Letecia Sherrie:
We talk about girls getting molested but we don’t talk about boys. She’s disgusting
Janifa Ria
Janifa Ria:
You don’t need to be an expert to read the discomfort in his body language
Dude she looks like a Karen.

And he looks regretful af.
Latoya Godfrey
Latoya Godfrey:
She’s flattered that 8 year olds are trying to look under her skirt. And she was soo proud to tell that disturbing story.
A Nunez
A Nunez:
I see him turn back to a child when he sits next to her but when he is interviewed by himself he looks like a man....that women is awful.
Zee Vogue
Zee Vogue:
You can see the pain in his eyes. He stayed with her for the sake of his daughters until they were adults. That woman is disgusting and creepy.
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith:
I feel so sorry for him. He still thinks he loves her and she got her karma she got cancer and died now hes grieving... so sad so sick.
Blood in my veins
Blood in my veins:
This women still doesnt see anything wrong. This guy was a child and she was a mom to four kids yet blaming it on immaturity. This is pure psychological control and manipulation
Shillah The 254 BOSS
Shillah The 254 BOSS:
This guy is not happy. Periodt!
We can see that in his eyes. He's broken, confused, uncomfortable through out the interview. She should let him go and find his life. She's just a manipulator. I feel sorry for that guy that he hasn't gotten the chance to enjoy his life as a child and as an adult.
And yeah, am so proud of this interviewer. He puts everything as it is. I feel like strangling this woman.
Single Tish
Single Tish:
The interviewer looked DISGUSTED. he looked like he would stand and leave but had no other option
CHIC pearls by Tsedua
CHIC pearls by Tsedua:
He still looks abused to me. The woman is the power . He is stuck in his mind and has no say. I pity for him . He didn’t live his childhood due to childhood mistakes. It’s sad
Verena Simone
Verena Simone:
He even said “I did it for them” he married her for his 2 children, so they have 2 parents, something he never had.
Brii ii
Brii ii:
"This is ridiculous", "This is getting weird".
It is. Creepy.
Michelle J
Michelle J:
This lady is crazy - she talks like she's a victom
"Should I have run from him?". He's a student you are 35. Wtf. What running is there?
Keep Austin Keto
Keep Austin Keto:
I think I was 21 when this happened. She’s disgusting. If it was a man he would have been arrested.
Little boys have flirted with their teacher before. It’s meant to be corrected not entertained.
brianna mallory
brianna mallory:
We need interviewers like him more often! I loved that he wasn’t letting her go so easy.
briana jacoway
briana jacoway:
So where is her other 4 kids ? Cause looks to me like she forgot all about them and moved on to start this “family” with him
He looks almost scared to say anything and as if he needs her approval.
Brandi Jones
Brandi Jones:
She has a twisted mind. But time did her so dirty. She looks horrible!!!!
Carrie Ohanyerenwa
Carrie Ohanyerenwa:
This interviewer is the absolute best! Called out all her stupidity.
NomondeMokoena Music
NomondeMokoena Music:
I am so annoyed by Mary’s stupidness, she has a degree, went to college but don’t know that having sex with a minor is a crime. Please 😠😡
Mookie Bear
Mookie Bear:
She’s trying her hardest to manipulate the situation. She’s sick in the head
bad bleep
bad bleep:
why is she tryna put the blame on the guy like she wasn’t the adult
ginnie D
ginnie D:
She talks to him like she's still in the classroom, she's quite horrible I feel awful for him and the daughters and also the husband and children of her first marriage
That whole “who was the boss” thing was awkward AF I know her blood was boiling because he went off script from what she probably rehearsed with him 😂
Katelyn Chapma
Katelyn Chapma:
She says she thinks she's wrongly imprisoned I say I think she deserves to be in prison
Anniyah Groth
Anniyah Groth:
This is horrible. Mary trying to blame him like she wasn’t the adult the situation. Knowing that he only stayed for his girls makes it even more sad because that means he WAS/probably is unhappy and he didn’t want their lives to be like how his was. I hope she sees all these comments and knows how ‼️‼️DISGUSTING‼️‼️she is.
Gege Edward
Gege Edward:
She only got 6 months in jail that’s what you call white privileged
Hope Martin
Hope Martin:
Why is she flattered that 8 year old boys were tying to look under her skirt...that’s when you teach the boys a lesson about respecting boundaries
He literally said he stayed for the kids. He does not love her. In fact, he never says he loved/loves her throughout this entire interview. Poor guy.
Maria Pilar
Maria Pilar:
She looks so happy talking about 8 year old boys trying to look under her skirt. I'm done
understanding the scripture
understanding the scripture:
He looks older than he is; this older woman has zapped his youth from him.
Marlaina burnouf
Marlaina burnouf:
When she was asking Villi “who was the boss?” That was soooo cringy!!!
Danisha Hamilton
Danisha Hamilton:
You can see where’s she’s trying to manipulate the interviewer, but he’s not buying it!
V P:
She’s so lost even now that she thinks she isn’t the one to blame. Can’t believe they let this girl teach children. She needs a psych evaluation. Totally ruined this guys life.
Raven Randall
Raven Randall:
She looks like a scare crow . Something is wrong with her mind
Kizzi Kimani
Kizzi Kimani:
The interviewer is absolutely the Best !!! No filter his facial expression just shows Mary how disgusted he is ..
sydney eugenia
sydney eugenia:
she’s really arguing that 13 year olds are not children... oh hellllll no. as a mother of a baby boy this whole case/video got me HEATED!!!
Chashma Gourgue
Chashma Gourgue:
Extremely sad. You can clearly see that’s he’s still being manipulated and he can’t seem to get away. How can a 13 year old be your “boss” at 35? She needs help, period.
gina smith
gina smith:
He looks totally confused and I don’t think their kids are ok with it. JMO
Burberry ClaretRed
Burberry ClaretRed:
He was destroyed in childhood with horrible male and female parental role models
Chantal Mazo
Chantal Mazo:
He looks like he's still getting abused to this day. She is literally a psycho.
Captive Cat
Captive Cat:
I desperately wish the interviewer would have asked “So if one of your daughters were 14 and a 35 year old man had molested her, how would you feel?” It’s tragic that this woman was allowed to go and marry her victim. This is so wrong, he should have a retraining order but like most long term victims, he was emotionally manipulated and groomed from a young age.
S L:
Wow is she drunk? She’s like weird bossy. This is strangely uncomfortable and he looks whooped.
Sandra Clark
Sandra Clark:
She is so crazy. She claims she didn’t know it was a crime. How does she explain her second offense on parole.
She is clearly mental and he looks like he is still abused!
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue:
She ruined his life. As an adult he looks lost & empty
This old woman was so delusional ... “there are situations where there could be abuse”... uhhh lady that was one of those situations. Disgusting 🤮
Sleep Mares
Sleep Mares:
She had the nerve to cut up her daughter's pads out of her padded bra because she said "it's wrong on so many levels" but yet what she did was not wrong?
Christopher Green
Christopher Green:
If this was vise versa he would be burned at the stake.
Jenny Soans
Jenny Soans:
She's not good for him or their kids. He should leave her
Debbie Abraham-Glasgow
Debbie Abraham-Glasgow:
He doesnt look happy at all...he isnt even saying anything. She looks like his grandmother😬
Priv Varaidzo
Priv Varaidzo:
Just found out she died 6 July and this was published 8 July. She abused that child
Meri See
Meri See:
Young boys usually have fascination with their pretty teachers. What's wrong is she's already married with 4 kids.
Dia Simmonds
Dia Simmonds:
What, a teacher didn’t know that sleeping with a minor is a crime?🧐 😂😂😂😂 The guy still seems like a child in his responses
kelly xx
kelly xx:
Wow so sloppy. And she’s trying to defend it and blame him. She’s disgusting.
Anna Reyes
Anna Reyes:
She has the mind of a sexual predictor. The factors I see are blaming the victim, manipulation, and control.
Earth Mama
Earth Mama:
In case you didnt know, they separated and she died this past July. Maybe his healing can now begin.
Marvarine Campbell
Marvarine Campbell:
This woman is a narcissist and she will never see where she did anything wrong. Even now she will admit that it's all her fault because she didn't act like the adult and he was the Sam age as one of her children. Not only that she should have told someone and let him get help. When I listen to her asking him who was the boss is just telling me that she will never take responsibility for her actions. She did know that it was a crime because she was a teacher and she knew that she's a reporter to CPS when a child is being abused by an adult or anyone also when you take your exam to be registered as a teacher it states in your contract that as an educator you must report any and all abused to the state.
When she asked him “who was the boss back then”, proves she is a manipulative person. He manipulated the child and even until now. She should be in jail
Genevive Momim
Genevive Momim:
She is sick. This is very disturbing story and I feel sorry for this boy
ChyNa TowN
ChyNa TowN:
That part she kept saying “who was the boss?!!” really pissed me off in trying to make him say that he pursued her. He was a child—PERIOD!!!
Lu Miabeauty
Lu Miabeauty:
He looks lost 😳 when she gives this bizarre and crazy answer. He absolutely knows she is crazy
Nikki C
Nikki C:
Dude really? "He wanted it, he pursued me." WTH!! She is the adult. Just say no. Period. She has issues.
Zahra Husain
Zahra Husain:
He looks wayyyy older than his age, poor guy! And he looks miserable as hell!!
Leah Miller
Leah Miller:
Besides the fact that she’s a predator, she was so rude towards the interviewer and towards the victim.
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows:
“Who was the boss” that part disgusted me. Honestly. How delusional. She abused him.
Trisha Townsend
Trisha Townsend:
This is the biggest BS. Two things she has on her side: being white and a female. I called BS on the justice System, it's so broken and will never put together again.
She was truly mental. I feel sorry for all of her children even the husbandchild.
And all the faces Vili makes when she’s telling the stories of “how things went”. He was failed as a child.
steven sherrier
steven sherrier:
He's 34 with a 21 year old daughter lol
Miyagi S
Miyagi S:
It’s crazy how manipulative she is. She’s not owning up to her actions at all, she’s putting it all on him. How gross
fatima espin
fatima espin:
She is just disgusting! How could she?? She's still a manipulative person. Makes me mad!
jasonROXcarlySUX Will
jasonROXcarlySUX Will:
She swears she didn't know she was breaking the law. Right from prison, gets pregnant by the same boy, again! Rest in piss! U can't fend off a 12 year old?! Plz!
Jeanette Garcia
Jeanette Garcia:
She looks kind of crazy and talks weird
Deborah Whyte
Deborah Whyte:
This interviewer is struggling to keep his face straight. This woman more or less ruined his life. Tbh, he was probably forced to marry her by his rents.
Sarah Stortz
Sarah Stortz:
it's really satisfying to watch the reporter call out mary as the gross predator that she is lmao
Blanca Avila
Blanca Avila:
He doesn't look happy you can see it in his eyes, and her trying to excuse what she did
Amelia Paula Rosales
Amelia Paula Rosales:
This is a terrible woman! A good manipulator. The young boy was manipulated.
Chantal Geerings
Chantal Geerings:
Disturbing...when she said over and over again who is the boss. She was insane
ZeNa M. BsNo
ZeNa M. BsNo:
🙈🙉😣 I cringed!!!! Oh my God what a horrible moment 💔😣🙈
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor:
He looks miserable. I’m sure he has a lot of regrets.
Nye Nairobi
Nye Nairobi:
The look on his face is saying “I can’t wait until this interview is over so I can go be with my girlfriend”🥴😂
Kayte Anderson
Kayte Anderson:
For those who can't read, they got divorced, Mary died of cancer.
He looks so sad and embarrassed sitting next to her while she speaks...
Cecelia Marble
Cecelia Marble:
This woman died of Colon Cancer, July 6th of 2020.
She's met her maker and faced judgement.
Sonia Diaz
Sonia Diaz:
He looks so uncomfortable and confused while she's talking during this interview.
yamilette calderon
yamilette calderon:
She’s dumb, she obviously knew what she was doing was a crime because if she didn’t know she wouldn’t have hid it, she knew it was wrong
Carly MacKinnon
Carly MacKinnon:
Man he hates his life with her

Glad she’s in the ground
Groepje 13
Groepje 13:
I hate how she says " you shouldn't say[he was] a little boy" because she's taking away his childhood from him by saying that
Invictus Kynta
Invictus Kynta:
The way she handles her talked during the interview is so manipulative and absurd....
Amy Bond
Amy Bond:
She's a narcissist and her family are her victims.
Desta Jong
Desta Jong:
Predator at her finest
“I was presude”
“You wanted to look under my skirt”
“Should i run from him”
“Who was the boss”10x

Poor guy, must feel pressure growing up without a dad, Stockholm vibes
yaya jajajaja la jajajaja
yaya jajajaja la jajajaja:
She looks crazy she acts like a 15 year old girl