MASSIVE CHANGES: NEW BUFFS & NERFS Coming in Patch 11.4 - League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:29​​ Skins
0:43 Jungle Nerfs
1:50 QOTD
2:14​ Moonstone Renewer
2:43​ Everfrost
3:19 Cosmic Drive
3:58 Guinsoo’s Rageblade
4:07 Chempunk Chainsword
4:11 Mortal Reminder
4:15​ Morellonomicon
4:43 Renekton
5:06 Camille
5:41​​ Skarner
6:04​ Samira
6:42​ Kai’sa
7:16​ Fiora
7:44 Tryndamere
8:18​ Amumu
8:33 Lee Sin
8:48​ Talon
9:26​​ Veigar
10:02 Caitlyn
10:32 Jinx
10:45 Varus
11:05 Braum
11:38​ Soraka
12:04 Conclusion
12:20​ Outro

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100+ komentarze:

No Randoms
No Randoms:
Lol samira got Apheliosed🤣
Riot making the same jungle mistake as always junglers being punished for jungling means more lane presence
That one Guy
That one Guy:
why are adcs getting more nerfs when they can get 1 shotted by another other role in the game💀💀
me: Buys Samira and is thinking to main her
Riot: Nerfs her only escape tool, and nerfs her to oblivion
me: ( surprised pikachu face )
Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol:
How can you just glaze over Samira getting absolutely gutted and turn right around and treat Kai'Sa's small insignificant nerf as if she'll finally be balanced? All the while Jhin walks free with no nerf at all.
one day a rioter went against fiora in top lane and really thought to himself '' damn that shit weak''
it doesnt feel like jinx is getting a buff, more of getting her missing hp back.
I'll just stop JG'ing and dodge more
Joshua Gilbert
Joshua Gilbert:
Can we nerf laner's ability to spam "jg diff" when they're losing while we nerf the whole jg role?
Can't wait for ls to scream in pain at this patch notes
Random story
Random story:
Thank you Riot. Now junglers will be getting more flamed. Some of the junglers will be so damn hard to play because they won't be able to clear.
WTF first time seeing nathan and he is super cute
Edit: be my valentines Nathan
"NathanxKangas confirmed?" is today's real QOTD lmao
Damn, I was like: wow riot starts buffing and nerfing correctly, samira nerf, kaisa nerf, i see fiora - wait a green color word that spells "buff"? what the fuck
Fasih Wasim
Fasih Wasim:
I can clear waves now without leaving the castors at 0.5 hp😤👍🏼
Lukas Slepanek
Lukas Slepanek:
When there are 2 adcs that dont feel useles. Riot....
taamallah dhia
taamallah dhia:
Talon is soon returning to his favorite job: banging AdcS
Xavier Archer
Xavier Archer:
lol, I love that intro. You'll find someone Nathan dont worry
Ik Samira was obnoxious but now noone will ever pick or ban her. Noone will even remember she exists in just some weeks unless they compensate buff her
Victor Lee
Victor Lee:
"Unlike me on Valentine's Day." Same
Foggy Studios
Foggy Studios:
So we're going to see smites on cannon minions again. Oh boy. x'D
Jayash Pandey
Jayash Pandey:
I hope Samira joins K/DA so she'll become good too
D P:
Me watching these upcoming jg nerfs like: “If they die, they die”
Asian Otaku
Asian Otaku:
Hash is probably happy about the fiora buff. I can’t wait for his reaction.
The new cosmic drive is great on veigar, because you can utilize the passive on it very easily. Maybe it would be a better first item since it spikes harder on veigar. And since veigar's q mana cost is lowered, you are not as dependent on lost chapter, you might have to take tear though.
Gamer CP
Gamer CP:
As a jungle main, I can’t wait to duo top after this patch!
Loik Lafrance
Loik Lafrance:
Oh ew poor Samira lmao I don’t even know if she’s worth playing anymore
rip samira 2020-2021
SirWinterFox Gaming
SirWinterFox Gaming:
cant wait till 11.4 maybe this is the patch that makes me quit league :)
Imagine a meta where there is more than 3 adc's are viable. I just want to see champions like Aphelios, Samira, Kalista being viable as the other picks. Is it that hard to make them decent without broking them?
Unai Matxain
Unai Matxain:
Samira nerfed to the oblivion lol
This makes me so sad (jungle update, just the health changes I’m fine with xp)
Me a yorick main: oh boy i hope yorick gets a buff since he has been getting indirectly nerfed from items
Riot: buffs other top laners that are already bad matchups for yorick
Nate Torres
Nate Torres:
Wow. Samira nerfed straight into the f*cking ground. Maybe near aphelios. Maybe
James Moore
James Moore:
Laners: jungle is supppsed clear all their camps, secure all neutral objectives, gank all lanes, counter gank, counter jungle, track the enemy jungle, be there for every skirmish, never tax wave, and not die even though they can get rotated on without a tower in sight.

Also laners: jungle has too much agency over the game
Tony Williams II
Tony Williams II:
for 30 seconds i was like did he just come out.... I love these guys
LMFAO WHAT?? Player base: " hey camille needs nerfed her q does 1k true damage with one item" Riot: "lol w cd go up 2 seconds"
IC Ccc
IC Ccc:
Ughhhh! Nathan’s loookingg fineeee! 🔥
Warlock Umbra
Warlock Umbra:
Damn, Riot trying to make it duo top lane lmao
But why gut Samira so hard? I feel like she was pretty balanced 11.3. Maybe just leave her with w nerfs but damn, Riot ;-;
What I love about that smashing Kangas line is that you genuinely can’t tell if he hated doing this or if he begged to get it in the video
Samira could E on allies? My Samiras usually E's in 1v5 then spams FF. LUL
Samira got gotted.
Erik Lane
Erik Lane:
Aww, Nathan. I'll be your Valentine
antony varvaris
antony varvaris:
QOTD: mid it is pretty much a circus
Alex Jáger
Alex Jáger:
Imagine 11.5 patch.
Riot:"we think that jg is still too strong so we removed wolfs chickens krugs and gromps from the game to make balance"
hh bye
hh bye:
yeah im safer picking xayah than samira rn, wp riot
Alex Chuprin
Alex Chuprin:
Yea, makes freaking sense riot! Me already being 2-3 levels behind the solo laners and literally unable to gank them in the jungle I guess wasn't enough??
David Woeste
David Woeste:
Dude, Nathan cracks me up every time. Good job, man!
Elijah Pelito
Elijah Pelito:
They want some counterplay to Samira

proceeds to get apheliosd
This just guarantees that no new player would want to play ADC.
Change my mind.
ِsbe22 ِ
ِsbe22 ِ:
Man did you saw hashinshin reaction to riven buff last week, I can't imagine what he will do with fiora buff 🤣
Riot buffed fiora bcs of her new skin (we all know)
Winged Hussar Lilia gaming
Winged Hussar Lilia gaming:
Oh boi fiora buff a jungle nerf that effect mostly powerfarmers samira getting destroyed in the ass enchanters getting a nerf I guess goodbye Imma gonna play some hots and make some deer - dragoon - bug action
Finally talkin about my main some, Varus.
The Bees Ankle
The Bees Ankle:
im so glad they buffed anti... again.
QOTD: tank especially Cho'gath God knows I witness a Cho'gath 1v5 a whole team
"Gromp gold is being lowered by 20"
Rival Shadow
Rival Shadow:
finally the nerfs we needed
Viraj Mathur
Viraj Mathur:
Was the talon buff needed? I thought he was fine in every game
If I see another frickin Caitlyn buff next patch, I'm gonna scream out my lungs.
Awesome now Jhin reigns alone in the Op tier
E Drop
E Drop:
As a jungle main I am official migrating to top lane and support thx riot<3
W Eddy
W Eddy:
yeah...when shaco has awful clear already i'm not exactly thrilled with upping the camps health
What soundtracks are being using in this videos? I need workout music!
Silas Crump
Silas Crump:
Lol!!! Love the intro Nathan. Too funny. Also, can someone nerf Dark Harvast. There are too many champions that get a huge boost of dmg from it.
Trippi Bethea
Trippi Bethea:
Nerfing ADC when its the worst position in the game and Riot. Name a more iconic duo.
꧁George Wan꧂
꧁George Wan꧂:
They buffed my main ayyyy
Mehrshad TK
Mehrshad TK:
Came for the news, stayed for Nathan jokes "braum is getting some love next patch unlike me on Valentine's day" same nathan...
Altair ibn la ahad
Altair ibn la ahad:
Thank you for buffing talon I love that champion
Tasos Gitsas
Tasos Gitsas:
Yeah im so happy!camille wo t be able to end the game by the time she gets 2 items now cause of that w nerf. Ty riot
Why does riot buff the high wr champs but nerf the low wr champs, they have legit killed samira and akali
Camile second Q does almost 900 true dmg: Nice
Ernest Aaron Agub
Ernest Aaron Agub:
I’m an adc main and I look forward to getting camped even more. 🙃🙃🙃 Less incentive to clear camps means more time to gank. Either that or junglers perma farm
Zach Murray
Zach Murray:
Welcome in the 2 top no jg strat next patch. At least you will be in relatively equal levels with everyone else in the game. You will also be 4 levels ahead of their jg too! Double bonus!
QOTD: Ap mages, their scaling is insane and the new items benefit them a whole lot
Chady Bandojo
Chady Bandojo:
Proguides, The nerf and buff Numbers are so small in the video, please make it big so its clear to see. 😀
Rival Shadow
Rival Shadow:
buffing fiora lmao wonder why
Can't wait for the new skins .w.
Hjalte Spetting
Hjalte Spetting:
As a aphelios main i feel like aphelios need a small buff. In movement or something, so many adc has some sort of mobility, but as aphelios you dont really have anything other than red Gun, and that give a very small amount of movement
- JC -
- JC -:
Just once I want to see a ProGuides video titled - MINOR CHANGES, LIGHT BUFFS & NERFS
Alex Wampler
Alex Wampler:
Qotd: jungle needs more nerfs, they out pace lanes in xp, gold and map pressure
Steven Nowak
Steven Nowak:
they unironically buffed veigars R lmao
Filip Drabiuk
Filip Drabiuk:
Yeah so I cant wait to see How broken veigar Will be now...
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards:
This was a good ass patch ian even gonna lie
still waiting for an aphelios buff🤠🤧
Wait, won't these jungle nerfs actually promote more jungle ganking? I think that it might benefit champs like Elise, since ganking will provid more gold and XP
#QOTD I feel like top lane is too strong because when your top laner feeds the enemy one he can 1v2 and even 1v3.
Boogaloo 22
Boogaloo 22:
QOTD: support has to much power
paul varus
paul varus:
i lost count of how many buffs fiora got
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu:
looks like ill be ganking even more wth elise and reksai 🙂
Baby Bear
Baby Bear:
Everfrost into cosmic on veigar gonna be pretty funny
Ricardo Temporal Grein
Ricardo Temporal Grein:
So now we just do the Lane Taxing way hehehehe
M Dsquared
M Dsquared:
Now im just gonna turbo gank and tax lanes like whats the point of this change, this will mostly impact low elo junglers or players new to the role
If they dont nerf viego I'm gonna break my monitor I swear
თაფლიანი მაწონი
თაფლიანი მაწონი:
Yes tryndamere DEFINETLY needed a buff look at him being killed for first blood in every matchup on top
Shamrock Irish
Shamrock Irish:
They need to nerf Shaco asap, that fking clown is damn near broken. Does way too much damage, has way too much survivability, and is all around OP AF. Since they game him a buff a few patches ago I have yet to see a Shaco with any amount of experience get less than 20 kills.
"Get your head outta the gutter"
He knows we're bottom left
ah yes what a powerful camille nerf this will surely put her in place!
Hey, just wanted to let you all know, the analyst said gromps gold is down by 20, but it shows 105-95. Hope this helps :)