MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & NERFS Coming in PRESEASON Patch 10.24 - League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:36 QOTD
1:04 New Skins
2:02 Luden's Tempest - Nerfs
2:55 Liandry's Anguish - Nerfs
3:41 Night Harvester - Nerfs
4:00 Riftmaker - Nerfs
4:35 Hextech Rocketbelt - Nerfs
4:56 Lich Bane - Nerfs
5:25 Demonic Embrace - Nerfs
5:38 Nashor's Tooth - Nerfs
6:09 Eclipse - Nerfs
6:45 Blade of the Ruined King - Nerfs
7:21 Tear of the Goddess - Buffs
7:47 Cosmic Drive - Buffs
8:05 Ap Jungle - Buffs
8:30 Kraken Slayer - Buffs
9:02 Essence Reaver - Buffs
9:13 Phantom Dancer - Buffs
9:48 Moonstone Renewer - Buffs
10:41 Prowler's Claw - Buffs
10:52 Serpent's Fang - Buffs
11:28 Kayle - Nerfs
11:43 Samira - Nerfs
12:28 Hecarim - Nerfs
12:57 Amumu - Nerfs
12:57 Tryndamere - Buffs
14:27 Galio - Buffs
15:00 Conclusion
15:22 Outro

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100+ komentarze:

sebastián reyes
sebastián reyes:
Man, the one who said "the tanks are dead" didn't know what was he talking about.
I saw an amumu getting baron alone xdn't
John Inglis
John Inglis:
The Title Should be: "League of Legends is getting nerfed".
I used to joke about Riot not actually playing their game, but now I'm genuinely concerned that they don't know what's going on
Eric Gu
Eric Gu:
Lol they knew they did Skarner dirty so they gave him a skin. I'd say it's worth
Maxi R.T
Maxi R.T:
"I dont think any items *suck*" He obviously hasnt played with moonstone renewer.
> “Challenger coach”

> shows picture of Nightblue

Andrew Blankman
Andrew Blankman:
Eclipse is literally the kitchen sink for assassins: AD, Lethality, %Armor Pen, Omnivamp, %Max HP damage, movement speed, AND a shield. So broken.
Assassins are one tapping and going invisible after every kill with extra dashes and all but yes, let's just nerf the mages so far lol
Hugo de Sousa
Hugo de Sousa:
although I love my bird (anivia) and i'm very happy she's getting a skin. You must be crazy if you think I'm going to buy a skin for a 44% wr champion.

Crazy how akali, katarina yassuo yone and other champions recieve compensation for the removal of their core items, but unpopular champions like anivia, aurelion are left in the trash! keep up the good work riot!
Love how everyone is crying about Assasins being the most broken class while 14 out of 20 champs with highest win rates are tanks with new Sun fire, Kayle, 3 mages and 2 Assasins Ekko and Fizz who were broken while season 10 xd
If you cant beat them just join them, now am abusing ammumu - literally free baron at 20 min.
Aren Banerjee
Aren Banerjee:
lmao imagine buffing aphelios. - rito
Kristoph: Assassins are strong this patch.
Riot: yOu SaId tO nErF mAgEs? 200 YEARSS
basically subhuman
basically subhuman:
8:44 saying that one thing being op is ok because another thing is op is a dangerous mentality and it’s proving to be the biggest issue among the player base in this preseason. It’s already feeling like the first person to get their mythic item just snowballs super hard because of how powerful they are, we don’t need more of that.
Proguides: Sorry for you ADC's
me: *laughs in lethality jhin
Jeppe Villum
Jeppe Villum:
QOTD: anyone who can build sunfire

and i dont undertand how that item isnt nerfed yet
Jonas Luccas Albino
Jonas Luccas Albino:
as if assassins were not broken enough, now they imensely nerf items for mages and tanks... Thanks Riot, the game will now be called: "who can one-shot the oponent faster?"
Gonzalo Cornejo
Gonzalo Cornejo:
Its funny how Proguides inmediatly agrees with Riot patch going back on every word they already said xD
the truth is that the nerfs to items are close to nothing for a meta change, is still ad assasins galore
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory:
QOTD: I feel like CC mages are strongest.. having two burn items, one of which gives other items Ability haste. And having morello doing more anti healing if they are immobilized. Plus Cosmic Drive MS when you damage an enemy with your spell.. so you CC them max range. They can't move and burn. They can barely heal. And you can catch up easy as you get MS
Santi Quinones
Santi Quinones:
QOTD: come on everyone knows that assassins and I’m a adc main I want to die :)
Sunfire Aegis is literally the most broken item in the game atm. It's the reason why all the highest winrates for top and jungle are all tanks and somehow that didn't get nerfed.
I don't really understand where this game is going. They buffed trynda because of his bad pick/winrates but on the other hand there are many champs whose performance is much worse than his. Just look at rengar or lee they both have at about 42% winrate. There is the ryze mid with 43% winrate. Or just look at the adc-s. The old adc-s perform much worse than the newer ones because this meta which is about the ad (or ap) you have and the old ones rely on their attack speed mostly. These kind of attack speed carries are performing really bad also (kalista, twitch, sivir, xayah, varus, jinx, kog'maw, tristana and so on). The problem is with the meta and the items and the fact that there are weaker and stronger champs. These squishy adc-s can't win an 1v1 even against a tanky support sometimes.This is the problem. Probably Riot Games love the top/mid champs more than those carries. This need to be changed. I personally am a midlaner/jungler but I see the huge problem with this meta. If I'm 0-5 with probably any midlaner champ I can kill an adc who is 4-0 most of the times and it isn't because of the skill difference, it's because of the fact that there are stronger and weaker champs. On the other hand there are strong adc-s (jhin, samira or mf). Probably not these adc-s need to be nerfed down to the level where the other carries are. The other carries need to be buffed to the level where those ad relying champs are. I would like to start a great discussion about this topic.
"It's likely players will slowly optimize builds and find one for him (Tryndamere)"
As someone who used to main Trynd and had to use mana items for over two seasons.. this sounds unlikely yet again hahahahha
Hazel Nut
Hazel Nut:
QOTD: Assassins ofc. Both ap and ad. Fizz buys harvester and 1 shotting people in mid game is ruining my solo q.
Tia Gen
Tia Gen:
Gud. Nerf items before champs tho>< Hopefully they revert brand after nerfing what made him op, but its riot, so probs not
Tempest so overnerfed tho lol
Bilal Grewal
Bilal Grewal:
I like how the devs woke up one day and said, "League has had a good run. Lets kill the game now"
Season of death by snu snu. I mean Amumu ....
Józef Sztabiński
Józef Sztabiński:
I have played once with a Moonstone Renewer Shaco, basically both his clone and he was healing the team (that was Shaco tank build).
QOTD : Tanks, im seeing alot of tank junglers in my game
Luciano Ibarra
Luciano Ibarra:
QOTD: Everyone who isn't an enchanter. When fights lasts 6 seconds and you are made of paper there is no use to playing that instead of a tank. :(
So they nerfed Ekkos whole build. I'm gonna switch to an ad champ for no part reason now
QOTD: TANKS, TANKS, TANKS and Controll/ Burst mages.
13:51 Small error in youtube description, it show tryndamere buff in the amumu buff section.
Sanchez Brown
Sanchez Brown:
Do tanks items were too strong, so they nerfed them. And them subsequently nerfed every mage item that helped deal with tanks, basically undoing the tank item nerfs. Gotcha.
Nikola Krastev
Nikola Krastev:
QOTD Asassins as always but Riot won't nerf them properly.
QOTD : Assassins. This patch shows it again. All nerfs on AP items, even Lichbane (LOOL) but almost nothing on assassins items. The current mid meta is terrible
Pls uninstall
Pls uninstall:
"Assasins came strong", dude, they are nerfing almost all AP items, what are you talking about?
Qotd:From What I see adc seems to be broken with immortal shieldbow maybe I feel that because like %40 (%30 lucian %10 kaisa) of my matches I face samira and my bot lane feeds her into the heavens
League of Contents
League of Contents:
QOTD: Marksman is literally good for me since mythic items are added and pretty good
Krisztián Tóth
Krisztián Tóth:
QOTD: Defo tanks, just look at the winrates, its crazy
Gyuh Wool
Gyuh Wool:
Place your bets which class is having buffs.
*Looks at the side.*
Raziou Sloth
Raziou Sloth:
QOTD: Assassins are more annoying have u tried to hold down an Assassins for ur team to punt into grey screen those invisible tank shredding demons are near impossible to kill unless its my teams assassin who is 1/10/3
El Valentrix
El Valentrix:
"kraken slayer underperforming" ayyy lmao, that item made vayne literally the most broken piece of shit in the last time, it's pick or ban, if it isn't any of those 2 options then it's insta gg
Bernergy Bloodmoon
Bernergy Bloodmoon:
Cool. Now lichbane cowts 200g less than last season. They just removed the mana, the CDR, the cool down went up, the ap ratio went down. I mean works for me....
Oh God kraken slayer buff. Looks like I'm giving up perma banning kayne, and will have to ban Yi for a couple weeks
The %HP burn items were pretty strong, especially when you can have 2 of them now, but some games you need it to punish people playing like 4 tanks to abuse the busted tank items
Thomas Linnerud
Thomas Linnerud:
QOTD; Before Sunfire nerf; deffo tanks. And assassins (especially AP assassins)
At this point I think if the title didn’t say “Massive Changes” it would be more clickbaity, to regulars at least
Yup called it knew amumu was gonna get nerfed everytime i see him 1v2 even while missing his q all the time
Assassins: strongest class in the game with op items that absolutely needs nerfs

Riot: hmmm, ya know what? Let's leave it like this, mages are taking 1 second too long to die.
Josch Gabriel Basan
Josch Gabriel Basan:
Im really confused is this RIOT's fault or Tencent's fault cause who dahek came up with that OP builds
for the love of god swap the icons back :(
Sn00k3 _
Sn00k3 _:
Riot: *reduces a characters damage by 10*
Proguides: "MASSIVE CHANGES!!!"
They just killing ap champions that aren't doing so well already...
idk man duskblade yi is literally unstoppable the moment he gets 1 kill in a fight
Azir emperor of the sands
Azir emperor of the sands:
meanwhile, 0/3 amumu killing my whole team and baron together without while drinking tea and laughint at our damage.
but gotta make sure mages stay in line boiz.
AnarchyRaf •
AnarchyRaf •:
Thank god they are redoing the icons again, I feel like items for adc’s/AD assassins are just a billion small daggers that are slightly different.
Seven Sprays
Seven Sprays:
I’ve been playing some Lucian mid and testing out the assassin items on him and prowlers claw feels so strong
You just 1 shot everything
I hope when Riot reworks Kench they give him the community created "Tahm Kench in Wonderland" skin... he needs it
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper:
Making an thing OP to go against another OP thing is the way Riot goes to balanced
Bryton Dodds
Bryton Dodds:
QOTD: I knew assassins were gonna OP as soon as I read about Eclipse. Tanks are gonna be suffering for a while. And can riot pls give Yorick a little buff to his laning phase?
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson:
QOTD: as a support player i think supports made out really well (though i am going to miss athenes). but yeah assassins both ad and ap are just so fucking strong and same goes for any champ building eclipse.
Can we talk about how the buffs to ADC items will do absolutely nothing? no?
Giacomo Pagliaro
Giacomo Pagliaro:
I hope they will finally fix the movement speed of mobility boots, it's at least 4 years since i notice that they never give 115 ms but 108~110
Alessandro Masini
Alessandro Masini:
Mages + Graves were the most broken ones by far, followed by tanks, assassins, bruisers and adcs.
Виталий Васильев
Виталий Васильев:
vayne with kraken is gonna be super broken next patch! RIP my Ornn :"(
Preseason: Tanks God Level
Assassins: Perma invis, unkillable
Riot: nerfs mages
World Order
World Order:
Imo i think that the collector should receive a buff. For taking up an item spot, it offers a really bad bang for buck and its overall stats should go up. As for champions, rengar loses a lot from not being able to build duskblade or that new Tiamat item. Either one he chooses, he loses out on the others passive which was essential to rengar's kit
Tea Sipper
Tea Sipper:
Okay. On-hit adcs are officially taking over the rift. XD
lars van veen
lars van veen:
Qotd: tank jng, as specially amummu baron sneaks at 20 min
Ilker Yavuz
Ilker Yavuz:
Its like every patch since season 7, Tanks way to strong. Sunfire is such an op item.
Keith Shannon
Keith Shannon:
QOTD: You feel sorry for ADC?? My fav as support is hitting a root on an ulting assassin and somehow they still manage to kill me before resetting back to the root point rather than getting stuck where I rooted them. It's so much fun to hit an insane skill shot but they still get the 1 shot kill just because.
Sumper Jump
Sumper Jump:
Mages are generally the strongest with their item reworks. Liandry anguish burn damage is insane....
Madness Observer López
Madness Observer López:
Tanks and Assassins are the two classes in the most overtuned spot right now, so let's nerf every AP item under the sun, particularly the tank-melting ones. *Slow clap.
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski:
13:14 Well then, after the nerf he will just still be sad. No change I guess...
Proguides a few weeks ago, "how riot ruined tanks in season 11"
Proguides now, "tanks broken"
Play him top with grasp and aegis honestly he’s got an Amumu feel with a lower CD on his stun
joseph harry
joseph harry:
Nerf everyone? They only nerfed ap items, bruh lmfao
QOTD: Undeniably assasins.
Majk Vukas
Majk Vukas:
Meh i uninstalled the game already. I mean 0/10 ammu one shots my 12/5 adc gl hf
chris french
chris french:
Every mythic item I would use on vlad was nerfed... fml, this season is a shit show :(
Luking 23
Luking 23:
Almost every kata item is getting nerfed: night harvester, lich, nashor tooth and the blade of the ruined king.
They holding out on my ornn skin as if it's going to be a ultimate skin. GIVE ME MY SKIN!
riot really doesnt want mages in the game.
QOTD: Tanks lmao. Remember when you said that tanks are weak in S11??? I bet you feel stupid now hehe
QuickPlay TV
QuickPlay TV:
bro riot come on y do u think kraken slayer needs a buff? almost every adc or if u r an asshole top bruiser and mid assasins r taking this item
Tristan Mattwig
Tristan Mattwig:
Soooo they gut mages and magic users when tanks all have the highest win rates by a ton. Interesting
Marco S
Marco S:
I thought we'd get the Essence emporium this patch oof
I love the "MASSIVE CHANGES" series.
Valclaries Kaiyr
Valclaries Kaiyr:
Hang on, the collector isn't getting nerfed? Im seeing APCs and bruisers buy this thing.
When most of the items being nerfed are mage items. But people say mages aren’t unbalanced
Vaughn van Loggerenberg
Vaughn van Loggerenberg:
Wish someone else would do the voiceover of these informative videos; he's so cringe/annoying.
Gespenst Der Verzweiflung
Gespenst Der Verzweiflung:
buff on Tryndamere?.. I can already see Foggedftw dancing with joy.
the stars player
the stars player:
It was 6 cdr and its become 8 cdr
So it increased
So why this is a nerf ?
..... Im new to the game
Master Zed
Master Zed:
Season pre season off to a interesting start. Nerf this that and that, and then let us buff this that and that. Then you got me in game witnessing how every body one shotting everybody.
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie:
QOTD: Defintley Assassins! I'm suprised Kha'zix was very high on the ban rate this season, with the new eclipse and the OP Duskblade item!
LEC KoreLana
LEC KoreLana:
Chris, I enjoy your videos. You explain everything really well and easy to understand (for even gold-2 noobs like me :D ) Thank you!
No Noed for you
No Noed for you:
Mordekaiser just ran me down as i was playing Kennen, i had absolutely no chance at all.
Edmon Mindanao
Edmon Mindanao:
If there's one freaking problem that Riot needs to fix that is matchmaking it's a big mismatch
joseph harry
joseph harry:
Nerf my hecarim? AHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA don’t make me laugh I still have Mundo kayn Elise nunu >:D my pony go BRRRRR