MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & REWORKS Coming in Patch 10.12 - League of Legends

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Patch 10.12 is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Akali, Yasuo, Senna, Xayah, Fiddlesticks, Trundle, Varus, and many others.

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.12, Best support 10.12, best mid laners 10.12, best junglers 10.12, best top laners 10.12 patch 10.12 rundown, 10.12 lol, 10.12 changes, Cloud rift 10.12, Infernal rift 10.12, Dragon changes 10.12, Elemental Rift changes 10.12, Ghost 10.12, Ghost buffs 10.12, Guardian buffs 10.12, Predator buffs 10.12, Unflinching buffs 10.12, Taste of blood changes 10.12, Approach velocity buffs 10.12, Varus nerfs 10.12, Yasuo nerfs 10.12, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.12, fiddlesticks nerfs 10.12, Trundle nerfs 10.12, Volibear buffs 10.12, Volibear hotfix 10.11, Akali buffs 10.12, Senna buffs 10.12, Xayah buffs 10.12, Brand buffs 10.12, Viktor buffs 10.12,

0:00 Intro
1:13 QOTD
1:48 New Skins
2:39 Cloud Rift
4:07 Infernal Rift
5:13 Ghost - Summoner spell
6:08 Guardian - Resolve Keystone
7:09 Predator - Domination Keystone
8:05 Unflinching - Resolve Tree
8:51 Taste of Blood - Domination Tree
8:51 Approach Velocity - Inspiration Tree
10:38 Fiddlesticks Nerfs
11:29 Trundle Nerfs
12:13 Volibear Buffs
12:41 Akali Buffs
13:40 Brand Buffs
14:32 Viktor Buffs
15:07 Yasuo Nerfs
16:49 Cassiopeia Nerfs
17:33 Varus Nerfs
18:30 Senna Buffs
19:11 Xayah Buffs
19:44 Conclusion
20:20 Outro

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100+ komentarze:

The Whaleman
The Whaleman:
Yasuo nerfs are actually a buff because he hits the 0/10 powerspike earlier
Z D:
Laning against Illaoi makes me wanna uninstall. Lane pretty much becomes all in her pre 6 if she misses her E and post 6 is bait the ult look for a fight. Test of spirit is one of the least fun abilities in the game, especially post buff where you can't challenge her to shorten the duration. I pretty much just lock in Yorick, tell my jungler to focus mid/bot, and afk&outscale. Laning is just so boring even when you are winning.
"Massive Changes" should just be the name of the series at this point
QOTD: vladimir makes me want to ff in real life.
Karlen Teresi
Karlen Teresi:
Heimerdinger makes me want to literally run right into traffic
Brands gets more mana whjen he kills an ablazed target…. Me: He got mana from that?
David Chung
David Chung:
QOTD: A good Vayne...Idk how she always gets fed.
zB Matt
zB Matt:
*Using league of legends to destress*

*stress levels +900*
Linh Pham
Linh Pham:
QOTD: Fizz, just fizz
QOTD: Yuumi. I dont really need to explain why.
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen:
QOTD: Fizz, he can just avoid my CC and it annoys me that he has such a low cooldown late game.
5:10 I loved that teemo death. 10 hour version plz
"Cloud Rift was arguably one of the least impactful changes on summoner's rift"

_Malphite Players : :)_
Julien Lacroix
Julien Lacroix:
QOTD: the 0/5 ezreal that gets destroyed in lane but somehow ends up carrying
QOTD: Illaoi, her lifesteal is stupid high even without items, her soulsteal is arguably the most annoying mechanic in the game, and her tentacles do ludicrous damage
ahmad qashllan
ahmad qashllan:
Laning against illaoi just makes me wanna break the keyboard and then jump off the roof
Andrew Rubinshteyn
Andrew Rubinshteyn:
QOTD: It’s partially a personal thing, but I think that Lucian is way underrated due to his viability in three lanes, and how dominant he is as a lane bully specifically in top lane
They just gutted Varus with the fact that at lvl 18 he'll have 2 less AD
QOTD: Kled makes me want to take a bath with a toaster
QOTD: Kass has been able to 1v9 for 3 months now
“These nerfs will really hurt yasuo players”

Mitchell Greening
Mitchell Greening:
QOTD: Rammus. Somehow both a tank and a backline assassin at the same time
QOTD: Draven, you just cant lane against him
QOTD: Fizz is the most broken thing in the game rn hands down
I love how no ones talking about how tenacity singed is gonna be back in the meta. I can’t wait to play that
cephalon abadon
cephalon abadon:
QOTD: tryndamere always Tryndamere he is the bane of my existence
Reynaldo Senin, Jr
Reynaldo Senin, Jr:
:Keystone runes are being buffed
Bard and TF who uses omnistone: ahh yes, a buff
QOTD: A fed Yi when I have to rely on my team for cc to counter him
Benja Bot
Benja Bot:
QOTD: I dont like how nunu literally just rolls up in my lane and cc's me to death
Brenden Connor
Brenden Connor:
QOTD: Darius, it's Darius pretty frequently in most patches, and this one is no exception. I absolutely hate that champion with a burning passion
QOTD: Fizz. From sharks to being untargetable during his hop it feels like nothing about him is balanced.
Proguides everytime " mAsSiVe ChAnGeS"
QOTD: Thresh, unbelievable pulls, escape anytime i catch out the adc, and he had he flash 😞
Doom Eye
Doom Eye:
QOTD: Teemo with adc build when I am TF. Bruh, his Q counters TF's entire kit and he bursts u down before it ends
Panzer Panda
Panzer Panda:
“YASUO FINALLY GOT NERFED YAY!” -Fizz exists- “YaSuO iS sO bRoKeN” but everyone doesn’t bat an eye to Fizz who has an untargetable ability, while Yasuo can be counterplayed a lot more easily.
QOTD: Irelia in low elo for some odd reason ive been seeing alot of her and she gets so fed so quickly.
QOTD: Trynd, too simple for what he does especially in the right hands
QOTD: nautilous and leona make me sick
Kuba Sirka
Kuba Sirka:
playing aginst nasus with cloud soul...
Approach Velocity is now basicly a Celerity on steroids in my eyes. Yes, they have different use cases, but I strongly prefer AV now as it's more practical in most cases.
adnan rafiqui
adnan rafiqui:
QOTD: fiora,illaoi, yi,vayne,quinn and Lucian makes me wanna quit the game especially. I can't farm without losing half my hp or more
Joseph Azzo
Joseph Azzo:
QOTD: LeBlanc boggles my mind everything about her gives me a mental boom to try and think why riot allowed it
QOTD: Ekko, i find his ganks so good and hard to avoid, his dive potential is insane and he pushes the lane very fast to set up for roams
QOTD: Cassiopea and Ezeal are pretty annoying to play against.
QOTD: A decent lulu, always roaming and ruining my solo skills with her crazy shield and R
Josh Sea
Josh Sea:
QOTD: the kogmaw on my team who doesnt know how to kite. he literally just stood there and died every. damn. fight.
Adrian lol
Adrian lol:
"i dont like getting ghosted in real life" who hurt this man..
Mister Renek
Mister Renek:
QOTD: Graves, I made the mistake to pick aatrox vs a top graves, almost cried
Marwan Summakieh
Marwan Summakieh:
QOTD: Darius, this champ is a nightmare, he has it all... sustain, insane bleed dmg, a thick hp bar, and a freaking hook!!!!. it takes a lot of effort and camping to manage to handle him.
Oji San Miguel
Oji San Miguel:
10:05 i love that Sylas vs Nasus fight tho, super saiyans
Alice Zhang
Alice Zhang:
QOTD: corki has been making life hell in mid. feels like no counterplay early because he pokes so much
Varus have been my go to adc in all my league play, I started playing in season 1. Feelsbadman that lethality made him overtuned, regular Varus havent ever needed or been nerfed except recently. And they nerfed the most satisfying ability in his kit, granted its obviously the problem in lethality builds.
Manoel Cotinguiba
Manoel Cotinguiba:
"Adcs are weak"
"Varus was overpowered, and needed some nerfs"
QOTD: Teemo makes me want to jump of a cliff on to one of his mushrooms
Fire Zxc
Fire Zxc:
Top laners : Damn there’s no changes
Support players : Are you a joke to me, he didn’t even mention anything about support
QOTD: Maokai. Actually has insane teamfighting potential and can tank huge amounts of incoming damage, and has ridiculous engage along with the CC from R against a whole team.
guillermo lemonnier
guillermo lemonnier:
whens that kindred skin coming, just saying that senna has twice as many as them.
QOTD: Garen, requires no skill and his ultimate is just dumb
Pedro Pimentel
Pedro Pimentel:
QOTD: Sylas makes me literally want to cry
Peter De Angelo
Peter De Angelo:
QOTD: Illaoi, she always melts me in top lane no matter who I play, tough to play against and even if she’s behind and I win lane she still destroys in team fights
That's how it be sometimes
That's how it be sometimes:
Qotd: ekko, there's no reason he needs to be doing that much damage with an ult that reverses time, and a 2.5 second stun and a shield worth 70% his health
QOTD: Toplane draintank red Kayn. This MF have absolutely insane healing THROUGH 2 Thornmails and 2 Executioners, not to mention Ignites.
William B
William B:
"a lot of my friends" :( 00.46
Bambi Bear
Bambi Bear:
QOTD: Yuumi... that cat has given me more nightmares than I can remember. Sometimes I actually wake up just because of my fear of her. Antihealing doesn't do anything when the original heal is for 1500hp ;_;
QOTD: Evelyn and Mordekaiser, Evelyn was 0/4 and did a one combo on your tank that was 2/0, and Mord well is Mord
19:12 With the previous Xayah's feather buffs and this ulti buff I wouldn't be surprised if she is the new broken ADC.
She is basically an AD mage (high burst) with a free Zhonya.
""Lets try to better ourselves" "Positivity"
"a video character makes me want to get hit by a bus'
I'm sad about approach velocity, I enjoy it on my support to save my allies' asses. I haven't played tahm kench bot either since they ruined his W and now they even made it worse. I really loved that guy I miss him lmao
Tess Guevarra
Tess Guevarra:

Spartan SC
Spartan SC:
Hahahaha i'm fizz, i oneshoted 3 players meanwhile i was 7 s untargeable
Alex Ovelist
Alex Ovelist:
QOTD: Rammus, as an ADC main I'm going to pick Ziggs or Veigar bot when I see him because that champion is outright broken.
Ashura Kusanaga
Ashura Kusanaga:
QoTD: Fiora. Her healing is too damn high. Every time I've played against her in top, I HAVE to build anti-healing, and even then, that's not enough. Thornmail, Morellonomnicon. Even those aren't enough. Often times a 5v1 is needed unless the player is has no idea how to play her, in which case, she can be beaten in a 1v1. Seriously, for the last four months whenever I go top, I perma-ban Fiora. And whenever I don't go top (and don't ban Fiora), unless my top laner is Diamond or higher, the Fiora bodies the top laner.
I'm digging that new music but I do think its a bit loud when trying to focus on your words.
When hecarim got clouds: gotta go fast!
Lefteris Kerpelis
Lefteris Kerpelis:
QOTD: ori for me I don’t know why but in this patch I feel like she is too strong.
Noa Puškar
Noa Puškar:
QOTD: A fed Kayn with deaths dance on the enemy team makes me wanna commit not alive.
Devon Austin
Devon Austin:
I remember when people would call me a troll for taking approach velocity on Yorick all the time. the tables have turned
Ammoniak Koi-Karpfen
Ammoniak Koi-Karpfen:
16:05 'ranged champioms can activate the shield then immediately back off and proceed to zone yasuo' shows footage of yas shredding a syndra in 1.5 secs because she attempted to do just that. xD i see what you did there.
QOTD: FiddleStickes, let's just ignore his super high damage, cc, good engage, lifesteal and it evens gets buffed
Frogi !
Frogi !:
QOTD: well every ranged top i play against.
Josh Aponte
Josh Aponte:
QOTD: I have 2. Zed and Yuumi. Zed is so damn mobile. Its frustrating how a good zed can just go in and get out Scott free.
Yuumi just never dies and is frustrating to deal with.
Soheil Nazari
Soheil Nazari:
QOTD: Nautilus and vayne are such a pain in the arse when put together
If naut catches you then RIP
Pls nerf both
Sandro Romero
Sandro Romero:
I love how "MASSIVE CHANGES" was a strategy to gain attention, and now it's the name of the section, and even a meme of the channel
QOTD: idk if it's just fiora being fiora but shes making me wanna scream.. started having to play irel in the mid because it was her or jax making me cry mentally
Goran Babić
Goran Babić:
As a Tahm main I really like the indirect buffs
QOTD: Honestly Zyra supp has been giving me autism recently
That 1 Guy
That 1 Guy:
QOTD: Whenever I play Irelia and I feed
V K:
QOTD: Sett. You could build Ardent and Redemption on him and he'd knock you straight back into champ select.
QOTD: Ekko. Ah yes, let’s give the ap assassin mage a reset button and the ability to one shot an entire team, with the cool downs of an Adc’s auto attacks speed. :^)
Maher Rahman
Maher Rahman:
Yesss, I'm a Xayah main and I'm so happy she's getting a buff lol😂😂😂 I always thought her ultimate wasn't that good anyway soooo...☹️
Harvey Morse
Harvey Morse:
QOTD: Vayne. Every champion i can play is hard countered by her...
Dylan Bub
Dylan Bub:
QOTD: BRUH singed makes me wanna do sinful things
William Brock
William Brock:
QOTD: vayne players that think their character is hard actually just lost too many braincells playing that character
Seb Lanoue
Seb Lanoue:
QOTD: Graves which has sustain, damages, mobility, aoe, tankyness .. That’s a range killing melees..
kalibra gamer
kalibra gamer:
16:58 small mistake, the base mr was increased but the the arrow is pointing down
gshs sg20
gshs sg20:
QOTD: Diana by far. An assassin with conquerer and 3K hp who oneshots ur entire team at once KEKW
Lovre Simic
Lovre Simic:
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski:
8:00 This tank gameplay is disgusting, pls, I have enough of the juicy Malphite "press R" outplays in game.
Michael Vue
Michael Vue:
All I heard this coming up patch is Hecarim buffs.

Btw, please take a look at Voli. He's so slow the game ended by the time I got to top lane.
Ben L
Ben L:
QOTD: Yuumi. Dodge or Ban, if she’s on your own team free win and no skill required at all.
QOTD: nasus once he gets his sheen he can pretty much 1v1 everyone if his ult is up