MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Birmingham City v Derby County

Watch the highlights from The Rams final game of the 2019/20 season against Birmingham City


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38 komentarze:

For maximum comedy you should have attached forests highlights as well
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
Lets all take a minute to laugh at forest 😂
Melted Fondue -DAVE-
Melted Fondue -DAVE-:
Please let us keep hold of Sibley.
Well done lads.
I will take top 10 finish in Cocu’s first experimental season, now let’s give a serious challenge next season.
As long as we see out Cocu’s contract we will be going onto bigger and better things.
Old Seadog
Old Seadog:
Nice to see that larger numbers of the players on the pitch are coming through from the academy, let's hope that continues.
Marco Cabezas
Marco Cabezas:
The best thing about this season is Louie Sibley without a doubt
Van Winter
Van Winter:
Great way to end the season. Bottlingham Flopest falling short at the expense of Stoke City. Really excited for next season. Interesting to see which signings walks through the door. Expect a challenge for automatic promotion next season.
Dcfc Ram
Dcfc Ram:
steve w
steve w:
Great result for the Rams but upstaged by the red dog calamitous collapse, apparently the wee French Billy Davies was almost in tears.
Finishing 10th in a 4-year plan is good. Plenty of youth coming through. Understanding the weaknesses (too much football and possession in our own third - accidents do happen at every level of football). Hopefully there isn't a points deduction next season, because without a points deduction surely a play-off challenge is realistic if there are sensible transfers in/out of the club.
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke:
Forest FINALLY finish above derby and yet we get the last laugh 😂
"Let's all laugh at forest"
Gaz Ar
Gaz Ar:
Marriotts ball recovery as well, never gives up
Gaz Ar
Gaz Ar:
Don't want to be critical as we did win in the end dispute large periods of non flowing football, but knight should have squared to Martin there
Anrulo Soyffy
Anrulo Soyffy:
Next season. We will be promoted
Ned Stark of Winterfell
Ned Stark of Winterfell:
I didn’t realise just how good Bogle did for the first goal, instead of being negative and pass back he took on that kid and put a lovely ball in the mix up.
Michael Gale
Michael Gale:
Feel bad for Martin as it’s probably his last game for derby
William Gaming
William Gaming:
Jackhandsley 10
Jackhandsley 10:
Love ed Dawes commentary 🤣🤣
Crash bang Wallop
Crash bang Wallop:
Us fans and cocu as our manager have all realised a few things this season about our strengths and weaknesses... And what we will need to do to bridge the was only 6 points we missed out on the play offs by..... I can easily count 6 points where we could have got more from some of the games.... Its a fine line and one we need to be more dangerous with in games.... More consistent and put away our chances and also get a winger in to provide and create goals
Lucy Chatting
Lucy Chatting:
I think we played really well this season including we lost Mount Wilson
Potae 1234
Potae 1234:
Unfortunately, Ross didn't play in the final game due to injury.
I want the team to renew the contract with roos again when the contract expires.
Und Bellingham spielt nächstes Jahr bei Dortmund 😂 wie soll er denn gegen Bayern, Gladbach und Leverkusen Tore schießen, wenn er es selbst gegen Derby County nicht schafft 😂😂😂😂
Nick Martin
Nick Martin:
Someone is making an absolute fortune from supplying all these seating covers!
C'mon Rams! 🔥
Support from Guatemala...🐏
Dim K
Dim K:
Come on you RAMS! Forza Derby County from GREECE
Nathan tomilson
Nathan tomilson:
I am a Derby fan and it is nice to see derby winning
Nate Gee
Nate Gee:
Annoying season but at least Florist lost out too!
If a top 4 team's player scored that Sibley goal the footy press would be showing it on a highlight reel for the next month.
Pittas Savvas
Pittas Savvas:
Sorry forest, its bush fire season.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
Harry Lewis
Harry Lewis:
if you listen carefully, you can here bbc radio derby
Jak ko
Jak ko:
lol rooney
Owen Bradley will you learn to pronounce your t's? Morgan Whiddaker? Derby Coundy?
Chish and Fips
Chish and Fips:
Turns out Jesus Christ walks among us, and he wears number 40 on his back.
Another Rooney mistake for their goal.
MingeAnd Bracket
MingeAnd Bracket:
Could Chris Martin look less bothered? Chris, your 'teammate' just scored his first ever pro goal and not even gone to congratulate him? See you later..
Chris Martin didn’t even celebrate at all, it’s like the kids didn’t acknowledge he was on the pitch as no passes to him or nothing, do they want him out ?
Fake Jozefzoon
Fake Jozefzoon:
cory Fulton
cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan you fully deserved that win well played what a way to end the 19\20 championship season Good Luck again next season in the championship tenth in the championship table
Has a Man U fan I am pissed we didn't get Bellingham guess we'll buy him for 100Mil in 2 years lol