MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Derby County v Sheffield United

Highlights from Derby's pre-season friendly with Sheffield United at Pride Park Stadium


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16 komentarze:

Van Winter
Van Winter:
Some people are calling for Cocu’s head! Pipe down it’s only a pre season game! 🤦‍♂️
Gaz Ar
Gaz Ar:
Definitely need to improve with our crossing, currently something we aren't utilising properly.
evans and buchanan played very well imo, great to see bird with the armband
Duane Holmes with the number 25 for Jordan Sinnott
Jasman HD
Jasman HD:
Decent performance. Of course we need to improve in some places but all in all I dont think it was a bad performance. But of course we can see the difference between us and Sheffield
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
Despite the result we didn’t really play that bad just a winger and striker and i feel we will have a decent season ⚫️⚪️
Leezy Boi
Leezy Boi:
Lol derby are bad 😂
Where is rooney
jwebbo 06
jwebbo 06:
Meme Guy
Meme Guy:
Who is no.57
Living Legend
Living Legend:
Who’s the keeper? Awful. Where’s Marshall?
farren dry
farren dry:
Is this Sheff U alternative kit or did they just wash there kit on a extra hot wash? Why have an alternative kit that is pinkish when your first kit is red and white strips. I watched this on ramstv and honestly when the sun came out towards the east stand you had no idea who was playing for which team.
Matt Moynihan
Matt Moynihan:
Those who are expecting us to end up in the play offs are deluded, expect us to finish mid table again this season. We have young players coming through, gaining experience. We are just not good enough at the moment to push for promotion. Some of our players are just poor footballers and not capable of competing at the top of the league. Players like Shinnie, Holmes and Waghorn to name a few. I’m not faulting their work rate or desire, in my opinion they are just not up to it. I think we need to sign 2 wingers and a striker to have any hope of having a decent enough season. Cocu make it happen ⚫️⚪️🐏.
Louie Crossley
Louie Crossley:
come on blades
Derby lunatic fringe
Derby lunatic fringe:
The result isn't an issue - its a friendly. But giving the likes of Evans and Whittaker game time is very worrying. If they are going to be in the 1st team this season we are going to be shit. They wouldn't get in a league 1 squad but they are playing for us???