MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Millwall v Derby County

See all the key action from the restart of the championship away at Millwall.


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46 komentarze:

Pete Owen
Pete Owen:
Since Rooney arrived, the Rams are THE form team. Even though he had a quiet game yesterday, his influence cannot be underestimated.
Louis Moun
Louis Moun:
Doesn’t sibley look brilliant 👀
Bogle, Bird and Sibley all directly involved in that first goal makes me very hopeful for the future of DCFC
Old Seadog
Old Seadog:
Terrific stuff from Louie Sibley, but we really need a couple of decent CBs in the Stimac / Yates mould.
Seb Evett-Collins
Seb Evett-Collins:
It’s so depressing not hearing a loud roaring cheer when someone scores 😔
Millwall fans giving the thumbs down..tossers😂
Van Winter
Van Winter:
Pure filth from Sibbo today😍! Let’s make a charge towards the playoffs. Up the 🐏!
Yung TT
Yung TT:
Derby got a special player in Louie
WineGumsBoi 07
WineGumsBoi 07:
Great win!sibley is a future star! ⚫⚪⚫⚪🐏🐏🐏Up the rams
Tony Bonner
Tony Bonner:
Rooney the instigator in my opinion
Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo:
Louie Sibley doing wonders at 18. Lads got his life together
So happy to have football back 😀 Listened to the match on the radio COYR 🖤🤍🖤🤍
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi:
Yeay, playoff spots is closer if the rams can maintain the momentum like this =) ...
Zac Barnes
Zac Barnes:
What a game , sibley what a player
Gerardo Musano
Gerardo Musano:
Welcome to the Derby Hattrick team
Bennnym -_-
Bennnym -_-:
Sisley u r amazing Cory
Mark Dorman
Mark Dorman:
Far too many people talking about race on this thread. Great result away from home and yeah, Sibley could have had 5. Boy was on fire.
Melted Fondue -DAVE-
Melted Fondue -DAVE-:
The futures bright.
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
What a player we have
Dcfc Ram
Dcfc Ram:
Best academy in England
Maxter Gamer
Maxter Gamer:
Good return, congratulations rams
Harry Claypole
Harry Claypole:
Watched the game live on rams tv
Hector- Ingram should be given a chance soon
Ted Kenny
Ted Kenny:
Sibley knight and bird have had serious breakthrough seasons
Chrille Derby
Chrille Derby:
Up the Rams!!!Come on Derby😀❤️
Replace Wisdom & Fozzy with quality & we'll be a force to be reckoned with
chandler bing bong
chandler bing bong:
Well done Sibley. It looks like Derby now have 2 decent players - the others need a career change.
Harry Claypole
Harry Claypole:
5 th
Frosty Games
Frosty Games:
Greg O'D
Greg O'D:
Did Cocu go into a barbers and ask for a 'Hitler' ? 😂
Heitor Ardachnikoff
Heitor Ardachnikoff:
Sibley was fantastic !!
Lippyfry Bender
Lippyfry Bender:
Was at the match yesterday media tech support Sibley positioning is brilliant
But needs to lay the ball of a bit more
Teams will just sit back on him .
Defence needs sorting out still maybe
Get Christie back from Fulham. we
Are improving but weakness are still there
Onwards and upwards come on you rams!
Robbie Howe
Robbie Howe:
Nate Gee
Nate Gee:
All Stadia should have pre-recorded cheers of both teams fans to play when a goal is scored.
Well done sibley, you will get better should of had 5 really if I'm being picky.
Peter Nicho
Peter Nicho:
Bogle and holmes guilty of ball watching and not getting back and holmes passing the ball and standing still, your better than that be the player you always wanted to be.
Philip Ewing
Philip Ewing:
Millwall are the only team in england who are getting bigger crowds now than before the lockdown!!!
Not a Derby fan but heard about this Sibley lad. This is the first and only time I’ve seen him and he’s a class act. Seriously good feet, confidence and some finisher. Has it all.
A A RON Bradds
A A RON Bradds:
Get rid of ben hamer.....sunday league gk at best
mark oliver
mark oliver:
Never take the knee
Lewis Geary
Lewis Geary:
What a game
Joe Box
Joe Box:
Perfect Sibley! That taking the knee nonsense...stupidity. Keep politics out the game.
Notebox Productions
Notebox Productions:
2nd goal was pure class.
Matt Fowkes
Matt Fowkes:
Please don't bend the knee! Why is football getting involved in politics!!? Research BLM!
James Sharp
James Sharp:
Disgusting to see them take the knee. I certainly won't be visiting the pride park again. Keep politics out of football