Matchday Live: Liverpool vs Ajax | Build up from Anfield

Join us live, as we count down to the Reds' final home game of their UEFA Champions League group stage, as they take on Ajax at Anfield.

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58 komentarze:

Generali De seniour
Generali De seniour:
I wish 3 points for reds at their home Anfield
Aaron T
Aaron T:
just win reds
Brent Bains
Brent Bains:
Let's do this boys!!
Eileen Bass
Eileen Bass:
Good luck to my lads. Do Liverpool and myself proud, a Liverpool born and bred lady living in Blackpool.
Jay Exercise
Jay Exercise:
Come on you reds let’s get through
TOP brawlerTM
TOP brawlerTM:
Mag Love
Mag Love:
Liverpool fihting
Brent-Roy Brooks
Brent-Roy Brooks:
Good win my side, 1:0 by one of my favourite player, jones has a great future ahead i promise you that.
Liverpool 4 Ever
Liverpool 4 Ever:
Great Job boys considering the injuries 👏👏👏
Julio Belem
Julio Belem:
Monstro Liverpool
gerald bwalya
gerald bwalya:
A win will make me happier ynwa
benedek nagyfejeo
benedek nagyfejeo:
liverpool 9 2 ajax
Charlie Barker
Charlie Barker:
Come on you reds !!!!!
Islooboy Rashid
Islooboy Rashid:
Winning this & Qualifying tonight In'sha'allah
Awa Diawara
Awa Diawara:
Let’s gooo bro Liverpool is the best team that’s why it’s my favorite team
Kenneth John Ritsema
Kenneth John Ritsema:
Congratulations and thank you , for defeating that horrible AJAX !!
Regards From The Netherlands
Bro Op Gaming
Bro Op Gaming:
We can win Liverpool we are the CHAMPIONS🏆🏆🏆
Rajdeep Brahma
Rajdeep Brahma:
YNWA we win ❤️
Jan Gelderloos
Jan Gelderloos:
Ajax 1-3 victory, sorry Reds.
Andres fernando
Andres fernando:
Arctic_Fe4r 14
Arctic_Fe4r 14:
Get the job done.
Good luck reds
Jason Szofer
Jason Szofer:
liveppol win 5-2
Sweet Priyanka Chopra
Sweet Priyanka Chopra:
Sweet than ordinary
Blerton Zejnullahu
Blerton Zejnullahu:
Shaqiri Pleasse
Abbas Hadi
Abbas Hadi:
Come on liverpool
Levente Farkas
Levente Farkas:
We will beat Ajax
PhD Who
PhD Who:
Up the bloody reds!
YNWA 3 : 1
Caoimhe Feeley
Caoimhe Feeley:
Come on Liverpool!
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker:
ah well now that we have won the group 4 points clear with 1 game to play next Wednesday, its time to rest the big name players in that game and try the youngsters and i bet they'll come back with all 3 points as well
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker:
he chose wrong keeper
nati popy
nati popy:
Liverpool will win today
Ethan Powell
Ethan Powell:
Lads we’ve got Callaghan in goal
Jane O'keeffe
Jane O'keeffe:
Rain Tfue
Rain Tfue:
We're ded
Ikbar Faiz
Ikbar Faiz:
1-0 right now
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy
Mohammed Eesah Dadabhoy:
Cmon u reds
Sami Faza
Sami Faza:
YNWA 🇮🇩💪
liverpool sixtimes
liverpool sixtimes:
any link for the game?
Malcolm Duncan
Malcolm Duncan:
keep uk refs away from VAR... stand a chance then...
Mah Fod
Mah Fod:
Dilas Dilopoulos
Dilas Dilopoulos:
Alisson is injured again. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Thirty5mm Lens Photography
Thirty5mm Lens Photography:
Liverpool go guys...ownage..
Sherton Micecho
Sherton Micecho:
Dvij Bhayraw
Dvij Bhayraw:
Liverpool will win this time at Anfield, our home
Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis:
Whats with all the homophobic spamming in the live chat? Does the channel have no mods or admins?
Silver Steel
Silver Steel:
I wrote the night Liverpool beat Atalanta 5-0 that Atalanta would beat us at Anfield. I also stated Ajax would do the same. I sincerely hope I am wrong. Fingers crossed. C’mon Liverpool!
No Alisson, Kelleher starts in goal.

N. Williams
MANE the Goat
MANE the Goat:
Like if u agree Firmino isn’t back just yet. He has to play well v wolves n Ajax He’s played well last 3 games. He’s had 5 seasons with us n 5 good. To have a good season he needs to overcome he’s blip which he’s nearly done n bang in 15 goals. Every season he’s been with us he’s had 20+ goal contributions. When he leaves he will be remembered as a good player
This game is not important. Should have rested some players
Cory Fulton
Cory Fulton:
Liverpool come on you reds start Jordan Henderson and jota please YNWA
My nickname for VAR this season is Frank Castle the punisher. Absolutely hate it and spoiled games now, rather go back to just ref and linesman. More dubious decisions now with VAR. everything looks a penalty or foul in slow motion. Absolutely sick of it. Example was Scotland goalkeeper saving penalty for winning place at euro finals, he did not run to team mates as hero or run round stadium as hero to Scotland fans around the world. He looked at ref for VAR decision and moment had gone cold 🥶. For me and him sad but true
Avneet Paul
Avneet Paul:
3-1 Liverpool
Ruby Pinches
Ruby Pinches:
Who’s favourite team is Liverpool?