Mathieu van der Poel DROPPED At Strade Bianche 2020

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19 komentarze:

AG Coarseman
AG Coarseman:
No big deal, there is always a next race.
Panos peterpan
Panos peterpan:
It was 37 degrees. Most big names were fucked by the heat. Some people, like me can't go full gas above the 30 degree threshold. I have elevated heart rate, no matter how much I drink I suffer from severe thirst...
Some riders can perform better in cold, other in the heat.
These classics were meant to be raced in the early spring.
The heavy disc brakes slowed him down
Dude gets dropped just like Alaphillipe, Gilbert etc, and everyone forgets his bizar achievements in his first serious road season. Damn.
Sven Vervloet
Sven Vervloet:
MVDP is a great cyclist, deserves lots of respect. I think it is time for him to choose between disciplines... it is fair to say that it is impossible to keep on winning in all 3 (cross, road and mtb). It is up to him ofcourse. I would love to see him choose fully for the big road races.
Edgar Jaimez
Edgar Jaimez:
He is a human
Brenden Quintens
Brenden Quintens:
Why is everyone hating on him now? He got a flat tire and maybe overheated. Wout Van Aert was in the Amstel 2019 where MVDP won. Why no one talks about that?
The Car
The Car:
He got a flat tire
Adam Knoeller
Adam Knoeller:
Dude’s not equipped for mid-race refueling 😂
Callum McCaffrey
Callum McCaffrey:
It will b interesting to see if he still beats van Aert at cx this year
Wout Wout!!
emerson junior
emerson junior:
Normal 😂
Evandro Medeiros
Evandro Medeiros:
Uma promessa FALHA......
Thomas Ekstrom
Thomas Ekstrom:
He punctured and got burnt out in the heat chasing back.
Will Osmand
Will Osmand:
All that zwifting 😵😵😵😵
Alan Produções
Alan Produções:
Pregada de Luxo
Deva Core
Deva Core:
Sad to see., maybe needs to speak to dr Ferrari 😂
Clayvian Williams
Clayvian Williams:
The media hype his abilities more than what he can deliver.
Zaahier Stanley
Zaahier Stanley:
He is overrated... end of story