Matt Hancock MP on Super Saturday, Leicester, and Kanye West's presidential bid

Health secretary Matt Hancock MP has insisted that a majority of people have acted responsibly after so-called 'Super Saturday', the start of eased lockdown measures across the UK.

However, he added that the number of cases in Leicester has worried the government and that a number of measures have been put into place. The health secretary has said employment practises may be largely to blame for the significant rise of coronavirus cases in the region.

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Chris Northover
Chris Northover:
What planet is he on.......
Ricardo Liddle
Ricardo Liddle:
Open pubs but keep gyms closed makes no sense surely gym owners can make sure sober people are safe rather then pub landlords making sure pissed people are safe
Bart Perry
Bart Perry:
There is a reason he appears on Ridge every weekend, yet they’ve boycotted the likes of channel 4 etc. She’s deliberately giving him an easy time, not asking about any dodgy contracts, not asking about the R rate being above 1. She’s bought.
BJR 1:
Hey its Hatt Mancock pissed as usual, oh no I'm always full of waffle. He has not got got a clue what he's on about
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
Why is it that no politician ever admit to being wrong everybody makes mistakes
"I had my haircut yesterday and I'm very relieved about it."

His hair looks identical, I guess getting a haircut is just a placebo for him.
The virus he keeps talking about being undet Control is us human beings that's what means by virus
This guys hairline has vanished in the last 6 months lol 😂🤣
doubleana Ali
doubleana Ali:
Put government on the street to control the puplic
Fractal Metatron
Fractal Metatron:
Matt Hancock works for a shadow agency which has subverted our law and government, he is a snarky individual with little intelligence, just a lot of beef for his secret pay checks.
Big Bam
Big Bam:
So we are concerned about people in pubs yet thousands parade through London on BLM marches and nothing is raised??? Get a grip
Yes follow social distancing but let's reduce distance even more..brilliant
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson:
Pickled people can't do anything right , they're to sozzled to give a toss about social distancing lol washing their hands in a pint of Stella :-S
Matty Mobbs
Matty Mobbs:
He said its gong down but she said it's going up make your nine up
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
Sky News Propaganda Channel
Dan Dank
Dan Dank:
Sky, please tell your attention seeking interviewers to stop begging for more taxpayer money.
Could this guy be anymore of a cretin
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton:
Funnily enough, I think the idea of Kim Kardashian being first lady is more ridiculous than Kanye West being president
Would he like any ice cream with his waffle?
Steven Howard
Steven Howard:
Least nobody pulled a statue down eh and as for the lack off social distancing nobody cared when the BLM protested Sky! Turn a blind eye to that lol
Mister Mate
Mister Mate:
Matt ‘Area Assistant Manager of Poundland’ Hancock.
Thomas Hobbs
Thomas Hobbs:
sometimes i wonder if in three or four years, this madness gets out of control and various governments come and go, and eventually one comes that rounds up ithese former traitors and put them all on a gallows.
Antony Churchill
Antony Churchill:
Had your hair cut 🤣🤣
Rachel Elliott
Rachel Elliott:
He can tell us how the positive case count is decreasing but the government are still unable to say how many people have been tested, so we have no idea on percentage who are positive 🤷
Andy Etheridge
Andy Etheridge:
Trust HanCOCK, this is the man who stated he had symptoms around the time that BoJo was infected, he also stated he lost two close family members to the virus and when the rise in care home deaths was first publicised, he said he’d got a close family member in a care home, either an unlucky family or just a bullshitter who’s been patronising the British public from the start?
Ahmad Razi
Ahmad Razi:
What is Super Saturday? So many weird expressions in this world.
they can't keep a lid on the psyop can they...
Pat Mills
Pat Mills:
The Lancet study was also FRAUDULENT?
Release the "grooming" gang report.
NHS anniversary, huh!! Fabricated reason to distract non pub goers to feel celebratory and keep NHS staff compliant!!!
Mr. Salimi
Mr. Salimi:
Honestly, it's quite funny how Hancock has constantly contradicted himself ever since lockdown was imposed. This doesn't just go for him, but for practically every MP in the House of Commons. People can't trust politicians anymore, it seems.
This is quite possibly one of the worst interviewers I’ve witnessed, no challenge to this mans heinous lies. Utter snowflake.
Kris Brooks
Kris Brooks:
Get out and enjoy summer while we still can, before the new normal and 4th industrial revolution
Wendy Butcher
Wendy Butcher:
I wish she’d let him finish a sentence
steph p
steph p:
We have to have some kind of trading
Start up or the economic collapse
Will do more damage than the virus
Keith Colin
Keith Colin:
It is interesting that the government policies go against all of the advice and science provided by SAGE and SPI-M-O available on the website. What is written in text is different to what they are saying on the media.
Kelly Stoodly
Kelly Stoodly:
Why isn't he a Dr in that job he used to work for the Rothschild's
Mari Posa
Mari Posa:
These factories run a bus service and they employees crowd around the bus stop without masks and talking to each other they all get on this bus 🚌 and travel around 20 miles there and back
Gy Ford
Gy Ford:
Super Saturday 😂 grow up
Ashley Stephen
Ashley Stephen:
So health is a issue yet in risk yet the gyms aren't open better health care perhaps work out at offices
Da Whip Lady
Da Whip Lady:
People have turned off your track n trace app that they sneaked on our phones
ASMR Chi Chi
ASMR Chi Chi:
America is the most hilarious realty tv show of all lmao wow
Why are these two things in the same video😭😂
mohd danish
mohd danish:
Whenever I search for Sophy Ridge, it gives me 2 suggestions: "Sophy Ridge Legs" & "Sophy Ridge tights" 😂😂
Kanye's a tool
Ryan Boshell
Ryan Boshell:
“Where the minority break the rules”... yeah, that was happening during those protests and ILLEGAL street parties. Now the nation is generating taxable income, it’s an issue?
The game is in a knot
The game is in a knot:
People from the UK will party recklessly without social distancing all night and then be proud to clap for the NHS the day after. SAD and DUMB!
Anthony Clegg
Anthony Clegg:
Stop bragging about building a hospital in 9 days, the building was already there.
mitchell evans
mitchell evans:
Get schools open get gyms open get people back to work ffs! I didn’t vote for a socialist life
All I hear is blah blah blah. Liars - all of em.
Neil Savage
Neil Savage:
Who let these two loonies out of the loonie bin ?
Chris Martin
Chris Martin:
He had a hair cut ? I think he meant hair loss
rd k
rd k:
The vast majority of people don’t murder others ! His reasoning and rationale is never questioned and that is the issue the journalists need to do their jobs better
0:26 See how he laughs very sarcastically when he says enjoy

Its just a sick game to these devil worshippers
A -socialite
A -socialite:
I can't even watch it, hate Matt Hancock. Just clicked on to down-vote haha x
Apple Pie
Apple Pie:
Yet they’ve stopped the Covid fund
Sandrine Anterrion
Sandrine Anterrion:
Super Saturday for the economy. For now. I guess.
🙈Trying to dismiss and play down some of the appalling behaviour yesterday! We have this individual in our government 🤷‍♀️
Forza223 Bowe
Forza223 Bowe:
I predicted ages ago that this would happen when pubs re open
That badge reminds me more of VHS.
J W:
It's just all ridiculous, Sorry but need I say more.
Ian van Delft
Ian van Delft:
'Control the virus', next, command the tide to reverse. Control freaks the whole lot of them.
Feven Haile
Feven Haile:
Your hair looks good Mr MC
still point
still point:
I just found out that gov Cuomo's name was on Epstein's plane log
terlan nesirov
terlan nesirov:
Simon Boothroyd
Simon Boothroyd:
Someone please tell me what's super about it
Image Collections
Image Collections:
Lmao @ Hancocks haircut...i bet the floor didn't need sweeping.
barry jones
barry jones:
What are we meant to do ? Sit at home forever? Not a chance get it all open ffs
George Thompson
George Thompson:
Super Saturday lmao
Louis Sidnell
Louis Sidnell:
What Thay expected to happen drunks will be drunks never changes bad drinking legalise Cananbis
enjoy your new freedom safely - matt hancock
Bumber Clot
Bumber Clot:
reffoelcnu alouncelal
reffoelcnu alouncelal:
Can’t wait to see a Kardashian’ as First Lady ..
Wedgie Pantilles
Wedgie Pantilles:
I thought London would have been the epicentre of infection by now, with many a melting pot of "communities". So if it's NOT above 1 right NOW (remember the protests?), as you'd think it SHOULD, then this is major BS we're seeing. Not sure I believe anyone!!
Thomas Livingstone
Thomas Livingstone:
These two need to get a room
Boris Tapah
Boris Tapah:
What is it Kanye West presidential Bid
Hayden Harris
Hayden Harris:
There will be hundreds of thousands who get the virus and do not even know but who then create barriers in society.
Nimaj Da Great
Nimaj Da Great:
People have lost their damn minds. Kanye west as president??? Super scary. Its already scary that Trump has the title president.
Pubs shouldn't have opened. Or at the very least they should only be open during the day.
Truth Wins
Truth Wins:
I’m in Leicester no one is ill it’s normal wat are they talking about
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka:
What a manly man,glad he's in charge.
Pat Mills
Pat Mills:
Now it is clear in the Henry Ford study along with several international studies that hydroxychloroquine saves lives.
Why aren't we using it or at least discussing using HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, Mr Health Secretary?
Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb
Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb:
Most car garages in Leicester never closed or barely changed practice
Roy Darville
Roy Darville:
Absolutely going for herd immunity before flu season
Marc Rigney
Marc Rigney:
sophy ridge and her boss are for sure on the gates foundation pay roll...keep frightening the masses sky good job
Using the word Freedom like an american
Michael Green
Michael Green:
When I worked in the Middle East the largest spread of airborne infectious diseases was in clothing and shoe factories and it was significantly higher than anywhere else.
Hull Hunnik
Hull Hunnik:
19:40 Kanye
It's a tough job no doubt, but Hancock is useless. He spends more time trying to make his government look good and getting snappy when getting criticism than he does actually putting any effort fighting this virus.
Stewart Ashling
Stewart Ashling:
Primark clothing factorys.who owns shitemark .one of there buddys.
Beer belly before body building
clark kent
clark kent:
Easy lockdown so active to the country
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara:
Kanye is a perfomer, he knows he won't win the presidency, but he can take away some black votes from Biden. To make sure Trump wins.
Craig Rees
Craig Rees:
Let's hope to this interview doesn't come back to bite him .
Leon Moxon
Leon Moxon:
super covid 19 in america
Common Sense
Common Sense:
Found the money tree then
nah i will vote for will smith, Kevin Hart ,Dwayne Johnson and Keanu Reeves as president
Vinyl Stash
Vinyl Stash:
This guy is a complete fool, even when he's wrong, he's right :(
Common Sense
Common Sense:
Took 3 weeks to shut Leicester