Matthew McConaughey | 5 Minutes for the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE

"98% of people don't understand this" Matthew McConaughey's Incredible Motivational Speech.
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Motivational speech by Matthew McConaughey.


Music by Dominik A. Hecker


Footage credits:

Ryan Scott - Fishtown Soldier

100+ komentarze:

Olivier Roubieu
Olivier Roubieu:
I deleted all social media off my phone and now I have so much time for what i love to do: building+painting
Zdravko Koldzhiev
Zdravko Koldzhiev:
"One day your entire life will pass in front of your eyes so make sure it is worth watching"
- Zdravko Koldzhiev
Recovery God
Recovery God:
2000 dropped off at a homeless shelter by my brother. 2000-2007 fought for my life and for survival. Mid 2007 someone near and dear to me was murdered. Late 2007 went into treatment......2009 started my career helping the homeless and addicted at the same organization that helped save my life. 2019 Became the Executive Director of that very same Organization. Oxford House Foundation of Canada. 11yrs later........forever grateful and continue to help people help themselves.
James Mckellar
James Mckellar:
*During vid*
"Get off that screen"

*End of vid*
"Follow us on Facebook"
Sorroain LAi
Sorroain LAi:
“Be brave. Take the hill. But first answer that question: “What’s my hill?” “, loved that.
Sunshine Daydream
Sunshine Daydream:
My father always told me "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear "
Kessler Brock
Kessler Brock:
The phrase, "earned tears" got me. When you cry, it is not because you are weak. It is because you have been too strong for too long. Emotions are a good thing. They are healthy for us. You have to let it out sometimes.
"People that give me advice, I reckon they're talking to themselves." - Rust Cohle.
Sara Kay
Sara Kay:
“Where you are not is as important as where you are” oof that one hit me hard
Erico Kurbonov
Erico Kurbonov:
Today I believe these words, but tomorrow I will forget them like I have never heard😯
“Don’t spend time with anyone or anything that antagonises your character “ YES!!!! Thank you
Niche Olis
Niche Olis:
“turn the page, get off the ride, you are the author of the book of your life” damn that hit deep
I'd rather SEE him talk than this "Motivational" cut
Patrick Warden
Patrick Warden:
I like myself a lot more when I get up early and do one more for myself before anything else. If the rest of your day goes to hell, it was still a success for you.
Alexander The Epic
Alexander The Epic:
"You are the author of the book of your life"
Words to live by
Danny Hmar
Danny Hmar:
And to that we say, "alright, alright, alright"
Jacob Huizinga
Jacob Huizinga:
I'm a High school teacher and will share this 5 minute talk with my students...
Felix Niel Hipulan
Felix Niel Hipulan:
Knowing who really I am was the hardest question i can't answer to myself.
Mark Irish
Mark Irish:
Been a drug addict for 25 years on methadone 25 years now clean and sober 2 years it's not easy but it can be done .every day I tend to my little garden. Thanks God..
Avion Mc
Avion Mc:
Every comment written here are so deep that give light in darkness...
Sean Stephens
Sean Stephens:
As someone who is prior service with 4 tours in Afghanistan and now a veteran. I struggle, thank you for this amazing word and video !
i am 28 years old living alone more that 10 years no GF or freinds. being alone is not good but he have the goods. i find my self. i feed my brain with knowlege and at this point i can say i am good.
Emma Davis
Emma Davis:
Man, I would’ve loved it if he’d dropped an “alright, alright, alright” in there.
Athletic J.
Athletic J.:
Literally the 1% who is reading this, God bless you, stay safe, and have a wonderful day 😊(my dream is to become a famous YouTuber) Thanks.🙏
Dirt Runner
Dirt Runner:
I got tired of telling people to stop wasting their time... then I realized I had just wasted mine.
Wellington Jackson
Wellington Jackson:
Successful people don't become that way overnight.what most people see at a glance-wealth,a great career,purpose- is the result of hardwork and hustle over time.
Landon Spanninger
Landon Spanninger:
Watched this got courage quit my job an live with my parents again
Fokus Treningssenter AS
Fokus Treningssenter AS:
I DID THIS, and MADE MY OWN LIFE :D I went to all different sports like fotball, skateboard, breakdance, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and so on. And I liked to make movies as well. I found out later that I also was good at selling stuff, and always get along with everyone cause I am always smiling. Dropped out of 3 different schools between 16-21 cause of ADHD and my focus was not always there. My CV is 50 different jobs through several employment agency's. I tried to start a dronefilm company (YT: Dronetech Visuals) and got some jobs of that. I also had a custodian company. All together it was not that great. THEN a new big place was available for rent in the centrum. So I made a brand new gym last year: -And that is going very well, as we are the only gym nearby. Next is in a city 15 miles away. We live 5k people here on this island called Tjøme in Norway. And in the summer it is 50k. I DID IT. FINALLY!!!! Work here everyday now. Got a full payment and I can do what I love. I got to use my experience about marketing, cause I like making photos, film and designs. So I made our homepage as well. I meet people and im good at that, and we have a shop and I can sell stuff. And I love to train. So yeah! Now im 38 years old and im SUPERHAPPY! So dont give up <3
Syed Siraj Rizvi
Syed Siraj Rizvi:
I didn’t know he was this smart and inspirational. It seems that he is coming from a real life experience. Loved the talk!
Betty Houk
Betty Houk:
I am 83 )my husband ,and I lived a nomadic life for 30 years !The freedom and happiness we enjoyed are my happiest memories ! We were migrant workers and the people worked with became friends even so only for a season ! We worked with all ethnic groups ,they were “good people “ just making their way throughout life and raising their kids ! My husband passed away 6 years ago !but I have like I said happy memories ! Don’t let life pass you by Take life where you want go ! You can’t take any thing out of this world nothing but you can leave something of value behind good deeds or just teach people we are all one Family the Family oof mankind Blessed Be
URVIP Transportation
URVIP Transportation:
I understand 100%. The book name “ The Spirit Book” explained it to me.
Thank you 🙏
I HATE when the background music is too loud & you can't hardly hear the speech....
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross:
That is the beauty of a FREE WORLD, it allows us to take the journey.
Rob Mills
Rob Mills:
“Or the food in front of you!” *I look around the house for a hidden camera as I have a mouthful of popcorn and a fistful of peanuts*
Lawrence Dol
Lawrence Dol:
Outstanding! He's one of the (very few) actors I like and respect.
Idle Ocean
Idle Ocean:
May we find peace and harmony with ourselves and the world. The moment you appreciate time is the moment you begin to use it. Stay curious. Grow, but stay young.
Maggie Dell*
Maggie Dell*:
I love Matthew's speeches and the way he delivers the message. I hope he is a good guy because he seems like he would be.
marie pierre warren
marie pierre warren:
i realized all of that now at 50 years old it takes half a life time
Absolute Motivation
Absolute Motivation:
Amazing video guys!
Sean Rivers
Sean Rivers:
I must be in the 2% that knows this and 100% of the people i know also.
Music Junky
Music Junky:
Not to mention his acting, he is gifted with the most prolific voice, which tells you that this person might be telling the truth. What a gifted person. This is highlighted in his movie ""Free State of Jones".
Rick Folmer
Rick Folmer:
That was the best lesson I have ever been taught in my 52 years on this rock!
Thank You
Big Brain Society
Big Brain Society:
Whoever reads this - let's make our dreams happen!
"We try our best. We don't always do our best." This is it. Stop making excuses and go out there and do it.
arun krishnadas
arun krishnadas:
The bane in me : "what a beautiful, beautiful voice..."
Røtten Apple
Røtten Apple:
When he said "Put those things down" I turned off my phone feeling great... But realized I didn't finish the video.
Steve E. Brown
Steve E. Brown:
98% of people don't understand that while I get older high school girls stay the same age
Shaik mohammed Abdullah
Shaik mohammed Abdullah:
Anyone addicted to his voice?
it's negan
it's negan:
That was the best thing I've heard in a long time. Thank you for that
Nut Splitter
Nut Splitter:
5:14 is what I needed to hear. I'm going to make those last few lines my wallpaper.
Edward King
Edward King:
"Get over it and get on with it."

~You might try some sensitivity courses. It couldn't hurt.
Kristin Osada
Kristin Osada:
Omg !! Thing come to you for a reason and when theyre supposed to ! Thank you for this video
Aaron Jung
Aaron Jung:
I am watching this at 29. I am lost, with unknown and uncertainty of my career. You gave me strength. Thank you!
"don't assault your body for a Movie role!!"
Esmy Val
Esmy Val:
Now I go power walk on my sundays do three miles or more n when I finish I feel so wonderful!!🙌🏻💪🏻
Lisa Zanot
Lisa Zanot:
This is so AWESOME!
Thank you for a little motivation today.
Donald Hutchison
Donald Hutchison:
Mathew has always been one of my favorite actors ,he almost had me in tears now i know hes a good man too !!!!!!
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Lola K
Lola K:
I would have never known Instagram takes so much from my day till i stopped using it for a day... Hmm hidden addictions
Mahaan Dur Global
Mahaan Dur Global:
I believe that one day I will succeed in achieving my dreams.. because dreams do come true by hardwork and patience
kathleen speredelozzi
kathleen speredelozzi:
I deleted Facebook this morning. Be in the presence of my life and I never have. Thank you Matthew.
Watched expecting to get angry . Left motivated and recharged . Wise words
Jacob K
Jacob K:
"Life is not fair, it never was, it won't ever be". The current generation could learn a lot from that statement.
3:53 Welcome to my country! Riga, Latvia...
Sam D
Sam D:
Thank You, Matthew McConaughey. I needed to hear this. 🙏🏾
Joseph Mojica
Joseph Mojica:
I play this every morning. It has helped me more than I care to admit.
Beyond Resist
Beyond Resist:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt,
Keep an eye for other motivational videos #beyondresist
Keep growing yourself .........
"Guilt and regret killed many a man before their time"
Garry K
Garry K:
Wow.. That's what exactly happened in my life.. Now it's time to turn the page, know yourself and live the dreams wish for. 😇
Terisa Amis
Terisa Amis:
I had so many questions for so long only to find one answer "Do What makes me happy"xx
Ditch the annoying music next time, I’m trying to take this video seriously.......
buster colin
buster colin:
All I need is a couple of million from you and I'll be on my way.
Koen Visser
Koen Visser:
It's funny how this quarantine made me eliminate all those things automatically. No heavy drinking and going out till 7am. No more excuses of not having enough time. I now spend more time on my study and playing piano than ever before. I have even produced some music myself! This quarantine is not good for must of us because we think it is not good for us. However, if you put your mind to it, it is a blessing in disguise.
S C:
Cooper gives great life lessons after coming out of a wormhole.
Susan Parnell
Susan Parnell:
Lovely inspiring video, I wish they would drop the background music, always with these kinda videos they play music to make the scenes seem more dramatic, super annoying.
Mychael Houck
Mychael Houck:
Second video (Arnold’s “not a self made man” talk) from a University of Houston commencement this week.
Adrina Jones
Adrina Jones:
Simply amazing .I will listen to this to motivate me and pass this on .Thank you greetings from the UK stay safe people .
Dare to do. Motivation
Dare to do. Motivation:
Amazing Video thank you Video Advice !!!!
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy:
This reads like a summary of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
I've been living these rules the past few months. It's amazing how much I'm starting to look like Matthew McConaughey. Alright.
X yz
X yz:
How to be a self-centered & selfish narcissist! ( SUCH DOUBLE-TALK BS BABBLE! )
James Roney
James Roney:
You are Beautiful human ❤️ I'm happy you here brother so Handsome ! 🥭
Randy Swiech
Randy Swiech:
Wish I understood this piece of advice back in my 20's but here I am now 55. Well, never too late to change I suppose
The Glimmerman
The Glimmerman:
This REALLY made me emotional. I'm actually teary eyed. Seriously. I just don't know what to say besides I needed to hear this. Thanks!
CallDwn theSky
CallDwn theSky:
If McConaughey wrote this I'm fairly impressed. Could do without the dramatic music but I think there is some valuable wisdom otherwise. May not resonate with everyone but I think this presentation could bring a little light into people's minds... a little clarity to their thinking and a more steady direction in their journey through life. Thumbs up
"Alright alright alright"
forex trader
forex trader:
"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible to the world "
---- Jim Carrey
Carol Loraine
Carol Loraine:
The only ones who will get this message will be the ones who are Ready for it. 😉
Thank you for sharing!
Nicolas Cerra
Nicolas Cerra:
4:05 wtf with that scene, lmao.
Big Brain Society
Big Brain Society:
Let's finish 2020 strond and start 2021 even stronger! Doesn't matter what happens around us!
24 and watching this, feel so lost and afraid of failing at my dreams. This videos helps 👍🏻
There and Back
There and Back:
I wonder if he was driving a lincoln during that whole speech?
Remove the movie soundtrack, also sometimes you have to grow by doing things we don't like.. imagine a world where everyone did what "was their personality" all day, everyday haha
saim tariq
saim tariq:
can I die I thought can't be more impressed and motivated then u bring this uff thank u soo much
Trung Pham
Trung Pham:
He have such a great voice, he should b a motivational speaker
Brandon Mcintosh
Brandon Mcintosh:
I listen to this anytime I start to feel down or sad, such a boost .. first thing I listen to when I wake up, makes a great start
Gaurav R
Gaurav R:
Don't read comments, listen carefully first.. come back here later
Clayton Luque
Clayton Luque:
Maravilhoso... Simplesmente.
I have a great career and good amount of money. However the reason why I watch this video is to motivate me to eat healthier! It works!!
It's 2 am now and I'm so motivated that I can not sleep 😭 maybe there is a cute German shepherd puppy video around😂