Matthew McConaughey Has CRAZY Life Stories

Matthew talks about quarantine with his whole family, his new memoir filled with crazy stories - “Greenlights,” doing peyote with a mountain lion, his dad questioning whether Matthew's paternity, building a 100 foot treehouse when he was a kid, his adopted brother meeting his birth parents, growing up as Little Mr. Texas, and Jimmy asks him to give America the pep talk we so desperately need. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

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100+ komentarze:

McConaughey is one of the (VERY) few people who qualify for "how can anyone possibly not like this guy?" status.
Rohit Panigrahi
Rohit Panigrahi:
Make America Alright, Alright, Alright Again! :D
james meredith
james meredith:
I hope he does a audio version but he MUST narrate it.
Patrick Devlin
Patrick Devlin:
How does ONE person have so much charisma?
Nice one, Matthew!
B Patel
B Patel:
People have been saying this for like a quarter century now, but whatever, i'm still gonna say it. "Alright, alright, alright."
Charley Ray
Charley Ray:
I’m a simple girl. I see Matthew mcconaughey and I click
Vic Miller
Vic Miller:
Mathew is so refreshing, you gotta love that guy. he could get us all through the covid19 !
He not only had a unique career, he has an interesting life full of stories. And he is only middle aged? I'm kind of jealous.
apathetic marsupial
apathetic marsupial:
Over-achieving, highly motivated stoners - some of the most interesting people, ever.
Isabelle El khoudri
Isabelle El khoudri:
I'd die to hang at Matt and Camilla's house. They might be among the funniest family around.
Stephen West
Stephen West:
He is one gifted individual, living his best life. Thanks Matthew, that was brilliant.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na:
Mathew's parents improved their naming children a lot from Rooster to Matthew. Not always bad to not be the first child.
Dallas Buyer Club, True Dectective, Interstellar. This man is a global treasure.
Stephanie Belyavskaya
Stephanie Belyavskaya:
It’s refreshing to see that he is so humble and human, like the rest of us.. just on a super-star celebrity level 😆💋
Jon Jones
Jon Jones:
He is just a great person and loves people and his community
oh man... he is a Legend! He is such a good writer i can't wait to read his book!
Naomi G
Naomi G:
I met him in Sweden and we spoke for one hour. A fantastic man! Love from Sweden! Jag saknar dig, Matthew!
If Mathew's book is just about how awsome he is then..... I will still read it.
Stephen Kiran
Stephen Kiran:
This was one of the most funniest interviews I've ever seen.. The stories that Mcconaughey told were hilarious!
Oluchi Orajekwe
Oluchi Orajekwe:
The speech is so presidential and refreshing 💞 Thank you, Mathew
sierra kane
sierra kane:
The man, the myth, the legend
Steve McKinney
Steve McKinney:
Calissa Giuliana
Calissa Giuliana:
Matthew McCoughney run for president. I’ll vote for you
Pam Chapman
Pam Chapman:
Matthew McConaughey for President! ❤️✌️
Yoo B!
Yoo B!:
Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors. Seem like a real down to earth guy.
A B:
Jesus he is good at pep talks.
עומר רקנטי
עומר רקנטי:
He is one of the most charismatic man I ever seen in my life
I don't think I've ever wanted to read an Autobiography so much ... & so... I'm gonna...
Cheers Mr. Matthew McConaughey 😉💙🎇
See Chun Chong
See Chun Chong:
Spot on, Mathew, best speech in 2020, Greenlights, Go, Go, Go.....Cheers
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell:
I'm gonna get the book, sounds like fun.
Sheyanne Sorensen
Sheyanne Sorensen:
I want to see a conversation between him and woody Harrelson. Just them smoking and talking 😹
Well that was one hell of a speech at the end! 👏👏👏
Canna-Comedy Culture
Canna-Comedy Culture:
I didn’t recognize him with a shirt on.
Jessica Bravo
Jessica Bravo:
I just love him. He seems like such a genuine, humble man.
The Crisis Coach
The Crisis Coach:
McConaughey Has the voice of someone I always want to listen to...
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters:
That was wonderful Matthew thank you for that pep talk. I hope everyone hears it
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry:
I too built a tre house. Two floors , Windows and roof. It was from the wood my father had foar the new barn. He laughed,, let me have it for the summer. I loved it and him.
Jiji Solomon
Jiji Solomon:
I have my kids get creative by NOT using profanity and it's hilarious.
Doug Fosbrooke
Doug Fosbrooke:
Love that he always has interesting stories each and every interview. Sure, he’s got a book or movie to pitch but he doesn’t. He’s just interesting and makes people want to hear/see more. Great guest.
joris suffurt
joris suffurt:
For those who want the lyrics…..
2020 has been one for the books to that we can all agree. I say it is time to turn the page and clear our eyes so we can better see. 
Time to anchor ourselves to our better natures. And redefine some of our nomenclatures. 
Time to respect ourselves and each other. Time to remember our value, time to listen to our mother. 
No doubt about it America we are under construction. All trying to move forward without deduction. 
Going through growing pains trying to function. Let’s make meeting in the middle our journey’s junction. 
Hard work and sacrifice we gotta earn our way to where we need to go. No one is gonna do it for us, this we gotta know. 
There is no fancy algorithm that holds the secret key. It starts in the mirror, it starts with you and me. 
Time to revive, reveal and testify. The Truth is actual, that ain’t no lie. 
Gotta start to be better at this game of life. As sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers husbands and wives. 
Start building bridges in stead of dead ends. Love our neighbours like ourselves, make amends.  
Expect more from ourselves and from each other. So we can have faith again in myself yourself and in one another. 
We gotta start blessing up instead of bowing down. To all that funny money wearing the crooked crown. 
We gotta create opportunities for the I and the We. Have conversations with our condemnations so we can speak 
Building trust again in stead of suspicion. Refill our gastanks so we can crank the ignition. 
Time to come together to wear a mask and vote. So we can write our so long goodbye note. 
Get in the zone to find our frequency again. Get on the highway where we all can win.
A poem a rap a rhyme it all seems But I am pretty damn sure you know what it all means………. Whaddayasay America, lets turn this red light to green
Oj Boss
Oj Boss:
Has anyone made a “greenlight, greenlight greenlight” joke yet?
Mabel Myers
Mabel Myers:
McConaughey is one of the (VERY) few people who qualify for "how can anyone possibly not like this guy?" status.
Luz Valdes
Luz Valdes:
Matthew McConaughey is a national treasure!
Mp Sv
Mp Sv:
I luv his accent!!
Man I love Matthew McConaughey I loved him in wolf of Wall Street 😁
anndrea stembridge
anndrea stembridge:
That was AWESOME! Loved the spoken word! 😘
Diva Love
Diva Love:
Matthew, that was great! That was the little pep talk I needed right about now. Love u.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
I have met Rooster being from Texas his stories arent as exciting but those eyes are all McCoughney. Good folks!
Sudeep D
Sudeep D:
MM is a national treasure
Abdiaziz-Abraham Hussein
Abdiaziz-Abraham Hussein:
I work right across from his team (Austin FC) here in Austin. He seems like a chill guy. Gotta love Matthew! I relate to him because I made from Ethiopia to here.
New Message
New Message:
I drive my wife crazy doing my McConaughey impression (which is pretty good), but I say "Okay, okay, okay..."

And it makes her physically shake with anger.
Patti Hawks
Patti Hawks:
Beautifully spoken, Matthew!
All true, all real, all purely needed, especially now.
Thank you, Jimmy, for requesting it! ☺️🙏🧡✌️
Random Videos
Random Videos:
It would be soo easy to get celebrities on the show now there all stuck at home bored😂
Jessica M. Mieles
Jessica M. Mieles:
Damn Matthew, that pep talk was awesome and had some rhymes! Thank you!
“Thats what i like about these high school girls man. I get older, they stay the same age ......alright, alright”

Catchy Experiments
Catchy Experiments:
March 3rd is known as “What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day”. 😎
Audberto Velez
Audberto Velez:
Im getting that book
Terrence Bullen
Terrence Bullen:
Have a good day and have a good night. Allright, allright allright.
Natalia's Ideas
Natalia's Ideas:
This interview is so different than the one he has at fox!
Funky Doolittle
Funky Doolittle:
the amount of stories he has I can listen all day
Wow... Mr.Mathew, You're a genius! Thank You from Europe.
Genie Mememe
Genie Mememe:
Hold on. You have a brother named Rooster?
Mike Homan
Mike Homan:
That was great to hear that. Now we need our leaders to at least make a noise in that direction.
neena dorsey
neena dorsey:
Respect ourselves.....meeting in the middle, starts in the mirror! Yesssss
Lilly Fitzgerald
Lilly Fitzgerald:
Love him!
Monique Hunt
Monique Hunt:
Great speech, Matthew 👏🏽👏🏽😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽
The house looks dated.I wonder if that's his ranch out in Uvalde Texas where He was born.Grandpa was about 3 miles from his parents house and I never knew that till I got older.Small world ya'll
Jan _YTview
Jan _YTview:
Could listen to his southern dra'll for hours. 🙃
Bandita Lea
Bandita Lea:
That was an amazing speech at the end.
James Oyewale
James Oyewale:
only Matthew McConaughey is allowed to say *alright* and it'll definitely be "alright alright alright..."
Ileana field
Ileana field:
That was awesome, thank you both.
Kelly Merrell
Kelly Merrell:
Well said, Mathew! Very enlightening. Luv u.
David Pitts
David Pitts:
I'm going to wait for the movie man, I hope he's still alive ..
buzz magister
buzz magister:
I got to see this video thanks to Einstein the parrot .
z246 711717
z246 711717:
Cool to see somebody have a good message without being so political
Mindaugas Kliukas
Mindaugas Kliukas:
I really want to read that book! What a legend! And Jimmy is a legend! Such a great watch every time!
he looks way better than his lincoln commercials.
Wolf Man
Wolf Man:
The hairline story proves Pat was always meant to be a McConaughey
Nancy Spicoli
Nancy Spicoli:
He's so wonderful!!! Alright, needed this tonight.
Wilhelmina B
Wilhelmina B:
It’s stuff like this that makes me feel fine, fine, fine.
Little Miss Sassy Plants M woods
Little Miss Sassy Plants M woods:
Just preordered the book! Thanks for the pep talk! My husband is from Texas and he actually had a beer with him randomly at a bar in Austin. He affirms Matthew is the nicest most down to earth dude you’ll ever meet. Take care of that fam man, cheers!
Jacqueline Wernett
Jacqueline Wernett:
I married Mathew McConaughey in my heart long ago like many people. I live in 800 editorial, we have brains, spine, gut, heart and Soul, semper fi... build bridges not walls...marry a tree if you feel wooden, marry your hearts to eachother. And study Occams Razor...and please truly do not vote for lies and trump...Do not let avarice grow like a cancer.
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"it wasn't a tumor, it was a movie star that's what it was" LMAOOOOOOO AHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA
alright, alright, alright
One of my favorite actor but most of all, he is so down to earth and his fame has not changed him.
It is wonderful to see a person who will such honest character as Matthew McConaughey. We need more people like him in this world.
Crystal Sherman
Crystal Sherman:
He has some fun and interesting stories.
Rocio Bany
Rocio Bany:
Alright y just AWESOME poem at the end ... Greenlight * 🇺🇸
Ananda Sudhan
Ananda Sudhan:
If he was allowed jimmy would have narrated the entire book of Matthew 😀😀
Wok Among Us
Wok Among Us:
And thats why he is so beloved.
Mkadam Alid
Mkadam Alid:
For some reason I expect Matthew's book to start with " alright alright alright..."
the way he talks is the goal of every adult male
Canadian 81
Canadian 81:
That was dope Matthew - Thank you, kindly:)
Gina T
Gina T:
Love that McConaughey swagger
Robert Applin
Robert Applin:
I'm not even American but that pep talk made me want to make a change in the! 😂😂😂
MM is the best of Texas...from Deep In The Heart of the Hill Country💜
Lenora Berendt
Lenora Berendt:
Great pep talk, Matthew. Thanks! 👍👍
Delta Tango
Delta Tango:
Fell in love with MM all over again
S G Betancourt
S G Betancourt:
Wonderful! Thank you Matthew and Jimmy!
Thank you!!! Much gratitude, love, light, justice, peace, endurance and togetherness to all!
Mea Frenchie
Mea Frenchie:
What a great speech,