Matthew McConaughey's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH) Motivational Speech 2018

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Motivation Madness
Motivation Madness:
Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed the video please leave a like and share this video with someone who could use some inspiration. God bless you all and I hope you all accomplish what you set out to do today. 😊

Subscribe for Motivational Videos Every Weekday, Helping You Get Through The Week!
I mean dude just sat down and riffed off forty minutes of advice that'd change anyone's life. Great talk
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez:
What Matthew MccConaughey have learned so far:
1) Life it's not easy
2) Unbelievable it's the stupidest word in the dictionary
3) Focus in Joy during the journey
4) Define Success for yourself
5) Process of Elimination - Where you're not it's as important as where you are
6) Don't leave crumbs and the beauty of delayed gratification
7) Dissect your successes and the rest of prosity of gratitude
8) Make voluntary obligations
9) From can to want
10) A roof is a man-made thing (limits)
11) Turn the page
12) Give your obstacles credit
13.1) Schedule the time to receive the truth
13.2) Personalize it and why you need it in your life
13.3) Have the patience to internalize it
Tim siniff
Tim siniff:
McConaughey for President 2020!
Resolve-Life Training, Michael Ward
Resolve-Life Training, Michael Ward:
I remember 15-20 years ago when I told people that this dude is going to win an Oscar one day, people literally laughed at me.
Camden Shore
Camden Shore:
I bookmarked this so I can watch it every time I feel stuck in life, or am depressed or anxious. Thank you so much Matthew for your positive and important advice. I wish everyone could see this someday. And realize the only one stopping YOU from success, is YOU.
Oscar Banuelos
Oscar Banuelos:
Luke: “ I just don’t believe it”.
Yoda “That is why you fail”.
Star Wars Episode V
Christopher Rodney
Christopher Rodney:
Man just casually changed my life ... all right!
Sebastian Betancur
Sebastian Betancur:
Someone will read this down the road and know who I am. I will work hard for what I want.
Arco Cola
Arco Cola:
Old dude is sitting next to him like. Tell me something boy
This man is one of the best speakers of all time. He truly knows how to tell a story and his story, is a motivation for us all. Keep positive all!!
Miraj Jiwani
Miraj Jiwani:
Watched this in person at my University graduation in 2015! It was amazing!
Casual Modelling
Casual Modelling:
I watched this and I was like "okay now I'm going to do it!" then I looked at the calender and was like "oh well it's already 2019 never mind... "
Tony Spicer
Tony Spicer:
Mathew is highly intelligent.
He has inspired me. I’m in the process (yes, it’s a process) of trying to become positive and not running with the way “the world” wants us to ....spreading gossip; seeing someone’s failure and forgetting everyone is a human being prone to fail at some things; wishing ill for others that have hurt us in the past or right now; being hateful to someone just because they see things differently. I want to be a positive person, influence and beacon. There’s too much negativity and hate in this world. Someone needs to show love, compassion, empathy and kindness and that “someone” can be all of us. It is certainly the way that makes us feel best and it spreads this positivity to others and then they become inspiring. Let’s love and stop this hate and intolerance now and for the rest of our days. ❤️❤️
We must appreciate what this man is sharing, especially in these times.
Laurencio Rico
Laurencio Rico:
Wow, profound speech!!! Not all actors are shallow... right on!!!
Khuram Chaudhri
Khuram Chaudhri:
Why do people judge ? why cant we realize that this man took his time off and shared his knowledge - no matter if he is sitting, standing or shirtless ( ladies would love that - LOL) - be grateful - gratitude - thank you for the talk, thank you for the post and for the people who don't like - its your choice - Thank you for that too ! Realization is important !
"Process of elimination---Eliminate who you are not and you're going to find yourself where you need to be. "
ROI - return on investment
I see Matthew is much more than just a "beach guy", nice talk.
I can’t stop coming back to this video, it’s incredible and he’s a great speaker.
Much love people!
Bryan Hacker
Bryan Hacker:
It's been 8 days since I've 1st seen this video and I have watched it every day since then. This and the 10min one. I needed this.
Ian Delahunt
Ian Delahunt:
This is amazing. I love Mathew McConaughey as a person. He is real, a student and a teacher.
Those are the kind of people I admire the most.
Morwa Radebe
Morwa Radebe:
Just stumbled upon this. Definitely one of the best speeches ever. It resonates so well with where I am in life
North Star
North Star:
Matthew is more than an actor. He’s a leader, he’s a motivational speaker and he’s a charity CEO to help young people. Nothing but respect for the guy. He’s really amazing. I really wish I could just sit down and talk with him about life. He just seems so insightful. Keep being you Matthew and can’t wait to see what’s in store next for you! 👍👍
Divineshot 314
Divineshot 314:
Amazing way to start my week. Everyone have an awesome week! :)
iReMeDi Gaming
iReMeDi Gaming:
7:14 - SUCCESS, according Matthew McConaughey :
being a Good Husband
Health (BMS : Body-Mind-Spirit)
Absorbing Knowledge
Absorbing Knowledge:
Give him a Oscar for this speech too 🙏🏼🤗
A very inspirational and motivational presentation...
"A Goal In Life Is To Die With Memories -- Not Dreams"
Dreams can partition and stifle ones ambitions - Therefore
it makes sense that ACTION takers are the ones who will
be rewarded with memories". snowy mcgann
WaVy NaVy
WaVy NaVy:
Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
"You're not a victim, get over it"
I feel all the SJW's in the area died right there.
Steve Lockhart
Steve Lockhart:
I knew McConaughey was super cool, I had no idea he was so wise. what a great talk.
THIS IS THE BBBEST THiNG I HAVE HEAR IN A LLLLLONG TIME! I want to listen to it over and over again because I want to sear it into my brain.
Khalid Hakimi
Khalid Hakimi:
“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”- Napoleon Hill
Tom Curtis
Tom Curtis:
It’s great but too greedy with the adverts!
Mike S
Mike S:
I always liked this guy as an actor AND I JUST "KNEW" THAT THERE WAS MORE "GOOD" TO HIM!!! This video PROVES THAT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE "GOOD" TO HIM! God bless this guy MATTHEW McConauhey and I hope he will be a part of our lives for a long time! We NEED THIS GUY in our lives! He really is one of the good guys!
Aurora Nature Sounds
Aurora Nature Sounds:
Camilla has chosen a good man! Amazing! Love that accent!!!
Alright alright alright....great video!!!
Diamond Princess
Diamond Princess:
This was so amazing to watch, God bless you Matthew
Luke Meacham
Luke Meacham:
This is some of the best advice I've heard in one speech. Thank you, MM.
Elbert Dc
Elbert Dc:
The number 13 that his talking about is spiritual enlightenment and mind programing. 37:25 as he said "My god".
Brant Richardson
Brant Richardson:
Never had much respect for McConaughey before seeing this, just thought he was nice for the ladies to look at, an actor that regurgitated a talented writers word. Well said man, thank you for taking the time to develop this speech.
Picky WOLF
Picky WOLF:
Jim Rohn out from this body! This guy reminds Jim to me. For real.!
Sergio Moreno
Sergio Moreno:
I wonder if Eminem will ever have one of these.
Nikki White
Nikki White:
What an inspiring speech! Talk about hitting home.
Edgar Foerster
Edgar Foerster:
Good for you Mc Conaughey! Tell em! The truth! Glad you didn’t sell out! Good for you! Lead by example! You are too! Good!
"#1, you gotta relax"..
Bella Marie
Bella Marie:
The happy souls behind him, never broke into a smile once 😂😂 Mathew a compelling actor. A compelling orator, I could listen to him all day 💋
Jason Mcknight
Jason Mcknight:
Videos couldn’t have come at a better time for me...thank you.
probably one of the only motivational speeches that would still resonate with the same magnitude even if the slow piano was removed.
Arrogant Knats BCN
Arrogant Knats BCN:
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration
I hope those kids really understand the deep message given to them and apply it.
Bolaji A.
Bolaji A.:
(30:02) is such an important lesson.
Maja Wei
Maja Wei:
8 minutes in and this is the best speech I ever heard...great job Mr. Matt
IHavok II
IHavok II:
Listening to this man is changing my life the more I listen. Seriously listen and it’s almost the most impactful speech I have ever heard.
Ehart💖34 MOTO💀TRiPP
Ehart💖34 MOTO💀TRiPP:
This is a good one! 👍
Brandi Jarvis
Brandi Jarvis:
I love this video I am on my personal journey right now number one figuring out who I am to create a better life for me
Sherri Poplawski
Sherri Poplawski:
I really enjoyed this, he is so right about putting your priorities in line. Thank You
I love him he's awesome, I can't wait till I give my great speech one day!
I might catch some heat for this but I can see Mathew becoming more of a Wayne Dyer type speaker in the future as much as an actor
Jaxson Pryce-Jones
Jaxson Pryce-Jones:
I have listened to Matthew McConaughey’s motivational speech a hundred times. First, I love the message and second, I could listen to his voice forever. He gives to multiple organizations and is the founder of the organization Just Keep Living. All ❤️ for this awesome human!!!
My life is full of crumbs 😯
This speech changed my life!!!
peachy moonchild_
peachy moonchild_:
For me it’s a happy and healthy life , and money of course😂
BelleSeaStone BASSGUARD:
THIS IS GOOOOOD.... I appreciate your WISE WORDS OF WISDOM used in this talk....THANK YOU
Sathish Kumar S
Sathish Kumar S:
26:20 Focus on the process, not the final moment.
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton:
I’m back again, third time, better every single time
Chad Sutten
Chad Sutten:
"Sayy man. You got a joint? It would be a lot cooler if you did!" Lmao
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy:
35 min clearly talking about a ayahuasca trip
Kofi Thomas
Kofi Thomas:
Truth in Life on Living!
Always an extremely eloquent actor which distinguishes him from others
Arl right,arl right,arl riight!
Thomas valenta Valenta
Thomas valenta Valenta:
I Love this man's speeches !!! Always makes my day better !!! He makes me smile and laugh and he gives me a little faith too !!! One of the vary Best speakers the world has ever witnessed !!! Much Love !!!
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis:
Aaahhhhh yes! Thanks so much for this! A great way to start the day!
Alicia Figueroa
Alicia Figueroa:
Wonderful speech, thank you.
Herbert Allen
Herbert Allen:
Sound insight and inspiration. I thought, like a lot of people, he has lost it with the sudden fame. Not the case, at all, feet planted firmly on the ground. I have a whole view of and respect for Mr McConaughey.
Marko K. Pribić
Marko K. Pribić:
Oh wow.. listening to him, I just realized I lived my entire life on this psyche. I'ts my stressful ex girlfriend that couldn't realize and understand his words, that actually showed me this video... traders huh?
Selena Selena
Selena Selena:
Whoever disliked this is just an envious hater
A Distant Echo
A Distant Echo:
"2018 is the year I will change my life." - me, 2019
Watched this for the first time today, looked up Matthew McConaughey as I was just curious to learn even more about him and realised it's his birthday today. Cheers for the speech Matt and Happy Birthday!
Th von S
Th von S:
McConaughey is good, but... why include the repeating chord loop (A minor) of background piano muzak?
Morten Moeller
Morten Moeller:
19:19 I almost fell of my chair course of that freakin' sound xD !!! It woke me from my trance !
Always been a fan of Matthew, and this... this was one helluva great motivational speech.
Fate Riddle
Fate Riddle:
I can't figure out why there're 2k downvotes? He's advice is pure gold.
Elcon Fleur
Elcon Fleur:
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this motivational video.
Brittney Snoddy
Brittney Snoddy:
I check in with this speech when I need to check in with myself. Thank you 🙏 for sharing. This was the first piece of inspiration I was given on the journey to finding and loving myself.
francine Herraman
francine Herraman:
an amazing man thank you for the inspiration, you have given so many.
Wow, possibly the best inspirational speech ever!
Sometimes I think life is a joke. I've only had 2 successes in my life. My daughter and wife.
"Make the choices that pay you back tomorrow... residuals", this talk was a residual for Matthew. Some people might call it (good) Karma. Doing something for others.
The old dude is distracting for me as watching the Vedio, my thoughts remained on him.
Nathaneal James
Nathaneal James:
2018 had a huge impact on me in a negative way but made my 2019 stronger thank God
Krissy Ariella
Krissy Ariella:
I love his voice and I love these type of videos. Thank you Matthew you gave me exactly what I needed. God bless me shine a light on me one day I will be his neighbor. God I bless me shine your light on me I’ll tell everybody about your work. Your blessings our story.
John Galletta
John Galletta:
This is the mental state I want . Thank you for posting this . I didn't see myself until now thank you God bless
Such beautiful humility and wisdom.

This actor just gained me as a fan and I couldn't care less about 99.999% of the Holly-idiot "celebrities". I don't celebrate them nor care about their skewed opinions of the world.

WTG, Mr. McConaughey
Vincent DeLaVega
Vincent DeLaVega:
Gabe Lopez
Gabe Lopez:
Just saw this video in the right moment of my life! Thanks for posting it!!!
Nick Teo
Nick Teo:
could someone tell me the music song behind McConaughey speech?? Thank you in advance!
David Micheals
David Micheals:
I spent years listening to and watching motivational speeches on YouTube, too much time. This is the one I've needed all that time. No one shouting at me that I won't succeed unless I'm up in the gym at 4am, people shouting at me that they want it more than me, people telling me 99% of people won't do this. This is the real advice for a better life.
Shanon Kulkin
Shanon Kulkin:
Thanks for this! It's so true. We need to be our BEST selves! Life is so much better when I so that!