Matthew Perry Opens Up About His Addiction During The Show, "Friends" | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

In 2003, Matthew Perry opened up to Oprah about his struggle with addiction during the show, Friends, and the moment when he made a life-or-death decision. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Matthew Perry Opens Up About His Addiction During The Show, "Friends" | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

100+ komentarze:

"Was it hard to see a friend in trouble?" No, was great. What a stupid question.
Miguel Salas
Miguel Salas:
The one where Oprah makes everything awkward af
Life Of Marie
Life Of Marie:
This guy forever has my respect for being so open about this.
Eric Davis
Eric Davis:
Why is Gunther a black woman
Zakaria Muhammad
Zakaria Muhammad:
This was a weird episode of friends
wAs iT hArD tO sEe a FrIeNd iN tRoUblE?

no we love watching a friend struggle
Pay Claw
Pay Claw:
Could he BE any more open?
Let me Eat cake
Let me Eat cake:
''The one where Oprah asks stupid questions''
Tony Walton
Tony Walton:
0:53 Jennifer Anniston signalling, "don't answer that question'
Ea Due
Ea Due:
“The saddest souls always have the brightest smiles.”
Brave Soul
Brave Soul:
Wow Jennifer was so subtle giving David the sign not to answer such a personal question..David was smart that he got it!!
Brianna Wedow
Brianna Wedow:
For those of you who are commenting looking for answers or simply stating things that are not true: Matthew Perry was injured in an accident and his doctor prescribed him Vicodin. Though he didn't need the medication anymore recovery wise, he became addicted which leads to certain health problems/symptoms. He also started to abuse alcohol. Due to his addiction to pain meds and alcohol he eventually developed pancreatitis. He has been sober for over a decade now, I believe. Late last year he had surgery do to gastrointestinal perforation which is a hole somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract. He is a great actor and a decent human being who just so happened to go down a rabbit hole and has been facing the consequences.
Rehan Verma
Rehan Verma:
During the mid seasons his body was clearly looking like he's a drug addict or suffering from something
Just goes to show you , you can be apart of successful show and still be sad
this woman lived off embarrassing others in front of the world.
Rose J
Rose J:
I'm glad he corrected Oprah's describing him as having courage. People with addictions will say it has NOTHING TO DO WITH COURAGE it's about the gift of desperation.
Dina Meshrif
Dina Meshrif:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate David's reaction when oprah asked him to comment on Matt's addiction. He didn't say anything to give her what she wanted( ie a great oprah episode on the back personal stories of people's suffering). He is in show biz he understands.
Music Mask
Music Mask:
Idk but Matthew just seems so "real" to me, he's just great
The friends cast always made agreements on what they are ok with to say about each other in interviews.
You can see that they're very very careful.
I love that.
Joy Akaia
Joy Akaia:
.. And i am still waiting for Chandler to crack a sarcastic joke!
lilly loves rain
lilly loves rain:
The comedian who makes everyone's life better gives them a reason to smile is so broken inside.
"No, Oprah, it wasn't hard to see my friend struggle with addiction. It was actually very fun. You see, we didn't even need to give him a script. He was so lost in his own word as this 'Chandler Bing' persona that we just filmed him and ran with whatever happened." is what I was expecting him to say.
Prem Chand
Prem Chand:
Oprah's head looks like an apple.
Heidi Baltom
Heidi Baltom:
He needs to be praised more for speaking up about it. You can tell he doesnt feel that comfortable but hes just great
Dharmanshu Dave
Dharmanshu Dave:
The interviewer should have asked, "How hard was it for you to see your friend in trouble?" instead of that.
Bains Productions
Bains Productions:
Friends without a laugh track seems really serious
Who else saw Jennifer nod when Oprah asked the “Was it hard to watch a friend in trouble?” At 00:56
Maxine Carter
Maxine Carter:
Glad he is recovering. Not sure why this video is surfacing now. But I support you and your sobriety!
he is a really beautiful person inside and out
Wow she really dug her heals into that dark part of his past that he clearly doesn’t want to talk about...
Tiberiu Stanculescu
Tiberiu Stanculescu:
mad respect for this guy
Miss Jnet
Miss Jnet:
I love him. His character in Friends is my ideal man ❤️❤️
Ill be there for you. Like I've been there before.
Marko Delich
Marko Delich:
Matthew Langford Perry will always have my respect and everything. I was addicted too, and after I heard Matthew's story, I stopped. This man has learned me more than anyone else will. Even the darkest times will go, it's not a bad life, it's an unlucky year
Chandler is one of my favorite tv characters all time. Thank you Matthew Perry.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg:
Apparently David was gonna try out for the Olympics. He’s meant to be an excellent Schwimmer.
Richard Hogg
Richard Hogg:
People thought he had an addiction that was linked to partying, it was actually because of a jet ski accident and he was medicating on opioids cause of the pain.
"The one where Chandler gets clean for a while"
Nicool Peg
Nicool Peg:
I could not love or respect him more 💞🇨🇦
Molly Flogging
Molly Flogging:
He is so eloquent and humble, i like this dude
The Chef 5897
The Chef 5897:
Oprah: Was it hard to see a friend in trouble?
Chandler: No Oprah, it was exciting and gave off a sexual thrill.
“Was it hard to watch a friend in trouble?” OMGG🤦‍♀️😅i was like noo it was greatt
S Mac
S Mac:
I know this is serious stuff and I totally respect that also totally feels like Oprah is interviewing Chandler with Rachel, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Joey at Central Perk...
Much love to him!
He's wonderful.
Sunil Skanda
Sunil Skanda:
It's a little weird to see him being serious in real life when we're used him being, you know, Chandler.
Man I don't remember this episode
Hannah Fortenberry
Hannah Fortenberry:
"was it hard to see a friend in trouble" what answer is she expecting "haha nope such a fun time"
The Natural Health Blogger
The Natural Health Blogger:
So no one told you life was gonna be this way.....
Canadian Blox
Canadian Blox:
“Was it hard to see a friend in trouble?”
No oprah it was amazing we love seeing people suffer it’s what keeps us alive
Abi Truax
Abi Truax:
Matthew is so strong and he was open about it and then Oprah made it awkward with "Was it hard to see a Friend in trouble?"
Varun Lale
Varun Lale:
David Schwimmer acts in real life as well as reel life.
Lovely Leen
Lovely Leen:
I love Matthew Perry 💙 Friends ❤️
Shree Das
Shree Das:
Matthew Perry in those glasses look sexy af!
Varun VA_ 333
Varun VA_ 333:
"God Bless You Chandler Bing !"
Yash Chaturvedi
Yash Chaturvedi:
"Was it hard to see your friend in trouble?" How is that even a question??
Was it hard to see a friend in trouble? No Oprah, I loved it!
Genevee Nash
Genevee Nash:
Much respect for him.
I walk the same path, I am grateful for recovery.
Counting my blessings.... thank you
Maher Sw
Maher Sw:
Chandler : " Damn you Oprah "
Zeke Elliott
Zeke Elliott:
I drank with him in Ottawa. He’d always brag about beating up Justin Trudeau.
Edwin Osborne
Edwin Osborne:
The one where Chandler gets a bing from God
OH MY GAWD!! Matt LeBlanc had a Goatee😂😂
Brandi Bean
Brandi Bean:
I love how sincere his message is. Love this cast.
Rebecca_musicislove 21
Rebecca_musicislove 21:
I love him so much I hope he’s doing okay now
Magdalena Tarrago
Magdalena Tarrago:
The way Jennifer has her body pointed towards him as in, "I am here for you" vibe. That's friendship. She is supporting him without even saying anything.
fat_girl_bummer !
fat_girl_bummer !:
We love you Chandler!
Miranda Panda
Miranda Panda:
God bless Matthew <3 Seems like such a genuine person.
"Was it hard to see a friend in trouble?" What kind of an answer was she expecting there? 'No, I enjoyed seeing my friend I have known for 9 years suffer from a life threatening addiction.'
Mr.James David Robert
Mr.James David Robert:
This is the most honest and frank explanation of what the moment is like when you admit you need help.
Plot twist: this interview is about the time Ross was caught smoking weed and blamed it on Chandler.
Amy Sepple
Amy Sepple:
it’s so upsetting he had to go through that❤️
michael blackston
michael blackston:
Matthew perry has been through soo much. I’m so glad that he’s a recovering alcoholic. He can finally move forward with his life and hopefully help other with this addiction. He has my upmost respect
Lucy Button
Lucy Button:
This might seem random but. He is BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out.
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
Even on this serious subject he finds a way to make funny jokes.
“The one with chandler gets new glasses”
Cielo Andrei
Cielo Andrei:
Still loving Chandler Bing in 2019 ❤️
Guillaume Play
Guillaume Play:
Surround yourself with people who support you, Matthew Perry! 😼 You have a disease and there's a way out. 😼 The Matthew Perry plan is sick and you will get better. 😼
Could these questions BE any more stupid?
ciociaro irrequiete
ciociaro irrequiete:
what a friggin' pro he was in season 3...high,drunk and hangover the whole time...losing weight like an aids patient...and the man STILL delivered in every episode!
Guillaume Play
Guillaume Play:
I encourage Matthew Perry. He's talented. He may have a disease called *addiction" but he deserves to be a great actor. 😺🧡😺
Akshat Aggarwal
Akshat Aggarwal:
Oprah at her worst..."Was it hard to see a friend in trouble?". Really?
Mari Muradyan
Mari Muradyan:
Dude Oprah was asking such personal questions he looked so sad and uncomfortable, like everyone was. But he was still open, respectful and didn't get mad at her for asking or avoided the question.
Chandler is my favourite character, if that's possible. I love them all.
Tauana Lopes
Tauana Lopes:
So sad to know that he's still struggling with addction. Really hope he can overcome this disease and stay healthy!
The episode after Chandler proposed to Monica was a very obvious one that something wasn't right with him... glad he managed to get out of his addiction and lives a good life today.
I've watch friends 2 times entirely and didn't know about this, it's actually sad that beside the very funny and sarcastic role that he plays in the show he had problems like this irl,hope he's better now ❤
Aaryan Shah
Aaryan Shah:
0:59 for some reason I was expecting to hear a laugh track after this
You can see it in David's face when Oprah ask's the most dumb question ever, He is thinking "What do you want me too say?" OFC it was hard, ofc they wanted him to get better like WTF??
Abbey Babyyy
Abbey Babyyy:
Bless him 🙏🏽❤️
Tony Holland
Tony Holland:
Matthew Perry is so real man!
Farrad Mohammed
Farrad Mohammed:
So happy to see him be strong. Addiction is scary. Dont give up!
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera:
"The Matthew Perry plan sucked" sums up the very first step to recovery. This is great and I hope he is continuing his recovery with great health and joy!
Alkor Melesker
Alkor Melesker:
How pretty Lisa Cudrow is on this set)) amazing
Ryan Dee
Ryan Dee:
Whenever I feel anxious I watch them and then I'm relieved.
Swati Virdi
Swati Virdi:
Gawd this lady , Oprah makes my brain hurt
Emiel Depraetere
Emiel Depraetere:
Matthew perry is a legend , my hero. I love u forever ❤️
Brandon Zinga
Brandon Zinga:
Friends: The one with an addiction
Fred Smith
Fred Smith:
0:56 ross gives a typical ross like responce LOL
Jess Manuel
Jess Manuel:
….and he's still in rehab.
El Meatbolio
El Meatbolio:
I saw Matthew Perry in a play in London... was surreal.
The one with Oprah.