Mauricio Pochettino sacked: Why would Harry Kane stay at Tottenham? - Craig Burley | ESPN FC

Tottenham sent shock waves through the football world Tuesday when the club announced the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino. ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop react to the news and what it will mean for both Tottenham and Pochettino. Burley says the decision could lead to a domino effect that sees stars like Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen lead an exodus of star players from the club.


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Tanvir Bhathal
Tanvir Bhathal:
He deserves to be sacked, he is against the Spurs ideology. He almost won a a trophy!
Poch sacked before emery and ole? Wasn’t expecting that
Aa3Dr Gam3r
Aa3Dr Gam3r:
why on earth valvarde not sacked rill now? any barca fans here
Day two of me requesting Jesse Lingard on this show.
Pochettino has help to shape Tottenham Hotspur and the English national team. Levy will regret this...
Vexed Daemon
Vexed Daemon:
I’m a chelsea fan but he’s been there best manager
Ben Hanssen
Ben Hanssen:
the thing spurs should be worried about is if son wants to stay
LIB Fulagyrl
LIB Fulagyrl:
First Bayern and now Spurs. And we Barça wont fire Valverde after back to back UCL humiliations!
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji:
"Good ebening", says Unai Emery.
Alex Mallinson
Alex Mallinson:
If Valverde wasn't eternally unfireable Pochetino would be a great fit
Bro P
Bro P:
Good for Poch. He need to move on to a trophy winning team.
fred jones
fred jones:
you know how Spurs built the new stadium at a profit??? they didnt build any TROPHY
Michael Farojoye
Michael Farojoye:
Spurs just made the biggest mistake of the century.
Tottenham just RIP today. Many players will follow him out. Levy is ungrateful.
Joel Varghese
Joel Varghese:
As a liverpool fan......i would like heung ming son at Liverpool more than any other spurs player......
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
"If I'm Harry Kane why would I stay"

Because a two time Champions League winner is his new manager
Ronny Quatre
Ronny Quatre:
I believe that H.SON is more important for Tottenham than Harry Kane .... he is always performing
David Ogbor
David Ogbor:
As an arsenal fan pls give him unai's job
I hope the next time I see a manager Sacked, it is VALVERDE🙄😡
Arnold .K
Arnold .K:
This is like when you get sacked in FIFA 20 for over achieving 🤦‍♂️
Soumojit Guha Majumder
Soumojit Guha Majumder:
He's probably the only manager who's sacking has made other fans happy one way or the other.
Mihir Raddi
Mihir Raddi:
I’d love to see Chris Wilder at Spurs, rather than Mourinho (even though he’s also very good)
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez:
Why couldn’t he had gotten sacked sooner I would had love to see him at Juventus
Chris Sousa
Chris Sousa:
They make excuses for Pochettino because they like him, but they blamed Mourinho for not being good enough anymore and the game passed him by . Funny how the same thing doesn't apply when they like someone.
Airul Nizam
Airul Nizam:
I think Craig has a grudge on mourinho...😂 When mourinho coming automatically he says Harry kean need to leave... Come on mate... Mourinho not start the game but u already put the bullet
Memory Machingambi
Memory Machingambi:
Note to Ed Woodward: Send Ole upstairs - finally fill that DoF post and hire Poch as manager
Tails Seven
Tails Seven:
The most ridiculous decision i've ever seen in football
Breaking news : Mourinho is the new tottenham coach
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare:
Di Matteo won Chelsea FIRST/ONLY CL but got sacked
. There aint loyalty in Football
i take him everyday instet of valverde
steven g
steven g:
timmy sherwood is coming in with stalwarts like michael dawson, jake livermore and all time great roberto soldado
Frank Willing
Frank Willing:
He signed 3 players this season, he spent loads of money on Sanchez and aurier, I love poch but realistically he has done all he can do
Spurs are mad for doing that they just lost their next Alex Ferguson
Lower Five
Lower Five:
Remember when they say the first EPL manager to get sack will be Ole 😂
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
pep guardiola will blamed Liverpool for all this mess
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs:
Poch would be a good fit for:
Manchester United
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff:
Tottenham will never see a UCL final again...possibly even semi final
floyd martyres
floyd martyres:
it'd be really funny if Arsenal fire Emery and hire Poch. He could be the next Bayern manager
Meanwhile Arsenal keep Emery. Hahaha
Sherod Parkinson
Sherod Parkinson:
I second that, "I think they will live to regret that decision"....
Tommy Clout
Tommy Clout:
Spurs will get Niko kovac, they knew that poch was coming to the end of his tenure and decided to act before United sack ole or arsenal sack emery and get kovac so he didn’t sign for them because they have more money
Dunno. When Jose Mourinho is your boss, the equation changes a bit.
Emanuel David
Emanuel David:
Tottenham are in a transition: away from football.The new stadium is an all purpose stadium; get the hint?
Skillzie 01
Skillzie 01:
Pochettino should really consider the Bayern Job He’ll never go to Barcelona because of his history with Espanyol plus they still haven’t sacked Valverde which is insane and Real Madrid will probably stick with Zidane cant really see him going to another English club
Nick Chemist
Nick Chemist:
Steve “ at the end of the day “ nichol
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall:
Oh right so wherever poch goes kane has to go with him🤣🤣
Terab Ali
Terab Ali:
I always wanted poch at united. Get ole out! And bring poch in and kane for £gazillion!
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ:
Pochettino overachieved with Spurs. Oh let's get rid & bring dead food Jose 🙆‍♂️
dgc 2001
dgc 2001:
In some way every video ends up being about man utd
Believe Munashe
Believe Munashe:
Steve looking like rico in penguins hahahahaha
Everyone’s getting sacked , I still don’t know how valverde
still has a job
Nigelo Titus
Nigelo Titus:
Next sackable coach Emery 🤣
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare:
He deserved to get sacked for benching Lucas on cl final
Into Engage communications
Into Engage communications:
There's no loyalty even in marriage 😂
Bigyan Shrestha
Bigyan Shrestha:
Anybody waiting for the Butterfly Effect!!!
Sidney Oreilly
Sidney Oreilly:
The results speak for themselves it was long overdue
Mirage Mashod
Mirage Mashod:
I was on Tears when I heard he got sacked, plus he didn't even say goodbye to the players, he left them a message on the Tactics Board 😭
fgddhhunb frybdz
fgddhhunb frybdz:
"at the end o the day it's about man united, not about (not) hurting sombody's feelings". That applies to real madrid and Bale as well.
Mossdar Fitness & Health
Mossdar Fitness & Health:
Love how they make excuses for Poch but all refuse to let people use the same ones for ole 🙄
Imagine him going to United or Bayer!
7:36 no one wantend vertonghen And eriksen?....... aaaaargh
Graeme Payne
Graeme Payne:
He will be managing in Spain very soon . 👌
N3il Benji3
N3il Benji3:
Hence the reason y city has a big squad to keep players fresh n competing for positions n not get comfortable
Joe Jumani
Joe Jumani:
Early Christmas present from Dani LevI ...THANK YOU...
Dikirtema Faz
Dikirtema Faz:
lol..ole, u outlived poch..😂
adnan naemaz
adnan naemaz:
We live in a world where pochettino gets sacked before ole.....

Wouldn’t be surprised he takes a sabbatical recharge his batteries and take the bayern job in the summer
Jonas Söderlind
Jonas Söderlind:
There used to be the BIG 4, then the BIG 6, soon I guess we'll see the BIG 5
I wonder where he would go next? 🤔
Imperial Jamaycan being
Imperial Jamaycan being:
Let's wait for the chance in results shall we
I sincerely hope that he goes on to bigger teams and achieves all the success he can. He really deserves it, and I know that this season has been horrible by his standards, but I thought he should have at least finished the season, that would have been the courtesy he commands for what he has done. I hope that whichever club gets him backs him to the fullest extent and supports him, he will deliver you the goods
Juve has to jump on this opportunity and get rid of sarri who done absolutely nothing.

-Steve Nicol

FFS the guy doesn't even bother pronouncing players' names properly when it's his job to talk about them
K. Impact
K. Impact:
Now, Emery out blud!
Michael Farojoye
Michael Farojoye:
Spurs may turn attention to Mourinho and Arsenal to Pochettino...🤗🤔🤔🤔
D Roman
D Roman:
Mauricio Pochettino really did overachieve at Tottenham. Spurs have some great talent, but not that great. He could have used an infusion of new talent.Payback time. Pochettino should come to Arsenal.
Ehsan Kamran
Ehsan Kamran:
Welcome to Barca Poch!
08:42 : what do Man united do?

Stick with Ole until the end of the season.
Poch will hopefully take some time off,
Wait till the end of the season to see what,
his best options are

£12million pay off;enjoy the money,he deserves it
Beam Taye
Beam Taye:
It’s been a while but good to be back
Mak Ara
Mak Ara:
Is Emery packing his bags at the Emirates?
ks jaki
ks jaki:
As a Liverpool fan I really like Poch. he is one of the best manager. he plays attacking football, very good man manager, energy, courage, model professional, respectable and decent human being.
shami rahat
shami rahat:
Real Shocking thing is Stevie is talking sense 😂😂
MtnDewBajaBlast 1
MtnDewBajaBlast 1:
Alex King
Alex King:
Mourinho is going to do great with the Spurs. Mark my words.
He's one of the best in football so it feels like this would only happen if there is a more successful manager already in play to replace him. Someone with a reputation that could bring in players just by his name alone..
keep the good run ole, dont want pochetino to end up at manure. KTBFFH.
Walls of Jericho
Walls of Jericho:
Poch to Bayern, bank on it....
Temp Step
Temp Step:
When player transfer window closes, manager transfer window opens.
Imagine thinking Mourinho would be good
come on! he lost 32 games and drew 19 since christmas 2017, get lost!
carrington mangwroi
carrington mangwroi:
Right now poch will walk in any team man u included.a lot of managers there on high alert right now
Sydney Duke
Sydney Duke:
Absolutely spot on Steve Nicol.
Kane to MU big exodus to follow 👍
I genuinely hope all the stars leave Spurs.
Zac Du Preez
Zac Du Preez:
He doesent even wanted to be here..
Real Madrid gonna get him!
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
Maybe it was like football manager, where you give the board an ultimatum and they then sack you.
Pochettino made Spurs interesting for the first time in their history. He achieved a lot in a small club.
Thomas Ahn
Thomas Ahn:
Well take pochettino over emery anyday
Aaron T
Aaron T:
mourinho will destroy spurs from the inside in the process of finally winning trophies
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner:
You know what happend. They knew he was gonna go to Madrid anyway, so when Madrid offered spurs bale at a cut price in January if they sacked Pochettino, they took the offer