Max Holloway breakdown Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier III; Maintains he’s the best boxer in UFC

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Summary of what Max said: "At the end of the day, it is what it is, ya know"
M O:
When this dudes home he don’t watch fights he plays Warzone we all know that
Leo Mulgrew
Leo Mulgrew:
Never heard a bad word said about max 💪
Pranav Malavalli
Pranav Malavalli:
Even max holloway is saying he's op af on UFC 4. EA fix your game lol
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
You would never think this guy is one of the best fighters in the UFC
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith:
The scary part is that Max doesn’t look, sound or act like he could kill you with his bare hands…but he could.
Max Holloway is becoming a legend. His style, his look, his presemce. This man is already an hall of famer. The best is yet to come
I feel like Conor and Max are such proud people that if they were ever scheduled to fight again, they would have a gentlemen’s agreement to only box and actually follow through on it. The first ever UFC boxing match.
Lewis Jay Gomes
Lewis Jay Gomes:
This man is a living legend and he’s still young in his career. his name will be mentioned for generations to come no doubt about it.
Jaqen Jordan
Jaqen Jordan:
He’d be a great politician. He never really answers the questions 😂
Jonathan Khan
Jonathan Khan:
I feel like Korean Zombie didn't say it with animosity. More like a basic "I don't think he has punching power" thing you know
Yanni Hryssomallis
Yanni Hryssomallis:
Max "at the end of the day" Holloway
Man, holloway with a casual clothes looks like my math professor 😂 who will think this guy is a SAVAGE if you don't see ufc ?
How Successful
How Successful:
“At the end of the day, it is what it is, and we’ll see what happens…. Im the best boxer in the ufc.”
Noah Alarcon
Noah Alarcon:
Max out there with a Bruce lee vibe; answering questions without answering questions
This is the most articulate Holloway I've ever seen
Very nice!
Ismaiel Aden
Ismaiel Aden:
Max Holloway looking like a member of the backstreet boys
Rollo_ Tomasi
Rollo_ Tomasi:
*The best boxer in the UFC hands down*
Logan Staffen
Logan Staffen:
Max has to be like a top 3 likeable guy in the UFC ever whatta legend
Reporter: random question.
Max: at the end of the day, ya know, it is what it is.
brad pearson
brad pearson:
Max is a genuinely good guy! I wish nothing but good things for him in the future! Hell of a gamer as well.😂👍🏻👊🏻🙏🏻✌🏻
Jay Kaua Music
Jay Kaua Music:
Cliff notes : “At the end of the day, I’m the best boxer in the UFC & COD. It is what it is. You know?” 😆💪🏼🤙🏼
Gansta Goon
Gansta Goon:
How Could Anyone Ever Dislike Max Holloway?
Kenneth Hicks
Kenneth Hicks:
Max the chillest dude with a Diaz bro fighting style. Love max
Ocean of Wisdom
Ocean of Wisdom:
Sneaky max is here
Let's make max and coner 2 next.
Max "at the end of the day" Holloway!

One of my favorite fighters!!
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores:
John Morgan is the only reporter who asks multiple choice questions and gives you the answers to choose from.
Conor O'Callaghan
Conor O'Callaghan:
Max is a total legend. Awesome champ
Tancheap McFatass
Tancheap McFatass:
Love hearing this dude talk, no nonsense and talks very down to earth about himself and others
Sean Long
Sean Long:
Max is one of the good ones. We need more people like him.
At the end of the day Max is probably the most likeable dude in the ufc.
Hope McGregor is watching how a true legend conducts himself 👊🏽👊🏽
Alberto G
Alberto G:
"One step at a time" is the new "it is what it is"
Bloccoroy Ackerman
Bloccoroy Ackerman:
max is the man 🔥 dropped volk twice in their last fight and put on one of the best performances EVER vs the “best boxer” in the UFC. LETS GO MAX
Jason Mardonio Meza
Jason Mardonio Meza:
Max is a great guy. Love his fighting style. Would love to see him fight Conor again and Dustin but Max vs Conor at this stage would be an epic battle!! Class act!
anuma nuva
anuma nuva:
One of the ogs, loved watching his path, he still got summin... Nice to see you again max
Brian Poling
Brian Poling:
I love Max.He’s the best all around dude in all of mma.Much love #blessedMMA
His fight against kattar was probably the best performance of all time
Raine Fitbuns
Raine Fitbuns:
“At the end of the day, it is what it is. We’ll see what happens, we’ll see what goes from there.” Very coherent answer when you piece them together.
Rekan Payne
Rekan Payne:
Max is so smart! One of the great minds in the game
Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper:
Big up Max 🙌🏼
O Dawg
O Dawg:
I'll sum up this interview for everyone that hasn't the time to watch it:
"We'll see what happens"
Thanks Max
Korean Zombie was totally joking when he made that comment of Max having no punching power. Totally blown out of proportion
The best is blesssed! Can’t wait to see this dude back at it
Alan Thomson
Alan Thomson:
Come on, get some hype going for Wonderboy Thompson. That's going to be an epic fight.
Tom Stonehard
Tom Stonehard:
Max I dam sure miss your fights! Heal up fast brother and get back in the ring! 🙏🙏🙏
"at the end of the day, it is what it is" -Max Holloway
Thato Mafoko
Thato Mafoko:
Max "We'll see what happens" Blessed Holloway
Love this guy. Probably my favorite fighter at the moment
Kingdom Within
Kingdom Within:
The fact that he says he'll do without the power just shows how good he is😳
OjiStatus N8ive
OjiStatus N8ive:
I would love to see McGregor vs Holloway have a rematch, preferably at 155 lbs, even at 170lbs would be exciting and interesting.
Cartwheels McGee
Cartwheels McGee:
Been a fan of max for a grip. Really good, down to earth dude 🤙
El dorado
El dorado:
I love Max, hes a standup guy and a great fighter
I would love to see Max and Conor run it back at 155
rachid chaker
rachid chaker:
Max' s last fight was incredible
Nathan Cambrook
Nathan Cambrook:
Max Holloway is such a gangster! 💪
Thrill Hill
Thrill Hill:
Max brought his own mic to the interview that's why he walked away with it. Savage
•STRANGE• productions
•STRANGE• productions:
I hope it's an all out war and then ruled a draw!!! It'd be crazy af to see how they would feel about a 4th fight.
Most likeable fighter he is so good in the octagon and is such a good personality out of it
Jake k
Jake k:
Max seems like a great dude
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn:
Love ya Max you're a GREAT fighter but faaaar from the best in Warzone. But I do like watching your streams
Ning cube
Ning cube:
Ayyy My man good to see Blessed Max Holloway❤
can't wait to see him fight again😎
I love this dude. Max is entertaining even on his livestreams. Some people just have that personality that naturally attracts people.
Adam Mcdaniel
Adam Mcdaniel:
Max is such a great guy for the sport even when hes not fighting. Wish he was fighting soon.
Max “For sure I can’t wait at the end of the day it is what it is you know” Holloway
Nathan petty
Nathan petty:
Id love to hang out with max for a day thats would just be so cool, big respect to max
That One Guy
That One Guy:
4:53 the moment Max called Giga the “Giga Guy”. Tonight, Giga responded with: “I’m not just the Giga Guy, I kick the shit out of people.”
I miss seeing Max in the octagon!
Navid Ahmed
Navid Ahmed:
Max Holloway a freaking legend.
Scottie_ R_Jr
Scottie_ R_Jr:
Best in the UFC. favorite fight hands down
Love ya Max, watched you fight and always, bring it, skillfully,, but you still hurting from Poirier. I actually was surprised you did not win. Get well,,
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon:
Max comes strolling out like Rick Flair back in the day; mic 🎤 in hand! HELL yeah MAX!!!!!!
Kitty pretty
Kitty pretty:
Really starting to take a liking to Max! Excellent fighter! Seems like a solid guy! Wish Max much love n success!!!!!
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper:
Max thinks he's the best warzone player just like he thinks he won the second fight against Dustin.
Jorge Ledesma
Jorge Ledesma:
The UFC always has last minutes replacements when Conor fights, they want them out of shape with no endurance in case they fight Conor.
Executive Life Hacks
Executive Life Hacks:
Would have loved to see McGregor return to FW for a title run against Holloway and Volk
The Kid
The Kid:
A light hearted human being is always beloved.
He was the back up fighter. That's so cool.
"His foot, his foot, his foot is still a ballooOOoon" Steven Seagal.
Darrian Guffey
Darrian Guffey:
Love Max but Dustin went to that ass in featherweight and in lightweight, you can't be the best boxer if you've been outboxed. 😂
Shaunak Damle
Shaunak Damle:
Max "It is what it is" Holloway
Corey Wilmoth
Corey Wilmoth:
Conor vs Max 2 at 155 would be a fun fight.
Max always swagged tf out, put together real well. Clothing game on a hunnit 💯
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson:
Fucking love Max! 👊🏼
We need a boxing match between Conor v Holloway for the "Best Boxer in the UFC" Belt, id pay to watch that over the Manny fight any day
Wise Man, Wise Words
Wise Man, Wise Words:
Max and Wonderboy are clear future pundits, universally loved and naturals with a mic
DR Finidler
DR Finidler:
How can you not love Max? Wholesome dude, man.
CW Hall
CW Hall:
Always good to hear from the Champ, Max Holloway.... Alexander, your time is limited. Max is an immortal.💪
Jack baka
Jack baka:
Finally 😂😂Max is OP as hell in UFC4
Hate him or love him, Conor has always come back at least 50% better!! And much more prepared to Fight... after a loss!!
Would still love to see conor vs max 2 at 155
Jaycob Richardson
Jaycob Richardson:
that question about Max’s favorite call of duty was a cool question in my opinion!
Max answered almost every question without actually answering the question. It’s like he was trained for the media by Bill Belichick!
Max is a living legend 🙌
Rob Brooks
Rob Brooks:
At the end of the day, Max is gonna say at the end of the day 500 f’ing times lol
helder magalhaes
helder magalhaes:
" at the end of the day... it is what it is " 💪👊
Facts he’s definitely the best boxer in the UFC🔥
For all these “bombs” Dustin threw Conor had no marks on his face lol
Brilliant to keep claiming best boxer in the ufc 👌
bill bixby
bill bixby:
I love, I LOVE Max Holloway...I just rewatched his Ortega and Kattar bouts, the man is unreal...but "at the end of the day" he needs to add another catch phrase or two to his verbal arsenal.

Max if you're reading this, we could hop on CODM and I could share a few nuanced approaches for beefing up that vocab a tad bit.

Holler at your boy from Texas ( the unofficial 11th island )