Max Verstappen Extended Interview | Formula One

Steve Jones sits down with Red Bull Racing's title chasing Max Verstappen after taking him on a taxi ride from hell. They discuss the championship race, what he does away from the track, the Dutch fans who support him, future team mates and of course the rivalry with Lewis Hamilton.

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This is Max
Max doesn't interfere with his teammates decisions
Max wears same denim trousers and redbull t shirt every where
Max still comes with his dad to race
Max drives a Honda to the grid
Max genuinely wants checo to succeed
Max is really mature
Max is friends with most of the drivers on grid
Be like Max
jord 121
jord 121:
“that margin nobody has never ever lost”

Mercedes: you know what to do bottas
Ro. R.
Ro. R.:
I’ve been saying for a while, he has definitely grown and any anger and negativity he spews on track now is all fueled and hyped up by Horner and Marko. I hope he get the title this year.
Tereza Žůrková
Tereza Žůrková:
This video should be an automatic response to anyone who keeps saying that Max is too young or has trouble managing his anger. I mean look at him (not just in this video): I see a balanced man who knows exactly his priorities. Races are a lot for him, but he also has other things in life and he can appreciate them. He can talk about his opponents with respect (and it sounds really honest, not fake like many others.), but without fear. He does not make ironic remarks about his opponents, he does not play mind games. For me, these are qualities of a true champion.
I love it how fair is he in his judgment. Great guy and an exceptional driver.
I hope Steve didn't jinx it for Max when he said:
"Your lead in the championship with 32 points, I don't know if you know but.. That margin, anyone who's had that in the past has never lost the championship."

first 2 races after this interview resulted in a DNF and a 10th place.
Rian Castermans
Rian Castermans:
Nice to see this. Channel 4 gives non-british drivers a real chance to show who they really are. I always remember the interview with Max when he was going babysitting. Great!
Wise answer from Max, not knowing how difficult the future will be for him.
I like the trend of not making videos appear perfect. By that I mean when they show the process the people went to before and after the cameras came on. They don’t just present the show but show us how it was presented in the process. Nice work
Mystic Melon
Mystic Melon:
I never imagined Max as a cat person 😹
I'm amazed how he separates his focus on track and off track. 
Well done, hope the second half of the season be better for him.
I take my hat off to Max for his drive in the race yesterday. A amazing drive in a damaged car. 👍
People who still label this man as aggressive and ruthless clearly has never bothered to listen to a word he says
Ricky 1
Ricky 1:
Lovely interview
Max comes across as more mature than Horner & Marko.
He was the first one to give Honda their props on improving the engine & RB fortunes long before Christian & Marko
Lots of potential in Max & amazing talent . A diamond 💎 in the rough
Zulu Alpha
Zulu Alpha:
‘Anybody who’s had a 32 points lead has never lost the championship’

Unless you get taken out by your main rivals in two consecutive races.
Bogar Rodriguez
Bogar Rodriguez:
Love that he respects Lewis the proper way while still keeping his confidence and self belief. Awesome e
Douwe Egbert
Douwe Egbert:
meanwhile lost his big lead in championship , got taken out twice by Mercedes ..unreal , hard and fair is out ...hope Karma is going to settle this as this isnt the way this season should be decided
Eduardo Neyra
Eduardo Neyra:
Verstappen has an amazing talent, really good F1 driver. He’ll be World Champion someday and I’m also a cat person. 😊😊
He really is level headed. I know people chastise him sometimes when he’s voices anger, but he has people coming at home day in and day out. Especially after the crash at Silverstone. I personally commend him for shutting down the questions about it. They relentlessly asked the same questions .
Boy Driessen
Boy Driessen:
He's so Dutch, direct, no nonsense and dry humor. A perfect fit for Red Bull as a driver with his style and risky driving which makes watching the racing so fun.
john rowe
john rowe:
Max has a big fan base here in England, I know I’m one of em.
João Abreu
João Abreu:
I am so proud to support Max Verstappen. What a guy at just 23 years old. This is your year Max
Max driving half the car to finish line with points in a 72 lap Hungary race is a champion level racing.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris:
I commend Max for being wise and mature enough to rise above all the shallow banter from the interviewer.
And now Max’s season has been ruined thanks to Mercedes’ mistakes. Not only taken out if contention in 2 races, broken engine (will get multiple grid penalties this season), huge amount of damage that will massively disadvantage RB in the rest of the season because of the cost cap
Kelvin Dawe
Kelvin Dawe:
Max has definitely become a very mature chap and it's lovely to here him talking about how the weekend is for racing then he enjoys home time. 👍
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico:
Max is like, what kind of idiotic questions are these? Max was probably thinking, in one statement you say, "it's a dream season... leading in the championship", then followed with, would you like a new teammate with Russell? Max quickly set him straight by saying, Sergio is a good teammate and Red Bull is doing good with Perez, implying why change what we have? Get with the program dude.
Crypto Ranger
Crypto Ranger:
Dude is just a 'normal' guy very good at racing :)
sscott _
sscott _:
This guy is legit!. Total Champion... I'm a fan for life.
Roan The Rock
Roan The Rock:
"A 32 point lead has always resulted in winning the championship." Here we are 2 races after the lead with Hamilton up front again. :D
Here is the measured balance and objectiveness Red Bull needs. All from this exceptionally talented young man.
Itchy Tasty
Itchy Tasty:
I love how they filmed the interviewer getting his hair done and also how the one cameraman filmed the other cameraman filming the interview. That's what I was hoping to see when I clicked on this video, not the actual interview.
Paul Entwistle
Paul Entwistle:
Having seen this I have a huge respect for Max - what a great guy …..
Channel 4 thank you so much for Max Verstappen content 👏
Also I just love how calm, grounded and level headed he is about everything in F1..having that mindset at 23 is incredible (especially with the pressure being put on him now by the teams, rivals, media..)
"32 point gap has always led to a championsh..."
-Watches silverstone and hungaroring gp
Lewis retires with 10 championships?
There is a new Sheriff in town... and Hamilton knows it, very well. Lewis has had EXTREME dumb luck this season. And even twice thanks to his teammate Bottas. I never heard Hamilton address this... we all know why.
Adam D
Adam D:
Solid, humble, bloke, and great driver, that’s what’s going to make him 2021 world champ and not “look at me Lewis”
A J:
Wow that guy really put a lot of effort into looking good for his interview.
Max just wears a hat.
Patriot WWG1WGA
Patriot WWG1WGA:
Max is a true race driver he dont play mindgames
The fleeing dutchman
The fleeing dutchman:
Great interview of a great driver! Thank you CH4!
Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton:
I love this style of interview, it adds to the feeling!
just quality. love the behind the scenes edit.
Great interview from Max!
nigel nuj
nigel nuj:
Love how he keeps himself accountable
Ashley Frances
Ashley Frances:
If only he could have predicted his outcomes after this interview he would have been better off 😢
jayanth b
jayanth b:
Very clean and genuine interview by max I have ever seen
Galactic Jellyfish
Galactic Jellyfish:
Little did he know that Mercedes is planning to murder him
Hessel Hooijmaaijer
Hessel Hooijmaaijer:
3 weeks since this interview, and damn alot has changed
Kwok Tai Lam
Kwok Tai Lam:
11:03: Little did VER know what M-AMG would do to RBR the next 2 races. But enough of that, he will overcome this...
The cats are now named: Lewis and Toto as of August 1st.
Love the dog-barf instead of a beep 13:43
I love the fact that Max is a Cat lover! Our Cat's are also the middle of us! We have put a Net on the balcony, so that they can not fall! Awesome interview!
Tim Ariaans
Tim Ariaans:
"32 point lead has always resulted in winning the championship" .. Well that escalated quicky.... :-(
He could have even more if he didn't have the blown tire and was taken out twice by a Mercedes.
Marc S
Marc S:
Massive Hamilton fan but this guy is Iceman. Great attitude to life. Grounded. Pretty stoic
wow now he 8 points behind...iam a lewis fan but love this max he amazing...
like max said...if no one get DNF from now to the end! this season might be as close as ever.
this is great! please more F1 content. and this should be uploaded before the GBgp. it helps to get even more excited.

thank you.
Matthew Durkin
Matthew Durkin:
“He is super consistent and has stayed out of trouble and that is the quality of a world champion”. Ominous
Max is so damn sympatic guy..
hen ko
hen ko:
Dude is just a 'normal' guy very good at racing :)
rose ipk
rose ipk:
Good Luck can do it..
Fazil Muhammed
Fazil Muhammed:
This is the kind of video that "Precedes very unfortunate event" 💔💔
Kent Gulliford
Kent Gulliford:
that was a great clip. thanks for the look behind the curtain.
This video has aged well, considering what has happened.
Victor Alexander
Victor Alexander:
Great to hear max he is so much so much more mature than horner,
Great interview. Loved the behind the scenes elements. Well done.
Damn you really jinxed him right then and there with the 32 point lead and never lost the championship
Josh N
Josh N:
I really like Max, he seems like a great guy. I've been a Lewis fan, but I'm glad Max will be around for a long time to come in F1. And Lando like he said, I think Lando will be batting max in the next few years.
Matt D
Matt D:
Love the behind scenes build up. Nice touch
Robert Haddon
Robert Haddon:
Simply a nice guy.
What he said about the team not having sides was awesome. other f1 teams can learn from that.
Also max speaks better english than 70% of England :D
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
Max has definitely become a very mature chap and it's lovely to here him talking about how the weekend is for racing then he enjoys home time. 👍
Wijnpaal TV
Wijnpaal TV:
Love this.
Killian potworoska
Killian potworoska:
What a wonderful young man. Pure, honest, righteous, humorous, perspective, open and himself. A great sportsman with an exceptional talent. At a young age it quickly became clear that we are dealing with phenomenon here.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
"A 32 point lead has always resulted in winning the championship." Here we are 2 races after the lead with Hamilton up front again. :D
Glockasaurus Wrex
Glockasaurus Wrex:
Gotta love as Bond, a licensed killer in the car! I really liked the shots of the prep work n the angles during the interview.
N I'll bet he's cursed HAMILTON at least once this season...maybe after Monza😉
harry wissink
harry wissink:
Hard to grasp if you would have predicted: next two races Mercedes would be eliminating max in the first few seconds !
Is this bad luck ?
Well next two after the break I guess Perez will drive by accident Hamilton out of the race ? 5 grid penalty or 10 sec !
Okay ?
Lakshmi Nair
Lakshmi Nair:
I loved how he thought there's a bomb under his car! XD
Great interview, enjoy the feedback !
I mean, Alonso did have around 40 points advantage before the Belgium GP 2012 and Vettel won, so I don't know what the guy was talking about.
Formula Fútbol 1
Formula Fútbol 1:
The first 90 seconds got me confused, I thought I was watching the British baking show instead of a Max interview.
Jt Williams
Jt Williams:
AAARRGGHH! Why did I watch this. Now I’m so conflicted. I’m a ‘Died In-The-Wool’ Hamilton fan, but this kid is so likable…dammit.
This interview was pre Silverstone. No wonder he is relaxed
Peter Vautmans
Peter Vautmans:
from leading 32pts to trailing 8, nothing a few accidents can't do
Dude is just a 'normal' guy very good at racing :)
John and More HB
John and More HB:
4:00 guess Verstappen is very happy with that statement right now…..
Phillip Van Rensburg
Phillip Van Rensburg:
Then toto and the kamikaze squad showed their true colours
Conrad L Braganza
Conrad L Braganza:
I like that he is honest
Demoliciones de México
Demoliciones de México:
We just hope that Max is she 100% ok after crash or should i say crashed out... come on Max were with you!!💪💪🖒
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke:
This is a great interview with Max Verstappen from Red bull racing and enjoy what Steven Jones ask him about race and driving in on track in F1 have enjoy see Max win in Dutch grand prix talking fan who Support him at tracks.
I'm a huge Lewis fan, but I don't get the max hate sometimes, that dude is awesome and has crazy amounts of talent
jinx on that huge points lead
ya'll clearly waited too long to have this vid released. Meanwhile, Max 2nd again ;)
Kelvin Dawe
Kelvin Dawe:
Good old Steve bring him back it's not the same any more max is the man the sooner he's the champ the better. 👍
Petra Hindersmann
Petra Hindersmann:
I even used a leash for my rabbits!
Rayado Uno
Rayado Uno:
To ask who he wants as a teammate was a lil bit pushing it. Of course a driver like him will or may have a say on choices but he just got a partner this year! So allow the team to develop and build on the strategies and strengths of each as a combo. I have no doubt that this season will turn into great things for Red Bull but next year will be a ton better if they stick together!
And then it all went wrong... I hope they have better luck after the summer break.
Galactic Jellyfish
Galactic Jellyfish:
This aged well
Reem K
Reem K:
If he only knew what was coming 😂
[racing with Lewis is hard, but fair]

So that's aged a bit poorly, hasn't it?
now we need a follow up !
Young Nels
Young Nels:
Everyone came for the interview but stayed for the small talk after
Chris Con
Chris Con:
I wonder how much he gets paid every time he gets seen with a can of Red Bull?
Račko Uroš Pfaifar
Račko Uroš Pfaifar:
After lap one Max out not that great of a weekend 😕