McKola & Howson Uncensored | Fancam Edition | West Brom 1-1 Man United

Adam and Stephen bring an unplanned and off the cuff version of Uncensored in the form of a fancam following today's disappointing 1-1 draw at The Hawthorns vs West Brom

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100+ komentarze:

Will S
Will S:
I like howson but since he started that football team he thinks he’s a tactical genius. He does make some good points but what’s he watching today
Mal A
Mal A:
Howson throwing Donny under the bus yeah. Ole FC
Luka Lakusic
Luka Lakusic:
Two CDM's are there to protect the shitshow partnership that is Maguire and Lindelof
We will never win a thing with Maguire and Lindelof. Maguire has the pace and turning circle of a Tank. Lindelof isnt strong enough, gets bullied.
Tartan Tam
Tartan Tam:
Shout out McKola honest review today Howsen talking rubbish to bum Rio
Darth Vader would be proud of that heavy breathing mate...
Tom Bale
Tom Bale:
Ok, it was fun while it lasted. Why do I feel like we were lucky to come out with a point against fucking West Brom? I expected us to capitulate because the evidence does show that but what I saw is simply not good enough. What would be embarrassing would be going from "supposed" title challengers or "winning the league" in January to having more than a 19-point gap come season end. Well, it wouldn't beat dropping to Europa from a position to top the CL group though.

We haven't scored from open play against the traditional top 6, haven't played most of the top sides a second time, so these are sides we should be beating SMDH. Now, we need to focus on getting top 4, which should be achievable. If we don't, the club should be deactivated. I'm trying to look for excuses like Liverpool don't have CBs, City was without a striker for large spells, Leicester has been stricken with injuries this season. However, there is no excuse I can come up with to not beat fucking West Brom. Well, let's move on from this result and see where we end up at the end of the season. I'm sure some can come up with ways to highlight our progression this season if dropping out to Europa the way we did was called progress.
R G:
I feel sorry for bruno
When he looks behind him, he must get depressed. Seeing that midfield and defence is a joke. No wonder why pogba wants to leave, our CBs and midfield
Should have never played McTominay and Fred. Negative approach from the start!
Luke Goathold
Luke Goathold:
Just realised where's Abdullah from fulltime devils? He was great
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
6 points from last 15 available, not good enough.
Billy Shabir
Billy Shabir:
This manager’s killing us 👀
Haissam Badr
Haissam Badr:
I think playing Fred and Scot in such game kills the creativity in the team. We always struggle against teams drop deep. Not to mention Ole doesn’t have a plan b, he always runs out of ideas. I love Ole and I want him to be successful at United, but I don’t think he got what it takes to lead us to the next level.
Joel Zappster
Joel Zappster:
Give Cavani a sandwich, damn you Rashford!
Jim Morris
Jim Morris:
I like Makola, I like his calm level headed outlook. I see Howson as argumentative and unwilling to see anything other than his own opinions...
Shao John
Shao John:
I’ve been a fan since 2002. I never thought for a second we’d win the league this year but what I have seen is a big step in the right direction over the last two years.

The results lately have been poor aside from the freak Southampton game. I just hope we don’t end up finishing double figures behind the league winners but it’s looking more likely every week.
Our form is shambolic. Boils my blood when I see Lindelof in the starting line-up, too placid for a centre back.
Everyone has now learned to go for the early goal and then park the bus against us. Which makes watch matches at times awful. We need to stop conceding the first goal. So defensive wake up in matches needs to be sooner.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson:
Missing pogba? Thought using injuries was just excuses
Sufiyan S
Sufiyan S:
Lovely interview Adam. Adam was right. Ste didn't have proper answers for any of the questions. VDB should have started. End of debate.
Lá Salette
Lá Salette:
Another shite game lindelof hasn't got the physical presence we need a top centre half and haaland
Will Hill
Will Hill:
What is it with cavani having wild swings at shots and missing them completely, its happend quite a few Times in last few games getting abit worried now!
The offside thing - he wasn't actually offside - Joe was right Adam! Read the rules :)
Connor Allen
Connor Allen:
“I don’t think freds the issue” is Ste for real?? Come on man he’s awful
Azri Haziq
Azri Haziq:
That bit of solo by adam at the end tho 😂
David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin:
We’re half way through the season, why is VDB not fit, what are the coaches doing
Ryan’s daddy Gamming
Ryan’s daddy Gamming:
We are carrying too many players in this team. Why put rashford on the right to play martial?

Sick of lindelof being out jumped in the air. We can’t cross a road either.
Dara Kenny
Dara Kenny:
If they’d had seats I feel like this would of lasted longer
Ben DeGorro
Ben DeGorro:
Just when I finished Rene Meulensteen's interview, he said clearly, you need whole 25 players to win the league. We are fucked anyway, so why not just rotating players ? ... I'm agree in early season, we need to keep playing our first eleven to the level their cohesion are perfect. But it seem it's never reach that level and instead, they are over played. Now, rather than the trend goes up, we're going down. Ole must play the 2nd squad vs bottom team, because 2nd squad have hunger to prove their worth. That hunger is to match the hunger level of bottom team who's threaten by relegation.
We have a front line that has very little movement on the low block and does well with counter attack. We need a plan B. Or even a [email protected] plan A at this point
Pass halfway of the season and we still have the same conversation...Ole & the gang
Devil Doc
Devil Doc:
Other teams are able to break down the low blocks, enough to get a win
Hasn’t it been proved since Joe was right?

That’s all I’m here to say.
sandip patel
sandip patel:
Start with the owners and the board, once we start to see first choice transfers then blame the manager
Thomas M.
Thomas M.:
AAHAHAHA you are joking about Shaw!!... I cant wait to see this secret "footage" of Shaw not defending well! Shaw is our best defender, he should be our left center back. He could lead the back line and tell Harry what to do.
...agree with @ Mckola, the problem is that the players are selfish.
Jimmy james Computers
Jimmy james Computers:
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
Why hasn't Bailly been put back in the side? Why are we starting McFred vs West Brom? Why do we keep shifting Marcus to the right to accomodate Martial? This one is on Ole.
There is no "d" in the word 'fifth'. Fif'd isn't a word Howson! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Three players short a CH an AM & a RW.
Nenad Radosavljević
Nenad Radosavljević:
It starts from the back. Way back, with the goalkeeper. United need a sweeper keeper. In front of him, United need 2 commanding, lucid and mobile centrebacks. Those 3 players don't need a DM. The 6 position is than given to an offensive-minded playmaker, capable of some screening and ball recycling.
Michael Manning
Michael Manning:
S Smith
S Smith:
I’m pretty sure City also had same amount of pre season you lot have had with them being in champions league also, don’t even support either team 😂
Mandengue Moukoko
Mandengue Moukoko:
Thank God ppl finally seeing the light on Fred. He's gash
Glenn F
Glenn F:
It was a definite foul on lindelof
JonStewart Superfan
JonStewart Superfan:
You know who CAN sucessfully compete on multiple fronts and win cups along with titles ? City
Danish Khan
Danish Khan:
The Chuckle Bros are back!
Ste Rawlings
Ste Rawlings:
How on earth can having a midfielder who cannot pass the ball forwards on a consistent basis not be the issue?!
I actually like Fred but I can't see you what type of midfielder he is.
Ankur Bharti
Ankur Bharti:
all it will take Ole to wobble his head and rotate his favorite squad. DVB needs game time.
Keith Stitt
Keith Stitt:
Ste, keeping it real. We are a good 11 on our day but we are not fit for purpose, if the purpose is to win multiple trophies. But, is that the owners goals?
Keeks Keeks
Keeks Keeks:
Why didn't ole ever start musah as cdm
Shabir Hussein
Shabir Hussein:
Maguire the Fridge
Lindlelof the Lamb
Dubakoor Damaka
Dubakoor Damaka:
Ole what’s the excuse now he gets results against the big teams?
Rama Dan
Rama Dan:
Lindelof is just not ready !!
He Needs to go to the under 23 and just call it a year
Cian Whelan Vlogs
Cian Whelan Vlogs:
Defensive shambles, not looking dangerous in front of goal today . Not good enough
Glenn F
Glenn F:
Adam It’s gone wrong up front because of Cavani,Ole and Martial
I hope some of our fringe players try and seriously prove themselves in the europa league, especially axel and bailly, they need to challenge some of that shit we saw today.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
The double pivot fill in at full back to allow Shaw and Aaron to bomb on.
Sam Potter
Sam Potter:
not a foul on lindelof but if maguire scores it, its disallowed.
George Montgomery
George Montgomery:
mata is a expireienced and creative genius and honestly every time he plays he is class
Fred passing has been shocking recently and of late rashford has been so poor. Both men need benched for a couple of games til try and get a reaction out of them and pick up some form.
kurt h
kurt h:
Utd made the semi final of the Europa league, not the final haha same pre season as City
Mo Leicester
Mo Leicester:
Even when we're table toppers I knew we were not going to win it because that defence is nowhere but we still can the FA cup or even the Europa League
Can we turn Van De Bench into Van De Beek?!?!?!
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt:
Leicester, Chelsea and Man United have tough games coming up, and tough games at the end of the season. That’s why I think Liverpool will definitely get top 4
Hahaha! You drew with West Brom bruv.
Thomas M.
Thomas M.:
Ole said it was a "good week" because we even got a training session in this week... maybe we shouldn't train
Justin Daniel
Justin Daniel:
Victor Lindeloff and maguire, not good enough. Need two cbs in the summer
Nic ManUFan
Nic ManUFan:
Van de beek deserves game time. He is one of the most talented players in the squad and can provide much more to the side
Ashraf Othman
Ashraf Othman:
Mata shudve been on the bench and come on at 60min. He wouldve done smth. Mata and Bruno wouldve done smth
Football Fan GGMU
Football Fan GGMU:
Fred telegraphs his passes and is not elegant on the ball. Seems nervous on the ball like it doesn't come natural. We need dm and Centre back of class
Child of Chief
Child of Chief:
Completely agree with Ste.
Players make poor decisions when they are fatigued. We are using a small portion of our squad (same as Liverpool do) and in this insanely compact season we are having a drop off in form and intensity
It does seem that we need a DLP as one of the two 6's we play.
Jayant Patel
Jayant Patel:
There is problem with coaching, conceding a goal in first minute has happened too many times now. We always start slow and give the ball to the opposition easiy
the ending with Adam alone thumbs up only for that :D
Was expecting rants based off the title
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe:
Shaw was out of position for their goal
alfred nixon
alfred nixon:
Worst defense I think I've ever seen in 42 years off watching United 🤬
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam:
This man really said donny isn’t fit 😭😭yo how can u say the man isn’t fit. It’s quite simple ole doesn’t want to start him the man is fit there’s not way he isn’t smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
E J:
We need a ball playing 6 and stop giving silly goals away.
Richard Littlewood
Richard Littlewood:
Seriously, he just needs to let the Shaw thing go. He’s probably our player of the year. Also consider what the fullbacks are being told to do to cover for the chuckle brothers at the back.
We can't beat Sheffield and West brom, probably the 2 worst teams this year,you don't have high expectations. It's all about the defence. Offensively we are ok
Deji Ola
Deji Ola:
You can "waste" a sub on Donny given that ole never makes 3 subs in a game anyway
Joe Bell
Joe Bell:
Are they stood outside someone's gaff? 🤔 😂
Matt Ford
Matt Ford:
Oh dear, do you miss one injured player......
Dennis Mathenge
Dennis Mathenge:
My blood boils whenever I see Rashford on the right.
Yanick t man
Yanick t man:
This poor maguire has been letting team down for the past 3 games and if his the captain he should make clear lidelof is holding him back
No coincidence our form has gone downhill since Bailly has been out
Paul Yang
Paul Yang:
21 is coming as always
Can someone give me a reason why Ole continuously plays lindeloff & Maguire when the last 2 seasons they have proved they don’t complement eachother. Yes Tuenzebe has been poor the last few games but if he was played more frequently he’d have improved. Bailly is the best cb at the club but is always injured.
Rob Rodia
Rob Rodia:
Our wide players are a joke we do not coach them on basic wing play to create chances.
Salah ud din Ahmed
Salah ud din Ahmed:
I want abdullah and John shin back
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago
Neon colour marker • 8 years ago:
11:16 it was Europa league SEMIFINAL , not FINAL. At least find your excuses perfectly
Honest question. What is phil jones doing nowadays?
Haz Elias
Haz Elias:
Ad & Howson right about Diallo, this was a game for him. Ball progression was poor, we never broke their lines, never played on their last man, we played right in front of them, Big Sam will take that all day.
Unpopular opinion - We miss Fellaini. There's no plan B
Danny Gnaniah
Danny Gnaniah:
Best discussion on any fan TV, full stop. Really reasoned and realistic.
Junaid Kamies
Junaid Kamies:
Everyone crying about lindelof I agree his not good enough but who we gonna play? Bailey is injured Victor is the only one we can play