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Ice Rods I Use
45’’ Thorne Custom Pro Graphite Lake Trout rod:

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Humminbird Helix 9 MEGA LIVE bundel:

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Video shot by: Doug Wenger

Editing done by: Doug Wenger

Cameras used: Sony A7SII, Gro pro hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5

Drone: DJI Mavic Pro

Editing done with Premiere on a Mac

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19 komentarze:

Bill McConnell
Bill McConnell:
Been waiting all year for this video. Can't wait to see more of this unit in action, crazy what ya can see.
Mitchell Genz
Mitchell Genz:
Great video Doug, that mega love is cool.
Precision Angling
Precision Angling:
NIIIIIICE! Can’t wait to tie into some Lakers here in Maine
John mantel
John mantel:
I just got a mega live too on dec 26. Will be using your tips for sure on the persistence setting :)
Phil Boiteau
Phil Boiteau:
Awesome content. Perhaps next time have the sun in front of you. It was hard to see the Mega live. And I agree with the other content. - 40 you need a flip over to keep you and your gear from freezing up.
Time for a flip-over and a buddy heater! 10’ hose so you can keep the tank in the sleigh. Put a milk crate on its side, put the sonar in the crate and the heater on top. Keeps you super portable and easy to relocate.
Nick Wytinck
Nick Wytinck:
Hey Doug! Yesterday was my first day using Mega Live for lakers in nwo too. Did you play with the settings at all so you could mark your bait better in the deeper water? I was having a bit of trouble getting a mark once I dropped it into that 50-60 foot range. Thanks!
Sweet video! Can’t wait to see more Laker content
Ayyy Jayyy
Ayyy Jayyy:
Hey Doug , just curious would you consider putting that live ice bundle of your boat for Muskies ? I’m thinking of getting one when it’s available up here in Canada ,
Matt Achorn
Matt Achorn:
nice vid Doug! Happy New Year
Steven J Wesley
Steven J Wesley:
Great videos, what lakes are you fishing for lakers?
Max Kaufmann
Max Kaufmann:
hell yeah doug man may head out for my first laker trip tomorrow morning
cougarbaits get it done for lakers
Bruce’s Canadian Angling
Bruce’s Canadian Angling:
Can’t believe you fished and filmed outside yesterday. Toughest YouTuber of the week award for sure 🤟
Ray Zickrick
Ray Zickrick:
Nice graph. Nice trout!
Brandon Laubach
Brandon Laubach:
Another Great Video!
The not so jolly rancher !
The not so jolly rancher !:
Tougher than me pard! At least for cold.
What action and power is the pro graphite? The site doesn't actually say for the custom rods. Unless there's a lake trout line I haven't seen. Awesome videos, definitely a big help for someone whose never ice fished and wants to target lakers
James W
James W:
Take off the shipping screen protector and it will record better. You can also damage the screen if you leave it on too long.
Did you have frostbite when you were pointing at the graph