Megan Fox in Transformers

Most of the scene where Megan Fox appears in film Transformers. The film Transformers was published in 2007.

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Ngo Khoi
Ngo Khoi:
The girl can act, but people tend to overlook that because she’s hot af
Turns out Megan wasn’t just a pretty face, but that’s what Hollywood ever saw in her, which is why I feel bad, she wasn’t able to grow and become a better actress because she kept getting objectified for her sexiness, and although she clearly is very beautiful, she had so much more to offer
She’s playing the hot girl

And in that case she nailed it
Lilit Khulyan
Lilit Khulyan:
she's too powerful with her top lip, blue eyes, a cute nose, and a snatched waist. god really does have favorites
zodiac slut
zodiac slut:
she is so pretty it hurts my feelings omg
She made these movies. They were awful after she got fired.
what the hell am I supposed to write
what the hell am I supposed to write:
I think she is so pretty that people forgot to focus on her acting
Piero Minaya Rojas
Piero Minaya Rojas:
Sam is lucky.
I'm convinced God was having the best day ever when he decided to create Megan Fox.
Lane Shaeffer
Lane Shaeffer:
Never seen a girl look so good covered in dirt
Lily Vernon
Lily Vernon:
I swear if she doesn’t get a better role I’m going to Hollywood to slap someone myself.
Elizabeth Giliberto
Elizabeth Giliberto:
When I first saw this movie I wasn't familiar with Megan Fox, and the minute I saw her I literally couldn't get over how hypnotically beautiful she was. Super duper pretty!! Still is today actually.
Tittering Corn58
Tittering Corn58:
100% of the comments
sHe sO hOT
Samyra y2k
Samyra y2k:
Im in excruciating pain because i dont look like her
13 years late but..... I'd argue Makaela's the actual protagonist of the movie not Sam from a story structure perspective. She's the only character with an arch, with growth and change and actual conflict; certainly the only one with anything approaching depth.

And while yes she starts out as 'the hot girl' she ends up transforming (pun?) into a sort of Hero's Journey protagonist. Before you think I'm overstating google 'Hero's Journey Protagonist Arch' and compare it to Makaela's arch and Sam's (or in his case the lack there of).

If you edited to remove Bay's framing it is actually a great character and well acted. Think about an edit of the film where there wasn't a disjoint between her actual dialog and actions and the film's framing. Take the irony of her 'car hood' moment where she says basically 'I'm competent but no one can see past my appearance' while it's filmed to drown out her competence in eye candy. Should be noted Bay didn't write Transformers 1, I'm sure Bay would have written Makaela's dialog and actions more to fit his framing. Not saying Bay's films aren't entertaining, not hating on him but his films are what they are love them or hate them for it. It is too bad Fox was pigeon holed, if she'd been give better and more diverse roles early in her career the general public might think very different about her acting abilities. Not saying she had no role in her casting nor that she didn't choose some bad projects but in films like Transformers and Jennifer's Body her actual acting apart from the Director's framing of her acting is quite good.
Marcos rsp
Marcos rsp:
The most beautiful actress ever
Arin Adams
Arin Adams:
She has the sexiest walk I ever seen.
xxx Magsx
xxx Magsx:
Her lips, her front teeth, basically her mouth! It so hot!❤️
gEoRgE piG
gEoRgE piG:
yall are all worried about her face, damn cant yall see this girl can act...? Shes more than just a pretty face and yall ppl got to know that.
one of the hottest actress ever seen in her prime she was really PERFECT
Her acne scars make her 38295u43455343 prettier im dying omg
Michael bay and Spielberg treated them like shit, they deserved better
Rosy Kay
Rosy Kay:
very cute with ponytail
the scene where bumblebee decided to upgrade himself into a newer camaro is so fire imo I love that shit
Shemar Johnson
Shemar Johnson:
This movie came out 2007,seems like yesterday.
Joseph Perei
Joseph Perei:
Sam: "It's probably Japanese"
andhara cheryl
andhara cheryl:
she exposed my inner gayness lmaooo
Shia and Megan were always tan and sweaty and greasy in these movies it’s awesome
Ravin Tessoor
Ravin Tessoor:
is it me or is does her teeth make her more attractive
Big mistake excluding her from later Transformers installments. All because some people get butthurt easily.
Ivan Vanko
Ivan Vanko:
You know, that seat belt thing was a pretty smooth move ))
Eddie Bacino III
Eddie Bacino III:
"I like to go faster" 😂😂😂😂 i was like 12 when I saw this and my life was changed
pretty chilled
pretty chilled:
Wow she's the prettiest
Pavel Deb
Pavel Deb:
Literally all comments: she is basically pretty
Gal Gadot is perfect for Wonder Woman, but Megan Fox is also perfect for Wonder Woman.
Big Dog
Big Dog:
my dream my baby my goddess megan fox
5:07 smile 😍
tom louis
tom louis:
I’ll never forgive Brian Austin Green for taking Megan Fox away from us too soon
David Berke
David Berke:
The car hood scene is iconic, one of the few to come out of that decade.
i can tell all the boys clicked first
She's the prettiest ♡
She's such a good actress, sad that Hollywood overlooked it. she was completely failed, glad to see that Jennifers body is now doing so well and is getting the recognition it deserves:)
Dean Clark Jr
Dean Clark Jr:
Let’s be honest we all had a crush on Megan when she was in transformers
Avery Swiderski
Avery Swiderski:
9:16, me trying to do wire tasks before someone kills me in among us
Megan Fox, biggest crush I have ever had growing up
Andres Barros
Andres Barros:
Ok but you skipped the real beauty - Bumblebee’s engine
Philip Greenaway
Philip Greenaway:
Ratchet says a classic line about Sam’s pheromone levels saying his levels say Sam wants to mate with her 😂😂😂😂
1:40 you know. . . .
This has other implications...
AKR da Greek
AKR da Greek:
Megan Fox>Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Hugo Stigglitz
Hugo Stigglitz:
4:48 that tongue movement
She's Aphrodite herself ♡
Lisa’s Yadom
Lisa’s Yadom:
She's just effortlessly beautiful.
Brunette From Cali
Brunette From Cali:
This video told me to get my fat ass up and go workout😭 Body goals
10:09 Megan is just so BEAUTIFUL
India Alpha
India Alpha:
I have always loved her...I thought she could act! Those eyes and smile (swooon)
Danielle l
Danielle l:
When thin lips and flat asses were in❤️she’s beautiful and will always be a timeless beauty
Faker Playmaker
Faker Playmaker:
-You think I'm shallow?
-Um, I think ugh..
Paulo Bezerra
Paulo Bezerra:
Probably the hottest girl I've ever seen in my entire life
Walter White
Walter White:
I'll never understand how a human being can be so close to female
perfection, she's the only woman on the planet to have that kind of
effect on me. It's unfathomable how breathtaking she is.
Grant Wheeler
Grant Wheeler:
Chester Whipplefilter
Chester Whipplefilter:
Megan Fox with a ponytail hits different tho 🥴🥴🥴
Shia looks so young haha
alle Coppin
alle Coppin:
Megan fox is the whole package!! Smart funny talented and gorgeous!!
SoSa Boi
SoSa Boi:
the hottest girl in the entire world from 2007-2010 no question.
Christian Cerritos
Christian Cerritos:
damn she is cute back then!
Loen Kei
Loen Kei:
I was like a kid when I watched this movie and I am a straight girl but I had a crush on her for the longest time and now I am 18 and I just recently knew her name but I still have a crush on her HHAHAHAHAHAHA. She deserves more projects tbh
Maker Shaker Waker
Maker Shaker Waker:
Are you new to school ? No , we along time in same class :D
Jair Alvarado
Jair Alvarado:
There will never be a replacement for megan fox in the transformer series.
James Ashton
James Ashton:
Oh is that Megan? Sorry I was spying on Shia Labeuf the whole time.
-No homo*
Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma:
Well I think I almost watched the whole movie by just looking her scenes. So she was pretty much used in every part of the plot development
Ayy Khay T
Ayy Khay T:
She is the hottest hollywood actress i've ever seen apart from Kate Winslet.
Mario Alonso Cifuentes Cabal
Mario Alonso Cifuentes Cabal:
Love her belly and skin looks so soft lmao
The Ottoman
The Ottoman:
She was such a Beauty..... :(
4:48 when one moment turns you into a beasty fan of Megan Fox
Burak Uzun
Burak Uzun:
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's the youtube recommendation i was looking for.
Ak Wilson
Ak Wilson:
Wow now I start to notice. He was wearing a Strokes T shirt.
Christina Nguyen
Christina Nguyen:
she’s so pretty i could cry. beautiful inside and out she’s so articulate when she speaks in interviews ❤️
She's the proof that in cutthroat show-business, you're only as good as your last success, no matter how pleasing is your physique.
Bluku 739
Bluku 739:
“She’s an evil jock concubine” 😂
Abbas Hassani
Abbas Hassani:
"I'd like to go faster" 1:58

Omg That's soundtrack is beatiful
Noah Ortega
Noah Ortega:
6:36 CARCK
Slayer 76
Slayer 76:
She's so hot and she can act the rest is just filler all the scenes without her in it
When they took her out of the movies they sucked
The fact that Sam got pissed at her for having a record was such garbage.
Mo Tam
Mo Tam:
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen:
This is your Monday morning reminder that you are powerful beyond measure, that you are capable of pretty much anything you are willing to work for, and that you could change your life today.
Dodo Ribeiro 1999
Dodo Ribeiro 1999:
Megan Fox is one of the most underrated actress out there, which is a bummer since the girl can act
Drifty Boi
Drifty Boi:
You’re lying if you didn’t find Megan fox hot when you watched transformers
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
She was naturally beautiful in the first Transformers movie. After that she started messing with her face.
For some strange reason when Shia LaBeouf is in the shot I always looked at him instead of the hot girl.
Nathan Dunlap
Nathan Dunlap:
makes a nice qc quility control n never attack me did my body harm
흑발에그레이눈 시발 실화냐
Why is everybody in this movie so shiny? Its like they want the people to be chrome too
Kikisquad Martin
Kikisquad Martin:
I was waiting for them to kiss all VIDeo long😂
2:06 you're welcome
The CG team did a good job.
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor:
Only reason i watched this movie.
Shiyuan Zhang
Shiyuan Zhang:
I was 15 years old at the first time when I watch this movie, I miss those days.