Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Ask Each Other 40 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ

It's The Couples Quiz! In this episode, we peek into the relationship of Megan Fox and Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. They ask each other all sorts of questions (and hopefully know the answers). Can MGK name all of Megan's tattoos? What did they do on their first date? Does Megan know the name of his sixth album? Find out which one of these lovebirds knows the other best.

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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Ask Each Other 40 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ

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Tim Simon
Tim Simon:
Megan is a lot more humorous, intelligent and witty than the media allows us to give her credit for. This was great!
Mariah AJah kelly
Mariah AJah kelly :
I'm actually amazed of Megan's knowledge ... she's actually very knowledgeable of things around her than what the society thinks she is.
Ateya Rich
Ateya Rich:
I love them together!
Amy Pimentel
Amy Pimentel:
Love seeing Megan so happy and confident! After years of being pushed and beaten down by producers she still came out on top
Krystal Soto
Krystal Soto:
How can anyone not love these two? Great individual personalities, but together they're incredible. Very genuine and you can see how much they love each other.
Dollar store Beyonce
Dollar store Beyonce:
I'm intimidated by how calm they are.
Designerseyes By Nambie
Designerseyes By Nambie:
Their coming together was a meeting of the minds. I feel like they touch each other’s souls with how they think and absorb knowledge. I want to vibe with someone like this!!
Nohelia G
Nohelia G:
The fact that he ask her about his album and she immediately answer right AND said it's very good, is so sweet
Sabiii Kim
Sabiii Kim:
Why do people hate them as a couple so much?!! Their relationship doesn't have to make sense to others until they're happy and healthy in it.
apoorva rithu
apoorva rithu:
Wow! Came here expecting an extremely cringey interview thanks to all the media and misinterpretation but glad to have watched such a sweet, understanding and communicative couple. They are perfect for each other! Can clearly see why they love each other so much..
W D:
I can see how Megan fell for him. He comes across as very gentle and sweet.
Park Sharon
Park Sharon:
I see why both of them are so much into each other. No matter whatever people say, for me they are the most compatible couples compared to most of Hollywood couples.
Feng Yin Tan
Feng Yin Tan:
Wow I actually love their energy together. This is beautiful. May this energy continue to blossom.
Julia Brown
Julia Brown:
I want a soulmate like this. Literally MADE for each other
Mac Rocks
Mac Rocks:
I love their chemistry, they talk to each other like they’ve been best friends forever and they know everything about each other.
Roasted beans
Roasted beans:
The way people made me believe this interview was going to be cringey when this is the cutest thing ever...
Latitia Siariva
Latitia Siariva:
They are so comfortable with each other I love it so much! I feel like they’ve known each other their whole lives, like best friends that become lovers, like childhood friends growing up together and that’s why they know every detail about each other and so relax around the other. I want this kind of relationship one day, where I can just connect and be with someone this comfortably. If they break up or something, I feel like I won’t believe in love anymore lmao
I've never really believed in soul mates until now. Their connection is nothing short of beautiful! I'm super happy they are engaged!
This is great. And their chemistry is incredible. Man, the banter is hilarious. Especially when she makes a point of comparing him to a meerkat. I was wheezing. Lol
Ananya Choudhury
Ananya Choudhury:
12:25 I love the part where he asks her if that's good and she is just so sweet and comforting with the answer. I love the way she looked at him. I wasn't really interested in this couple but I love this interview
Florencia Nahmad Silis
Florencia Nahmad Silis:
This changed my perception of them as a couple, they are super connected and are adorable together :)
I want a relationship like this!
I don't know why people think this is toxic :D
I legit avoided this cos everyone convinced me how cringe they are but the whole interview is so sweet. yes they're intense and a lil weird but they're obviously soulmates, they fit so well together. glad they found each other. 💜
𝒦ℯ𝓃𝒹𝒶𝒽𝓁 ℳ𝒸𝒩ℯ𝒶𝓁
𝒦ℯ𝓃𝒹𝒶𝒽𝓁 ℳ𝒸𝒩ℯ𝒶𝓁:
I love their chemistry it’s amazing how knowledgeable they are.
Leah Conroy
Leah Conroy:
We need a part two now that these love birds are engaged. ❤️
Story Line by Luna
Story Line by Luna:
I love how he accepts and respects how wise she is. Most men don’t respect women for how wise they are. He definitely does. He listens and sees her for who she is. Doesn’t put her down.
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho:
I honestly wasn’t expecting myself to smile and laugh so much watching this
How cute to find someone loves you like how MGK loves Megan , he technically knows her everything ❤️not just physical chemistry and amazingly having deep knowledge about each other ❤️
Rachel Lyon
Rachel Lyon:
They are amazing, i love watching them be together. It feels so open and genuine. Thank you, both of you.
j s
j s:
They have such good chemistry together. I see them staying together for a very long time being constantly happy with children.
The fact that they both could read the others mind and know the answers they were going to say says it all
Dani Lee93
Dani Lee93:
I love them together 🤣 this was great
Reem A.
Reem A.:
Their handshake together is the cutest thing ever
Bourdon Noir
Bourdon Noir:
This question and answer thing is so adorable and REAL! You two are the epitome of DREAM COUPLE for me!
J. Mo
J. Mo:
I always thought that this couple was cringe and overrated but honestly they’re so cute and especially that hand shake ❤️❤️
I seriously don’t understand why people aren’t happy they’re together they seem like a perfect match to me
Denis The Menace
Denis The Menace:
When they first got together everyone was team Brian but watching these two you can’t help but love them. The are glowing together. Michael Bay pushing a bad narrative also didn’t help her public image.
Kate Smith
Kate Smith:
Ok, I don’t know why but I was skeptical when they started dating. But after watching this it’s beyond obvious that they’re head over heels in love. They’re so in sync with each other; it’s wild. Happy for them.

I agree with those that said Megan is so much more intelligent and composed than given credit for. Hollywood just wanted to stereotype her on her looks alone. Isn’t it even better to be both beautiful AND brilliant? And it’s great how much MGK sees this in her. I like him now, lol.
Bianca N
Bianca N:
I've watched this interview 10 times. It just makes me so happy.
I was smiling so hard during this entire video.
Jasmine Harris
Jasmine Harris:
This is actually fun to watch. Usually its boring and cringe to see celebrity couples but you can tell they have real chemistry and get along well
The Goblin Steed
The Goblin Steed:
I Absolutely LOVED this. Very real and funny. 🖤🖤🖤
Jenna Gamblin
Jenna Gamblin:
The problem that the media has with her is that she is honest and outspoken. Hollywood don't like that in an actor🤷🏻
gracie denton
gracie denton:
soulmates. I’ve never seen such chemistry. Love this
Petunia Pop
Petunia Pop:
That TV show argument was so cute and old married couple vibes. I didn’t know anything about them really but I watched this vid and now I’m obsessed. 🥺🥺
They are seriously couple goals. Their chemistry is absolutely incredible. People love to hate on their PDA and relationship but when you see them interacting you can't help but admire them. They mix so well it's undeniable.
Charlotte Ruse
Charlotte Ruse:
Meagan has a vocabulary! When she said "that answer is nebulous," I almost jumped out of my chair and started cheering. When was the last time you heard someone use that word, if ever?
Cat Randomness
Cat Randomness:
Beautiful couple. I hope that their love last a long time.
Myella Torres
Myella Torres:
7:48 i love how Colson kept saying he wanted Blade but Megan just kept naming more 😭
samantha Slade
samantha Slade:
I love them! They are just ordinary people they are so adorable and in love! I wish them nothing but the very best!
Arusha Farheen
Arusha Farheen:
the way media portrays them , i knew them as a weird couple but they are so cute and im here for it
Kelley Antolik
Kelley Antolik:
These two are absolutely made for each other!!! So adorable! I love when they 1st got together- Megan said he is her twin Flame❤️
Bee Bee Ramone
Bee Bee Ramone:
I want a reality show with these 2
Hippie Queen
Hippie Queen:
They are an odd weird couple but they fit and have so much in common LOL I like them ❤️❤️❤️🥰
Kendra Adams
Kendra Adams:
I just love them together. Surprisingly, they know and respect each other SO WELL.
Their chemistry is insane. They are so cute together.
Noran Has
Noran Has:
I’m surprised I watched the whole video 😳 they’re cute and calm and very genuine together
Jordin Romero
Jordin Romero:
Omg I love how their interaction in this video is literally the same interaction my boyfriend and I have on the daily😂
The Life of Kiara
The Life of Kiara:
I see why they are always all over each other .
They have amazing chemistry.
Shhhh.. it's a secret🤐
Shhhh.. it's a secret🤐:
I love the connection you can clearly see they have for one another.
Tori Ackley
Tori Ackley:
I’m sorry but not sorry I can listen to this interview for hours on end I love the chemistry they have together and I love how they look happy with each other 💕💕
Marissa Hesselbray
Marissa Hesselbray:
I’ve heard so many people clown on this interview but you can’t deny their obvious connection and how much they clearly love each other ❤️
Lea Pilates
Lea Pilates:
You two are so adorable! So much love and realness thanks for sharing :)
Taina Marrrero
Taina Marrrero:
Wow this is one the most genuine celebrity relationships I’ve seen. They actually know each other well, have inside jokes, read each other’s minds. Most celeb relationships seem extremely surface level. This was so sweet!
Habil Hussain
Habil Hussain:
I'm like a minute into this video and I'm completely invested in both of them already 😂
furah mbile
furah mbile:
This is the best couple interview i have ever seen ! I'm not joking
This is the best Q and A love them❤
Amy Larkin
Amy Larkin:
I didn’t realise I liked this couple until now. Very cute and definitely in love.
Happy for them and their engagement! These two are awesome
Gabrielle Williams
Gabrielle Williams:
"Okay my hidden talent is that I'm not stupid, I appreciate it." LMAO ME TOO MEGAN.
What a beautiful young couple🙏🏼I wish them a happy exciting life together forevermore🌸it’s easy to see their made for each other 😌
Valerie Banks
Valerie Banks:
I think Meg is dope she’s so down to earth . I really wouldn’t have imagined this would be her personality but it’s very refreshing unlike the Kardashians .
I love their hand shake I think every couple got one of these ☺
Maybe Mabel
Maybe Mabel:
There’s a depth to everyone you meet.
MGK seems like a really cool guy. I love them together. Literal soulmates.
PS: That chair was uncomfortable for him, GQ.😁
Their energy together is so dope! Now this is what true bestfriends look like! They seriously make me laugh and melt my heart all at the same time! I wouldn’t be mad at a show all about these two just saying!
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers:
The best couple ever right now. I came back again to watch this interview.
Their relationship is so funny 😂😂 it’s like in the movie 😂 but they’re perfect to each other
Jane Beatty
Jane Beatty:
Love these two. Just hope competition doesn’t come between them.
i was hesitant to watch this bc i thought they were superficial lol but so glad i did as this was surprisingly entertaining to watch lmaooo they really have a connection and that's rare to have these days,, i loved the way mgk described their first date: "our first date we breathed each other." also megan looks happier! dasurv
Camille Marilleau
Camille Marilleau:
She is hella confident around him...the body language between the two here, is emaculate .
She was not like this with her ex at all, in all interviews I've seen.
Sara Khan
Sara Khan:
haha! this couple is actually really fun and real. very cute
Taya Warren
Taya Warren:
They r adorable and ppl who said this interview was cringe was very wrong😭
They perfect for each other 💯 I actually thought they would be a fire couple b4 they even got together. I never thought it'd actually happen. NAH HE GOT IT HE WON🤣
Yovanda Franklin
Yovanda Franklin:
Freaking love them together! 😩❤️❤️
Megan’s hidden talent being not stupid is a mood
Shereen S
Shereen S:
Love them... Never seen a couple so into each other. Wow.
Tiphinie Worley
Tiphinie Worley:
I don’t care who Megan gets with as long as he treats her like the goddess she is. So happy for you both.
Erin Bickler
Erin Bickler:
I love them! They are so geeky adorable!!!!
Billie Eilish fan
Billie Eilish fan:
I don’t personally know them but they own my heart
alissa afonina
alissa afonina:
I have no idea why people are so negative about them. This seems like a healthy relationship
They're weird and cute together. I am just in the beginning but I live for them. Adorable!
Can I please have a relationship like their omg ❤️✨
djellab hadil
djellab hadil:
The chemistry between them 🥺
Both look perfect made for each other 🖤🖤🖤
Allison Barrows
Allison Barrows:
This is actually fun to watch. Usually its boring and cringe to see celebrity couples but you can tell they have real chemistry and get along well
They both know about each other very well ❤️ adorable
Sahana Simha
Sahana Simha:
Coming back to this video after seeing Megan’s proposal post 😭😭😭 they really are soulmates.
lily burlough
lily burlough:
megan is so well spoken. educated and beautiful.
Introspective Beats
Introspective Beats:
They are literal soulmates. They so get each other
Smoke Roses
Smoke Roses:
She seems dominant in the relationship and I’m living for it
Caitlin Teague
Caitlin Teague:
Their little handshake 😫
They are beyond in tune with each other.