Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Show Queen Elizabeth Some MAJOR LOVE!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have exited the royal family, but there are some duties they’re still required to carry out including, that of President and Vice President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. Meghan and Harry participated in a video call with young leaders on Monday, about the importance of using digital platforms for good, and they used the opportunity to praise Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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marie MARIN
marie MARIN:
The comments: train people to be kind
Gloria Erickson
Gloria Erickson:
Practice not saying anything negative about anyone for one month and your entire life will change so much for the better. Continue for life.
Tanira Etienne
Tanira Etienne:
Y’all in this comments need to pay attention to your own life’s they look like they are thriving and what is that to you it don’t put food on your table you don’t personally know them don’t judge them
Patricia Wagstaff
Patricia Wagstaff:
Now that we have played nice. Can we have more money.? Please pretty please. ?
Aya Amro
Aya Amro:
0:59 you mean the decision she made for you
vegas girl
vegas girl:
Really? Yoi think their previous speeches have shown the queen love?
More like, “please don’t take our titles away” 🤣
Duarte Papa Vicente
Duarte Papa Vicente:
“Princess diary” was kinda right 😂
Kathryn Minugh
Kathryn Minugh:
So this must be the privacy they wanted
C W:
Wonderful couple. I wish them the best.
Ima Cookie
Ima Cookie:
Sooo many angry Brits in the comment section 👀
mara s
mara s:
Of course they're going to show her love. They have to if they want to keep those titles.
Sam S
Sam S:
Go back home and have some privacy ok?
Teresa Baxter
Teresa Baxter:
I would like to hear more from the perspective of the people they interview with. What they bring to the table. As opposed to just hearing Megan and Harry's perspective. It's always a one way dialogue.
3:19 perfect place for a stupid video preview to pop up
Star tracker
Star tracker:
Has a Harry had a hair transplant? He doesn’t look quite as bald as he did.
No one seems to buy this book in Sydney. It’s collecting dust.
Jen Lamb
Jen Lamb:
So disengenuous and smarmy.
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office:
Jan quickly coming he will be trying to keep some of the titles and money that granny has
They are so beautiful! Geez! He's always been the hotter prince.😍
Angelie Avenie
Angelie Avenie:
Timing is everything...keep sucking up because of a special occasion that benefits them both...them drop the RF like a hot potato. It's a real pattern.
You don't "train people to be kind" smh
E 3
E 3:
He’s not saying anything new.
Josso Jocelyn
Josso Jocelyn:
Thats just saying what it is, what HM has accomplished, her legacy. Megan its teach not TRAIN.
Annette Moustache
Annette Moustache:
How Sweet...Harry loves his Grandma ...let's pray it all works out well for the entire family... God's Peace be with you.
A snake has infiltrated that family to destroy it. $oros' agenda.
aprajita singh
aprajita singh:
It's my dream through "Common wealth countries" Queen, the Majesty, should rule all over the world to have "Healthy and Secure" life. I have so much deep love to Prince Harry regarding his sufferings for stepping back from the "Royalty as Senior Royals" and it all happened because of the black magic of Meghan Markle as my darling 💏"Prince of Hearts"💏 was too obedient to his family before marriage.
Heliet Mahosi
Heliet Mahosi:
I think this is about the book that why he is praising her now damage control time
Paul Berry
Paul Berry:
Meg & Harry confused the 🇬🇧Empire with the Commonwealth, don't think Gran noticed😏
jono croft
jono croft:
Did meghan start this conversation with "as a woman of colour"?
Norma Desmond
Norma Desmond:
You actually made a decision Harry, for your wife and yourself? Come clean, we all know your wife calls the shots.
Kay Camille
Kay Camille:
The psychopath and the ginger whinger. A match made in heaven 😂
Prinsetta Jones
Prinsetta Jones:
Omg I am so glad people in the public eye are being brave and following their hearts
Blue Clover
Blue Clover:
They'd better show some, er- "love"; because their arrangement with the RF is still up for review
Sugar Pop
Sugar Pop:
Well this is a first......
What Ever
What Ever:
Go live a private life. Down with Crown & Hollywood
Um pouco de tudo
Um pouco de tudo:
Oi, gostaria de saber como procede
Yvette Moore
Yvette Moore:
Well this hasn't aged well 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I am so glad that he is talking about listening to his feelings, this is the sort of strong man I want my sons to idolize. Not aristocrats with stiff upper lips.
You can not trained people, they have conscience and conscientious, witch drive people action...🙄
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore:
They must need a “loan” 😭😭😭
joe same
joe same:
The Royal Reputation is built up by the Queen Eliz 2 heart with love & faith for so many years. Pls close up your two mouths & go back to your celebrity life.
Carla Groves
Carla Groves:
Hypocrisy hypocrites - what a mess 🙄 all for power and the 💵
King Boen Farrell
King Boen Farrell:
Ford!score and sling shot years ago! Josh is in prison!
aprajita singh
aprajita singh:
Queen. the Majesty, is still trying her best to provide "Healthy and Secure" life to the citizens of the "Common Wealth Nations" and for that, she needs the helping hands to give bigger responsibilities to her own family members by having the faithfulness on them as they are born and brought-up under her guidance to give them the bigger responsibilities as per the "Designation" of the "President of the Common Wealth Nations" but "Prince Harry" has been totally spoiled because of "Meghan Markle" as she is too lucky to get the opportunity of the "Designation" of the "Vice - President of Common Wealth Nations" on behalf of "Prince Harry" after marriage. I'm still trying my best to get the help from the "Prince Harry" as per his "Designation" of the "President of the Common Wealth Nations' through his e-mail Id: [email protected] which I got it through Google although it's useless to contact the "Vice-president of the Common Wealth Nations" because her e-mail Id:[email protected], which I got it through Google is totally not professional although it sounds too funny and totally signifies disrespect as per her "Designation". I was too happy after getting the e-mail Id of the "President of the Common Wealth Nations" with the expectation of the "Ray of Hope" to be helped by him asap but inspite of it, he is even not responding my letters although I'm still suffering badly after sending the letter to "Prince Harry" on 24/08/2020 and afterwards with the forwarded letters to the authorised persons of the concerned departments or organisations (Nationally or Internationally) as I haven't been helped by the "Government of India" for my problems to be resolved which has been requested on 15/09/2018 through F.I.R., although, it has been informed to the "Government of India" through "Simple Post" in January, 2014 and another time through "Speed Post" in 2019 and 2020 but in place of it, I have been badly harassed (Mentally, Physically, Financially and Sexually) by the authorised persons of the concerned departments or organisations who are maintaining the "Law and Order" of the "Government of India" on the basis of the "Constitution of India" which comes under the "Common Wealth Nations". Although, "Prince Harry" had stepped down as senior members of the "Royal Family" but at least, in the name of "Humanity" as per his "Designation" of the "President of the Common Wealth Nations", I thought of it to be helped by him to live a "Healthy and Secure" life with my husband for "Family planning and Career" in "United Kingdom" as per the compensation, which I was living with my husband in New Zealand and Australia which comes under the "Common Wealth Nations". I am totally house arrested before or after 23/07/2019 because of the threat which I'm getting inside and outside the house as per the "Problems regarding Marital, Maternal and the Incident on 23/07/2019 at DLSA (District Legal Services Authority), Gaya (Bihar), India". In addition of it, I'm badly suffering by the "People, Languages with dialect, Body-languages, Culture, Infra-structure. Sanitation, Law & Order, and the Hot Weather".Therefore, I'm requesting you to please obey your "Designation" which you got it by "Destiny" to be praised forever and obey your speeches and regards towards your "Designation" to make Queen, the Majesty, still to be praised respectfully, forever by resolving my "Problems regarding Marital, Maternal and the Incident on 23/07/2019 at DLSA, Gaya (Bihar), India" and further, in addition of it, I'm requesting you for the "Threats" as per the whisper which sounds through "Television and Mobile" from the bollywood actor - Salman Khan and his family and friends as celebrities, business-persons and politicians" to be punished "Rare of the Rarest" with compensation, accordingly. Have fun as you want, to be either "Nude or with Clothes" on weekend but please obey your duties or responsibilities as per your "Designation" respectfully, on week days (Monday to Friday) with in the working hours to save the "Time, Money and Energy" of the citizens of the "Common Wealth Nations" by fulfilling their request authentically to make them happier to save "Humanity" for to be praised forever with your respectful "Designation". Have mercy on "Humanity" to expect the same for yourself from the "God and the Goddess" to whom you pray to live accordingly on behalf of your "Destiny" to have the "Golden Spoon" from the child-hood through "Queen, the Majesty" and her family members hence please be obedient towards her, at least, so that she should be "Praised and Prayed" forever as per her "Designation" to be known as the sender of the "God and Goddess" which has been given to her as an attribute by the citizen of the "United Kingdom" through their "National Anthem" which is "God, Save the Queen" but you are defaming her "Designation" by being dis-obedient after the marriage from "Meghan Markle" who is using you as a "Toy of Variant Types" by stepping back from the "Royalty" which you get by "Destiny" through born and brought-up in the "Royal Family" and "Meghan Markle" by marrying you but I, on behalf of the citizen of the "Common Wealth Nations" requesting you to obey your "Duties and Responsibilities", at least, for the upgradation of your fame to be "Praised" forever as per your "Designation" and the existence of the "Designation" of the "Queen, the Majesty"' to be "Prayed and Praised" forever as the sender of the "God and Goddess" as per her "Designation" on behalf of her country's "National Anthem - God, Save the Queen". ⌛⏰⏰⏰⏳
Sylvia Pack
Sylvia Pack:
He has a Grandmother?
Train? You shouldn’t use that word ever . 🤪 Doesn’t look like the real Harry.
Anjale Jones
Anjale Jones:
meghan should do a cook book
Prinsetta Jones
Prinsetta Jones:
Kathleen H
Kathleen H:
Harry’s name dropping !
Amy Sutton
Amy Sutton:
Just an opportunity for them to do some major back paddling after their ugly words concerning the common wealth in their previous video call.
She’s not training anyone except poor weak Harry. God bless that poor little baby Archie the anchor baby.
I thought they wanted “privacy”? 😂😂😂😂
Prinsetta Jones
Prinsetta Jones:
Susan Barfield
Susan Barfield:
Somebody come get them
Kilian Nietzsche
Kilian Nietzsche:
Harry Markle: from prince to frog🐸
Yemisi Agunbiade
Yemisi Agunbiade:
I'm excited!
Annette Sultana
Annette Sultana:
Good cover up, it’s too late, you done too much damage to the monarchy.
Henry digskills
Henry digskills:
Sue aldridge
Sue aldridge:
You left drop titles drop leeching and get a bloody job? Just stop talking lies word salads we don’t care!
Mz. Talley-Dancy
Mz. Talley-Dancy:
Megan letting her hair look a bit misted. No need to hide what we are.
farhat hashmi Abbas
farhat hashmi Abbas:
Ok friend 👍❤️ good work and happy so cute
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown:
Monique Giannelloni
Monique Giannelloni:
Saving their own skins bunch of hippos
kato mcmunch
kato mcmunch:
“Major love?” Idiots.
Amy Patton
Amy Patton:
Same old pictures.
Elena Pantiru
Elena Pantiru:
Maybe Meghan is happy, but Harry is happy?
Did he think about that when he snatched him from his family and country?
When did he snatch his child from his father's family?
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985:
Meghan used to be 90% white and 10% darker skin when she got engaged and married to Harry

Since moving to LA and Meghans sudden interest in politics she's totally changed her skin colour to now 80% darker skin colour and 20% white

Anyone would think she's trying to relate herself to some movement or other

Meghan is alot more darker make up these days than she ever has been, shes a totally different colour now she wants to do politics. Even though every time she has to attend a political rally she'll say I WANT PRIVACY to get out of doing it as she did every time Royal Family asked her to do anything
Catherine Thompson
Catherine Thompson:
Train people to be cruel or train people to be kind, WTF training people, says alot about this parroting pairs way of thinking, behaviors and expectations, RIGHT?
Page Newman
Page Newman:
its so, its sooooo, its just sooooo
throwing up
Just sod off they left that's perfectly fine but why do the press keep fawning over them. They said they wanted to lice a life away from the scrutiny and cameras yet end up in Hollywood?
Dubrul Philippe
Dubrul Philippe:
A zoom call with 5 yes knitters
Paulette A. Armstrong
Paulette A. Armstrong:
Thank God.
Chanelle Chateau
Chanelle Chateau:
Kudos to Meghan and Harry for taking on the queens common wealth trust!
hope hope
hope hope:
love h❣️m
Jen Holmes
Jen Holmes:
Wow so many negative & nasty people on here!
Linnet C
Linnet C:
Since when did Harry’s blue eyes turn brown? Is this a stand in?
Alan Jane
Alan Jane:
the woke digital space apparently. Wake up, son.
Yuki Rhinehart
Yuki Rhinehart:
Where can I find the original video?
Анна Суворова
Анна Суворова:
Meghan Markle beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
major love? um nope, not love, they have decided now that they need to gain favor. These two are terrible. What fools.
Laura Berry
Laura Berry:
About time granny got a mention
Glenda Sabo
Glenda Sabo:
They got put to death at Gitmo.
Mariah Nunn
Mariah Nunn:
Demonic family .
CarriUSA: BS reporting....Harry didn’t decide to step back....the queen stripped them of all royal duties , titles, and patronage’s...they wanted their cake and eat it to...paid expenses, profit from their titles, and pay...the queen said no!
T M:
Why do you people care about these people lives
English Rose
English Rose:
Imagine having to deal with M when she is in a bad mood...
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson:
Love you Meghan and Harry!
Fevie J
Fevie J:
You cant train people to be kind it comes naturally Miss Markle .
Iwona Borkowska
Iwona Borkowska:
Maybe u start be nice for your father?☻
Elen Ghazaryan
Elen Ghazaryan:
And what you are gaining to show this video to the nations.
Joyce Taylor
Joyce Taylor:
Its like the kiss of Judas.
SoMo Moo
SoMo Moo:
I love how everyone is supportive of the Queen. Honestly royalty should be banned. All those jewels and power is stolen. They are a bunch of thieves. Good on Harry for at least realising he’s a thief also. And good on Meghan for brainwashing a thief!!!! They must also change Archies name🤔🤔
Send them back to England
J C:
I have no opinion on these 2 given the gravity of whats going on. It's your choice to listen or not!
Kela Kelz
Kela Kelz:
This is the “noise” Meghan is talking about. She is so hypocritical.
Kalawatie Roop
Kalawatie Roop:
Long live live the British QUEEN !!!