Melania and President Trump Sleep in Separate Rooms: Author

First Lady Melania Trump keeps a low profile, but a new biography released today, “The Art of Her Deal," by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan, is getting a lot of attention. Jordan says she confirmed the rumor that the president and first lady sleep in separate bedrooms. The book also does a deep dive into Melania’s relationship with Ivanka Trump. Melania apparently calls her “the princess,” and Ivanka calls Melania “the portrait,” because she rarely speaks.

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StarPerson A
StarPerson A:
Lol, If I was a woman and was in her situation, I wouldn't hesitate to sleep in a different room either!💀
deleted xxx
deleted xxx:
she always looks uncomfortable around him... like she doesn’t feel right around him
The first lady constantly looks like she's being held at gunpoint
Mike Tank Brown ll
Mike Tank Brown ll:
She'll divorce trump after he's done serving.
Im not suprised. She seems so sad when shes around trump
Kasper Nyström
Kasper Nyström:
Imagine wanting to sleep in the same bed as D. Trump, yikes.
sylvia seri
sylvia seri:
It’s so obvious that she can’t stand him! Body language tells all.
Supachat Supachat
Supachat Supachat:
I don’t blame her one bit.🤢🤮
Bad B!tch
Bad B!tch:
I wouldn’t sleep in the same room as trump either
Mesrop Madxharyan
Mesrop Madxharyan:
We knew that after he leaves office she going to get divorce him .
Richard Berryhill
Richard Berryhill:
She's going to leave him after he's out of office
M. 007
M. 007:
I feel sorry for her. Married with a disgusting man like him.
Last time I was this early kids didn’t say “First.”
Ethan NO
Ethan NO:
I mean, I don’t blame her.
Quora Expert
Quora Expert:
I mean she's a gold digger. That was her choice, she picked money over personality.
Saba Bashi
Saba Bashi:
Why is this what we’re talking about when there’s a humanitarian crisis going in Yemen
The saddest part of this is someone spent several years studying Melania
Low Budget Justin Y.
Low Budget Justin Y.:
Inside Edition is running out of ideas..
Israel Benitez Rosquero
Israel Benitez Rosquero:
Im not surprised to hear this honestly
Omega Glitch
Omega Glitch:
Big deal. I snore and sleep in one of the guest rooms every night. Keeps the wife happy.
Oksana Troshin
Oksana Troshin:
I wonder where does Joe Biden sleep? Is next program going to be about him?
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
This is what passes for 'news' nowadays?
If I were married I'd also have my own room, just like they used to live in the 1800s like in gone with the wind, i think it's healthy for both
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst:
Sleeping in separate rooms doesn't mean they don't care for each other, he might be a snorer, lol
Should I laugh or not?
Pauli Manker
Pauli Manker:
30% of all couples sleep seperated bec. of work, kids, snoozing . . .
Imagine sleeping with someone who wakes up at 3am yelling FAKE NEWS at you. She needseed a separate floor.
Honestly, if I was married to a president then I would do the same thing as her! I’m quite shy lol
Stephy Mango
Stephy Mango:
The media is always trying to destroy them . Ofc she's going to look hurt
D Macnutz
D Macnutz:
Who cares if they sleep in separate rooms?
Kurious Kat
Kurious Kat:
.....still ain't true unless you interview flotus herself...
Cee Cee B.
Cee Cee B.:
I'll take "things we already knew" for $100, Alex 🤣🤣🤣
Dominic Subryan
Dominic Subryan:
Why the hell would Inside edition think we will want to see this?
margo parnell
margo parnell:
sis just wanted a green card and some money... i feel so bad for her there’s definitely something going on
Zion Nuby
Zion Nuby:
I like Melania, she’s trapped and just waiting for Donald to leave
“It’s simply to fill the void-“ *Outro plays
I don't see any connection from them
Lucy Mac
Lucy Mac:
Well,well so happy to know this. Made my day to know that they sleep in separate bedrooms. So glad I can go on with the rest of my day. Another one...why did I click on this.
Nzamu L
Nzamu L:
Melania married for love rhats why she is renegotiating her prenuptial
Edik Kalaydzhyan
Edik Kalaydzhyan:
Why Hillary Clinton is still in the freedom why she’s not in the jail the place belongs to her
310HZZA Political
310HZZA Political:
Why does that woman look like she's having a stroke while wearing a permanent people's eyebrow.
Roger Punk
Roger Punk:
sleep in separate rooms but there is no problem in the marriage. lol
Serinya G
Serinya G:
when I saw the title I laughed so hard
Son Mosé
Son Mosé:
She's waiting for nature to take it's course so she can get all his money. 😂 💀 💵
Tiamat Sue
Tiamat Sue:
Anybody else think the lady Mary Jordan looks like the actress who played Sue-Ellen in DALLAS?
700 subscribers before october
700 subscribers before october:
0:23 me when i smile at my teachers
Seems to me this is " I heard a rumor"
Book..y'all triping if this hearsay makes money.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
If I was her, I’d sleep in an entire different state
And why is this important?
Nancy Guzman
Nancy Guzman:
Imagine wanting to know other people’s sleeping habits 💀
She's one of the more active wax figures that ever occupied Madame Tussauds.
full sender
full sender:
Who wants to sleep beside a narcist?
Akirex 5000
Akirex 5000:
*Keep looking boys*

*We gonna go find out who asked*
Mr. HuffnPuff
Mr. HuffnPuff:
I feel that though, and I can relate. Kings sleep alone.
Sandi 619
Sandi 619:
So what alot of couples dont sleep in the same room. My husband goes to work at 3am alarm wakes me up and he snores loudly!
"Grab them in the" holdup trump hahaha
Ian Ray Flora
Ian Ray Flora:
Grab them by the 🐈👀😂
Gigi From God
Gigi From God:
She is Gorgeous Stop Jeoleous her, envy her. This couple is the opposite of the previous one. God bless Mr. President Donald Trump and his GORGEOUS WIFE!
Itchybell games
Itchybell games:
Trumps brain and sanity also sleeps outside his head
Also trump sleeps in his bed, melania stays in her android recharging port.
Nance Egan
Nance Egan:
She doesn't want to catch anything..
notice that she is only there for his money that is why she is uncomfortable around Donald.
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar:
Obama didn't sleep with Michelle, Hiliary didn't sleep with Bill, so what?
rust moments
rust moments:
None of this really matters it has nothing to do with politics
Dog Eye's
Dog Eye's:
Aah a rare 'wtf smile' from Deborah herself haha 😂
she looks so happy when she’s not with him. #savemelania2020 🥺
pay fone
pay fone:
Melania’s tired of the Big Mac farts 💨💨💨
Swelly In My Belly
Swelly In My Belly:
My Grandma and Grandpa don't love each other. So they sleep in separate rooms.
Ezequiel Tarallo
Ezequiel Tarallo:
*God, this changes everything!*
Get Noob
Get Noob:
Mo cawil
Mo cawil:
That's sad actually
Gosh !!! ....who cares .?!
There’s lots...***GOOD BOOKS *** In book store !!
save my money for the...GOOD BOOKS 📚
She can probably speak Slovenian she was born and raised there!
haben wlibanos
haben wlibanos:
ROMA Portugal
ROMA Portugal:
It’s a real book and those who think the book is a lie is the issue
tony o
tony o:
You have to give her credit. Most women would sleep in a different city!
Fluffy McFluffle
Fluffy McFluffle:
I’m waiting for her to divorce him and write her tell all...we’re waiting Melania
seli iii
seli iii:
Imagine waking up to him. I'll be vomiting all the time. Fricken cheeto
R.I.P Studio
R.I.P Studio:
Views 15 likes 19 comments 16 even do i only see *two*
ximena alvarez
ximena alvarez:
I feel like he bought her...
Isabel Ayala
Isabel Ayala:
I wouldn’t spend my money on this book to me she’s not intriguing at all
N F:
Common. My parents did that
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا مُحمد💕

The title of that book should have been: WTF Is Her Deal?
“hello” 😄😄
boi mac
boi mac:
Bernie Hughes
Bernie Hughes:
Wow, I didn't think media could stoop so low.
Gameplay Central
Gameplay Central:
An A
An A:
The queen and her husband also live in separate rooms 🤷‍♂️
The literally stands there like: 👁👄👁
David Alexander
David Alexander:
And Barrack Obama purchases $65 K in hotdogs.... look into the FBI code... pure evil
BJJ Medic
BJJ Medic:
So what? All of my grandparents did the same thing. At least they’re still married.
Mohaimen Hossain
Mohaimen Hossain:
Like this was shocking.... Huh we all knew this
Sofia Olsson
Sofia Olsson:
What's wrong sleep different room its modern arrangement and respect the privacy don't you know its more excited try it you might like it😂😂😂
Junior e39 ///M5
Junior e39 ///M5:
We all know she ain't happy with him
Kiaira Thot
Kiaira Thot:
Play a Movie let it Run "OK"
Gabe Congro
Gabe Congro:
when sugar daddy turns into first lady
Mr Navid
Mr Navid:
Am so earlyyyy!!!
susan gunn
susan gunn:
Romaira 22
Romaira 22:
Lol been watching these videos since I was little and never knew what it was about.😅