Melissa Benoist Has the Turkey of All Turkeys

James welcomes his guests, fresh off a game of Cell Phone Profile, and congratulates Melissa Benoist on her recent wedding, and Melissa looks forward to their first Thanksgiving as a married couple, which includes something called a Heritage Turkey. And Mike Birbiglia recalls his less-than-glamorous Thanksgivings growing up, which were mostly over eating rolls and watching HBO.

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Nevina Brown
Nevina Brown:
Just watched Melissa's video on IGTV.
My god, the pain that she had to go through in the past with her former partner just proves that she really *is* Supergirl and can fly high with a smile on her face.
Aissvarya Hunter
Aissvarya Hunter:
Melissa is so strong she legit is a supergirl in real life and on screen
Raeeda I. Hossain
Raeeda I. Hossain:
this is a woman who is strong and brave and a survivor. she has not only survived but told her story, empowered others to seek help and provide help, notice the signs and symptoms. supergirl may be a hero on tv but melissa benoist is a real life superhero. #istandwithmelissa
im so proud of Melissa, that she got out of it and that she has finally found someone worthy of her. I love her
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
Elvira-Irina Reisinger:
Amazing how she found the strength to reveal the abuse she had to endure.
Elie F
Elie F:
She said “My husband” my heart is full im crying😭😭😭
Melissa benoist is my hero, she a chris wood are couple goals so glad they have each other
Melissa is so damn strong. She's freaking amazing.
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff:
Melissa's hair looks epic.
Dwayne Cox
Dwayne Cox:
Between Evan Rachel Wood and Melissa, we got some domestic violence survivor power on that couch.
LOL! Oh Chris Wood, and Melissa... you guys are so awesomely dorky.
Bethany Scott
Bethany Scott:
When she said "my husband" it reminded me how I felt when she said "my boyfriend"
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout:
Melissa Benoist a Supergirl who made us believe that a girl can fly.
simple girl
simple girl:
she got married and she is happy and she deserves the world and we must protect her at all cost
This research on turkeys genetics is definitely a thing Chris would do. They are such dorks 😂😍
Melissa and Chris are the cutest couple ever. I was rooting for them since the first day Chris became a character in supergirl. Melissa is soooo strong for what she went through and I wish nothing but the best in life and all the happiness this world has to offer her. #IstandwithMelissa
Hopingover Leavesinfall
Hopingover Leavesinfall:
I want everyone to message Richard Linklater somehow and beg him to recast Blake Jenner. Blake is set to be in Merrily We Roll Along, a musical adaptation that will be shot over 20 years. It thankfully hasn’t started shooting yet and is in pre-production, so there’s still time. I don’t think anyone wants this guy to have a 20 year long career.
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart:
Melissa’s testimony on Instagram is solid proof that she really IS Supergirl in real life because she is courageous to have revealed her story, she is empowering other victims to seek help from her and also provide help for those who need it, and she is reaching out for others. I’m so proud of her. #IStandWithMelissa
Glenn Turner
Glenn Turner:
The thing with the turkey...I feel like that's something Mon-El would do 😂
Arath Alexander
Arath Alexander:
*100% of the Comments: Melissa Is So Strong*


Melissa is the strongest ever. We love her for that.
Noorul Naziha
Noorul Naziha:
Dear lord! That cracked me up 😂. Mike "that's the genetically closest thing you'll ever find"
Alaina Jackson
Alaina Jackson:
Who else got chills when she called Chris her husband? ☺️
Mel Kinda
Mel Kinda:
Melissa, our real life Supergirl ❤️
I’m still in shock at Melissa’s video about the abuse she suffered. I hope she finds the happiness she deserves.
Emily Spieker
Emily Spieker:
I’ve loved her ever since Glee and now I love her even more for speaking up on something so horrible and dark
Ruan Antunes
Ruan Antunes:
Melissa is just an amazing person & she is gorgeous too.

Chris Wood is a very, very Lucky man
#istandwithmelissa love her so much, she is so brave and strong and a genuinely lovely person. Congratulations to you and Chris, may you have a long, wonderful life together ❤❤👰🏼🤵
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller:
Both Evan and Melissa’s laughs have cleared up my skin and added 50 years to my life.
i am so glad she is happy and found a guy that really loves her, obviously most people had no idea what she was going through with her ex. I am glad she clearly has a good bunch of friends and family around her that helped give her the strength she needed to get through this but it
Christopher Wood is the luckiest man on earth. She’s so beautiful!
Not all heroes wear capes, well, Melissa does on the show, but she doesn't need one in real life! #IStandWithMelissa
Yu-Lin Chou
Yu-Lin Chou:
Melissa's smile can cure many kinds of illness!
Zilla IsNumberOne
Zilla IsNumberOne:
chris wood is a lucky man
Michael2gamezs 2
Michael2gamezs 2:
I love Melissa I really happy for her and happy she's in a good place in life with Chris some whos actually cares for HER 😠 makes me mad remembering what happened to her with the abuse #Love Melissa
So heartbreaking Melissa went through that abuse... A family member of mine is currently going through something similar and her video came out at the perfect time.. She truly is Supergirl for speaking about something so painful just so she can help others going through the same thing..
Justin Shim
Justin Shim:
Congratulations to her. Hopefully brighter days lie ahead.
Pauresa Togbossi
Pauresa Togbossi:
Reading all the comments from people who don’t believe Melissa is soo infuriating to me. Melissa decided to open up about her abuse and people are saying she might be lying, I mean🙄....

- Fact is that one of her pupils is bigger than the other (like she explained).

- Fact is that the phone incident happened in 2015, while she was dating Blake Jenner.

- Fact is that her abuser was younger.

The fact that she said that her abuser was younger and the incident with the phone happened in 2015, got everyone saying it was Blake Jenner.
Now.... do you guys really think that Melissa would not have said anything if it weren’t Blake??!! Do you guys really believe Blake himself would not have said anything if he didn’t do anything? Hell, even Weinstein tried denying he did something (even with all the evidence), but Blake has not spoken about anything and has turned of his social media comment section. This to me is all the proof that I need.

For the people who bitch about her not coming out sooner or leaving him sooner... she might have divorced him in 2016 and their divorce was finalised in 2017 (I think), but this doesn’t mean that they were still with each other and living together. And the reason why she didn’t spoke about it “sooner” is because abuse is really not that easy to talk about. She probably needed the time.

Lastly, Supergirl may be loosing viewers in the USA, but the world is actually bigger than The States alone. Supergirl is doing well on Netflix and in Europe.
Flower Uruguay
Flower Uruguay:
I really hope Melissa’s husband is the opposite to Blake.
Melissa is genuinely the bravest person. I’m so proud of her, and seeing her so happy makes me so so so happy.❤️❤️
rod axel
rod axel:
Since I saw her in Glee I fell in love with her. My one and only Supergirl
Nick JD
Nick JD:
Melissa and Chris(Chlissa) are such a beautiful couple and I am so happy for both of them.
Iya Consengco
Iya Consengco:
Melissa truly has a beautiful soul.
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie:
"It's the closest genetically? Could you explain that more?"

Wtf is there to explain? Does he not know about genetics?
John Evangelista
John Evangelista:
Melissa's laugh....genuine and infectious..
sam 13
sam 13:
Melissa is such a brave and beautiful woman! and i appreciate her speaking out. I love you melissa!
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal:
So, on the same couch, the 2 female guests you have are abuse survivors. Makes you think how often that just happens, don't it?
Puneet Rohilla
Puneet Rohilla:
Strongest person on Earth- Melissa Benoist... Much much much Love to her... She deserves all the happiness.. Such a sweetheart ❤️❤️
la lara land
la lara land:
the 9 dislikes are blake jenner and his friends
Skakin Bacon Media
Skakin Bacon Media:
Melissa is amazing, the abuse and pain she went thru, she really is a Supergirl. May she keep blessing this world with her strength and pure awesomeness! #istandwithmelissa
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor:
She suffered a lot, but now thank God she has a great man by her side. 😊😊😊😊
tziah coli
tziah coli:
soooo no ones gonna talk about “what the pilgrims & native americans ate” comment??
Mariana Godoy
Mariana Godoy:
melissa baby 💜 she’s so brave and I’m so proud of her
T'challa X
T'challa X:
Supergirl is one of my favorite shows and Melissa is underrated as an actress she does a great job with that character..I hate where the writers are taking the show but no fault to her she's awesome and makes my Sundays Super
Rizzles Feathers
Rizzles Feathers:
Jossie Padilla
Jossie Padilla:
Melissa is just a wonderful woman. Love her so much!!!
jayda huntley
jayda huntley:
Melissa is so strong I’m so proud that she shared her story
Melissa is so strong and beautiful. She is really great
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul:
I want to see Melissa snuggle a baby yoda! Cuteness level is over 9000!!!
armen 05/12/66
armen 05/12/66:
Melissa is soooo beautiful Chris wood is a lucky sob
M khan
M khan:
She's a strong person glad she's no longer with that abuser
she’s so cute and adorable!!
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout:
Happy Thanksgiving to Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist!
Marga Reyes
Marga Reyes:
I just started watching Supergirl and I'm currently on Season 3, to tell you honestly knowing that they got married in REAL LIFE makes it less painful to know that Mon-El is married to someone else instead of Kara/Supergirl. At least I know this is the reality and it's so good. I'm happy they are together and I so love Melissa!
Melissa is incredible. Now I'm convinced she is also Supergirl in real life.
Anjali Baskar
Anjali Baskar:
she’s glowing 😍
Fabiane Hase
Fabiane Hase:
melissa is so strong! she’s been through a lot and still has this beautiful smile on her face!! proud of her!!💖
Ashley Elizabeth
Ashley Elizabeth:
Oh no thanksgiving with kai we all know how that’s gonna turn out.....😂only TVD fans will understand
Damn Melissa in real life is not so different from kara Danvers character, I really admire this amazing woman 🥰
Del Picsla
Del Picsla:
Melissa really is supergirl, she is so strong and brave and such a positive role model for everyone to look up to. 💗
Rameez Khan Kakar
Rameez Khan Kakar:
Heard Melissa's story. It was inspiring and moving. I hope she reveals the name (even though we have an idea who it is) and that bastard gets what he deserves.
Chris Paez
Chris Paez:
I don’t get how anyone could ever abuse such a sweetheart like Melissa. My one and only Supergirl. 💕
Blair McAuley
Blair McAuley:
Melissa is a strong and brave beautiful woman
Dominique Porchi
Dominique Porchi:
This hairstyle is so gorgeous on Melissa!
Klaus Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson:
I love her arms. They looked so powerful. She really looks like super girl
jazzmin parker
jazzmin parker:
I just love melissa laugh!!!
Open Mind
Open Mind:
Mellisa Benoist is really a taleted Actor ,she really need some big hollywood movie
lynette z
lynette z:
Melissa is a Real hero
Darnel LaRocca
Darnel LaRocca:
Congratulations 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu:
she was born to be a supergirl....
#IStandWithMelissa ♥️♥️♥️
Главный редактор ФЛЦ
Главный редактор ФЛЦ:
im so proud of Melissa, that she got out of it and that she has finally found someone worthy of her. I love her
Roguishly Handsome
Roguishly Handsome:
She means one of the turkeys the pilgrims rode in on, right?
Just one question: Does Melissa ever NOT smile? :)
Chris B
Chris B:
When I see Melissa I clicked. Melissa is ❤️
She looks a lot like Gigi Hadid, love em both ❤️❤️
ruth alem
ruth alem:
when she said my husband 😢. i’ve always seen melissa as a genuinely happy person and watching her tell everyone about the abuse was heart wrenching but she’s strong and i’m glad she has chris now.
Melissa is so cute and beautiful here ❤️
Evelyn Santana
Evelyn Santana:
Does anyone remember her from glee?
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren:
I need this to be longer!!!!!
Kartik Aman Saraf
Kartik Aman Saraf:
Melissa Benoist, you are a true superhero!
spider siri
spider siri:
My Super Super Girl.. Melissa gave me so much hope! I love her since Glee!
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan:
janine cruz
janine cruz:
We're happy for you Melissa and damn you're so pretty and so strong the real *SUPERGIRL*
Julio García
Julio García:
Melisa it's so beautiful lady. I love her a lot! Un abrazo desde Nicaragua
We love you Melissa you are a true Supergirl ❤️❤️❤️
Anthony Woodhouse
Anthony Woodhouse:
James Corden talking like he knows anything about thanksgiving is like Mike Tyson doing commentary for swan lake
sweet. kryptonian
sweet. kryptonian:
I’m so proud of Melissa!❤️
Honestly I think most people came here after Melissa's video on IGTV
Elizabeth Jane Tugby
Elizabeth Jane Tugby:
I have just seen Melissa's video on IGTV and wow, she is so strong. I stand with her too. She really is Supergirl. 💖