MEP Beata Szydło on the European Rule of Law Mechanism

ECR MEP Beata Szydło speaking in the 25/11/20 Plenary on the preparation of the European Council meeting of 10-11 December 2020:

“Mr. Chairman, Mrs. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

“Many of you spoke about solidarity, about the rule of law, you invoked the principles that should be applied in the European Union, because they were the basis for the creation of our Community.

“But it is the European Parliament, it is you, who propose breaking these rules.

“In the Treaties, there is no link between European funds, the European budget, the payment of these funds, and the rule of law.

“It is an attempt by the majority in this Parliament to impose rules that are not enshrined in the Treaties, that are not binding, that the EU has never discussed and adopted.

“So if you are talking about the rule of law, you have to answer the question - are you not breaking this rule of law right now?

“Poland, my country, has often been mentioned here, and I must tell you that we continue to protect the rule of law in Poland.

“In democratic elections, Poles elected my party into power, Law and Justice, which formed the government and which consistently implements the program which Polish citizens voted for.

“And the Polish government cares about the interests of Poland and the interests of Poles, because this is the primary role of the Polish government – a mandate given to us in democratic elections.

“However, here you are trying to convince everyone in this room that the July agreement assumed something different than what was actually agreed.

“This is because, at that time, the rule of law or the discussion that was taking place then was going in a completely different direction and you know that perfectly well.

“You cannot arbitrarily impose the will of a majority to a minority just because you, representing the majority of the European Parliament here, believe that what is good for you is good for the European Union.

“It is not so. The EU consists of 27 countries, 27 sensitivities, 27 nations, 27 economies.

“And our duty, given to us under Treaties and the principle idea on which the EU was built, obliges us to seek solidarity, taking into account the interests of all Member States and all Europeans, and to care for and to protect the interests of all EU residents.”

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Jakub Cyrwus
Jakub Cyrwus:
Very good speech by the Polish Lady, Beats Szydlo. She is telling the EU some home truths.
This new requirement by the EU, supposedly as a trading block, is just another stealth move by the EU to gain more power and control over their member states.
Ivo Serra
Ivo Serra:
Good Bye Poland !!! bye !!!!
guy vert
guy vert:
another country which will embrace their own brexit, unless the EU reforms. Why does the veto exist? Because it is in the treaties
The Chad European Federalist
The Chad European Federalist:
Not a single specific reason was given why she is against the rule of law conditionality. Only generalities.
Familie Schneider
Familie Schneider:
She tells those hypocrites about what is written in the EU-contracts and what democracy really means. Most of them will never understand the content, especially Manfred Weber and Ulla Liar.