Meryl Streep Takes "The Colbert Questionert"

How did 12-year old Meryl Streep get Richard Nixon's autograph on a Milky Way wrapper? Find out in this Meryl Streep edition of "The Colbert Questionert." #Colbert #TheColbertQuestionert #MerylStreep

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100+ komentarze:

The five words for the rest of Meryl's life should've been "The Academy Award goes to..."
T.P. W.
T.P. W.:
So, Stephen was caring about the unity of the nations since he was 8 years old. Totally checks out.
Ms. Streep is a goddamn national treasure.
Jack B
Jack B:
Fun fact: Meryl Streep is made up of 100% recycled Oscar Nomination envelopes
we must protect meryl streep at all costs - absolutely precious
M S:
There is a whole character and backstory behind everything Meryl Streep says. She is so captivating
Meryl Streep is one of the most down to Earth people I've ever worked with, and I photographed or did lighting on photo shoots for almost every A-list celebrity in the 1990s. Sweet. So incredibly humble, too. Not surprising at all, but quite refreshing at the time.
India Rael
India Rael:
Humans are the scariest animal.
Barbara Rey-Constantin
Barbara Rey-Constantin:
She's so funny and talented and down to earth. :)
That's a GREAT Joni Mitchell song. Great choice Meryl.
Stephanie O'Brien
Stephanie O'Brien:
She's got a doggie! I love that! And she let's him on the furniture!
Ross Fryer
Ross Fryer:
Streep guessed the number! How is no one talking about this? Colbert was so blown away he was like, ... “uh, ok.”
Emem Edem
Emem Edem:
Stephen: what’s your favourite app?
Meryl Streep: 👌🏾👈🏾
Stephen: 😲😮😂🤣🤣
claire jean paul-jupiter
claire jean paul-jupiter:
I think Meryl Streep looks younger and prettier than ever I've been following her for a long time I think she is so pretty
Koral Davis
Koral Davis:
Meryl Streep is so ravishing ❤️💖
Slytherclaw Gal
Slytherclaw Gal:
haha she’s awkward but woke at the same time i love her
Keith Jost
Keith Jost:
Keep 'em coming every minute of you!
Evelyna Brazeau
Evelyna Brazeau:
Meryl’s laugh is everything! Makes my day 💕
Meg Bollman
Meg Bollman:
Meryl Streep is 👸! And Colbert has kept us highly entertained during the dumpster fire 🔥 that is the current administration of lame ducks
She wins for the best song to listen to for eternity. Hejira is one of the best songs ever created and would be incredibly soothing forever.
I’m traveling in some vehicle
I’m Sitting in some cafe
A defector from the petty wars
That shell shock love away

Well I looked at the granite markers
Those tributes to finality to eternity
And then I looked at myself
Chicken scratching for my immortality

There’s more and it’s all beautiful.
Louise Kevins
Louise Kevins:
Wonderful idea! We not only get to see these people in their own space but we also get to share their normal everyday thoughts. Thanks
I liked Meryl Streep's interview the most: she's so wise and lovable
Amzo Tall
Amzo Tall:
She guessed Stephen's number and did the Chris Evans laugh , all in the same sitting..
What a queen!
Brian Batie
Brian Batie:
"Hejira" By Joni Mitchell. Now I know Meryl Streep is the boss!!!
Martin Muc
Martin Muc:
Her response to "What is the scariest animal" -> Oooohhhh made a great ringtone on my mobile. Sounds very spooky, and no one can guess who that is .. :-) Other than that she is a phantastic actress!
Caleb Rohrer
Caleb Rohrer:
are we just gonna glaze past the fact that Meryl Streep has family that puts peanut butter on oranges?
Abigail Kate Salveron
Abigail Kate Salveron:
when stephen asked meryl what number he is thinking of and she said 3, i was thinking the same number! meryl and i have the same brain? lmao haha
what a great clip, love streep . a mensch and lovely to boot
if America's only contribution to Culture was this woman, it would suffice to ingratiate America for a very, very, very, very long time ;-)
New Message
New Message:
"What's the scariest animal?"

Whatever animal she did an impression of the moment he finished the question!
Martin Stent
Martin Stent:
“Very very very very long.” What a great answer!
Ray Walker
Ray Walker:
The only part of these segments (watched out of order) that I didn't like, was when it ended. 😪 Do more of this... PLEASE!!!
Verity selfisdivine Perfectly
Verity selfisdivine Perfectly:
Meryl smiled with the most delicate smile 😊
Obsessed with these interviews!
Louise A
Louise A:
Meryl is a sweet♥️
mary jones
mary jones:
loved this! ty ms streep, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste and stay human! how did you know that we would need this so desperately today?! and mr clooney too?! this is all just the balm that i needed! stay safe everyone!
Sabah Katib
Sabah Katib:
Such a clever segment ,watched the 3 actors in one go and they’re good questions :)
Daniel Schöld
Daniel Schöld:
She's such a treasure!
fanny I
fanny I:
’ Ithink we see everyone we love, and we then go back and influence the love of everyone we left behind’ that sounds exactly like Donna and mamma Mia 2.... Thanks Meryl, now im Having another breakdown over Donna 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭
Reubs Walsh
Reubs Walsh:
Meryl Streep is looking forward to haunting people, and I hope she haunts me.
Pablo A. Diaz
Pablo A. Diaz:
the queen Meryl looks amazing
Arthur Montana
Arthur Montana:
Seeing these two brilliant entertainers and great people in the same frame makes my day!
Gilbert Estrada
Gilbert Estrada:
Hanks, Streep, Clooney, wonderful! Just great people and a great interviewer! Loved it! Wow!
Dave Bartosh
Dave Bartosh:
Meryl was my favorite of the three chosen for the Questionert. So adorable!
Dave Malkoff
Dave Malkoff:
What Happens When You Die? "Please see Defending Your Life, I have already covered this in question in great detail, Stephen"
Kat R.
Kat R.:
I'm already waiting for when Stephen will answer his own questionert
Geof Branton
Geof Branton:
Such a lovely human…
Joann Litt
Joann Litt:
meryl streep just seems like the most fun and smart person.
Oooh! I *totally* agree with Meryl's answer to "What happens when we die?". Except maybe the influencing part... that's more like wishful thinking. Or maybe magical thinking. She IS magic, isn't she? And I hope she continues to be so for a very very very VERY long time :-)
Lisa S
Lisa S:
Her pause, then "egg sack" slayed me. 😂
Justin Witham
Justin Witham:
I laughed so hard at that podcast hand gesture part 😂😂😂
I would have loved it if Stephen had opened the envelope and read "Sally Field."
Steve Fly Agaric 23
Steve Fly Agaric 23:
Man, I was transported to the movie Adaptation whenever she laughed, even when she's silent, Meryl is unmistakenly Meryl. Cool.
Indigo Wolf
Indigo Wolf:
She is such an awesome person very down-to-earth grounded. And I liked it shirt she was wearing I have seen her wear it before but I think it's a great color on her.
i am so glad he caught that gesture she made at 4:48 😂
Cedar and Sound Studios
Cedar and Sound Studios:
She seems lovely.
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could take the Colbert Questionert.
James Donald
James Donald:
The correct answer is "Did you ever see the rain" by CCR, just saying.
Tom G
Tom G:
Continental flags, nice! 🌍❤️
Ranym Kelani
Ranym Kelani:
Stephen Colbert: What's the scariest animal?
Meryl Streep: Donald Trump.
I just... Her voice is pure magic.
24hr Diner
24hr Diner:
So can tell at first she thought the questions might be right vs. wrong. So genuine and sincere. A keeper.
Julia Connell
Julia Connell:
*finally* someone has the *correct* answer to scariest critter (I wouldnt be so narrow - all these 8 legged freaks!!!!) (Dont even like thinking about the word 《shudder》
Olli S.
Olli S.:
She and Hanks both were so good at the five words question
Davis Mendoza Darusman
Davis Mendoza Darusman:
I am SO excited for this new "Colbert Questionert" segment!!!
Michael Hope
Michael Hope:
I am feeling every single vibe she is emitting
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher:
"I'm in that book!" LOL Nixon with children. Hmmm....
Dying to see a Colbert Questionert with Diane Keaton!
Stephen: "What number am I thinking of?"
Meryl: "Three."
Stephen: "Okay."

Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller:
Colbert said "Send me the links for THAT podcast!"
My favorite action movie IS "Ther River Wild" she was amazing in it, like always.
Ayush K Chacko
Ayush K Chacko:
which is the most use app on your phone?

Meryl: Podcast 👌🏻👆🏻😂
1921 APFA champs
1921 APFA champs:
Of course that’s how Meryl gets an autograph. Fantastic story.
Star Shake
Star Shake:
I love these survey questions! Everyone's answers are so wonderful and unique! :)
Mason Dissick
Mason Dissick:
"One more time with the gesture please.. I think we have to blur that" 😂😂
Anne Bruecks
Anne Bruecks:
This was the best Questionart, I was laughing so hard!
Scapegoat Iscariot
Scapegoat Iscariot:
"Save Me" , off of the album Ingenue by KD Lang. If it had to go on forever, it'd have to be "save me".
In appearance and even mannerism and vibe, Ashley Johnson is the perfect younger Meryl for a biopic
Phil Buckhouse
Phil Buckhouse:
1:43 I love Stephen's reaction.
Sonja Freak
Sonja Freak:
She's the CEO of changing infinity expressions in seconds
harold floyd
harold floyd:
Hejira! I just learned to play one of the songs on the album this evening. How odd.
Gabi Douglas
Gabi Douglas:
Your on Fire this week! 😂🔥🔥🔥🌋🌍 Love you Meryl!
Chris Cristo
Chris Cristo:
OMG! Meryl Streep looks like 35-40 max years old. Unbelievable👏👏👏
Great answers Ms Streep, however: Really the scariest spiders are - Redbacks and Funnel Webs: both are Australian, can kill you and redbacks hide in sand pits and under toilet seats!
Kim Gaetjens
Kim Gaetjens:
I love these interviews. More please.
I like the questionert. Please do it with everyone
I want to see Stephen's responses to his own those exist somewhere?
Austin Knight
Austin Knight:
I appreciate the editing chops it took to do the intro, thank you!
Bruno Garutti
Bruno Garutti:
Meryl: The source of the smell is sitting right there
Dog: Leave me alone
XANLY Sphynx
XANLY Sphynx:
Omg love her
Pam Payne
Pam Payne:
Meryl, I'm with you - Joni Mitchell's Hejira!
Five words to describe the rest of your life? "Very, very, very, very long!"; brilliant yet hilarious answer 😂😂
CECILIA Hognesius
CECILIA Hognesius:
3:56 Favorite Action Movie:
Meryl:???? I don’t know
Stephen: The river wild!
Noelle Frazier
Noelle Frazier:
Awe thank you for doing these segments Stephen I thought Bill Acosta, Lawrence O' Donnell and Anderson Cooper were my only friends lately in stay at home world.
Meryl Streep is the greatest actor of all. Yes, certainly among men/male actors, as much as it hurts their egos to know this
Kelly Kerr
Kelly Kerr:
So many wonderful comments and such a fantastic interview. Thank you.
Marsha Alison
Marsha Alison:
Meryl’s podcast sign 🤣
Luke K
Luke K:
I actually really like this new segment! This is lovely. Thank you The late show team for great clips
Meg Smith
Meg Smith:
I will never not love this woman.
Pure Imagination is the song I would listen to for eternity. List yours below!