Meryl Streep tribute / best acting scenes

To my favourite actress of all time. I could only select a couple of scenes, otherwise it would've lasted an hour. Hope you enjoy

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Bianca Leoncio
Bianca Leoncio:
“Meryl Streep could play Batman, and she’d be right for the part.” Cameron Tucker, Moder Family
magic spoon
magic spoon:
Best actress of all time. And I dare ANYONE to challenge me.
Cristina Navarrete
Cristina Navarrete:
Woah, she is a different person everytime, her voice, accent, everything, amazing :0
A Sam
A Sam:
Is anyone here after #Kangna's rant....??
Estefania Moreira
Estefania Moreira:
Its crazy she started as a music student and she tried acting and it took her off. She makes it so real.
Hament Pandit
Hament Pandit:
She is goddess of acting
Shauna B
Shauna B:
A true artist. As is the person who put this together. Too many amazing performances to count.
Sera Dar
Sera Dar:
Greatest actress in Hollywood.
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen:
She s like a robot, design for each role
Dakrai LPT
Dakrai LPT:
Thats actually a realy nice tribute. Could be offical in my Opinion.
Kristin Leigh
Kristin Leigh:
how can anyone not love her <3
Rahul vinal Narayan
Rahul vinal Narayan:
The best of the best. She is the benchmark people. Can’t get any better than that
Bilal Hassan
Bilal Hassan:
I admit that she really is the acting goddess.
Bangan Buchem
Bangan Buchem:
Meryl Streep 💚
My favourite actor in the world.
No one could be as versatile, devoted and beautiful as she is.
She is the goddess of acting. There will be centuries for any actor to come up like her.
Love love Meryl....
RetroMeme Naga
RetroMeme Naga:
She is your favorite actress favorite actress.
Great list, but I kept waiting for a scene The Hours to show up
riley rourke
riley rourke:
as an actor I worship the ground she walks on. If I could even have half of her talent omg
Sameer Salam
Sameer Salam:
Her dailogue delivery and control over voice make her different ..
I came here after see Mary Louise in Big little lies , Queen Meryl!!!
bm arvind
bm arvind:
Who is here after kangana Ranaut tweet ?
Has anyone ever seen Meryl Streep and Julian Lennon in the same place at the same time? All evidence points to the fact that they're both the same person, especially 'their' face.
Siva Rajendra
Siva Rajendra:
Who are all watching this after Kangana's tweet??
Ariana Maria X
Ariana Maria X:
she really is the most wonderful actress of all time, she takes her character and and becomes the character. a true acting GOD
Hannah Thermer
Hannah Thermer:
What’s the music in this called
Ella Veistiö
Ella Veistiö:
I just love this video❤️❤️ Meryl Streep is the best actress in the whole life and history!
Martim Cunha Rocha
Martim Cunha Rocha:
2:11 she looks SO like her daughter
Golden Iolaire
Golden Iolaire:
There is no dislike button for this video, it’s either like or Oscar
Katie Cousineau
Katie Cousineau:
that last scene...HILARIOUS!!
Dislike the clickbaits
Dislike the clickbaits:
"Women arent sexy when they r old..."

I think the whole west steuggles with it.. it's just too hard on them to accept that they dont look good/great or getting old.
Rahul vinal Narayan
Rahul vinal Narayan:
The greatest actress I know. She is my inspiration as an acting student
manju naik
manju naik:
Respect she has blessed of art....❤
Alexandra Petric
Alexandra Petric:
She would make an amainzing Cruella DeVil
Ayyas Ali
Ayyas Ali:
long deep acting actress. true character 👌
Cristy Flint
Cristy Flint:
Definitely didn’t just come from listening to Gloria-Lumineers
Umme Humayra-4948
Umme Humayra-4948:
She is the cutest granny I've ever seen
Delightful and so, so beautiful :)
Elijah Mandeville
Elijah Mandeville:
I think you could have included the best scene in Doubt where she and Philip Seymour Hoffman are screaming at each other. The goosebumps!
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown:
Best actress to ever walk the earth. Hands-down
Ava Hess
Ava Hess:
Alberto Medina López
Alberto Medina López:
Most of the times a film is worth watching just because Streep is in it
White Simurgh
White Simurgh:
Joao Walter
Joao Walter:
Uma das melhores atrizes que o mundo já viu!!!
Tapas Purakayastha
Tapas Purakayastha:
an actress in a true sense
Bhushan Bagde
Bhushan Bagde:
Where is that background music is from,
I used to hear that on my landline phone....
Plzzzzzz somebody tell me
Karolina Kinga Traczyk
Karolina Kinga Traczyk:
Good gracious this woman’s amazing
deepak nayak manel
deepak nayak manel:
What range! The very best Indeed.
Shyann R
Shyann R:
Could you maybe list the movies ?
Fito De Beagle
Fito De Beagle:
Meryl Streep= Best Actress ever!
Colin Mahoney
Colin Mahoney:
UUUUUUUGHHHH why can't there be more roles to act like this. If this was the type of topics media touched on a lot today I would consider being a Theater major
A true 'great'
David Daniels
David Daniels:
Wow, never knew about all these other movies and so many awards she has gotten till I watched your video.
I recall only watching her in 2 younger age group movies, 101 Dalmatians and her 2006 movie.
Laura Lexi
Laura Lexi:
What's the music in the beginning?
cole k
cole k:
Pensé lo mismo cuando vi los nominados. 😂
Lebohang Machaba
Lebohang Machaba:
Hard to believe it is the same person
Danielle Linton
Danielle Linton:
Amazing Woman
Lois Bodie
Lois Bodie:
Great video! What's the film at 3:55? One of my favourite Meryl films is The River Wild, she's great in that!
Lisa Garrett
Lisa Garrett:
J Dls
J Dls:
there is literally no basis other than contrarianism for her detractors. actual flawlessness
G S:
Name of the music ?
G S:
Name of the music ?
Sankar Subramanian
Sankar Subramanian:
for somtime the BGM made me think that she is dead !! anyone else agree?
Layla Jones
Layla Jones:
Simply WOW
Martin Gezelius
Martin Gezelius:
Very nice outtakes from Meryl's movies. I Know the most of the them and all classic Streep movies. But it would be nice to know all the movie names if I missed one. It was one movie that didn't recognise. So that would be nice :)
Hanna Solano
Hanna Solano:
She looks so.. So.. Rich jajaja
alejandro zuñiga
alejandro zuñiga:
she's very marvelous actress
Nilay Samiran Nandi
Nilay Samiran Nandi:
Dreamer Achiever
Dreamer Achiever:
She the best of all time-best amongst men and women....She is the Greatest actor of the century
Mark Solon
Mark Solon:
definitely... the best actress of all time...
Quisiera ver todas sus películas (incluso las que ya he visto varias veces) en un maratón del tiempo que sea necesario, parando para hacer lo imprescindible: comer, dormir,... 🤭
alejandro zuñiga
alejandro zuñiga:
Abah Effi Harfiana
Abah Effi Harfiana:
best actres ever
Aradhya joshi
Aradhya joshi:
I know her now just bcz of kangana 😂otherwise I don’t even watch hollywood or out of india movies. I watch only bollywood movies
Gunnar Eðvarðsson
Gunnar Eðvarðsson:
People say she's overrated but she has more skills than most actresses and has delivered some of the most challenging and amazing performances on screen.
Reckless_ Jay
Reckless_ Jay:
Why did they have to put the music louder than her acting? -_-
She looks like the VEGAN TEACHER
Press Play
Press Play:
Music is too loud
Jose Torres
Jose Torres:
She Is a master
harshal p
harshal p:
Which was the last movie?
Libby McMaster
Libby McMaster:
Vlola Davis merely Streep
Basanta Pant
Basanta Pant:
she is queen.
Vande Matram. Bhart mata ki jai great natio
Vande Matram. Bhart mata ki jai great natio:
No ward
1:09 can you please tell me the name of the movie?
Pablo Cristiano
Pablo Cristiano:
Rounak Rizvi
Rounak Rizvi:
And kangna says she is most talented
John glloyd Concepcion
John glloyd Concepcion:
0:50 what us the title of her movie?
Jimmy Cactus
Jimmy Cactus:
PLEASE. Post the winona ryder tribute PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
Nur Hafiz
Nur Hafiz:
She is the next Katherine hepburn.
Samuel McNair
Samuel McNair:
I am sorry but I am not impressed with her acting and I watched the entire Out of Africa movie!
Gaurang Thapa
Gaurang Thapa:
Tosh Morales
Tosh Morales:
Liked before video started
Ankit Barthwal
Ankit Barthwal:
Kangana Ranaut sent me here 😂😂
mohamed 3m
mohamed 3m:
Glenn close is the best and better
Joky Bones
Joky Bones:
And i know none of this movies! Im ashamed now
fat lizards
fat lizards:
she really is the most talented actress ever. my favorite? no. yours? possibly possibly not, but she IS the most talented. i won’t deny it and i don’t see how others can. just watch her.
Karolina Kinga Traczyk
Karolina Kinga Traczyk:
Meryl Streep would’ve been a great politician.
Happy Sharma
Happy Sharma:
Don't be offended but I Think Sridevi has been a epitom of Acting
She can surely beat her
Todd Craig
Todd Craig:
Not sure about the actress, but Grieg's "Morning" is exquisite.
99 Red Balloons 🎈
99 Red Balloons 🎈:
She always acts so technically correct that it comes off unnatural