Meryl Streep's Funniest Moments

I assembled the very best of Meryl Streep's moments on & offscreen (scripted, unscripted & uncensored). #MerylStreep #StreepIsHilarious #FunnyMeryl

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That Rad Guy
That Rad Guy:
"I'm sorry I'm not beautiful enough..... to be in KING KONG" and her face right after hahahaaaaaa I love her
lucia 28
lucia 28:
She’s extremely intimidating but then also so loveable and down to earth
"I said shit on tv, I mean I say that but I don't say it on tv"

*Cut to her literally swearing in essentially every other clip*
Stephanie Vazquez
Stephanie Vazquez:
Meryl talking about Liam and Chris Hemsworth JAJAJAJA. In my head i'm like "My thoughts exactly" jajaja
Redrose Lace
Redrose Lace:
Meryl is legit the only woman in Hollywood that ages more and more beautiful. Which means, she was beyond beauty when she was young. "So much TU DDDUU" hahaha
Teapot S
Teapot S:
Death Becomes Her is easily one of my top 5 movies of all time.
*oH nO oH cOmE oN wHy, hEr, aGain. You know? But whatever.*
lola brini
lola brini:
She was breathtakingly beautiful as a young woman from what I see... not sure why that director said that
Shae Butter
Shae Butter:
She is such a good looking woman. One of my favorite actresses.
“What kind of a program is this?” Lol
Alexander Garcia-Cornelius
Alexander Garcia-Cornelius:
I have to remind myself that Meryl is from New Jersey. That would explain the potty mouth haha
Rafael Sirens
Rafael Sirens:
florals?for spring?groundbreaking
will forever stuck in my brain
Oh to meet her in real life... she’s so theatrical... she seems so warm and fun
MzJwan Oppong
MzJwan Oppong:
Man : she’s dead !!
Meryl : she is ?
Meryl: oohhh / These are the moments that make life worth living

I mean what’s not to love ❤️
Claude Renaud
Claude Renaud:
I want to see her AGAIN win a 4th Oscar! She is fabulous! I think it's funny how Meryl is just Meryl...nothing held back. It is what makes her so endearing to me. That bit at the Oscars with Ann and Emily was CLASSIC!!! Thanks Eric for another GREAT compilation.
Sinclair 15
Sinclair 15:
She was SO good in Death Becomes Her.
Sher Laguardia
Sher Laguardia:
"All that education down the drain" 😂😂😂
Lily Pilson Roscoe
Lily Pilson Roscoe:
Meryl:And I’m really going to drink a lot tonight

Sounds like you already have my queen 😂
K-Chan Kougashima
K-Chan Kougashima:
Meryl Streep is my spirit animal
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Klaus O'Shaunacey:
I think part of this honesty and fabulousness comes from that fact that she DIDN’T study film acting, she wanted to work in the theater! With theater acting there’s a bit more of a connection to the audience one has to learn that she’s found a way to connect to her film acting
J Cortese
J Cortese:
I always knew she was a fantastic actor, but had no clue she was quite so wonderfully nuts. :-)
Mee Amiye
Mee Amiye:
You can tell she's from the generation where saying swear words is nAuGhTy... each time she does it, and she does it alot. Lol it's not that funny ,but I love her anyway.
123 tiger
123 tiger:
the Meryl Streep of her generation....
Dave Glo
Dave Glo:
Whenever I think, “Oh no, Meryl, AGAIN,” I just look at all her extraordinary roles and know that she deserves every award and accolade. It is a little jarring though to see scenes from the hilarious Death Becomes Her and the harrowing Sophie’s Choice.
ScorpioSoul13 90
ScorpioSoul13 90:
“What kind of a program is this?”
*Graham* “Not all the auditions went brilliantly...”
*Meryl* “Haha no.”
*Graham* “ the beginning.”
Meryl “No.”
*Graham* “Do you know the one I’m talking about?”
*Meryl “NO”

One of the All Time Best Actresses ❤️
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney:
In addition to all that she is and has done, ask anyone a simple question - who is her husband? Most people haven't a clue, which is actually wonderful because it shows how she has and continues to keep her family and private life out of the media. She also has four kids, where did she find the time for that! She is a very solid person I think. When you see so many celebs push their families into the media etc, ugh! Oh, her husband is He is the artist Don Gummer.
Meryl: Violins
Subtitles: VIOLENCE
Alice_ The_Mouse
Alice_ The_Mouse:
Damn I really want to watch every movie shes been in now 💕😌😂🙌
I love her more now that I know she curses like a sailor. So down to earth.
Shane Phoenix
Shane Phoenix:
"Could you just NOT breathe?"
We've all said that to our partner at one time 😂
At first I was a little surprised to see how much she curses, then I remembered she's from NJ 😂
Frankie Nayman
Frankie Nayman:
Nearly ruined Jessica Lange's career. Ha! But she's doing fine now
Shelby Sanders
Shelby Sanders:
8:40 NOOO Meryl Streep would have killed that role she is so bueatiful and always will be percie Bronson said so himself
Juhani Aho
Juhani Aho:
1:03 Not even physics want to harm Meryl Streep!
Lucia Wilson
Lucia Wilson:
Meryl Streep and Bette Davis, the best of all!!!!!
She looked like Leighton Meester when Meryl Streep was young.
prince mal nkomo
prince mal nkomo:
best actress of all time
"These are the moments that make life worth living" I totally lost it with the way she said it xD
Connie Burns
Connie Burns:
Bridges of Madison County, I think I've watched that a dozen times! That was a classic to me😍
Sapphire 74
Sapphire 74:
She Devil was such a brilliant movie. I used to watch that daily once we got a vcr. Thanks for reminding me!
Camarena 126
Camarena 126:
Why does it look like shes high lmaooooo
«Ugh, could you just not breathe?!..» M O O D !
hailey meeks
hailey meeks:
She is just so amazing. More than amazing. There is no word. I love her. So talented, smart, witty, funny. Just over all an amazing person. It’s one of my dreams to meet her one day. I love her personality. And how she doesn’t care about the fashion and how u look. When I watch her videos and I wonder why. Then I realize it’s because I’ve been smiling for so long and don’t even realize it. When ever I’m feeling down or just not in a good mood I go and watch a video about Meryl. And they r mostly made by u Eric, and my day just becomes so much better. She is an amazing actress and person. And I can’t get enough of her. People tell me I’m like Meryl because I can do different accents, I’m witty, and other personality similarities.
Christiana Kritikos
Christiana Kritikos:
Meryl is an actual queen. Anyone who opposes can fight me.
Cuca Beludo
Cuca Beludo:
Doris Fischer
Doris Fischer:
She is THE actress of our time! She can do everything and she is always brilliant - love her!
Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan:
"These are the moments that make life worth living"
Cas Walters
Cas Walters:
Meryl Streep is such a queen, I love her so much!!!
Tim me
Tim me:
That laugh.... you know she's a snorter when she really gets going!! Too funny!!
Sam Jeffries
Sam Jeffries:
Love Meryl streep she is amazing and so beautiful she is hilarious love her movies and songs
G Henderson
G Henderson:
When she smiles and laughs she just seems like a person who thoroughly enjoys herself
Rachael Acosta
Rachael Acosta:
And your third daughter broke her leg!
hruaii tlau
hruaii tlau:
Meryl Streep is the best and one of the most beautiful actresses that ever live, suppose I'm an actress, being co-star with Meryl will be my lifetime achievement, it will be a dream come true, I love her
Andrew Pogue
Andrew Pogue:
I love 'She-Devil' it is my Guilty Pleasure.
Kerri Thomas
Kerri Thomas:
Omg I love Meryl’s laugh!!! @ 1.59 - 2.03 lmao
Debbie Mercado
Debbie Mercado:
She still looks so beautiful
Chase Cannon
Chase Cannon:
“I thought that meant potato” has me cracking up
Eddy Stronger
Eddy Stronger:
Best girl at the business since 1975!!!
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz:
florals?for spring?groundbreaking
will forever stuck in my brain
Just love her! Such an amazing lady
Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher:
I try not to like Meryl Streep for some reason....but I can't help myself she's a brilliant actress, Alot of her roles are endearing. ❤
Jonalie Delos Reyes
Jonalie Delos Reyes:
And with this, my day was made! 🎉 Thank you so much for this! ❤ Watched these clips already but still, the impact when it was put together is really unexplainable. 😍 Meryl is.... gosh.... I am out of words! 😂😂
Laura Balzekas
Laura Balzekas:
She is beautiful. And her daughter is too! Can't believe someone would say otherwise. I'd love to have her skin as I age, she has aged beautifully.
Venu Gopal
Venu Gopal:
Aaah! Meryl Streep 😘😘😘😘
Constance Weinberger
Constance Weinberger:
I first saw her in" Still of the Night". She is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my life.
I love this woman so much! She is incredible!
Sean Previl
Sean Previl:
She's just...amazing. That's it. That's the comment.
LOVE Meryl Streep. My favorite performance with M.S. was in "Ironweed." She was absolutely
astonishing in that role. This generation was fortunate to have observed her work.
Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz
Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz:
She is a very beautiful woman. Her cheeks and her smile... gorgeous!
D Ttra
D Ttra:
OMG!! She sang so well. It must be killing her when she had to sing so out of tune in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins. She sang out of tune so well in that movie too. :)
Mark Hayser
Mark Hayser:
This video needs to be send to the Academy Awards, Meryl could get another Oscar from this video
Alana O'Herlihy
Alana O'Herlihy:
She is the ONLY star.
Richard Levoi
Richard Levoi:
This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one. God bless. "I'm calling out your name tonight" by Richie Levoi
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore:
9:07 I thought that ment potatoe 😂😂😂😂👌
Yaiza Cazorla Cabrerizo
Yaiza Cazorla Cabrerizo:
1:03 OMG😯😯😯!!!!! I my heart beated really fast when she released her hands from the wall.
P.S I know she's laying on the floor😄😄
Josh Johnston
Josh Johnston:
"Did (Katherine Hepburn) have four (Oscars)?"
Oh well...whatever😒."
According to a biography written about Katherine Hepburn: she approved of Julia Roberts acting. However, she DID NOT like Meryl Streep. In fact she said Meryl was her LEAST FAVORITE actress.😮
Kamstalora Andrews
Kamstalora Andrews:
3:06 was my favorite moment! Every mother has ushered a kid away from their first laundry!!!
Fiffy Smillles
Fiffy Smillles:
The help me scene 🤣🤣
jerome padilla
jerome padilla:
Mery is Meryl, "Streeping" all the way!
Seb Vincent
Seb Vincent:
3:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chiara D' Austria
Chiara D' Austria:
Best compliments for the editing, can you tell me what's the name of the first song, please? Thanks :)
You gotta love those eyes!
She was great in the Iron Lady!
Gilda Moreno m
Gilda Moreno m:
“What kind of a program is this?” jajajaja
Mira Wilder
Mira Wilder:
a Million Thank you' s...This is so great! There will never be another Meryl..I pray she works into her 100's! May she live so long!
Baby Goose
Baby Goose:
I’ve always loved her. Such a great actress.
Exceptional Talents PC
Exceptional Talents PC:
One of the most impressive acting careers in Hollywood. No role is out of reach. Show me something she cannot do. I admire and love watching her in anything!
Marie 1010
Marie 1010:
look how proud meryl talk‘s (look) about her children at 3:48 😍🤩
Brenda Verhave
Brenda Verhave:
Such a talented woman!
Sandra Dolmen
Sandra Dolmen:
Just fantastic
Stephanie O'Brien
Stephanie O'Brien:
I love her so much it makes me cry every time i watch this 😭😍
Danice Gewiss
Danice Gewiss:
What's that in your hair? Oh, a gummy bear! as she eats it.😆😆
hope and love
hope and love:
she is the best!!!
invader grr
invader grr:
I loved her in doubt. And she had a scene with viola. That was powerful.
Wowww she really is so funny!! 🤣🤣🤣 i was laughing so hard all the time!!
"Get that deranged woman out of this house" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yamaritza Lopez
Yamaritza Lopez:
The end of this video is just fucking amazing!!!
The editing at the end was really great!
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux:
Death Becomes Her. One of the greatest movies of all time.

And ty for including the Bruce Willis WOOO at the end there.
Thomas Malone
Thomas Malone:
1:01 is the funniest moment of Merrill by far 😄👏👏👏!!!