Messi or Ronaldo? | Fan Q&A with Carlo Ancelotti

We caught up with Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti to ask him your questions in the latest episode of Fan Q&A.

Messi or Ronaldo? First impressions of Kaka? And if he could, who would he bring from his great Milan side to Everton?

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Football Calcio
Football Calcio:
Such a legend. Any fan of any team should respect him. Was insane as a player too
shahbaz ali
shahbaz ali:
Imagine being a football manager and still excited about telling how to cook pasta nothing get more Italian than this
Saleem Ayoub
Saleem Ayoub:
World class manager, a joy to have him in the prem
prasanna koushik
prasanna koushik:
Don Carlo: 🤨
Ken & Grat
Ken & Grat:
Carlo top xi is insane. Maldini, Kaka, Ronaldo, Bale, Pirlo, Cafu omg...
KungFu Barbie
KungFu Barbie:
Messi or Ronaldo?
Ancelotti: Pickford is amazing
Imagine Paolo Maldini and Ben Godfrey at the back🥵
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
I remember how when Everton first appointed him there were memes galore "he's finished 😂" "what a downgrade" "from the biggest clubs to Everton" but look at him now. Attracting big players. Making Everton fight for European competition. And he's ALREADY statistically one of Everton's biggest managers. Put some respect on Don Carlo's name
Habil Hussain
Habil Hussain:
Who doesnt love Carlo his an absolute legend man fr
Rahil Gupta
Rahil Gupta:
Poor Carlo, you can almost see the tears in his eyes talking about Maradona :(
Respect All Class.
Raunak Das
Raunak Das:
His left eyebrow is more talented than I will ever be 🤨
Connor Peck-Walker
Connor Peck-Walker:
I can’t stop watching Ancelotti’s left eyebrow
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
"Messi or Ronaldo?"
Waqas Siddiqui
Waqas Siddiqui:
He must be the coolest grandad
"Is Ronaldo the best player you've ever managed?"
"I mean yeah he's got to be up there with DCL"
Ludovic Collis
Ludovic Collis:
As a chelsea fan, this guy has my biggest respect
Kwame Opoku
Kwame Opoku:
One of my favourite manager's ever. Unbelievable career.
Ilias Dahmani
Ilias Dahmani:
Hes gonna say Ronaldo because he managed him at Real Madrid.
Interviewer: Messi or Ronaldo.
Ancelotti: One sec, lemme raise my eyebrow.
Air Cooler
Air Cooler:
Ancelotti has better hair in his 60s than most of my friends have in their 20s
Billy Walendom
Billy Walendom:
its a great interviewer, the questions too
Chelsea fan here. Of all the managers we've had in the last couple of decades, Ancelotti is definitely my favorite one. And yes, even including Jose.
PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout:
Carlo's eyebrows have a separate fanbase
Sachin Balakrishnan
Sachin Balakrishnan:
"We gave you guys at home to ask this man absolutely anything"- ALWAYS
sir mejjah
sir mejjah:
Modern media is making me love everyone in the epl.. I almost feel like I'm betraying my team😂😂
Air Cooler
Air Cooler:
My expectations are as high as his eyebrow
Shashwath Saravanan
Shashwath Saravanan:
I'm a Real Madrid fan, and Don Carlo is one of my favourite managers!
Keep bringing him back regularly, love this guy!
You just can’t not like him, a class manager and a lovely guy.
Giannis Xydous
Giannis Xydous:
This guy is a great interviewer
Sugoi Mar
Sugoi Mar:
With that accent, you already knew that everything he said is true
Young Sinatra
Young Sinatra:
Don’t worry Carlo, even us English have difficulties understanding scousers
Vicky Singha
Vicky Singha:
The list of legends he has managed is long but all he wanted was Maldini. A natural leader in defense do wonders in football.
Stevie Tse
Stevie Tse:
I love him even though I'm a Liverpool fan. He just oozes class and sophistication.
Andrew Trimarchi
Andrew Trimarchi:
This guy has more control over his left eyebrow than I have over my life
Itz_ alone_03
Itz_ alone_03:
Who is here after he signed back to real Madrid. True legend ...
Ahmed Chekhbab
Ahmed Chekhbab:
We miss u in Madrid mister ❤️
This is the first time I’ve ever seen him smile lol
Pacis Ndahiro
Pacis Ndahiro:
He doesn't look funny, but he is actually the funnest manager imo. Such a cultured and well-travelled person. He's had quite a life!
Dov Kaufman
Dov Kaufman:
I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to have him at Everton❤️
M. Fahri
M. Fahri:
that bear was like "goodness me! you're carlo ancelotti!"
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Ronaldo for me but it’s all opinions! Carlo is a quality manager and a great person! 😎
Joel Godwin
Joel Godwin:
Such a legend this is a great interview
Yami the poet
Yami the poet:
Happy :🤨
Winning a game :🤨
Losing a game :🤨
Sacked : 🤨
The interviewer is very good!
Sujoy Chakravarthi
Sujoy Chakravarthi:
4:36 - I love that he did not hesitate at all. Class talking about Class - my idol Il Capitano and Don Carletto ♥️
Big Lemz
Big Lemz:
joe living the dream man
Jefferson Wali
Jefferson Wali:
This is one of my favourite Q and A❤
Big Carlo!!!
Luca Orso
Luca Orso:
Carlo è il migliore

Carlo Is the best
Van Navy
Van Navy:
As a Chelsea fan, he's one of my favorite manager.
كورة أونلاين
كورة أونلاين:
if you love football you cant ignore loving this man he is a great legend
S M:
Carletto, you will always be a legend for us Real Madrid fans, we miss you so much
Shayur Ramdutt
Shayur Ramdutt:
As an FD fan, so happy for Joe. Come a very long way
L. Hollanda
L. Hollanda:
4:35 he answers Ronaldo, clever coach 💪🏻
Jack 'asks carlo a question'
Carlo: 🤨
As a Canadian and a fan of Ancelotti, he's always welcome here. Top class manager.
Sheb Ant
Sheb Ant:
Ciao Carlo, you are one of the best manager. Calm and collective 👏👏
Pavel Hloponin
Pavel Hloponin:
Welcome back to RM
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
“Who was the best goalkeeper you had in your teams?”

“I don’t know but for sure not Pickford”
Sufyaan J
Sufyaan J:
Great to see Joe go from the FD studio to interviewing Ancelotti
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola:
The way he raised his left eyebrow everytime is very invigorating
Greg O'D
Greg O'D:
The 'People's eyebrow' 😂
What is the thoughest team u've ever met ?
Deep in Ancelloti : of course is Barcelona.
7:42 he spoke actual facts.
Realisteek X
Realisteek X:
Don Carlo's left eyebrow : Aiight imma head up
Denson Dany
Denson Dany:
Man went serious at 7:20 when he said ' you couldn't stop him ' ( RIP king )
Renato Fauzi
Renato Fauzi:
This guy is so genuine. Love it!
Sujan Gaire
Sujan Gaire:
Very Humble guy Don Carlo. Always love and respect him. Thank you for coming to Chelsea
Jezreel Macaraeg
Jezreel Macaraeg:
Thank you for La Decima ❤️❤️
The Sheyk
The Sheyk:
i wish we have a camera focused on the hands
Techni crox
Techni crox:
We need this types of interviews
ali ali
ali ali:
2:49 - he could challenge the Rock to an eyebrow contest
everton are really blessed hes one of my favourite managers of all time absolute CLASS ! 💯
Legend has it, that left eyebrow never rests.
zak abdi
zak abdi:
why did chelsea sack him?
Mr D
Mr D:
Love him for what he did at everton beacause in the past few years werent doing so good
Gary Jones
Gary Jones:
Love Carlo lucky to have him at Everton
I love Carlo he is one of the best managers.
Respect 🙌
footgood trolled
footgood trolled:
reporter: are you used to the scouse accent now ?

ancelloti: he use the scouse accent. yeah
Yusuf I
Yusuf I:
Sky knows how to make Everton's Weekend better🔥😜😉 *Liv lost*
David Armstrong
David Armstrong:
Canada being his favourite holiday destination is blowing my mind! I have literally never heard someone say Canada before.
J L:
Coolest manager in England.
Jezreel Macaraeg
Jezreel Macaraeg:
Best manager ever. We love you Carlo ❤️
Don Carlo is such a legend
Willy C.
Willy C.:
2:45 I'm Italian and I love how Carlo explains that😂🇮🇹❤️
Imad Khan
Imad Khan:
Liverpool fan but I can't ever dislike Don Carlo top class man and a absolute legend
Logan Winchester
Logan Winchester:
Love this man. Be good to have him as an Icon in Fifa 22
Quadir Ali
Quadir Ali:
I think he's the nicest manager ever! So humble for a legend.
isaac renteria
isaac renteria:
Great interview by joe simply buzzing as he always says 😂
Worchihan Zingkhai
Worchihan Zingkhai:
He is not my manager but I really admire him.
Alvin Aditya
Alvin Aditya:
One of the coolest manager, don carlo 💓
Noor Zaytoon
Noor Zaytoon:
One of the best gentle couch in the world ,I respect him too much ❤️❤️❤️
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
He’s the definition of class
iMAXit Football
iMAXit Football:
Carlo top man
Your doing something special once again
J L:
The question should have been Ronaldo or Kaka.
And Muller or James rodriguez.
madanmohan mintu
madanmohan mintu:
One of the best ever 🔥👑
Alama Eyob-Austin
Alama Eyob-Austin:
The most respected and nicest manager ever
Juan Arenas
Juan Arenas:
Love this guy ❤️
Evan Mannion
Evan Mannion:
This guys left eyebrow never went lower than the right one😂
Ricky BP 22
Ricky BP 22:
Thank you for asking a question on Kaká ❤️ great interview and awesome interviewer
mohamed ismail
mohamed ismail:
Honestly such a class man and so chilled