Metallica: Enter Sandman (Psycho Band Pass) (Music Video)

Metallica. Remastered. September 10. Pre-order now at

From the “Music Videos” DVD included in the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of "The Black Album," available on September 10, 2021.

Early rough cut of the band performance footage from the “Enter Sandman” music video.

Director: Wayne Isham
Producers: Curt Marvis & Jeff Tannebring
Editor: Jay Torres
Filmed in June 1991 in Los Angeles, CA

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100+ komentarze:

This one got a stronger epilepsy feel than the original
Jason really knew how to pose and had amazing stage presence. It's no wonder he's featured more in this video than Kirk.
Lucas Gugli
Lucas Gugli:
Shit, this is scarier than the original version
Erick Sheldon
Erick Sheldon:
I’ve wanted the music video like this for YEARS. I’ve never been a big fan of it because of all the nightmare stuff back and forth with the band, but this is the cut that I’ve always wished to see. Just the band playing with the strobe-light style editing. This video is perfection.
Jaiden Ibanez
Jaiden Ibanez:
Jason looking at you at the end of the music video is so badass.
Nikoloz Van Halen
Nikoloz Van Halen:
I have no idea why I was so hyped about another enter sandman
This song just radiates positive energy, it never gets old !
Emma berrios Berrios
Emma berrios Berrios:
40 year’s later and still ruling the world!…🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
This is the most powerful James’ mustache ever looked, during this time period
Let's be honest they never disappointed us 🤘🤟
D W:
If you watch this stoned, it's a one-take, continuous Scorsese shot.
average catboy commenter
average catboy commenter:
Metallica has songs so powerful they transcend the bonds of time, all they need to do is show society their greatness once again and they will rule the world 🤘🤘🤘🖤
I was 16 when and working the day this video was released. I had my friends record the premiere on VHS from MTV. When I got to my buddies house we watched this video ALL NIGHT LONG. Watch it, rewind, watch it, rewind, watch it. It blew our minds. We didn't even think that Metallica had taken a different direction. This was the first single and we just thought "Wow this is so heavy!". We couldn't wait for the album to be released.

A few weeks later all of our friends went to Camelot music and bought the album the day it was released. We listened to it all the way back home and when the Unforgiven came on, we were shocked. I didn't think it was James singing in the chorus (I was a dumbass back then). I thought it was Jason, or even maybe Kirk. We all loved the album. We all made fun of Nothing Else Matters, but secretly thought it was a good song. What a great time.

I feel lucky to have been around when you had to seek music out. You had to go buy it. You had to wait for it. And you got to collect it. It's not the same. For many reasons I wish the internet was never invented. We would be so much better off for it.
Genocider Jill
Genocider Jill:
Seeing Jasons Haircut... The White Tama Set.... Even Better.
Vale Carlos
Vale Carlos:
¡Qué inyeccion de energía, con éste rolón🖤!
Metallica FOREVER! 🤟.
Friday makes it 30 years that the Enter Sandman video premiered on MTV,I remember recording it on my VCR.😄🤘
Aya Baya
Aya Baya:
S M L:
Enter Sandman es esa canción que todos hemos escuchado demasiadas veces y aun así nos sigue llenando de energías como la primera vez , y aun mas si llevas tiempo sin escucharla.
Awesome! Also, this makes it official: I'll never get tired of this song.
Sidharth Mohan
Sidharth Mohan:
I love how Jason is prominently featured in this.
Jeramiah Hinkle
Jeramiah Hinkle:
Absolutely love Metallica since 1987!!!! If this song and new video came out today it would blow everything up. Plus JASON!!!!!
Adrian Montelongo
Adrian Montelongo:
Wow! It is hard believe metallica enter sandman 30 years ago 1991. That was my old high school 16 years old 🎸 🎶
Денис Кораблёв
Денис Кораблёв:
Благодарю за трек 😎 💣 💪 👍
You guys need to release all the bonus footage from a year and half.
the sheer amount of hair is on another level
METALLICA forever in our souls till the end and more
Xavi Rodriguez W
Xavi Rodriguez W:
La mejor banda del mundo duélale a quien le duela!!! Que sufran los que siempre han sufrido y los que no, disfruten esta maravilla de canción!
Mungo Finalfi
Mungo Finalfi:
There's a huge lack of shots of Kirk's face in this video for some reason.
Metallica, спасибо вам
it feels like theyre finally paying jason a lot of respect (that we can see, i’m sure theyve personally been fine for decades)
Eduardo Ruarte
Eduardo Ruarte:
Metallica, lo mejor que me ha pasado!! 🤘👊💪
Lilsi 27
Lilsi 27:
This’ll always be my favorite song by you guys🤘🏼
Introverted Human
Introverted Human:
I prefer this over the actual music video.
Motorized Misfit
Motorized Misfit:
Rob: “well this is a bit awkward”.
Elvira Akimova
Elvira Akimova:
Тула с вами, привет!!!
Классно вспомнить....
sena kashiwazaki
sena kashiwazaki:
We need new album!
I clicked faster than the double bass in Dyers Eve just to beat the guy that always writes that comment!
Tony Mcnamara
Tony Mcnamara:
This brings back so many great memories!
I was only 19, I can't believe how you the band look!
We all age together, and apart from haircuts, facial hair changes, they don't appear to change that much.
It's great that they're still here, still going strong.
All through the trials and tribulations of the past Three Decades since this song was released.
Pascale M💫
Pascale M💫:
Metallica For Ever❤
Aparajit Roy
Aparajit Roy:
Fun fact: they never say "Enter Sandman" once in the entire video.
Christian Vergara
Christian Vergara:
I don't mind Jason coming back one day, actually I hope so.
Janaina Amaral
Janaina Amaral:
Amo demais 🖤🖤🖤🎸🎸🎶🎵🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Love the looped struggle within riff at the end !
Her Majesty!
Her Majesty!:
This band ain't my favourite for nothing! It's amazing!
Haganlo por Jason, pero de AJFA ,esa madre ni tiene bajo xd
Michael F. Bender
Michael F. Bender:
This song was the beginning of my Metallica fandom!
Ok boys, time to come back to the stadium in Edmonton!!! Just give your buddy here two tickets cuz scalpers bots have them ready to be bought the second they're on sale! Seen you guys in Halifax 10 years ago with buddies that aren't here anymore. Would love to see you guys rock out again.
Bruce Shane
Bruce Shane:
They've done Jason Newsted alot of Justice I feel with this boxset. It'll have all the attention he deserved that he didn't get on And Justice for All...
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal:
Ох, как давно это было
Jason Aquino
Jason Aquino:
I wanna see the first version of Enter Sandman music video that also featured in "A Year in the Half in the Life of Metallica", that's different from the one that it is already uploaded on YouTube.
Just Mobile Gaming
Just Mobile Gaming:
this video has a great love for kirk's hair and his hands, but not his face lol
Роман Орлов
Роман Орлов:
Как всегда.........
Just a musician
Just a musician:
Damn im speechless it is just perfect.
Samar RamiresZ
Samar RamiresZ:
Jennifer McMinn
Jennifer McMinn:
WE miss Jason! As awesome as Rob is, Jason was the best replacement for the irreplaceable Cliff
Never disappoint!!!
Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes:
When you take out the music video's story this is basically the same as the Hardwired Video
It is pretty interesting that MetallicA has kind of been defined by era , depending on who’s on bass duty . I fucking still love this band after 30 years ..

Edwing Gabriel Flores Vivanco-Cornejo
Edwing Gabriel Flores Vivanco-Cornejo:
¡¡¡Excelente!!! Metallica Forever and ever. All my life.
yeison andres vega rivera
yeison andres vega rivera:
cunado ves a jason en un video de metallica se vibra energía - Energy - Rage
Simply -living
Simply -living:
They where so young damn and they still Rock just as hard 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Giannis Gioulatos
Giannis Gioulatos:
Need a New tour with JASON at the bass right NOW!!
Õrne Leemets
Õrne Leemets:
Amazing song, good for all times 🤘🎸 Truly a Masterpiece!! Great performance 🤘🎸🎶 Metallica is the Best 🤘❤️
I love this song metallica never die. 🤘🤘🤘
Kameron Spencer
Kameron Spencer:
Can’t wait to see y’all this fall in Daytona beach! 😎🤘🏻
David Rikers Island
David Rikers Island:
I'm trippin' out right now 😵🤯😱😳 holy hell that was heavy and intense, never thought I would hear this song on this level before 🤘
Сын отца
Сын отца:
Весь в предвкушении 🤘🤘🤘
Gennady RZHD
Gennady RZHD:
Это очень интересное видео :) Мне нравится слушать песни группы Металлика !
Rodrigo Silverio
Rodrigo Silverio:
25 years ago this song changed my life...the first metal song I have heared....since that day,I never stopped anymore
Furkan Tekin
Furkan Tekin:
This way you get immortal.. Thanks Metallica for those songs that people gonna listen to forever.
Nice of them to post something way before my bedtime😄🤘
mr. papa
mr. papa:
This is exactly what goes through my mind when I hear this song
Lady9000 Lady
Lady9000 Lady:
Love from Serbia!💪❤
It would be great to have an actual concert instead of a festival again in Ohio please!!!
Francisco Martínez
Francisco Martínez:
Aqui esperando si va a ser la misma poronga que con JBalvin
It all started for me with Metallica! And it will never end
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
Man, Jason always brought it so hard 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤯💯
Diabetes en Perros- Diabetes Canina
Diabetes en Perros- Diabetes Canina:
I can ‘t believe I’ve been listening to this song for 30 years…..! And…will for the next 30!
keissy haim
keissy haim:
Love the mastering on this.
I have original "Black Album" and no need "remaster". Still sounds great. ❤️🤘
Paul Tixi
Paul Tixi:
This version makes it scarier and I love it! 🤘
Axel ALV
Axel ALV:
Espero y nunca nunca arruinen esta canción con esos sonidos extraños como lo que hizo j balvin eh 😐🤨🤨
robert boucher
robert boucher:
this does make me miss Jason being/playing with them.. all b.s. aside of how or why he isnt with them anymore, it makes me miss seeing him be there.
sophie strand🕊R
sophie strand🕊R:
I love this band!!! I am gonna play this on my 15th brithday next year lol!!! WE'RE OFF TO NEVER NEVER LAND!!!
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis:
"Remember when we tried to sue Napster and some fans that pirated our songs that time? Well, we are gonna make up for it with a YouTube channel full of amazing stuff."
Kaveh Gaming
Kaveh Gaming:
Metallica you changed my dream to have a big dream and this makes keep living as best i can ... ❤️
This changes everything.
Edit : Jason, you rocked man.
Edson Ramalho
Edson Ramalho:
O som destes caras são dimais mas só algumas músicas que gosto
First 1 minute is one of the best intro ever.
*thx 🤟😎for bringing back good memories*
Noob Squad: Wolfpack
Noob Squad: Wolfpack:
I Like this version even MORE!
Munich Mu
Munich Mu:
My favorite song...Lars Ulrich is the cutest drummer... ❤️
Anton Burlakov
Anton Burlakov:
Дождался перевыпуска старых записей)
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens:
30 awesome years of the black album 🤘
ядовитая змея
ядовитая змея:
Best song ever.
Toni S.
Toni S.:
best metal guitar tone ever!! not as dry as now
Freaking bass!
Magnus Sihvart
Magnus Sihvart:
I love it. It's an absolute banger
Even for those without epilepsy, it's fit inducing!