Mi Band 5 - Full Review - vs. Mi band 4 [Xiaomify]

Yes it's that time of the year again; the Xiaomi Mi band 5 is out! But is it really a big improvement over the Mi Band 4? Let's find out!
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Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 is the latest version of their fitness tracker wristbands. It has kept pretty much the exact same size, looks and functionality as on the Mi Band 4. It's got a full-color AMOLED touch display and a single touch input button below the screen. The screen size is a bit bigger on the Mi Band 5. -Being 1.1" it does have a slightly higher resolution of 126 x 294 px and at 450 NIT it's also noticeably brighter.

The core features like the battery, RAM, and ROM size have not changed on this model, although the accelerometer and heart rate tracker both have seen a significant improvement.

In terms of functionality, it is still pretty much the same as you would have with the Mi Band 4. You can swipe horizontally on the watch face to access the shortcuts to apps you use the most. You can set up which APPS you want to be displayed here from the Mi Fit APP.

When swiping up and down from the watch face you can access all the APPS on the Mi band 5. -It's still the same old that you might be familiar with, but there are a few new ones. It now has a stress level monitor, improved sleep tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, PAI, a remote camera shutter control, and a whole bunch of new fitness tracker modes.

Most notably is the new magnetic charger. This means you no longer have to take the Mi Band out of the strap to charge it as you can simply attach it to the band which is a very welcome improvement.

So in broad strokes; the Mi Band 5 is basically the Mi Band 4S. Sure, it's got some good upgrades, but most of these could have really just been OTA firmware upgrades on the Mi Band 4 as the majority of the changes are really software related...

The most notable changes on the Mi Band 5 are the slightly bigger, and brighter screen, the improved heart rate sensor -and accelerometer, and the new magnetic charger (which also has a longer cord).

So is it worth getting the Mi Band 5 over the Mi Band 4?
Well, that really depends on two things.
1. How much you are willing to spend?
2. How important these newer features are for you?
Even though it does not have the MAJOR upgrades you might have wanted to see, I do think that the more accurate tracking and the new charger could be reason enough for you to pick up the Mi Band 5.

0:00 - Intro
0:22 - What’s in the box (unboxing)
0:34 - Mi Band 5 Tech Specs
1:53 - Mi Fit APP
2:05 - Mi Fit APP - Functions
3:00 - Mi Band 5 in use
3:27 - Mi Bands APPS
3:43 - New features
4:27 - Water testing
4:50 - Idle alerts
5:01 - Changing the watch face
5:23 - Mi band 4 vs Mi band 5
6:04 - New Watch bands
6:30 - Mi band 4 strap on Mi band 5?
6:47 - Pricing (in China…)
7:06 - What do I think?
8:30 - What do you think?

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Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent:
The Mi band 4 also had idle notification.
Azreff Haeqal
Azreff Haeqal:
I’ll wait for mi band 10. So i could be like Ben 10.
ray wijjaya
ray wijjaya:
Fyi, my Miband 4 have idle alert, when i siting to long, they will show somebody wake up from his chair...
muhd nurfikri
muhd nurfikri:
not enough improvement,i'll wait for mi band 6
Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee:
Charge 2 hours "to hundred percent". For a moment, i thought i heard two hundred percent 🤣🤣
Effiong Bassey
Effiong Bassey:
I'll be keeping my Mi Band 4... I don't think it's worth the upgrade..
Zeb C.
Zeb C.:
the mi 5 band is one of the best and affordable fitness watch i ever had. it has a great tracking app that i'm using it everyday as my regular watch and for my cycling workout. it also gives you good detailed information like - heart rate, route tracking of km, calories and has auto pause. what i also like about the band, it not only tracks your speed but also gives you more information on how fast you were in every KM and at the same time tracks your whole route on the gps map in which area were you slow and fast. I find the sleep tracking 'not bad all. the information helps you to know how well you sleep. to sum it up;
- it's very affordable
- it has almost everything like other expensive fitness watches
- great notification function that you still able to read messages from whatsapp and sms.
- quick weather check information
- the app is amazing and user friendly
- magnetic charger ( no need to remove it from the strap.) a big plus +
- battery lasts longer 1 week + ( with continuous tracking mode on)
Ralf Inducil
Ralf Inducil:

Made for Xiaomi products especially the Mi Bands


Lower battery and bigger screen. Yup, improved to last shorter so consumers will buy Mi Band 6 next year.
Alex R
Alex R:
When will the fix the text font for notifications? With such a decent screen now, surely they can improve this?
Niki Younie
Niki Younie:
Actually can't wait for the mi band 5! I've loved the 4 but I'm really interested to see how well the menstrual tracking works as nearly every review glossed over this fantastic feature!! Tracking the menstrual cycle is a huge aspect to a woman's health, it's great that this has finally been included, but how does it work??
The NFC functionality is the only upgrade I needet. When I can use it with google pay, I'll get one instantly
Yes, it's here! The Mi Band 5. What do you guys think? Anyone interested in seeing the global model as well?!
Can Altan
Can Altan:
I was going to buy mi band 4 10 mins ago and now this xD
Louis Wooldrik
Louis Wooldrik:
So no oxygen saturationsensor? I thought this would come to the miband 5?
Few Techs Later
Few Techs Later:
My mi band 4 has idle notification as well.
Rui 566
Rui 566:
When i learned that sp02 isnt included i was disappointed.

And i wish they changed fonts.
Aira Lei
Aira Lei:
Ill keep my mi band 4 for now. 😂
Abdullah Basit24
Abdullah Basit24:
I had gotten Mi Band 4 quite recently, around 2 months ago. Seeing that the all new Mi Band 5 has launched, it doesn't seem to be a bigger upgrade from Mi Band 4. I guess I'll keep my Mi Band 4 till Mi Band 7 or 8.
R D:
Will they reduce brightness in this band also with every software update ? Like they did with previous bands ?
Edward Tiangco
Edward Tiangco:
Nothing major so I'll be skipping it this year. Quite happy with the 4 right now thanks for the comparison
Julia Stoyanova
Julia Stoyanova:
mi band 4 does have idle notification
actually even 3d version had it..
Just bought the 4. Not the amazing upgrade so I paid less for the 4 and I love it. I’ve been using it more than my amazfit GTR.
you know nothing jon snow.

raising your wrist is all there even before mi band 2, left to right swipe from mi band 3 etc.
Martijn Wismeijer
Martijn Wismeijer:
What annoys me about Xiaomi products is that very often the software is like 90 percent OK but instead of upgrading it, they just release a new device. Mi Airdots, mi band, anything mi home are good examples of this. 🙄
Amimul Ehsun Jobair
Amimul Ehsun Jobair:
I'm happy with my mi band 4, I can't find any good reason to upgrade.
Pascual Gudini
Pascual Gudini:
Even the MiBand 3 has an idle notification... so, not much of an improvement... i would love to have more WearOs watches from xiaomi
Best band! We’ve done our review and totally impressed!
Haiza Hanz
Haiza Hanz:
Ill keep MI Band 4
Almost the same.
BTW Amazing chnl
Mahamed Ali
Mahamed Ali:
Can I download music on to this or access spotify without my phone nearby.
Thanks foe the review
The intro tho Hahaha
Ronald A Rojas
Ronald A Rojas:
so clear! thank you for this video.
The mi band 4 has idle notification. I can confirm that
Esooteric H
Esooteric H:
My mi band 3 has idle notifications also🤷🏻‍♀️
Sinisa Stojic
Sinisa Stojic:
reducing battery capacity required them to improve battery charger. nothing special, weak upgrade in my opinion.i 'm keeping my band 4 waiting for 6...
Mohammad Amin Ghanbari
Mohammad Amin Ghanbari:
Thank you for comparing screen sizes to mi band 4, I was wondering if it was bigger than mi band 4 now I realized mi band 4 is .95 inches but this one is 1.1 it's 50 pixels taller and 6 pixels wider
Md. Wakif Rahman
Md. Wakif Rahman:
Finally, a great change. The charging port...
Im still using Mi band 4. Band 5 has only 14 to 20 days battery life, whereas my band 4 can do 25 days. Upgrades on functions looks great but I'll wait for Mi Band 6 or 7.
Igor Mitrovic
Igor Mitrovic:
2:28 Vo2 data is available with this watch or not?
Sync work with Apple Health? Thanks
And BG and GB prices jump to 39.99$ in just 1 day?
WTF... AliExpress wil be ok
Moises Funes
Moises Funes:
Will my band 4 be loaded with the loader of the my band 5?
Husain Yard
Husain Yard:
The mi Band 3 also got idle notification.
George Kimani
George Kimani:
I'm glad you do this 👍😁👏.
Ana Maximo
Ana Maximo:
hello, can you view notifications from gmail in the mi band 5?
David Kvitt
David Kvitt:
The mi band 4 has got idle notifications aswell.
Anand Tambi
Anand Tambi:
The Mi bands all had idle notification.
Wait a second man.... didn't know you were Dutch hahaha 😅🙌
just Q
just Q:
I just bought mi band 4 💔 I didn't know about 5😭😭😭😭
Mi... Smart Gadget 👏💐💐
Neil Viegas
Neil Viegas:
Me watching this while using my mi band 3 that works just fine
Namandeep singh
Namandeep singh:
App notifications are available on M5
goo gle
goo gle:
Waiting on hrv function. Maybe Mi7?
Hope you would do more home appliances video. Really interesting products they have there.
I love that they are so good and so cheap! I had mi band 3, 4 and now im buying 5
salim larbi
salim larbi:
Great video as always!! Do u know if the NFC global version will support paypass payment like Google pay? Thanks
Mark Goh
Mark Goh:
@xiaomify Mi band 4 also has idle notification too, and music controls.
edmond too
edmond too:
can you store/play spotify music without having the phone close it?
Ari Velazco
Ari Velazco:
Does it display the speed your going?
jeff 2tc
jeff 2tc:
Missing blood pressure measure and Oxygen.
Pa llios
Pa llios:
You sound exactly like the guy from Life Noggin.
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith:
Nice review, thanks. Do you know if the Mi band 5's sold in China can be switched to English language or are they locked to Chinese?
Emelyn Lee
Emelyn Lee:
Hello, I was wondering if you would recommend this or the Haylou Solar?
Mark van H.
Mark van H.:
I like the MI band 5, my first one drowned in the swimmingpool though.... :-( Thanx for another fine review once again!
For the price it is very good. Keeping my band 4 until I loose it.
Mia Sabathy白彌兒
Mia Sabathy白彌兒:
nice review. not enough improvement to upgrade from a very decent 4. I walked past the store and asked about the 5 and the staff was oddly rude, so I didn't buy and decided to do some research first. maybe I will try again when the 6 or 7 comes out lol
Jules Banos
Jules Banos:
does the magnetic charger on the MB5 work on MB4??
Tim Willis
Tim Willis:
Be still my beating heart..

The one thing that would have sold me this band is Alexa implementation so it's a big miss as far as I'm concerned.
Kajal Rudra
Kajal Rudra:
My Mi band 4 from few days its not give any cl notification for incoming cl. Pls advise.
ankit rajak
ankit rajak:
I have issues. Its conect automatic when i turn on Bluetooth and consume battery. Even though i listening music in Bluetooth earphones
Do u have h solution this problem
José Miguel Perea Valdivia
José Miguel Perea Valdivia:
Can I use the new charger with my Mi Band 4?
Souparna Biswas
Souparna Biswas:
I'm happy with mi band 3, looking for mi band 7
Azra Shaikh
Azra Shaikh:
I wanted to know can we change strap with other straps like magnetic one
lost my mi band 4 during swimming. good reason to get a new one
Mitchell Jakobi
Mitchell Jakobi:
I tought it will have more affects and features specially in the time screen
ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ ꯁ
ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ ꯁ:
some of the new features can be done with a firmware update on mi band 4.
Love the quality of your videos!!
does it works with spotify?
Sai Preetham M
Sai Preetham M:
That idle alert is also there in mi band 2
Rose Oswin
Rose Oswin:
does it show the map after a run on ios devices? or just like mb4 it hasn’t been fixed?
N'gasta Kvakis
N'gasta Kvakis:
You use the word "though" so uselessly
MI BAND 4 : IDLE NOTIFICATION (sitting too long) = YES its there SWYPE left and right = YES its there TOO
Jean Elysée Louis
Jean Elysée Louis:
I like it, especially the new magnetic charging port. The photo shutter I already had it since the mi band 2, with third party app
Isacco Tanghetti
Isacco Tanghetti:
I'm waiting for the NFC version
Does the new charger work with the mi band 4 as well?
hendri ho
hendri ho:
Gonna buy it , since i dont have any mi band yet 😆
Dipti Kapoor
Dipti Kapoor:
You know what?
Idle alerts are there In Mi band 4
Battery life is more in mi band 4
Literally, all Xiaomi have done is make the screen bigger and include a few feeble tricks
Hope Zhang
Hope Zhang:
I've been using Mi Band 5 for about a week (my first MB). The part I like most is you can create your own taptic notification for tasks. For instance, I set my completion of 8000 steps notification to be "```-`", resembling the syllables of "Congratulations!" and I absolutely love this customization.

The band face store was not to my taste (too complicated) and some of the typefaces were too small, so I went with the default. But I did not know I could customize the modules, so thank you very much.

The reason I chose MB5 was 1. The magnetic charger works so much better for me vs. my old band (which was lost during the day because removing from the band to charge made the fit loose!). 2. I could not get the nfc version. It was sold out in the Tmall store within a *second*. I totally underestimated how much people love Mi Bands...
Jara FPV
Jara FPV:
how hard for Xiaomi to control music :(
I hope they have this feature soon. I'm still using Mi Band 3. Just waiting for this feature.
Muhammad Hamza Mir
Muhammad Hamza Mir:
Could you please do comparison video between

Xiaomi Mi band 5 & Haylou Solar LS05
Rasmus Karlsson
Rasmus Karlsson:
Great video! What about sleep tracking?
Cátia Cavaco
Cátia Cavaco:
I would like that mi band 5 have the spo
Creative Playz
Creative Playz:
Yes I can confirm all the features watching from a Mi band 5
Do a review on Amazfit Bip S
Fogg Frog
Fogg Frog:
I'm a big xiaomi fan but for the first time I really think ,,thank godness I don't need a new mi band''
I charge my mi Band 4 every 6 Week...
Marc Puetz
Marc Puetz:
Great clip. What software do you use for your videos? They look amazing.
Asoom_702 Alzahrani
Asoom_702 Alzahrani:
Guys how can I pay with xiaomi MI band 5 how can I add the MasterCard in this bande
Don Kincaid
Don Kincaid:
Wish it would track stair flight climbing
there should also be blood oxygen level sensor in the global version
Showbox Trades
Showbox Trades:
Is telegram notification works??