This is a wonderful, fascinating look at MIA FARROW's life and children. Featuring Carly Simon, Nancy Sinatra, Natasha Richardson, Andre Previn, and good .

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Jordan Schutt
Jordan Schutt:
"he was crack baby" omg!!! The way people used to talk.
Germán Villarroel Segundo
Germán Villarroel Segundo:
"Utterly charming, utterly the smartest guy, funniest, you know, the dearest, why *wouldn't* I fall for him??"

Hm let's see, maybe because *he was married to your friend Dory Previn who ended up hospitalized after suddenly finding out YOU leveraged your pregnancy by him to make him leave her?*

Somehow Mia Farrow can blame Andre Previn's infidelity for the end of her relationship with him, without also acknowledging that what ended in tawdry cheating, BEGAN in tawdry cheating.

The Gutter Monkey
The Gutter Monkey:
It's odd how obsessed with Sinatra she remained after all that time. Even the little kids randomly brought up how he was in heaven with their grandma.
Winnipeg Chick
Winnipeg Chick:
Love her!
Ive never watched any of that sleezball woodys films! He disgusts me. Ive boycotted I guess you can say. Thats called loyatly, morality. May he rest in hell.
The friend says: "if you are a child, that would be your ideal home"...well, 3 of them committed suicide.
Big families come to two varieties.. chaos or control. I guess Mia was 'control' according to a friend interviewed in this video. I prefer chaos and creates a happier family. Regardless, I'm sure she did a her best and did it with love.
Goodwins all access Media service provider
Goodwins all access Media service provider:
Mia should have stayed with Frank i pity these people but hey 👋 makes a great lifetime portrait
Scott Shea
Scott Shea:
Thanks to Stuttering John, I will always refer to him as Andrew Previn, LOL!
R L:
Mia Farrow admits to beating her adopted kids, cheated on her husband Frank Sinatra with John Phillips of the Mamas and Papas, betrayed best friend Dory Previn by sleeping with her husband Andre Previn and getting pregnant with twins, which resulted in Dory having to be hospitalized, cheated on Andre Previn with cinematographer Sven Nykvist, which resulted in Mia and Andre’s divorce. Is Ronan Woody's? Mia says she was cheating on Woody with Sinatra, and Ronan may be Frank’s kid. Who's the real predator?
Beatrice Morales-Bocksch
Beatrice Morales-Bocksch:
There's bound to be so many difficulties and tragic things that happen if you adopt so many children from around the world , children who were crack babies or who had other health and psychological problems! They most probably would have problems later in life despite a loving mother! Stop being so judgemental and unsympathetic!
Melania MoneyPenny
Melania MoneyPenny:
she should have stayed married to frank sinatra ....he would have never let anyone touch her kids
H H:
Both young??? Previn was 30 yrs older than Mia.
Goodwins all access Media service provider
Goodwins all access Media service provider:
A women with so much love in her heart ❤
Max Manesh
Max Manesh:
she never attended her father 's funeral. because as she put it. no use- he was Dead anyway
Ebony B.
Ebony B.:
I’m here because I’m watching Allen v Farrow in 2021...Mia is off!!!!
Giovanni Tiroldi
Giovanni Tiroldi:
Just a farrow.
Hilda Luna
Hilda Luna:
Belíssima, mulher de um grande coracao. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Goodwins all access Media service provider
Goodwins all access Media service provider:
Rosemary's baby her acting was impeccable 👌
Laurie Kilner
Laurie Kilner:
Dory Previn was pushed out pretty quickly for a Mia dream.
Kayinfso Here
Kayinfso Here:
Quite a lady, strong, sensible and lovely.
Jett Rink
Jett Rink:
What you talkin bout?
brenda boccara
brenda boccara:
Where or which one is Ronan?
H H:
Single parent with 6 kids, and she wants to adopt more??????
Vahan Nisanian
Vahan Nisanian:
Not sure if she is still friends with Polanski, after lots and lots of additional accusers have come forward to tell stories of being molested by him.
I feel like she has told her own story of abuse through her daughter. 19 with a 47 yo!
Her bad relationship with her father?
Needing to make money from a young age?
Mother not around?
Regina Anim
Regina Anim:
Sometimes when you brake another women's home some one will do the same to you lets learn from this.
Vahan Nisanian
Vahan Nisanian:
I blame Mia Farrow on why Ronan is flaming G Class.
Jenna Love
Jenna Love:
I absolutely love Mia Farrow. She is so beautiful and seems like she is fun and she has that touch of class i loved this bio. ❤💋
The home video footage of her with the children at 42:23 is very telling... she seems depressed and spaced out... it makes me believe Moses' account that she was a cold parent.
lisa mosley
lisa mosley:
Just a story about Mia farrow in the comments section of this site. https://theplaylist.net/paul-schrader-spike-lee-woody-allen-20200615/
l'existence est ailleurs
l'existence est ailleurs:
She's an angel
Bex is the word
Bex is the word:
I know after the new HBO doc ppl be hating on Mia, but sorry not sorry she is a wonderful woman
She doesn't age
She only went with Frank Sinatra because her father had died.
She's had an exciting life but the ultimate lesson of her life is that she chose her men unwisely. While she and Frank Sinatra seemed to truly love one another and their love lasted a lifetime off and on, a woman barely out of her teens can't have a relationship with a man who is decades older than she is, let alone a cultural icon. Frank was larger than life before and after they married, Mia (let alone any other average woman) can't compete with that. Andre Previn isn't in the same category as Frank, but a conductor tends to be controlling and temperamental, plus she broke up his marriage which they don't mention in this documentary. As for Woody Allen? If something doesn't seem right, it usually isn't. Don't get involved with a man who doesn't like your kids, likes your kids a bit too much, and won't take a shower in your apartment.
l'existence est ailleurs
l'existence est ailleurs:
Love her so
she's a saint' she's an angel they way she adopted kids w needs. what a gem! wonderful lady
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy:
How manipulating is woody Allen he used his power to destroy her family as if taking her daughter wasn’t cruel enough
Ellie Wong
Ellie Wong:
This is a great film...Mia whatever her flaws adopted kids who needed a lot of medical aid..no one should have a child run off with a spouse...he lived over the road and saw her daily...
She cried so much her tear ducts broke..still looks so pretty...inner life...
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy:
So sad Natasha is dead
Aavale' Storm
Aavale' Storm:
She is a very strange macabre woman. I get negative vibes from her.
Jason Foster
Jason Foster:
Maybe it’s the mushrooms, but I fuck with Mia Farrow
Éva Kovács
Éva Kovács:
She is an evil person either. I don't belive her as well...
She belongs in a straitjacket, not on TV.
Mick The Nick
Mick The Nick:
So this 'wonderful woman' offered herself at 19 years of age to Frank Sinatra, 30 years her senior, who was in a relationship that broke up because of Mia.

This 'wonderful woman' seduced André Previn, who had been married to Mia's dear friend Dory Prévin-Langan. That marriage broke up because of Mia's interference, and her getting pregnant by André Previn. Hence Dory got institutionalized, and wrote a song about incest and abuse ""With My Daddy in the Attic" and a song about young seducers of husbands: "Beware of young girls, too often they crave, To cry at a wedding and dance on a grave." The song is a thinly veiled warning for Previn that Farrow would leave him, too, as indeed she did once she found another lover.

This 'wonderful woman' got herself a long-term relationship (no marriage) with Woody Allen, during which the couple had a child, Ronan Farrow. Mia led Woody to believe it was his child, but she recently admitted that it 'could have been Frank Sinatra's son'. And everyone who is not blind will see the resemblance. So she committed adultery, may have gotten pregnant by her old lover Sinatra ('we never really split up', she said), and lied to Allen about his child. Yet made him pay a huge amount of money for child care, for a child that may well have been Sinatra's. She only admitted this after his financial duties had stopped.

Everyone is free to assess for themselves whether this 'wonderful woman' is capable of taking revenge on Woody Allen, and the nature and extent of that revenge.

"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned", so goes the saying. It's probably particularly true about such 'wonderful women', soft-spoken as they sometimes come